Viva La Mexico!!!

Okay, let’s all settle in before Snowmagedeon takes us over. At least it is going to if you live in Lincoln or Omaha, supposedly. I’m not gonna complain, I got a snow day outta this and no snow has fallen from the sky, I am not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth though. I got Ben the Bachelor on my tv and a snow day tomorrow, life is great my friends, life is great!

We’re in Mexico City, Mexico and we’re all so lucky to be here. Ben reminds us that this is a surreal experience and that believe it or not Mexico City is a great place to fall in love! Thank God they came here, or Ben could’ve been screwed and may have never had a chance to fall in love!!!

There’s also a reminder that we have 11 girls here dating Ben, Olivia loves Ben and they have their secret love language that we just can’t get.

First date card goes to Amanda! “Let’s put all of our eggs in one basket.” Amanda is the mom of the 2 most adorable kids. Olivia is shocked that Amanda got the date card because she’s a mom and why would Ben want that?!?

Oh yeah, it’s 4:19 in the morning! This is the date that starts off obnixiously in the morning and shocks all the girls because the Bachelor sneaks into their room to wake the girl up and see the other girls in their “natural state.”

Unless you’re Britt from last year, then you go to bed in your makeup just in-case this scenario happens and you’re ready for the day! But yet, this is the picture that the world has of you in reference to how you look in the morning.


Ben sneaks into their room and is PUMPED! He has a flashlight, shines it on the bed and says good morning. There is screaming of “OH MY GOD!” and just not a lot of happiness to see him. Ben is looking for Amanda, but yet he hits up EVERY bed before he gets to her. He is LOVING this. The girls not so much.

However, Amanda makes me think she’s kinda like Tenley where I see her as a Disney princess character. She’s basically straight outta the movie Enchanted, she is Amy Adams! She is perky when she wakes up and looks amazing. But yet it’s believable to me. Britt was a liar, but I believe Amanda! Leah gets her impersonation of Amanda spot on!

And poor Lauren H. is how us normal people wake up in the morning. She’s still a little perky, but doesn’t look as if she could just roll outta bed. But God I love it for owning it!ย e93874f33584eeb8ddb11778fb01aec577fbea5c-png-cf

She’s like “Yes, I wear a retainer at night.” You GO LAUREN! Your time on this dating show is maximum 2.5 months, even if you win let’s be realistic, your time with Ben is probably about 12 months, your teeth though are FOREVER! You take a couple months off the retainer and what’s the point in going back?!?

My favorite part though, is he went to her bed first, she popped up to see what in the hell was going on, she saw it was him, became mortified, fell into her pillow, wasn’t thinking straight and tried to take out/hide the retainer, realized she was caught, became even more mortified and realized there was nothing she could do. Ben laughed, but not like “you stupid girl” more like “oh honey” and then admitted he sleeps with a retainer too so she shouldn’t feel embarrassed.

Okay, so Ben and Amanda are onto their date and evidently this year the girls are going with bare shoulders as the look. Wasn’t last year the scarves and a couple years ago it was statement necklaces, but this year it’s let me show my shoulders and back. Luckily they have long hair, but you know the risk that you run if you wear a shirt that shows off your shoulders, you look as if you don’t have a top on. So just keep that in mind ladies, if you’re ever to go on a show like this, or have a picture taken, sometimes it’s okay to have straps!

Okay, so we are absolutely recycling Farmer Chris and Britt’s date. He got her up before the sun and they went in a hot air balloon. Okay, maybe it was just a me thing, but it seemed they were going to go in hot air balloon, my tv broke to commercial and then we’re having lunch. I’m fine with missing it, as I doubt there was much new things to see. Unless Amanda freaked the hell out, as any normal sane person (ahem me!) would be doing if I were in her position. If she freaked out about being in a tiny basket in the sky where it would so easy to either fall out the side and or plummet to your death then I wish we would’ve seen that. If she talked about how she’d never done anything like that and she’s so happy to be with Ben than I’m okay missing it.

Okay, group date time!

  1. Jubilee—our war vet who is struggling with having a boyfriend dating 11 other girls and she’s not as bubbly as the others.
  2. Becca—my girl Becca. The down-to-earth, no drama girl.
  3. JoJo—she’s grown on me. She will kinda just tell him how it is, her and Ben have more chemistry than I gave them credit for. She also rocked the bare shoulders look on her one-on-one where the helicopter tipped over their table of champagne.
  4. Calia—She’s the girl who appears shy, but then will launch herself at Ben the second they’re alone. He referred to her last week as the “sex panther”
  5. Emily—Twin
  6. Lauren B—I like Lauren A LOT. I think her and Ben have a ton of chemistry and she’s the one he seems the most into
  7. Jennifer—Bennifer 3.0, I have no idea
  8. Leah—hiked a football between her legs the first night, she looks like Carly from Farmer Chris/Bachelor in Paradise, and did a good Amanda impression
  9. Olivia—psycho


Which means retainer girl/kindergarten teacher Lauren H. gets the one on one date! She’s pretty excited about the date:

We’re to the night portion of Ben and Amanda’s date. He tells us that he’s attracted to her and her positive outlook and personality. Amanda tells Ben that she was married to the father of her girls when her oldest child was 6 months old and there were red flags from the beginning. Things were never super great. He wasn’t always the nicest to her and he had other priorities rather than her and her girls. He wasn’t mature, he wanted to party and hang out with his friends instead of man up and be a husband and father.

Amanda found an old cell phone of his with text messages from old girlfriends and girls he met on online dating sites. Ben again through this is showing that he ACTUALLY LISTENS and cares about these girls when they’re talking. He’s doing everything right as she’s telling him about her past. He’s not being empathetic, because he obviously doesn’t know exactly what she’s going through, but he’s supporting her. She admits that it was hard for her to give up her marriage and wanted to keep trying.

She also admits that part of her is embarrassed because she never saw herself being a single mom. She wanted to be part of the perfect family. She felt like a failure and is afraid people will think she didn’t take marriage seriously, but she is pointing out that marriage means so much to her and it is special to her.

Ben tells her how much he admires her and she and her daughters deserve to be loved and didn’t deserve to go through that. He appreciates her and her daughters.

I have to say, that if these two were not on a dating show and there were not 11 other girls around, and they just happened to meet on the streets, I think they could actually really make it in real life. I don’t know if Ben is just that dang charming. Or maybe he has chemistry with everyone and everything, but honestly I wish these two weren’t on my screen. I don’t think with the circumstances that they’ll be together, but I think they could actually do it in real life if they didn’t have the pressure that comes from being on a tv show. Amanda has endeared herself to me even more and if possible so has our Bachelor.

Alright, let’s get this group date going! We’re going to learn Spanish. Considering how well School went a couple weeks ago in subjects they should’ve all known, you can imagine how well this went.

At least there’s lots of laughter and grinning at each other…or I guess I spoke too soon! Jubilee is giving him attitude as he is saying his lines in Spanish to her professing his love, she’s pissed because he used those lines on all the other girls. Which then makes everyone else feel uncomfortable, because HELLO REALITY TELEVISION SHOW!!!

Okay, we are done with our Spanish language. We are now turning to Hell’s Kitchen! We’re doing a Cook-off. We have to split up into teams. All the girls are finding partners to be with and Olivia then asks if Ben is going to be on a team and basically screams out DIBS as soon as she can. Jubilee tried to fight for him, but we needed teams of 2 so Olivia wins him.

Lauren B and Jubilee end up together and I’m sure Ben is kicking himself for realizing that he should’ve just forced Jubilee and Olivia to be together and he could’ve just been partners with Lauren, but too late buddy so good luck!

We’re in a market shopping and having to speak in Spanish to find ingredients. Olivia has taken him to the side to get shots. Then since we’ve already talked about her cankles the girls have now moved onto the fact that Olivia’s breath smells and that’s why Ben was insistent that they find and then try mint!

Ben loves to cook and I’m not thinking that most of the girls enjoy cooking. I don’t know how much Ben loves cooking when Jubilee and Olivia are all around him. You can tell that JoJo and Becca are BFFs and have each others back. Jubilee is not having fun and is the rain cloud on a good night.

Ben has to stay in the kitchen to make sure that the girls don’t hurt each other with the knives. Twin is going after Olivia!

We’re again seeing Olivia’s delusional world, where her and Ben speak in their secret language, she is also an AMAZING cook! Her and Ben’s dish is to die for, according to her. According to our brother/sister chef combo it looks like dog good, so you know tomato, tamato!ย Jubilee and Lauren B win the best recipe and their recipe needs to know be in their restaurant.

Thank God that portion is over and we’re onto the night part! We’re all sitting around and have our drinks, poor poor Ben knows he’s going to get interrupted. He’s attempting so hard to get through his toast and he’s talking so fast because he just wants to get it out and isn’t taking a breath, and OLIVIA still stops him! Dang Ben, that was a hell of a valiant effort my friend!

The girls all roll their eyes and aren’t surprised at all. Olivia had an amazing date during the day so she wants to reconnect. Ben has his shy smile on, and they don’t talk a whole lot, or at least we don’t hear much of their convo. They do kiss, but he’s kissing all the other girls too!

Lauren B. gets time to see the city with him, they walk away from the girls. I think he did this on purpose so he can’t get bugged by anyone else. He wants to hang out with her and reassure her how he feels. Much like Emily and Arie did many many moons ago on the Bachelorette.

Jubilee is pissed by how much time Lauren B and Ben have spent together. Jubilee wants Leah to go find them and bug them.

Ben comes back, gets a drink and goes to get Jubilee. Ben tries to grab her hand and she refuses to give her hand to him. He asks how it’s going and she said group dates are hard because she feels overshadowed by Lauren B, Becca and the JoJos of the world. She wonders if he sees her. Ben is getting frustrated because he has been understanding and reassuring and wondering what else he could do.

He tells her that after their one-on-one date he walked away feeling like they had something. However, he can’t be as confident in that now. And Jubilee is now in her shell. He tries to ask her to see his side of things. How is he supposed to feel when he tries and shows her attention and she blows him off? She won’t hold his hand. She won’t acknowledge him or his attention on a group date if he even looks at another girl on the date.

Jubilee won’t fight for him, she refuses to put herself on the line. He asks her if she sees a future for them and she won’t answer, she asks what his thoughts are. I think honestly if she would’ve fought for him, she would’ve stuck around for another week. He doesn’t wanna be the bad guy, but she’s giving him no reason to keep her around. He can’t go 100% here Jubilee, you gotta give him something! She just doesn’t open up to him, she opens up to us though and tells us that her biggest fear came true, she had her heart broken. He tells her goodbye and she’s going in the loser limo.

It is killing Ben to be the bad guy here. You can see the angst all over his face. He has to sit on the stairs with his head in his hands and he even sheds a few tears. He DID NOT want to do this, but again I don’t think Jubilee gave him much of a choice.

Ben comes back to the cocktail party and he’s still upset and trying to be a gentleman and wants to respect Jubilee. He shows his character to me once more by struggling to find the words. He truly does think before he speaks and is taking this so seriously.

COME ON, this guy cannot finish a thought to save his life! JoJo steals him away, but thank God she doesn’t talk about her cankles. She offers him support and encouragement about how he handled the Jubilee situation. She wants to assure him that they are there for him and he’s doing great! He appreciates it, he makes a joke that after this he’s done breaking up with people. He gives her a kiss and you can tell that this conversation has lifted a huge weight off his shoulder.

The group date rose is going to someone he reconnected with, to someone who’d struggled for awhile…..OLIVIA! All the other girls are pissed. There was no excitement or congrats, it was shock and anger from all the other ones.

Okay, we survived the group date drama! We’re onto Lauren H. and Ben’s one-on-one date. Mexico City is known for their fashion and they’re gonna be models. Lauren shows us why she’s a great Kindergartner teacher, she has enthusiasm and excitement over anything and everything. Her and Ben are now models in the show. Lauren cracks me up because she’s a NORMAL girl! What a novel concept! She freaks out over everything that we would. She gets away from the girls, and then oh wait, no you are now competing with runway models for Ben’s attention. Ben again shows us what an awesome guy he is, because he reassures her and gives her that extra boost of confidence. Her goals are to not fall, vomit or make a fool outta herself. She did great! She passed with flying colors!


Date night portion. Ben tells us that Lauren has been in the friend-zone and it’s a slow simmer for their relationship and she needs to catch up to the other girls. He appreciates how honest she is and how she doesn’t hold back. She brings up that she admires how he handled the Jubilee situation. He wants her to be her in-front of him and to be sincere and honest. Lauren tells us that she doesn’t want to be stuck in the friend-zone.

She’s confident in who she is and proud of it. She opens up about her past relationship that she was with him for over 4 years, she moved across the country. He’d been cheating on him with 3 other girls, including one of her close friends. She said it took her a year to get over the relationship, but she made a choice to be happy and to trust a new guy.

That admission has swayed Ben and Lauren has gotten outta the friend-zone for at least a little while. They make out, she gets the rose and we’re all doing great!

Alright, we’re ready for the cocktail party!!!! Ben is wanting the girls to be genuine and that he’s seeing who they truly are!

JoJo grabs Ben first this time instead of waiting until the end. JoJo asks him to be kept in the loop and that she doesn’t want to be blindsided by anything. He promises that she won’t be blindsided by anything, except by how awful their high-five skills are.

They are certainly no Marshall and Lily from How I met your Mother.


Lauren B is now talking to Ben about how she normally doesn’t talk about her feelings, but she is falling for Ben and thinks it’s obvious to anyone who sees them. He is very excited about this news and can’t wipe the grin off his face. She tells him she sees a LIFE, not just getting married but a LIFE! And that freaks her out. He giggles and then decides to save his man card he better just make out with her.

Amanda is talking to the girls. She had a dream that she can’t shake as not reality. She’s telling the girls about the custody arrangement that her ex and her have with the girls and she’s hoping that he’s fulfilling his end of the agreement.

Olivia decides this is a great time to say “I feel like I’m watching an episode of Teen Mom.” Amanda didn’t hear her the first time so she asks for her to repeat her thought. Lauren B has the exact reaction I had on my living room couch.

I’m sorry to say, that comment did in-fact just come out twice. As much as I wanted to rewind time and put duct-tape over Olivia’s mouth, I can’t.

Amanda is pissed. She has to point out that she had kids when she was 22 and 24. Amanda is trying to explain to Olivia how that was not the best thing to say. She said it’s basically as if she said that she reminds her of Snooki from Jersey Shore who was a hot mess the whole time when she was on that show.

Olivia said she learned a lot about herself and is going to try harder. For some reason Twin is PISSED. I have no idea why she is doing this, but she’s burning her bridge with Ben over this, so here we go! She is going to start off in tears and tells Ben that Olivia is a hot mess. The problem Twin made with this, is she decided to have the conversation in the open, where Olivia could over-hear her and go and break it up before it got worse.

Ben is confused because he knows one Olivia and the girls know another one and he wants to get to the bottom of this. He is taking Twin’s word a lot more serious than I thought he would. He thought he knew where Olivia and him were going and now he doesn’t know. Twin is terrified that she’s a bully and she’s going to manipulate Ben and the other girls. ย Twin ends up callin her sister Twin and ranting to her about this. I’m sure rejected Twin really wants to talk about this right now, but she’s being a supportive sister, so more power to her!

Olivia gives Ben a ring! Ben is attempting to talk to Olivia and make her more sane. He talks about hey after you get a rose on a group date, maybe don’t rub it in other girls faces! She said she’s been on a high since she got the group date rose and is feeling amazing.

Ben is drinkin quite a bit here during his convo with Olivia. He’s also trying to get intel outta her. He asks her how it was after she got the rose. Did everyone congratulate her? Did they all de-stress? She’s not listening to a word he’s saying…she’s just blindly nodding and agreeing with whatever comes outta his mouth.

Ben then asks Amanda how things have been going during their one-on-one time. He wants her to be honest with him. She tells him from the first week she’s felt targeted by Olivia.

Jennifer then tells him that there are certain people in the house that don’t click with anyone else and the girls are all confused about his relationship with them.

Ben is confused and doesn’t know how to understand all of this. He doesn’t think he’s seeing the whole picture. Chris Harrison comes in, clinks his glass as the normal sign that the rose ceremony is about to begin. Ben can’t get thru a speech, but that’s because this time he stops himself! He apologizes to Harrison and asks if he can see Olivia for a second. She’s so freakin oblivious, she has no idea that something bad is gonna be happening right now!

All the girls are comparing notes and are thinking that Ben is going to do something for the first time in history and take the rose away from Olivia! If they do, please just throw it away, look at where that poor thing has been most of the night!

And with that, we get the dreaded “TO BE CONTINUED” we don’t get a rose ceremony to end our night, but since it’s not every week, I’ll give them a pass on it this once!

Previews for next week show LOTS of dropped jaws, lots of tears and anger. It could possibly be the most dramatic episode ever!

I cannot wait! Until next week, stay warm and safe my friends!




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