Hoosier Bachelor?!?

I’m sorry I didn’t blog last week, here are my thoughts on last week and last night’s Bachelor 20 episode before I give you my thoughts on tonight’s episode!

  • Leah, Leah, Leah….you committed the cardinal sin in Bachelor world and you had to pay for your sins! You trash-talked the front-runner! And then you LIED about it on camera!!!! HELLO WE ALL HEARD YOU!!!! I cannot wait for the Women Tell All to see her attempt to explain that one. I think we were all shocked when she said that the phony two-faced person in the house was Lauren B. if only she would’ve been smart and gone with Olivia like the rest of the house….well she may have made it to the rose ceremony, but let’s be honest she was gonna go home last week regardless, at least we now know who she was.
  • Calia’s whole confession to Ben about how she’s falling for him but her biggest fear is that she won’t love him….yeah that didn’t make any sense, but Ben awarded her for being a sex panther and being an honest sex panther I guess. She got the rose and is living to see another day, though I think we can all admit that she’s too young and immature for this.
  • Swimming with PIGS!!!! AMAZING!!!! As long as I’m no where near it, I LOVED it! Especially when the pigs were not listening to the girls who had their arms crossed around their bodies. It wasn’t romantic, but it was great television!
  • The awkward/beloved 2 on 1 date! Of course it was gonna be Olivia and Twin. I’m glad they risked their lives in the middle of a hurricane to go on this dreaded 2 on 1. Once Olivia told him that she loved him, I knew her fate was sealed and she was going home. It is always so sad to see the people left alone on the random deserted place that the 2 on 1 date happens and I did feel a tad bad for Olivia, but I’m sure she’s doing great, and you know what she should count her stars it wasn’t as bad as last year’s two on 1!

2 on 1.jpg


Oh and in-case you missed last night’s episode it was a retrospective of the last 20 seasons of the Bachelor, no the Bachelor has not been on for 20 years, at the beginning of the franchise they would do multiple seasons in a year, it has been on for 20 years, which I think is a small but good distinction to make. What is crazy is that is just as if not more popular now than it has ever been! Thoughts on last night’s episode:

  • The couples who just did their video updates know what’s going on in life and are brilliant! Ashley & JP and their cute lil baby Ford. Des & Chris have bought a house! Emily Manard has a baby and is married (not to anyone in the Bachelor world!)
  • Crazy Ashley from Farmer Chris and Bachelor in Paradise is engaged and pregnant, she is 7 months along, and Harrison helped us do the math to figure out she basically got pregnant right after BIP! Erica Rose, who I know best from Bachelor Pad is engaged and pregnant as well. She’s ecstatic because she only dated a guy for 8 weeks before she got pregnant (and you know the Bachelor is 8 weeks long!) and now has a shotgun wedding to look forward to, which she’s always wanted! Ali who was our Bachelorette many moons ago and is now on E or something like that as an entertainment correspondent is also engaged and pregnant! Sean Lowe and his wife Catherine are pregnant.
  • Andi was there and is still single. Nick was there and is single. Farmer Chris is single.  Michelle Money & Clare were there and single and on the prowl!
  • Ashley I and Jared were there and Ashley is still obsessed with him 6 months later, even though he sees her as the girl best friend, she loves him and just wanted to make out with him, but he values their friendship too much. Who knows what kinda hookups actually happened!
  • Kaitlyn and Shawn are still engaged but no date has been set for their wedding, so we’ll see if it happens or not.
  • Oh and the reason we were there was for Jade & Tanner’s wedding. They are such an attractive couple. They seem like they’ve really hit it off. I hope that’s the case. They’ve bought land in KC and are going to build a house on it. I feel like with her being from Nebraska and him from KC that will help, they come from very similar worlds that way.
  • Carly sang them a song she wrote just for them, that you can buy on i-Tunes if you so choose. Matt Nathanson sang a song as everyone processed in and Seal sang “Kissed by a rose” for their first dance.
  • The best part of the episode was the look-backs they did over the last 20 seasons. The clip that is like a bad accident where you can’t look away but still makes me squirm all these years later still goes to Jake & Vienna!




Okay and on that positive note, let’s go ahead and jump into tonight’s episode and Ben and his ladies!

Okay, so we went from the Bahamas to Warsaw, Indiana where Ben is from! Where the sign at the local diner says “No we don’t have Wi-Fi talk to each other!!!” And who are we going to talk to, but Ben & his parents! His mom is so excited to see him that she starts to cry. We’ve got 6 ladies that he’s brought!

  1. Becca—good side that he can’t get enough of, but on the group date saw a side of her that was stand-offish
  2. JoJo—unbelievably beautiful, he’s more himself around her than anyone else (UM HELLO, that’s probably a good sign!!!)
  3. A young lady named Emily—she’s an identical twin and mentions Haley, she grew once Haley left but lots of questions remain
  4. Lauren B.—something about her from the moment he met her that has stood out  to him, is curious how this week will go because last week wasn’t great.
  5. Calia—beautiful, is very scared she won’t be able to fall in love
  6. Amanda—shockingly beautiful, 2 lil girls from a past marriage, an incredible, incredible woman!

Ben tells them that he could be falling in love. Mom is happy she’s happy and has happy tears as she hugs him goodbye. Ben has to leave them to go pick up the women. He takes them around a lake and they’re talking about how family orientated it is, since they play in the leaves. Emily wants them to move back here and she’s gonna start having babies right now. Ben tells the girls the bed and breakfast they’re staying at is right near his parents house, but please don’t go see them because they’re still in love and who knows what they’ll be doing.

There is no date card, Ben tells Lauren on the couch in-front of everyone that she has 30 minutes to get ready and they’re going on their date. Everyone is all disappointed that it’s Lauren B. and not them because she’s getting more validation than the rest of them. They all can see their connection and want to put their guards up.

Ben & Lauren are driving around his town. We see his high school, church and hear about his first kiss in 7th grade. He said that the girl was his “girlfriend.” She’d kissed someone before and he knew it. He was trying to make his move, but then he confessed to the girl “I wanna kiss you but I don’t know how.” The girl laughed at him, and then kissed him. That my friends is why Ben has endeared himself to me, who tells that story on national television?!? It’s so sweet, genuine and real, which most of our past 20 Bachelors have not been! Not including all the douches on the Bachelorette!

We stop at the Baker Youth Club which is where he worked for 4 years and is full of some of the people he loves the most and the people who still work there worked for him. Ben LIGHTS up when he walks into this gym, you can tell how happy he is to be back here. He said that this has formed into the man he is today and he loves to help kids.

What’s great is that Lauren goes off and has fun with the girls and doesn’t need Ben around her. She’s having fun with the kids and isn’t looking over her shoulder to see if Ben is noticing.

Ronnie is their super volunteer and a kid with special needs. He’s someone who you can tell loves being at the Club and the kids and adults all love having him. They say if Ronnie hits a half-court shot then Ben has to kiss Lauren. He of course makes it, and then keeps making half-court shots left and right, they only kiss once but it’s pretty impressive!

The Indiana Pacers walk through the door and the kids are so ecstatic! Paul George who scored the most points in last nights NBA All-Star game walks the kids through some drills. You can tell that Ben fits into this world and isn’t puttin on an act, this is who he is. If it’s an act well shame on him and I’m going to feel really betrayed by this and take it a lil more personally than some of the other Bachelors.

JoJo is going to “Find Love in the Windy City.” She’s relieved, Twin is pissed it’s not her and she should just be glad she made it to this week.

Lauren and Ben are now on their night portion of the date. They’re going to talk about what happened at the Bahamas. Ben said he was concerned about the fact that she may be someone else because he doesn’t see that and his feelings are increasing for her. She brought up a great point that said she doesn’t know how to prove that it’s a false rumor. After seeing her with the kids today he doesn’t believe in Liar Leah at all! He trust Lauren and a huge weight has been lifted off her shoulders, she’s so happy and they need to make out now. And Lauren is back in the front-runner status when she admits to the camera with tears in her eyes that she’s in love with Ben. She hasn’t told him that yet, but it sure seems real!

JoJo is ready for her one-on-one! She’s gonna open up and has her eyes on the prize of Ben! JoJo has never been to Chicago. Ben is a huge Cubs fan (there’s a point against him as a huge Royals fan). They get to walk around Wrigley field and the two of them are just hanging around and with all the history of Wrigley field, I AM SO JEALOUS! I actually got to go to Wrigley field for the first time at the end of September and that was on my bucket list. So I can appreciate their excitement, and am glad they aren’t at Kauffman, or my jealousy would be too much!


Ben and JoJo get their own personalized Cubs jerseys that say “Mr. & Mrs. Higgins.” They get to play baseball and are running around the bases. They’re lying on the field, and I’m sorry I’ve watched way too many games to know what those guys do in the grass, I don’t think I’d want my hair to be on that ground even if it was my happy place. They get to play around in the scoreboard which I believe is original to the field and it is pretty awesome looking! I again am concerned though because he brings up he’s more himself around her than anyone else.

Okay back at the girls hotel we get the group date and it’s Calia, Becca and Amanda. Emily gets her first one-on-one date and she starts to bawl and it’s not pretty tears. Has anyone ever gotten a one-on-one this late in the season?!?!

The night portion of the date is still on Wrigley field, they have a table set up in right field. No candles because it’s windy and you can’t have a fire on the field or you’d be screwed! JoJo reminds me a lot of where Becca was last year, maybe that’s why they’re BFFs. She’s scared and pulling away which makes Ben pull away a little bit too. JoJo is trying to not retreat into herself as much. Ben’s fear is that he’s wondering what level JoJo’s feelings are at. JoJo needs to feel safe and secure before she jumps in completely.

JoJo talks about in her past she’s always loved more than others have loved her. So her and Ben are in the same boat for their past relationships. They’re both afraid that they’re unlovable and are concerned that someone isn’t going to love them back as much as they love them.

They’re gonna jump into this together!!!

GROUP DATE time!!!! We’ve got Calia, Becca and Amanda! There is a rose on this date, whoever gets this rose is going to introduce Ben to their family!

We’re going to go on row boats. Amanda & Becca get in one boat. Ben & Calia are in the boat by themselves. Becca talks about how Ben & Calia are having moments sometimes that are like The Notebook. They then fly kites. We’re not on awkward 2 on 1 level, but we’re getting pretty close to it.

Becca is letting this whole process get to her. She’s comparing herself to others and likes Ben way more than she ever liked Farmer Chris. I think she’s freaking out about others more than she’s focusing on her relationship with Ben and that isn’t gonna be a great sign.

Calia doesn’t have roots like Ben does. She moved 17 times before college, so who even knows what her hometown is. Ben asks her if she thinks she could handle staying in the same town long-term. She talks about how she thinks she’s a moss and can grow around her man. She is adaptable and could move a lot or she could stay in one place. I don’t know if that’s truly the case or not.

Amanda gets the rose and gets to introduce Ben to her daughters. Amanda and Ben get more one on one time and Becca & Calia get to go back to the hotel. Becca breaks down with her producer and is really self-doubting herself.

Becca really opens up by crying with the girls when she’s back at the hotel and then cries again with her producer again. She’s wondering why she’s here and her feelings are hurt. She really breaks down and JoJo consoles her.

I’m not gonna lie, I couldn’t watch Ben & Amanda’s McDonalds Date, it was too commercially for me. Then there’s a street fair/carnival. She wishes her daughters were here to enjoy the carnival.

And Ben wins some more brownie points from me. ABC is making them go on these scary-ass fair rides and he says what I’ve said multiple times. Fair rides are terrifying because they just go up in one day. He didn’t mention the carnies, but that was implied. He begs to not be judged too harshly for screaming. And he screams for dear life on a few of the rides. After one of them, he asks Amanda if she’s still alive. She doesn’t scream at all. She said “Yeah that was alright.” Ben looks like he’s been to hell and back and gives her a look of disbelief and you can tell he wants off the ride this second, where she’d be okay to go another round.

Emily gets to go home to Ben’s house and see where he grew up and then meet his parents. She gets to talk with his mom and she will not stop talking. She’s talking SUPER fast and I’m just begging her to take a deep breath and let Ben’s mom say a single word. She seems hesitant. Emily is just showing how young she is and needs to mature.

Seeing Ben & his mom talk you can tell how mature he is and this is how a conversation should actually go. I LOVE Ben’s mom, she’s asking the tough questions that are getting Ben thinking without pushing too much. She’s just an awesome mom!!! I wanna marry Ben and have his parents be my in-laws, is that too much to ask for?!?!

Ben dumps Emily on the edge of the dock. While all the girls are able to see them from their house. Emily doesn’t see the break-up coming. Ben tries to do it by the whole compliment sandwich and tells her how pretty she is. She holds it together while she’s with him, which is pretty mature. Once she starts talking with the girls comes the ugly tears, and JoJo, Becca & Lauren B join her in the ugly tears. She did end on a good note in the reject limo!

Okay Rose Ceremony time! Ben is on the stairs and is struggling while all the girls are lined up ready for the roses to be handed out. Ben is upset because he doesn’t know what to do. Harrison is playing tough cop and asking Ben if he could see the remaining 5 girls as his wife and he said one girl is not at that point yet.

Those getting roses and getting hometown dates are:

  1. Amanda—she got the group rose date and is the only one safe
  2. Lauren—-obvious front-runner and not a shock
  3. JoJo—-after their date at Wrigley not a shock that she got this date

Final rose!!!

4. Calia—-I think this is a mistake and she’s just as immature as Emily.

My girl Becca is the one to go home and I’m devastated! Harrison seemed sad telling her to say her goodbyes. There are tears all around. Ben grabs her hand and walks her out. She asks him why he did that. He’s apologizing and they’re sitting on a bench. She reminds him that she asked to not be blindsided, just yesterday they talked about it.

His defense is that he didn’t even know a second ago what he was gonna go do. BEN, BEN, BEN!!! DO NOT say that man!!!! That doesn’t make anything better, that may make it worse! He didn’t wanna bring her family into it when he was already feeling uncertain, that didn’t seem fair to anyone. She does agree that she’s glad it’s now and not later. They hug, she gets in the limo. He cries as he watches her drive away. She cries as she goes away in the limo and is way more distraught over this then she was about her break-up with Farmer Chris, she was way more into this.

Here is my first decision I disagree with Ben on. I will say, that yes I love Ben and I think him and Becca would be great if they’d meet just on the street, or even at a Bachelor anniversary party, but I could see how this scenario wouldn’t work for them. I do think they work better though then him and Calia and even him and Amanda. I don’t know if I necessarily see the romantic attraction between them as much as I do with Ben and Lauren or Ben & JoJo.

I’m now fully rooting for JoJo or Lauren. I don’t know which one is my top, but those 2 are the ones I want in the final!

Alright, we got crazy hometowns next week and it looks like it will NOT disappoint! Until then, have a great week everyone!




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