Thoughts on Farmer Chris and Sumo-Wrestling with Kaitlyn

Dear friends,

I gotta be honest with you, my heart is not fully in this season….I’m sorry for not blogging last week. I was traveling with the holiday, and honestly I had no real desire to watch it last week. For one of the first times, the Bachelorette was not on my priority list! I don’t know if it’s because it’s so early in the season, if it’s because I know from the previews that horrible Nick from Andi’s season is coming back and makes it in a few episodes or if because Kaityln and I are completely different people and it’s gonna be hard for me to root her on. I’m gonna be honest and tell you I’m gonna be on the struggle bus and may not be up to my usual self, so I’m sorry! I’ll certainly be back to myself by later on this summer with Bachelor in Paradise, and I’ll try my best with the Bachelorette!

Before I get into tonight’s episode we have to talk about something I’m passionate about and that is the news that broke last Thursday of Farmer Chris and his fiance Whitney breaking up! Now I’m not someone who likes to brag, but I gotta say that I called his a few weeks ago! I had lots of people on me telling me I was wrong, because when Farmer Chris was on Dancing with the Stars, Whitney was in the audience every week. As I kept saying to those people, ABC is the home of both DWTS and the Bachelor. I have no doubt that in their contracts ABC is able to tell them what shows they will make appearances on. So obviously they want ratings up and want Farmer Chris to stay on DWTS, and they know the audience only cares about him because of his fiance. If they break up while filming DWTS, he’s off the show in a heartbeat!

I’m afraid that our Farmer Chris is not as down to earth and honest, hard-working fella that we were led on to believe. I don’t know if he’s been back to the farm yet. Now of course pictures were sent out on their Facebook, of Whitney and Farmer Chris on his farm. Now I’m too analytical for my own good, because I noticed their outfits. They were wearing clothes that were more Fall clothes than winter clothes. Also, when they sent out the photo it happened to be in a 2 day stretch where it was actually in the 60’s, so that was what the weather was in Iowa. Not winter-coat weather. However, it had been winter-coat weather during the taping of the finale, so I have no doubt that’s an old photo they were storing up waiting to use for this photo-op.

My favorite thing about this whole break-up was this tweet from our runner-up Becca. Who we know I was in her camp and was a HUGE fan of her.

This was the tweet she sent out. Now we all knew it wasn’t gonna last with Chris and Whitney and it wouldn’t work for Becca and Chris. Maybe he should just get back together with his ex-girlfriend who was evidently hanging around him in California. Since he’s not on the Farm anyways, he can just move out there!

Alright, onto this episode. We start off with Kupah freaking out about how this process may work for some people, but not for a lot of people. He’s ticked he didn’t get a rose and other people did. He has a drink in his hand and is obviously drunk. They also are pushing him and stirring the pot and want the ratings and reaction he’s giving. Plus maybe he realizes this is the way for him to get his 15 mins of fame. So he’s freaking out and yelling and Kaitlyn can hear and see him from her interview room. The guys can hear from the living room and all hell is supposedly breaking lose. He magically calms down when Kaitlyn comes and talks to him. She tells him he needs to leave, and then the douche-bag is out again, but he gets in the reject van and takes off!

We’re going to start off with the rose ceremony:

There were roses handed out on the dates and episodes last week, I think it was Clint and JJ…since I didn’t watch I can’t give a whole lotta input on those thoughts.

1. Jared–he seems sweet and innocent
2. Ben H—he was on my list of guys I like from the beginning
3. Shawn- Ryan Gosling!
4. Jonathan—-he still wishes she were Britt
5. Tanner- KC guy!!!
6. Chris—dentist in a cupcake car!
7. Ryan—-nothing
8. Justin—-nope
9. Ian—-he whispered in her ear the first night he wanted it to be her and not Britt
10. Joshua—-no idea
11. Joe—-nada
12. Corey—-zilch
Final rose!
13. Tony—-REALLY?!?! The HEALER?!?!?

Tony getting the final rose, is why I can’t fully get on this Kaitlyn train…..I know it’s the producers, but come on! And she’s bawling already, these better be genuine tears!

She’s saying goodbye to the fashion designer Daniel, Cory so he can be with his daughter and Kupah.

We get video of the guys sleeping and then two big sumo-wrestlers are ringing gongs and just happen to be waking the guys up. Now they’re in the living room with Chris Harrison and he’s introducing the 2 large men and giving us their credentials. They’re really impressive and I’m sure in Japan this would be the same as Lebron James and Steph Curry going on a dating show there.

Alright the guys going sumo-wrestling are:

1. Clint
2. Chris
3. Tony
4. JJ
5. Joe
6. Shawn

They can’t wear their shorts and t-shirts instead they have to wear their giant ace bandages out of respect to the sumo wrestlers. The guys come out of the mansion to the rest of the guys standing around with Kaitlyn. Please tell me they’re actually going somewhere and the date isn’t just in the driveway. Right now they’re just hanging there, they take off their robes and all the rest of the guys are hooting and hollering as the blurry lines appear. No black modesty box this season, though it could be used!

The guys are wrestling the sumo wrestlers and you can tell that the sumo guys are going easy on them and just hitting them the same way I’ve been swatting mosquitoes. You know what, the mosquitoes are actually having better luck than these guys are!

Our healer has had the best luck with the sumo guy and the rest of the place is laughing. Tony is normally a lover not a fighter. He’s pissed he didn’t beat a professional sumo wrestler. He then walks away and is angry and wants to do something loving and not aggression. He then gets pissed and wishes they could do more loving things and he wants her to see the non-violent side and that there are other ways to have fun and connect. As much as he said that he’s all into peace and love, i’m not buyin that. Well JJ has to come up on his white horse which doesn’t go over well. Our peace and love guy starts cussing and is pissed that JJ came over. Ian is the one who’s actually trying to calm him down and he’s refusing to calm down. Kaitlyn comes and talks to him again and sits next to Ian where she’s obviously more comfortable. Tony keeps telling us he has a lot to offer and wants the opportunity to express that. He wants to show us the real him, not the primal him and the strength that he actually has. He needs to meet Ashley S!

They are now in LA and doing an exhibit. You can tell the people that are actually there are not that excited about what the guys have to offer adn are wondering what they’re doing there. Kaitlyn seems to be enjoying herself.

Joe beat JJ.
Clint beat Joe by showing his wrestling moves not sumo! Then Clint took a selfie with all the females in the front row!

Tony is still pissed off! He wants to go to the zoo! He wants to imitate animals. Who does make the best animal noise?!? I feel as if Tony has aged about 10 years since we saw him kissing his plants. He is walking away on his terms and is done! He needs to tell her goodbye first and then he’s going back to bonsai plants and his dog!

Chris takes Kaitlyn off. He tells her he’s here for her and doesn’t want the noise and drama of the house to get in the way of them. Evidently she likes what she hears because we don’t hear her response but we see them making out.

JJ and Clint go over their strategies. Well JJ tells us that Kaitlyn knows how to rock a pair of leather pants. Clint is not going to be over-eager in-fact he’s going to make her pursue him. JJ doesn’t agree with that strategy.

Kaitlyn comes back to the guys and sits next to Clint, who has his arm on the back of the couch. She looks at him and he’s awkwardly avoiding eye contact and smirking, but flat out ignoring her. Well Shawn can’t handle it and let’s the awkward moment breath and then steals her away.

Shawn is struggling with sharing her with other guys. He never falls so hard so quick, which makes her excited and then they need to make out. She runs away to go get the rose. She’s excited to see where this is gonna go and Shawn obviously knows how she feels and that is literally ALL she says and makes out with him some more. Honey, you gotta speak up more!!!

Kaitlyn is disappointed and pissed at Clint for ignoring her and not saying anything. Clint doesn’t think that Kaitlyn is the right girl for him but doesn’t wanna go home because he has great relationships with the guys, particularly JJ who is a real sweetheart.

Alright Kaitlyn and Ben Z are going on a date together that Chris Harrison has planned and they need to be prepared for anything. They are going to go thru a room, where there gonna be trapped until they figure out the code to unlock it. Kaityln is flippin out. Ben Z is staying calm. She finally gets enough nerve to open the door and a pigeon comes flying at them and then lands back in the room.

I find it so odd that she’s afraid of birds when she has bird tattoos on her arms. It’s a good thing that Ben Z is a huge big guy that can hide her and make her feel safe. She’s crying and whining. It looks like a horrible horror movie. I’m okay, until all of a sudden there’s a room of snakes and I got the heebie jeebies in the worst possible way! There’s no way in HELL that you’d get me to the snakes, they’ll eventually open the door to let me out and I’ll just wait.

The best thing that Ben Z said is that he doesn’t know how many of the other guys in the house would be able to do this. I think we can say with most certainty that there is not many if any at all that could do that. I would’ve loved to see Tony in that room to see what he would’ve done and how much he would’ve flipped out over that.

They’re gonna go from their horrifying/nightmarish date to dinner. Ben tried to be the tough guy that said that he wasn’t that afraid of the snake, though he was flipping out. He said that he would hold the snake if she had one and if she’d given it him.

Ben talks about the day his mom passed away and how he didn’t cry the day she passed away because he felt like he needed to be strong and needed to show emotions. He hasn’t cried in 11 years and he knows it’s not healthy but that’s just who he is. Kaitlyn likes that and starts making out with him. They then have to get in the hot tub, she gets the rose and they’re in it.

Group date:

1. Jonathan
2. Ben H
3. Joshua
4. Ryan
5. Jared
6. Tanner

We’re supposedly in a school, but let’s be honest we’re at a performing arts school if anything. These kids are actors. This teacher is an actor, why are we playing that it’s real?!? they have their lockers with their lesson plans about puberty to elementary kids. Joshua told us that everything he learned about sex is from watching his cows.

Kaitlyn thinks talking about sex is an important part of a relationship. Which I guess I can agree with…however, I don’t think it’s completely necessary for you to have to talk to a group of students about it when you’re not in a position of power or education to do so.

Clint and JJ are in the middle of a bromance. Don’t get in the way. Kaitlyn can’t get in the way. They hang out with just the 2 of them. However, you can see the cameraman is with them on the balcony so they’re yakking it up.

You can see the way the students are reacting that they’re obviously well rehearsed and not being 100% appropriate. This is just another example of why it’s hard for me to be 100% on board with this season. Let’s just be honest and say this is not something I would want to do on a group date.

Kaitlyn admits that she’s pranking the guys and that these kids are child actors. If these guys aren’t smart enough to see that, than we really got some issues!

Ben H is a natural when he’s talking to the kids and makes it not seem as dirty, but talks about how there needs to be love and trust before there’s the physical part of a relationship. He’s the last to go and you can see the other guys know that they’ve been upstaged.

Our country boy Josh tells us that he was so shy and overwhelmed. He didn’t kiss a guy until he was in college and has never been in love before. Kaitlyn is turned off by this and wants him to move a lot quicker, even tho we’re only in week 3!

Now Ben H. gets the roof-top part of the group date, ala Becca & Farmer Chris. Ben H tells us that he’s had experience with kids, he was a youth coordinator and would travel to Honduras. She starts making out with him and he decides to dip her and then they keep making out. Which is almost the complete opposite of Becca & Chris!

This whole JJ and Clint storyline is RIDICULOUS! It’s about ratings and people talking about the show. These 2 guys just want their 15 mins of fame. So they’ll pretend their BFFs and that they’re “in love” and “a success story” but it’s all a line.

Kaitlyn is making out with Jared now. Of all the guys evidently he’s a man. Which is why he’s the lucky one who gets to go to her room with her. Where they “dance” and make out some more.

Even though Jared thought him and Kaitlyn were getting along great, Ben is the one who gets the group date rose. Jared’s not gonna let it get him down too much though!

We’re at cocktail party. JJ wants this to be the time that they cut like 5 or 6 guys. Let the big guys hunt…wtf? Kaitlyn is frustrated because she hears there is friction in the house and she doesn’t want drama. Clint knows that Kaitlyn isn’t the right girl for him but he wants to stay for JJ. He knows how to turn an apology and make her laugh and then back-pedals and says the things that others have said to get them thru week by week. Kaitlyn is getting played by him real bad! Enough that he goes in for the kiss and she’s all for it. She couldn’t help herself tho because Clint has his power socks on so he needed to abuse the power.

Here’s the thing that pisses me off. Clint has said MULTIPLE times that he’s not here for Kaitlyn and he keeps saying it on camera and producers hear and no one is going to tell her. There are a few of the guys that are trying to warn her about what’s going on and JJ and Clint are going to “Villains gonna vill.” I’m actually shocked that Jared and Josh are two that are saying things about them. It must be real bad for them to get into this!

Kaitlyn tells Josh that she’s had enough and tell her anything you want about them because they’re not gonna be around anymore. She’s over the Clint situation. She comes rushing in and grabs him and is pissed. She’s gonna take him down in flames according to her….and that’s how the episode ends!

We see previews where Clint goes back into the living room after his convo with Kaitlyn and is being confrontational. Ian who’s said 2 words all season is pissed and yelling at him in-front of everyone. Then JJ and Clint are going toe-to-toe. Then JJ is crying. And I think we get to see Nick come back…ugh!!!!


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