Judging Ben H.’s Girls

We are ONE WEEK away from the premiere of the next season of the Bachelor! We get Ben Higgins as our Bachelor. In the lackluster season of Kaitlyn as the Bachelorette, Ben H. was truly one of the highlights. I think Ben will most closely resemble Farmer Chris as a Bachelor. Well let’s hope he resembles him and not Juan Pablo or Ben F (the wine guy who fell in love with Courtney Robertson, the model with the questionable values. Though I do recommend her book if you want a view into the behind the scenes of this show we love.)

My only hope is that Ben doesn’t let fame go to his head like it eventually did for Farmer Chris. I hope he stays humble and down to earth. As a reminder he’s 26 year old software sales rep. who currently lives in Denver but grew up in Indiana. I was in Denver right before Thanksgiving for a work trip, I’m so disappointed I didn’t happen to run into him. Damn my timing and luck 🙂 I may or may not have been watching all the Christmas Hallmark movies and have it in my head that if Ben H. and I would’ve ran into each other on a Denver street corner we would’ve met, fell in love and been married all within a week and we would’ve had a very Merry Christmas and it would’ve been completely believable. Since that didn’t happen (though I had a wonderful Christmas!) I guess we’ll go ahead and get started with my thoughts on who I think will be the crazy, the winners and the dark-horse of this season.

I have yet to even see a preview of the season, I am strictly making my judgments based on the pictures and brief bios which ABC provides and you can see by clicking here. As a reminder I do not look at spoilers, so all my thoughts and ideas are based off my own imagination and viewing of this wonderful show for so many seasons I don’t want to count.

Alright, so if you want a reminder about who Ben is you can see his bio and look at how adorable he is holding this rose. He looks awkward, vulnerable and like he doesn’t quite want to be doing this, which endears him to me even more. If you look really cocky and like you want to be doing this, than you’re going to lose some points with me and I’m going to be even more horrible to you, right off the bat instead of me giving you the benefit of the doubt. I’m probably just seeing what I want to see, but well it’s the Holiday Season, so maybe I’m feeling a little more Christmas spirit and goodwill to all, at least where Ben is concerned, we’ll see how the girls fare!person-person_35b409b1-50fc-4bc7-8076-cfefe88b5332_2000x800_source-1000x400-q90_1449697496243

Alright, I’m going to be honest, when I was looking through these girls, it was difficult to find girls that really stood out. A lot of them seemed boring and similar. They seemed to be wanting to say things that wouldn’t stand out and probably stuff that wouldn’t have bloggers like me make fun of them. There were also some girls that jobs descriptions were obviously made up so the producers could get under our skins, like the twins that will be on the show and instead of saying unemployed, their job description is “twin.” I don’t even want to begin in the ridiculousness there, so that’s all I’ll say.

Another thing that stood out when looking at the girls, is that 2 familiar faces are in the crowd of 25 women.


Yes, this is Amber! The girl who kissed Farmer Chris in only her 3 episode appearance but made such an impression with the producers that she made it on Bachelor in Paradise. She didn’t fall in love on Bachelor in Paradise, she tried to with a few guys but that didn’t really work for her. She also proved to be a Producer favorite when she spoke up for her BFF Sam on the After show and here she is showing up on her 3rd Bachelor show in a year. I don’t have her going far, I just have her here for her screen time and she’ll make it a few episodes and be gone and Ben will have no idea why she was on the show. Amber, I really hope your 15 mins of fame will be over soon!


BECCA!!!!!!!!!! BECCA is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot even begin to tell you my excitement at having Becca on this show! I LOVE the idea of Becca and Ben! They would be a VERY attractive couple and seem like they have similar values. If you need help remembering who Becca is and how much I love her, feel free to read last year’s recaps. However, if you don’t want to do that, what you need to know is Becca is the girl who wouldn’t kiss Chris until it was right. She made him pursue her. She didn’t launch herself at him and didn’t see this as a game. She’s a virgin who wasn’t insecure like Ashley I. was, she seemed very secure in who she is. Becca and Farmer Chris seemed to really like one another and I still stand by the fact that Farmer Chris loved Becca but chose Whitney because she was the sure thing, and he didn’t want to put his heart out there for to possibly be rejected. I just hope that Becca is ready to open up more and take that leap of faith. Farmer Chris showed he wasn’t worth it for Becca, but I hope Ben is worth it for Becca.

Becca is my number one favorite, because it’s Becca! I am hoping she sticks around for a long time and keeps her values the same and she has a happy ending at the end of this!

If Becca isn’t lucky enough to win Ben’s Heart I am rooting for:


Laura. She’s 24 and seems like she’s perky and friendly. She looks like a sweet cheerleader. She’s from the South and I hope she’s a sweet Southern girl. I like her answer to what she looks for in a mate, she wants someone who has sweet eyes, kind face, good smile and someone who looks approachable enough to talk to. That seems like the perfect answer, because who doesn’t agree with that????


Lauren H. She’s one of the 4 Lauren’s one the show! She’s a kindergartner teacher from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her sense of humor had me cracking up, it’s very tongue and cheek! She talked about how she would want to be Chris Harrison because he has an awesome job. She said she meets guys on TV shows, obviously! And her Boss asked her the other day what Pinterest was and she pulled it up and she had a Wedding board and her boss called her out on the fact that she wasn’t even dating anyone. She seems like a nice, normal girl. It’s probably her Midwestern personality I can understand and relate to compared to some of the other girls.


My Dark-horse that I don’t think will make an impression at the beginning, but will stick around for awhile will be:


Rachel! She’s 23 and unemployed, instead of some stupid fake job. Her movies are some of my favorite movies. If she could be an animal she would choose to be Cookie Monster because she loves Cookies, a girl after my own heart! And her favorite holiday is Christmas, and come on, who doesn’t LOVE Christmas?!?!

Now for my favorite part! THE CRAZIES!!!!!!!!


Jennifer! She seems a little too stalkery to me. She seems like someone who is going to say she loves him in episode 2 and is going to get super jealous of the other girls. Her ideal mate is Ben Higgins. She sees herself married in 5 years, but then goes on about how 5 years ago she would’ve seen herself married, so she’s already way behind schedule. This is the time I need to point out that she’s 25.



Meagan! She’s a 30 year old Cowgirl. She has a huge fear of snakes. If she finds snakes on her property she will chop their heads off with a shovel. That doesn’t bode well for Ben if he even looks at another girl in the presence of Meagan. She seems very sure of herself which is always a good thing, but I think maybe she should think of toning it down just a tad. And understand that maybe some other girls will be a little more shy and not just march up to a guy. I think she’ll be entertaining as hell, but a little too much for Ben.



Lace! She seems to me to have the crazy eyes working here. She’s a 25 year old from Denver which is a plus for her since that’s where Ben lives. She looks to me like Kelsey, so maybe that’s why she gets the crazy points. She walked out on a guy on a date because he was too full of himself. She evidently forgets to flush the toilet after going to the bathroom and her date will see what she leaves there. Her idea of an ultimate date would be going to a sporting event to make her date happy, which just makes me a little sad since it’s not something that she would enjoy.


Well those are my initial thoughts on the ladies. We’ll see how I fare after the first episode next week. I may need to come back after a couple weeks and he gets rid of some girls and make some new predictions.

Until then, I hope you all have a happy and Safe New Years and I’ll be talking to you all much more frequently starting next week!








One thought on “Judging Ben H.’s Girls

  1. Blog is back blog is back!!! Yah 🙂 you know who I chose but I’ve watched the show trailer now and I bet we get a laugh from a couple of my picks!!

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