What Happens in Vegas DOES NOT Stay in Vegas when you’re on National Television!!!

Just a reminder girls, you’re more than welcome to Viva Las Vegas, but you are on a reality television show and I will mock you for it! I’m so happy we’re finally leaving the Bachelor Mansion, let’s be honest this is when the show really really starts. Harrison comes in to let the girls know we’re going to the land of fake Elvis, though was there anyone better than this:


Man if Fuller House ends up merging with the Bachelor, my head may just explode as my world’s come full circle. Until that happens, I’ll just try and spot Uncle Jesse this whole episode!

The Twins are ecstatic because they’re going home. They’re from Vegas and this is the first time that they’re not in perfect unison when talking. They still do their interviews together, but not at the same time. Olivia tells us that she’s gonna pull Ben aside and tell him that she wants a one on one date and to see Celine (RIP Renee!) but will someone please let Olivia know that Ben does NOT plan these dates though they make it seem that he does, so she should pull aside a producer?

Alright, we’re in Vegas. We see Ben driving down the Strip, Girls walking in Downtown and then outside the Aria hotel there’s a sign that comes on a video board that says “Ladies can’t wait to see you, Ben.” The high pitch screams make me think we may have spotted John Stamos in his Elvis outfit, but alas I think the girls were wasting away in Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville and partaking in the alcohol allowed on the streets. We’ve got a real case of some “WOOOOO” girls.



Date card arrives and it’s for JoJo! “You set my heart on fire.” JoJo is in tears because she’s so excited. Olivia is insane and is a front-runner and Ben is hers, so back off!

Dear God, the twins are on a singular treadmill. And we hear how they must be the same person because they’re identical. They share a car, live together and have the same job, well your job is twin so good job ladies, good job! They make my head hurt….

Ben and JoJo are going on their date. They’re on the roof having a glass of champagne and a helicopter is coming to pick them up. Don’t worry, the girls all have a perfect view of them from their hotel room as they’re one roof over. All the girls are pissed because they see the two of them making out. Of course it was life or death there for a second and we can all be very thankful that JoJo’s top didn’t fly off, though I guess when in Vegas…


Their day date portion is evidently not all that exciting, we see them get in the Helicopter and they’re looking out a window and kissing.

Next thing we know we’re already back at the hotel room! We’ve got ourselves a group date card!

Amanda- mom

Jubilee – misunderstood girl in house, hopefully isn’t ganged up on tonight

Calia – man she’s immature, she’s the one who was crying about all the other girls going on dates last week when she realized she’s not the only one dating him though she got the first date.

Lauren B.- in my opinion the ACTUAL front runner.

Amber – better enjoy your last few minutes of fame because after your stunt you pulled in front of Ben last week with Jubilee, ain’t no way you’re staying.

Haley – twin

Emily – twin

Leah – girl who hiked football thru her legs first night

Lauren H – kindergartner teacher

Jennifer – Bennifer 3.0

Rachel – my unemployed 23 year old, who got killed on soccer field last week but kept playing!

Last girl: Olivia!

Which means my girl Becca gets the next one-on-one. Watch your back Becca, Olivia is gonna come after you!

Night portion of the date is JoJo and Ben. We’re in a suite in Vegas. They decide to start off by having an actual conversation instead of just rehashing their day. JoJo is scared. Her past has made her cautious of giving herself completely over to the experience. She ended her last relationship 5 months ago, it was a year and half relationship and he cheated on her and she was faithful to him. I think the cheating must’ve gone on for awhile so she’s insecure and wondering if she’ll be enough.

I’m sorry, but this cannot be the most healthy way for her to jump back into the dating world. Oh honey, you’re last boyfriend cheated on you while you were dating. To get over that, go on a dating show where your boyfriend will be dating you and 27 other women at the same time and he won’t even be able to lie and tell you sweet nothings, he has to keep his lips sealed but yet you’re expected to bear your soul (among other things possibly, but most importantly your pride!) and oh yeah you’re doing this where millions of people (like yours truly) will be watching you and judging you. I like JoJo a lot because of this, I like her so much that I’m afraid this is gonna end badly for her and I would rather Ben not give her a rose, instead he makes out with her, gives her a rose and I’m worried this is gonna end badly for JoJo.

They go up to the roof to overlook the strip and then they get a fireworks show just for them. The fireworks must’ve been shot up from the girls hotel as they’re trying to find the fireworks and can’t really see them. One twin is pissed because she’s never stood on the roof of a building in her town to see fireworks. It’s not fair (thank God it’s not her sister or it’d really not be fair!)

Alright, it’s group date time! Let’s do this! We’re at the Terry Fator theatre, I’m sorry but I don’t know who that is. He’s an impressionist/ventriloquist. He asks the girls what their talents are because they’re gonna do a talent show! Most of the girls are panicking because they don’t have talents. There are LOTS of props.

The twins are evidently the only ones right off the bat who have talents, everyone else is reaching, to put it nicely.

  1. Twins of course they have to go together, thanks to mom they’re gonna Irish Dance (Think Riverdancing)


2. Jubilee plays the cello

Olivia has a surprise but she’s gonna be looking like this. Lord please help us!!!

She’s going to do a dance, shimmy, bowing, luckily she shaved today because she was prepared. Honey, you gotta think long term! You’re thinking of wanting attention and sticking out tonight, but have you thought of how this whole ensemble is gonna look to any future employers that you have?!?! Okay, no I’m the only one worried about your future, I’ll stop now then. You’re not gonna be embarrassed or worry about your future, so I’ll go ahead and do that for you.

Evidently the fact that the girls watch the show and study everything else about it when it comes to knowing strategy, are still shocked when they find out that they’re gonna have to preform their talents in-front of a live audience.

The twins start us off and I feel bad because I think we’re just gonna go down from here. Jubilee and her cello are good. Lauren B juggles hackey sacks. Amanda hula-hoops. Calia belly dances. Rachel does balloon animals. Lauren H. dresses in a duck costume and sings a song about Ben to the tune of Old McDonald. Leah is dressed up as a clown on a pogo stick and Ben is throwing balls at her to catch in her mouth??? Jennifer uses a tennis racket to hit the ball thru the hula-hoop and hit the puppet. BTW evidently Amber didn’t preform a talent, so yea…this is gonna end well for her, that my friends is what you call foreshadowing!

Now it’s Olivia’s turn. And we’re keeping it classy Vegas style!

Once you saw the cake you knew it wasn’t gonna end well. This is the producer whispering in Olivia’s ear about something exciting for her to do, maybe she did get her Celine tickets in exchange for this. I certainly hope so. It didn’t get much better when she popped out.

Let’s just say that Ben is reacting in the crowd much the way I am at home. I’m mortified for her and wondering why it won’t stop. I’m not laughing, I’m dying on behalf of her. There’s nothing worse than cringing and feeling sorry for the contestants. I cannot imagine being her, her family or friends and knowing that she was talked into this and now is gonna get slammed by it because it was a poor decision. She starts bawling and having a panic attack and doesn’t want to be on camera right now. They take her into the bathroom, where Amber is leading the WOOO girls into another Mean Girls attack but this time Jubilee is on it and we’re going against Olivia.

Now Olivia is telling her that this is way outside her comfort zone, yet we have the meme to see that she says she’s not embarrassed by anything. I think she realizes that she made a mistake because he wasn’t loving it. If that was Juan Pablo as our Bachelor, she’d be the front runner. However, Ben is more logical than that, so she did probably go down a rung.

We’re dressed up and having the night portion of the date! Calia reminds us YET again that this is her first group date. She wants to be spoiled and be on one on one dates all the time. They sit down and instead of talking about anything she lunges at him and decides to spend her time making out with him. She gets compliments from him. They kiss but they don’t talk about anything with substance.

The twins are bashing Olivia left and right in their interviews tonight. I cannot tell you if it’s just one twin that hates Olivia or both of them. They are still the same person at least ABC is doing everything they can to make me think that way.

Lauren decides she wants to bring the puppet along with her one on one time with Ben. They are able to joke around and have the same sense of humor. She jokes with him by kissing the puppet first and then goes in for the kiss with Ben!

Olivia grabs Ben. What drives me crazy is she’s fishing for compliments so obviously! She is setting him up by tearing herself down, he has to build her up, but then when he does, she takes it as undying love acclamation, instead of realizing that she’s pressuring him to say that stuff. He’s not saying it from his own admission. She also will not be specific with him, she likes to talk in generalization. “I feel awful.” Ben then asks “About what?” She answers: “I don’t know, I just don’t feel good.”

She’s smart in a way, because she doesn’t wanna back herself in a corner. She wants to say what he wants to hear. “I would never normally do that.” She literally had me LOL when she said that she’s not showy.

HELLOOOOOOOOO you’re all showy! You’re on a reality television show!!!! Plus you’re a news anchor! You want to be the center of attention, you want people to watch you!!!

One of the twins comes and grabs Ben as he tells Olivia to not feel embarrassed.

Now we’re too Lauren B and Ben and you can tell they’re gonna be happy and she’s gonna get a rose tonight, because we have the happy guitar music in the background. They say hello and start making out like teenagers. Lauren is a champ of a contestant because she tells him that she misses him but doesn’t talk about the other girls. She talks about how it’s hard to navigate her feelings, and again Ben is an engaged listener. You can tell he cares about her and wants to do whatever he can to put her mind at ease. He tells her not to question anything. She’s a realistic and doesn’t know how you can fall for someone on the first date. He talks about how it was the best first date. Ben, you ain’t even tryin to hide a lil bit how you feel about this girl.

Olivia needs to be stalkerish. She’s going to interrupt time with the other twin. She’s in the middle of a story and Ben again shows why he’s my favorite Bachelor (at this point). He tells her to continue her story though he sees Olivia lurking. Twin finally feels the daggers in the back of her head and sees the girl in the shadows. Ben apologizes and sounds really annoyed and said he doesn’t know what’s going on. Twin walks away.

I’m confused by how Ben & Olivia’s conversation begins. He’s certainly annoyed with her. I think she must’ve not approached him after Twin left. I think she was trying to play breezy and like she just happened to stumble across him even though he caught her stalking. She then tries to swing her arms and act all casual. My mind immediately went to this scene:

Olivia has taken over Lace’s position of saying “That wasn’t me,” that’s her version of “I’m not crazy.” She got a pity peck on the lips and pity hug but her mind it was some super romantic gesture. She’s happy though, so whatever.

Ben gives the group rose date to Laruen B. Poor mom Amanda is sitting in-between Lauren B and Ben, he gives her the rose and leans over Amanda to hug Lauren.

Finally the group date is over!!!

Becca has a package delivered to her before her one-on-one date. All the girls are in the living room watching her open the package. It’s a WEDDING dress! All the girls are super jealous. JoJo and her must be close friends because she helps her get ready. Jubilee points out that Becca’s the perfect person to wear white because she’s a virgin, in-case any of us forgot or where wondering.

Becca was picked up in a pink Cadillac. She is taken to a wedding chapel and there’s Ben in a tux. And DANG! They are one attractive couple!!! Don’t believe me, just look 🙂

Ben gets down on a knee and Becca is kinda flipping out. You can see the wheels are spinning because Ben is saying really nice things to her and she’s trying to figure out where the joke comes in. Well Ben asks her if she’ll marry other people with him today. He got ordained and wants to marry people. She’s more thrilled about this than a real proposal I think!

Ben and Becca are not as formal now that they’re in a chapel. We have 2 people that are getting married and Ben is marrying them. He said he was more nervous about this than he was about anything else. He says the vows and the bride, groom, Ben and Becca all giggle. Becca also gets to read the vows and again they’re all giggling.

Ben is on a roll and marries probably 10 couples. Every couple that they marry it’s Ben and Becca giggling and are just as excited as the first couple. I’m thrilled because they seem to do a good job of supporting and complementing one another.

This is a good date for Becca, could you imagine Olivia doing this? Or the twins? Or Amber? There’s a certain personality that has to be good for this date and I think they hit the nail on the head by choosing Becca.

Our night portion of the date is the Neon Museum. This is where Neon signs from Vegas go to die until they are refurbished and then they light up again.

Ben wants to make sure that this is different than last season with Farmer Chris for Ben. She laughs and said it’s so much more different.

She was closed off from Farmer Chris getting to know her because he could hurt her. She’s open to getting hurt because the risk is worth the reward. He appreciates that she’s willing to feel and wants to feel.

Then the subject of her virginity comes up. He asks her to clarify that she is choosing to be a virgin because of her faith. She agrees that, that is the reason. He’s embarrassed and said that he had to actually admit he wasn’t a virgin. He thinks that they share similar beliefs in their faith, but we don’t hear which religion they are explicitly.


She tells Ben that it’s not a game changer that he’s not a virgin. She’s not gonna judge him for past relationships. However, she’s going to remain a virgin until she’s married. And yes, it’s not like just because she says this she’s not physically attracted to the male species. She still has attraction, and it’s hard but she has a commitment.

Ben finishes this convo by saying that this commitment is a testament to her faith, morals, beliefs and commitment to God. It also proves that she’s good at sticking with commitments which relates back to marriage. They start making out.

Becca said she almost cried because she’s never had a guy make her feel so confident in who she is. He’s not pressuring her to change her morals or beliefs and obviously knows where she’s coming from.

Ben vows to: Look her in the eyes when they talk, to smile when it’s appropriate, to laugh when things get awkward to be honest and open and take her on the coolest dates possible.

Becca vows to: always tell him that he’s great, to make sure he knows she’s in it, to always express how she’s feeling when she’s feeling it.

They kiss on it! She gets the date rose!

Harrison is in the suite to do a 2 on 1 for the twins in their hometown. They’re wearing matching clothes, that’s RIDICULOUS! YOU ARE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE!!!!!!

We are going home and meeting mom and the 3 wiener dogs. Haley takes him to her room and she still has pictures of her ex-boyfriend all in her room, including her bedside table.

Then he gets to go to Emily’s room. Emily’s room doesn’t seem like it’s a 16 year’s old room. Idk if they still live with their mom, if they do then Haley needs to redecorate. Emily also kinda throws her sister under the bus by telling Ben that her sister has told her that she can’t open up to him.

Ben is finally over this whole twin thing, he knows he can’t keep toying them along. From mom’s perspective Emily is the more dominant, bubbly one. Haley needs to let her guard down and then she’s all in.

Ben is sitting in the living room with the twins and their mom and is gonna keep Emily. Haley is gonna stay at home, but she has her mom and sister to get her thru this and not a rose ceremony. Both twins are crying over this and I think there is some twin guilt. So we’re going with the more dominant twin I guess. FINALLY the whole twin storyline is done!

Rose ceremony night!

Jennifer is the first one to grab him at the rose ceremony. Ben is literally asking her the first question “Why do you think you’re single” and Jennifer is able to see our stalker coming up so her answer “I’m about to get interrupted” Ben and Jennifer don’t even hug it out, it’s awkward for all involved.

Olivia tells us again that “I’m not like that.” I don’t know what planet I was on, but I’m not insecure. Ben again tells her to STOP apologizing! She also decides to tell him that she’s falling for him. He looks more uncomfortable than excited by this news. She is also now referring to herself in the third person “Olivia is here for you.” And she’s back to hearing his secret language message to her loud and clear.

JoJo is talking to Olivia and JoJo endears herself even more to me. She asks Olivia what they talked about and Olivia tells her that she said she was falling for Ben. JoJo needs to know what that means. And she can’t believe she already said she’s falling in love with him. JoJo like a normal person said she couldn’t say that after so little time together. She’d want to make sure that he could reciprocate those feelings. Olivia shows us she’s still on her own planet because she tells JoJo her feelings were reciprocated. Though there was no kiss for her & Ben, and barely a hug. Stay strong JoJo, stay strong! She’s INSANE!

Calia again goes in for the kiss and not the conversation. There’s certainly a physical attraction but who knows about the mental connection.

I love how honest Ben is with the girls. He teases Jubilee and says that she looks like she’s scared outta her mind. Ben lists off all the great qualities that she has and he is tryin to get her confidence and tellin her that he’s interested in her. She makes him stop talking by grabbing him and hugging him. They’re in the friends zone for sure.


They are standing on a platform on the water of a swimming pool!!!! I’m now very hopeful that a girl is going to fall backwards off a riser and into the pool!!!!

  1. JoJo – first one-on-one date….I’m growing to like her
  2. Lauren B—group date….I don’t know if I like her as much as Ben does, but she’s #2 to my favorites and if it was anyone but Becca she’d be #1
  3. Becca—my girl! Stay strong! Stick to your faith and morals! We’re all counting on you!
  4. Amanda — mom of 2 lil girls, good for you!
  5. Lauren H —guess the chicken costume paid off for her
  6. Jubilee —Ben told you to stay confident, he needs a friend in this house
  7. Emily — Twin
  8. Calia — definitely a physical attraction, though I think she’s very young
  9. Jennifer — Bennifer 3.0 is still in play! After she got a rose our friend Olivia whispered: Seriously? Seriously Olivia, this happened
  10. Leah — still know nothing about her other than hiking a football thru her dress


11. Olivia —- ugh, we need the drama. She thinks Benjamin is sending her a message by saving the best for last. I think he’s doing it because he has to keep her.

That means going home for the week:

Haley — twin

Rachel — oh my unemployed 23 year old. She’s in tears, but she’ll get thru this. She’s the only one who hadn’t kissed him yet.

Amber — honey you did this to yourself last week with the whole Jubilee thing, we all knew what you did. She broke down in tears, is it because her 15 minutes are over that she’s crying? She didn’t really get to know him, so it can’t be him. She’s crying on a lounge chair that’s by a pool.

Next week: We’re going to Mexico and Olivia is still gonna be insane! Looks like Jubilee is gonna cause more drama….but just when you think you’re being harsh on Olivia, she is evidently going after Amanda because she’s a mom….oh man, oh man, oh man!!! And then Ben calls Olivia and wants to talk to her I think during the rose ceremony.  DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!!!

Oh and if you saw the blooper at the end, if you aren’t believing that Calia takes the cookie game seriously, Becca posted this on Twitter a couple weeks ago!

Alright! I’ll see ya all next week! Until then stay safe and warm!



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