Remember the Alamo and what happens in Dublin doesn’t always stay in Dublin…or does it?!?!?

I’m sorry friends that I’ve not been a faithful blogger this season. It’s just been hard! I normally can get sucked in and can find someone to root for. I don’t know a time that the lead lost me so early on, as Kaitlyn did. Though I still think she’s a better Bachelorette than Britt would’ve been. Let’s be honest, it would’ve been the best had our Cruise-ship singer Carly been here instead.

However, that is not the cards we’ve been dealt with. I just find it very hard to relate to Kaitlyn as though we’re both pretty sarcastic people, I think that’s where our tendencies stop. She makes decisions that I wouldn’t make and her humor is a little more crude than mine is. I realize that so much of this viewing for me is me putting myself in their shoes and that’s hard for me.

The first few episodes are always hard, as we’re just getting to know the guys, so it’s really hard to have your favorites. That’s when I rely on the lead to get me through. Then I get my front-runners as the season goes on and I learn to despise our lead and think my favorite front-runner is too good for the lead. I skipped a few steps this season, but feel comfortable now where I can openly root for my guys and it’s okay to not be in love with Kaitlyn. I may defend her, but honestly, I’m not sure that’s a possibility.

I’ve watched the last couple episodes even though I didn’t blog about them and let’s just say that all I can really say is that there’s been even more “controversy” stirred up that just seems more scripted than normal. Now I’m not gonna tell you that I live in a fantasy world, where I believe that the Bachelor is real-life, no, it’s not. However, so much of this season seems so pointed to be FOR RATINGS that it takes a little of the magic away. The whole Clint/JJ relationship is a joke that was staged and if it’s not I’m absolutely floored. The guys leaving before there’s a rose ceremony…the to many to count “to be continued” at the end of the episodes instead of the rose ceremonies…I mean come on! You have a formula that works, stick with it! I want the episode to end with my rose ceremony and have some closure for the week! I’ll tune in next week, even without the “TO BE CONTINUED”, it’s a season-long show, obviously it’s to be continued until the last episode of the season!

At this point I’ve been just anxiously counting down the days to the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise. If that’s not a train-wreck I’m ecstatic to watch and blog about, I don’t know what is! I’ll be all in on that, I promise!!!

A show that’s getting me through this season, is actually a new show on Lifetime called UNREAL. It is a soap-opera trashy show, I’m just gonna warn you. However, it’s a take on what the producers of the Bachelor go through and to what lengths the creators/producers/directors go through to get their story told. It’s fascinating to me. I know it’s not real, but you know there are nuggets of the truth in this show. I would highly recommend it to anyone who watches the Bachelor, with the knowledge that you’re going in to watch a soap-opera Lifetime show, so probably no youngins around when you watch it!

Okay, now to tonight’s episode!

We catch-up with the guys in San Antonio, it’s right where we left her with the TO BE CONTINUED. Ian and her are talking and he’s not a fan of how Kaitlyn has handled this situation. He basically calls her out and says it’s not a vacation and he wants to be here for a wife and she’s obviously not here for the right reasons, so the guys aren’t here for the right reasons. Ian actually voices the concerns that I feel like a lot of us have, but evidently ABC wants to protect Kaitlyn a little bit more, at least at this point than they did Juan Pablo, because the edit makes Ian look like the lunatic and bad guy. He calls her shallow and doesn’t see anything beyond the surface. Since she hasn’t had a real conversation with any of these guys and just wants to make out with them all right away and won’t talk to them then I think he’s right.

Ian is getting BEATEN UP on social media right now, and I don’t really know why. Is he a little egotistical, maybe…but at the same time, I get what he’s saying. If you’re looking for a husband, you better talk. Of course he probably doesn’t need to say the word “deep” about a thousand times.

Who’s shocked that the guy who goes and checks on Kaitlyn is Nick? Ugh Nick…….my thoughts are the same about Nick as they were when he was leaving Andi’s season. I just think he’s a little too smarmy and I don’t trust him. They are in lust with one another for sure, but it’s gonna sizzle real quick and then be done just as quick.

Oh man, my poor guy Shawn is the one who goes up to try and interrupt Nick and her’s time. However, when he gets up the stairs, he sees Kaitlyn and Nick making out and he’s frustrated and he has to go walk it off. Kaitlyn said in her interview that intimacy is very important to her and if the physical connection is not there, that’s a deal-breaker for her.

Of course the rose-ceremony will take place at the Alamo. Let’s go ahead and disgrace this national landmark by putting a rose-ceremony at it.

I don’t even know how to blog about a rose-ceremony in the middle of an episode but here we go.
Those that had roses before the ceremony:
1. Shawn
2. Nick
3. Ben H

Roses go to:

4. Jared
5. Dentist Chris
6. JJ
7. Joe
8. Ben Z
Final rose to:
9. Tanner—-KC boy!

That means we’re saying goodbye to Justin and poor poor poor Joshua!

Now we’re leaving the Alamo and heading to Dublin, Ireland! Poor Joshua, had to hear them hooping and hollering when they found out that’s where they were heading. Someone please give Joshua a big hug!

Okay, we’re in Dublin and crossing an item off Kaitlyn’s bucket-list and she thinks this will be a great place to fall in love, so let’s do it!

Kaitlyn has a one-on-one date with a guy and she is the one who comes to the hotel room to deliver the news of the date. As they’re all sitting around the living room and she just happens to sit next to Nick on the couch. We find out that Joe, JJ, Tanner and Nick are the only ones who haven’t had one-on-one dates. Nick has 10 minutes to get ready, which means he has to put on the tightest olive color pants known to man and a black leather coat. I guess as long as there’s no infinity scarves like he wore on Andi’s season, we’re okay.

Kaitlyn can’t imagine a better person to be with than Nick on a date. I had noticed that Kaitlyn’s sweater was cute in the front, but back had all these holes on it. She told him that she wore that sweater with the holes, so he’d be able to touch her back. Do we need to remind her that she’s miced and anything she says we can hear her?

Nick bought both of them rings from the flea market and they put them on their ring fingers and it just felt right.

As they’re walking, they have to do the kiss against the wall. Which made me immediately think of Arie and Emily, and God Bless the internet, because that’s all I typed into Twitter and found this screen shot, which is EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Alright, let’s leave the two love-birds so we can get back to the guys at the hotel and the date card. We have a group date and those going on the group date are:

Ben Z
Ben H

Which leaves JJ and Joe for the 2 on 1 date.

Ummmmm should we be eating dinner at the Christ Church Cathedral? We have candle-lights and alcohol, but it just seems weird to be having this conversation in a CHURCH!!! Kaitlyn doesn’t want us to judge Nick for going through this process before. They decide what better place to make out and have dirty thoughts than a Church?!?! With the stained glass windows surrounding them. They literally can’t talk about anything but how much they can’t keep their hands off one another. They also think whispering is somehow going to make it so we can’t hear them. Kaitlyn asks if he wants to go back to her hotel and hang out for a bit and then starts making out with him again. They are now leaning against the front gate of the church and he decides it’s a good idea to grab her butt and lean her against the gate. Then he decides to grab her and let her wrap herself around him, though she’s in a mini-black dress or skirt….ugh!

Shawn is making himself even more my top pick by him having concerns and seeing through Nick and not liking him at all. As they’re showing a normal genuine conversation between Shawn and Jared about how much they care for Kaitlyn and trust her, she’s making out with Nick on her couch in her suite and his hand is going up her skirt. Shawn doesn’t trust Nick, he hasn’t had a conversation with him because he’s pretty sure he doesn’t care about anyone here, but he knows he’ll come back with a rose tonight. Well then Nick and Kaitlyn go from the couch to her bedroom, after she tells him to follow her. They still have their mics on, so we’re getting subtitles of what they’re saying in the bedroom. It’s all PG, until he says “I want to know every part of you” and that’s the last of what we hear, until we hear noises we don’t NEED to hear at all! Dear Lord! This is a million times worse than the Juan Pablo and Crazy Clare in the ocean! There is no room for mis-interpreting what is going on!

Thank God we break for commercial. We come back and it’s morning! Nick is leaving her hotel room in his clothes from last night. Kaitlyn is on her balcony and says OMG and in her robe. We’re evidently spying on her and she has no idea where the camera is. She talks about what a great date she had last night. She talks about the off-camera time that she had with Nick and how great it was.

You know she’s not talking to herself, but she’s talking to someone. She asks if this has ever happened before and then talks about how she wonders how she would’ve felt if Chris and Britt actually would’ve had sex when they took their nap after the hot air balloon ride last season. Nick does tell JJ and Joe that he went out to her suite. Kaitlyn is flipping out that Nick is gonna say something about their night together to the guys. Nick talks about how it was intimate, personal, authentic and comfortable and they drank lots of whiskey!

She’s worried about Nick telling the guys what happened could have them leaving and she’d end up with no one. Honey, if you’re freaking out this much that tells me that you know you did something wrong! You’re currently dating 9 guys….you probably should’ve thought about those other 8 guys before you let your hormones take over. While Ian is getting all the crap on Twitter, maybe he wasn’t completely wrong about you being shallow and not here for the right reasons. Are you looking for a husband, or a fling on a vacation?!?!

Chris Harrison is here to greet us with the group date. Ben H shows why he’s also one of my favorites by saying “My girlfriend is dead. Great, I’m single again.” 🙂 He literally had me LOL, which after the first hour and a half, I needed!

They are going to have an Irish wake, she’s lying there in a casket and she can’t stop laughing. Harrison is making fun of her for being horrible. She ends up handing Harrison a flask.

All the guys have to come up with their own eulogies basically and said they need to have fun with it. All the guys seem to enjoy it and are making jokes about it. Except poor Ben Z who is the last one to give his “eulogy” and he clears the room and just talks to Kaitlyn from the heart and has flashbacks to his mom’s funeral when he had to do this for real. He was very sweet and sentimental. My favorite was Shawn’s though:

We bring in the music and sing some Irish jigs and it seems that most of the guys in that room seem to enjoy one another! They can smile and laugh and there doesn’t seem to be much tension with them all.

Alright we’re at the after-party at the Guinness brewery basically. They talk about how much fun they had during the “wake.” Ben Z grabs Kaitlyn to tell her how tough of a time he had today. He said he knew it was supposed to be light-hearted and fun but he just couldn’t do it. She does apologize if she made him uncomfortable at all. He talks about how this is the most open he’s ever been. They hug it out at the end, and I’m sorry Ben Z but you’re screwed! You’re in the friend-zone!

Jared and her are talking and he’s making fun of her laugh. He points out how she laughs which just shows that he actually pays attention to her. She appreciates how honest he’s been with her, and she appreciates it. He then throws it in her face by saying that he knows she’s always been honest with him. Then he makes out with her. She feels really comfortable with him.

Shawn talks about how his guard has gone back up once Nick was talking about his romantic suite date. Shawn said that Ireland is such a big part of his family, so he starts showing pictures of his family to her. She talks in a baby voice about how cute everyone is and how much he looks like his dad, and everyone’s just so happy…blah blah blah. It’s not that I don’t love Shawn’s family, because trust me I do, I just don’t like how fake she’s being right now. After she sees the photos, she kisses him and he’s feeling confident about what they have.

Kaitlyn is getting ready to hand out the rose and she gives it to Jared. I think that’s a good choice, as he’s been a lil bit of a dark-horse for me, but he seems to have a great approach to this whole evening. Shawn is not happy about not being able to spend time with Kailtyn in Ireland. He doesn’t know how this show goes when he feels like he’s getting mixed messages.

We’re back at another church for the group date rose date portion with Jared and Kaitlyn. It’s another Catholic church, idk if it’s the same one as last night, but I’m assuming it is. We have a private concert for them and the Cranberries are playing! That’s awesome! I’m sure this church is great for the acoustics of them singing! They sound amazing!

I love that Ben H. is talking about how they’ve just been staring at each other a lot lately and he’s getting tired of it. Tanner knows that he’s going home this week and is gonna pack real good. Shawn is taking it the hardest and is telling everyone how he feels and feels really rejected right now. He walks away and is acting like he wants to go home. He is talking to a producer as that is the only person that he trusts and he’s away from cameras and I do feel bad for him because I think he thinks he’s having a private conversation with just that producer. Whereas Kaitlyn and Nick knew better and knew everything they said and did was being taped and listened to.

Shawn tells us that the night they spent together she laid on his bed and they didn’t sleep much. She looked at him and told him he was it. He was the one. And so now he’s super confused. Which who can blame him! He’s upset about this Jared thing, he doesn’t even know the whole Nick story! He can’t go to the fantasy suite where she bangs two other guys. Trust is the biggest thing to him and he’s about to cry and I feel horrible for him! He says he can’t do this and walks away. We then get a shot of the hotel and Shawn walking in the hallway and he needs to see Kaitlyn as what she told him when it was just the 2 of them is not matching up to her actions. He knocks on her door, she opens it and is excited to see him! Until she realizes that he’s upset and messed up. She’s terrified that he’s here to talk about what she did with Nick. Hey honey, this is your moment to tell him what happened with Nick, since it’s national tv and he’s gonna find out about it sooner or later, might as well be from you and sooner would be better than later! She’s bawling in her interview about how she doesn’t want Shawn to go home based on what happened with Nick.

Then we straight to previews, with no “TO BE CONTINUED” so I don’t know if I should tune in next week or not….previews show Shawn and her talking. Lots of tears from lots of people.

Then we get a quick update of Britt and Brady. Britt’s mom approves and thinks she hit the mark and said that Britt made a great new friend, and they’ve been dating for 2 months and she’s trying to figure things out still.

Alright, well, that was quite a bit in one episode and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon! So I’ll be back next week to report on all the drama once again!



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