“Ben is Leap-ing into Love with 2 Women!”

Sorry everyone, I was in Las Vegas last week, so I did watch the show but didn’t blog. Don’t worry when we walked by the Aria I looked for our Bachelorettes and they were not there. There was no fireworks shows or anything. My sister did tell me to wave to Twin 1 and Twin 2 when we were taking off.

My thoughts on last week is that it makes sense that Amanda is no longer on the show. While I think he had more chemistry with Amanda than Calia, I just don’t think he was prepared to be an insta-dad to 2 toddlers. He got along with them great, but I think his connection is stronger with JoJo and Lauren and he respected Amanda when he saw her breaking down with her lil girls that he wanted her to go home as soon as possible to be with them.

As for JoJo’s brothers I saw something where one of them was on a failed dating show, where it was on TV for 2 episodes and then had to move to the internet because no one was watching. So I think they were going for their 15 minutes of fame and hoping to get it, which they did, so they win I guess.

I have to say that my favorite tweet this week was from my girl Becca!

This also made me crack up, and makes sense why a normal guy won’t look like the Bachelor does in his clothes!

Alright, we’re in Jamaica which is a great place to fall in love, in-case you were wondering! Ben gives us a rundown of the 3 remaining girls, and I think even in this look-back you can tell that it’s Lauren, JoJo and then way down the line it’s Calia. However, they can’t say that, instead we have to have people looking out the window, the ocean and on a balcony just pondering life. I often do that in my robe with all of America watching. Especially while my man decides to climb up some old bricks in sandals.

Alright we’re done recapping and pondering, we’re going on our first date and not shocking at all, it’s Calia off the bat first! She comes running to Ben in a rain forest and I think she’s considering what she’s wearing as a top, I would barely consider it a bikini top, but I guess that’s why she’s the sex panther and I’m me. They are going down a river on this raft, and there is NO conversation happening. They are JUST talking about the show and this experience, you’d think they could talk about her hometown date, her family, anything. However, she’s telling us that she’s freaking out about the fact that there are 2 other girls here and they could be falling in love with him too. They decide to break the awkward tension by just kissing.

We’re at the night portion of the date and Ben again endears himself to me because he calls out Calia right away and said that she wasn’t acting like herself this afternoon and he wants to know why. The way he approached it has her opening up and telling him all about her insecurities. She then drops the “LOVE” bomb on him. He responds by just making out with her. He doesn’t say anything and Calia has evidently taken over Olivia’s secret language with Ben because she said that he doesn’t have to say anything, she knows exactly how he feels.

I thought Ben’s khakis were tight, then I saw his lil swimtrunks.


ABC is making sure we get all the innuendos possible by shooting off fireworks while they’re in the ocean and then when they’re in their fantasy suite on the bed. Where they’re ignoring the fireworks and are just making out, I think we know what happened there.

Okay, so this is odd from years past, when we come back from commercial we see Ben and Calia “waking up” let’s be honest there’s no way in hell that’s what they actually looked like when they woke up. Well at least that’s not what Calia looked like, where’s Lauren H and her retainer and real life when you need it?!?

Okay, Calia is happy and is going to look out the window onto her balcony now and keep having conversations in her (and Olivia’s) secret love language with Ben.

While she’s doing that, Ben is going to go on his date with Lauren B. Who decides that she’ll wear a top that’s longer than Calia’s were but her shorts are shorter than most people’s underwear. I really need her to not turn around, because her bottom has to be hanging out of them and I’m terrified of what’s gonna happen if she has to sit down. I guess she may as well flaunt what she has when the end is this close in sight.

Ben and Lauren are on a boat and their boat ride is completely different than the boat ride with Calia. The two of them are constantly giggling and talking to one another. We can’t hear what they’re saying so I can’t promise it’s substantial but at least it’s not awkward silence. They are going to be releasing tiny sea turtles into the sea. Lauren is LOVING it and it seems as if it’s totally genuine.

Ben shows his sense of humor again and had me legit Laugh Out Loud on my couch when he said that this date is full of cuteness. He has Lauren, he has sea turtles and Mel (the old guy who’s the guide) is good-looking! And then my heart melts when Ben and Lauren are about to let the turtles out of the bucket he says a prayer of thanksgiving, they both end in AMEN and Ben yelling out “Go get’em boys and girls!”

Ben talks to Lauren about her hometown and how much he loved her family. He talks about his talk with Lauren’s sister, where when they were talking and the sister talked about how awesome Lauren is and she could have any guy, what made him special. While Ben answered he started crying. He admits this to Lauren and you can tell he’s super mature because he’s not embarrassed about it, he says it was real because he thought about what the sister said and he believed her.

Ugh, Ben then tells Lauren that she’s too good for him and it’s hard for him to wrap his head around. You can see the shock in her face when he admits that. She tells him she feels the same way and that he is too good for her.

Wow Ben and Lauren have a night portion to their date where there’s live Jamaican music, this date is really killing Calia’s date so far.

I feel you can tell that Ben is trying really hard to get her to open up and it’s taking everything in him not to open up to her. He finally irrates her enough when he tells her that she should open up and voice her questions and concerns and tell him what he’s doing wrong. She finally gets so frustrated she stops thinking and just talks from her heart and tells him that he’s the man of her dreams and if it were any other guy she wouldn’t have stayed this long. She wants a lasting relationship with him.

When in the fantasy suite she said she’s excited to be just with him. She finally gets enough nerve but is freaking out while she’s doing it, but finally spits out “I am completely in love with you.” He smiles a little bit and seems emotional, but let’s her keep talking. He takes a deep breath, and then BREAKS ALL THE RULES and tells her that he loves her ON CAMERA!!!!!!! I knew this was coming, but it’s still shocking! They fall back on the couch cushions and are just freakin adorable because they both are giggling, smiling and telling one another they love each other over and over again.

Ben serves Lauren breakfast in bed, they promise they will no longer hold back and won’t filter what they’re feeling and thinking. They take their coffee by the pool and hope there are more mornings like the one they had. He tells her he loves her again. Lauren is taking a note from Grey’s Anatomy and says that Ben “is her person.”

Okay, date #3! JoJo and Ben’s turn! JoJo has decided to wear Lauren’s shorts and a real top, but she cut out the middle of it, so the girls could certainly be coming out to play anytime. COME ON LADIES!!! YOU’RE ON NATIONAL TELEVISION! WARDROBE MALFUNCTIONS HAPPEN!!!

Okay, JoJo and Ben don’t go on a boat ride, but they do end up by waterfalls. They strip down so they can take a leap of faith and go into the water, I don’t know if we’ve had any leaps of faith yet this season, this is at least the most memorable one to me. She’s scared, as she should be in her teeny tiny bikini, but she jumps and stays under water long enough to make any adjustments she needs to, so we’re all good!

They then sit on the edge of a rock with a waterfall behind them. Which is pretty….however they’re still in their swimsuits. So if we have the angle behind them we see where we’re lucky that these swimsuits are tailored for Ben so we don’t see any cracks as we should actually be seeing. Instead, we’re staring at their backsides, and I really just want to fix the string on JoJo’s top.

Luckily we go and sit on a bench where we have better angles but can still hear the water. JoJo doesn’t wait as long as Lauren did. She tells Ben that when she thinks of the future there’s not a doubt in her mind that she wants to spend it with him. She’s scared he doesn’t feel the same way. However, she does! She isn’t just falling anymore. She does Love him and doesn’t wanna think about losing him. She’s still a lil emotional after her declaration and the first words out of Ben’s mouth are “JoJo I love you too.”  And her reactions is my reaction, even though I was prepped by the previews!

I think I’m shocked because he sounds so genuine when he says it, that I believe him! She cries, and then puts her hand up to kinda whisper ask him if he’s allowed to say that. The background music is swelling and there’s a freakin beautiful waterfall in the background, so I can’t be positive but I think he says “I’m not.” and then pulls her in for a kiss.

How do you not believe this face?!?!?!?!?!?

I for sure thought it was Lauren, and still do think she’ll be it in the end, but dang it if he doesn’t have me believing that he loves JoJo too. And dangit I like both girls A LOT! He gets to be goofy and silly with JoJo. He can show her his nerdy side. Whereas with Lauren he’s physically attracted to her and I think she gets his more serious side. JoJo is the girl he’d end up with in real/normal life, Lauren’s the type of girl he probably always wanted to end up with and he could only end up with her on a tv show.

JoJo and Ben talk about her hometown and her brothers. She tells him that she thinks they were just being overprotective and don’t want her to come home heartbroken and she thinks if they see how happy they are together, her brothers will jump on board.

I have to say their morning when they’re waking up they seem way more comfortable and at ease with one another compared to the other girls. It seems as if they’ve known each other for years.

So Ben is talking about being in love with 2 different girls. But HEY guess what we still have a third girl here, we have Calia! If only she’d have had the 3rd overnight date instead of the first one she wouldn’t have had to say I love you to him! He’s not looking forward to the rose ceremony.

Oh, but guess what Calia is going to go and surprise him! She’s doing that by wearing another “shirt” bikini top. She’s still talkin about her secret love language. She misses him and wants to sneak in a few more kisses. She is giggling and happy and has NO idea what’s about to go down. My stomach hurts for her!!! BTW she’d be the worst person in the world to play hide and seek with because she giggles so much. She was able to sneak up on Ben because she ran once she finally spotted him.

The worst part about this, is she comes up behind him, covers his eyes and kisses him. Honey, he’s dating 3 girls right now, all with long hair that’d get in his face, so you’re not separating yourself. He does a good job of censoring himself with a “what the heck”

He was completely taken off guard by her and I think he was attempting to get permission from a producer to let her go now. He sits her down on some steps, and as he’s talking she realizes that somethings off with him. She’s not as smiley and giggly as she was seconds ago. He admits that he’s had an up and down week. He tells her that he’s in love with 2 women here and he couldn’t say it back to her….that has to sting because at least if he’d said he was in love with one other girl you could lie to yourself and say you had a chance, but now you know you were truly in 3rd place, if not lower.

I find it interesting that he admits that before the show if he had to describe his perfect wife it would be Calia. However, there’s just not feelings there. She’s shutting down and isn’t as graceful as Amanda was in her exit. She calls him out for saying a line and she obviously doesn’t wanna get hurt anymore so her walls are going up. Ben says that he’s going to miss her and she gets mad at him and says he doesn’t need to say that. He agrees he doesn’t need to say it, but it’s true. He asks to walk her out, she says okay, but you can tell that’s the last thing she wants. They do hug it out, she starts to bawl, he feels bad but I don’t think he’s as heartbroken about this goodbye as he was about Amanda’s.

She’s in the limo, he’s walking away, I thought we were going in for the interview with the tears, but she jumps out at the last second and says “Wait!” She slams the car door shut and we’re getting pissed off Calia….yeah definitely not as graceful as Amanda. We’re gonna make sure I feel as uncomfortable as possible while attempting to hide in my living room, AWESOME!

She demands to know if he knew this week. Ben sensing this isn’t gonna be easy and she’s going in for a fight, has his defense up just a lil bit more than he usually does. Then she turns down the hostility, he becomes super sweet Ben again and wins me over yet again with how open and honest he is. These girls are lucky he’s their Bachelor, they shouldn’t be crying over “what could’ve been” or “what i could’ve done different” he’s not leaving them with much to regret.

He tells her that before this week she’d been the most open and honest with her feelings. He was so conflicted with his feelings during hometowns and was worried this whole thing wasn’t going to work. However, once Lauren & JoJo shared their feelings his feelings became more clear (as they did when she shared her feelings, but Ben’s too much of a gentleman to really say that!)

Calia just can’t get herself to leave. She keeps hashing over things and Ben is being patient with her and letting her voice every thought and concern she has. She finally gets in the car, buckles up and sobs as she goes away. Calia wants to know why she hasn’t found love yet, and I want to tell her it’s because she’s 23 years old. She still has time and needs to really show us the true sides of her. I just get a bit of Britt feeling from her, where I wonder if she’s using this as an audition to be the next Bachelorette, I think she’s too young and doesn’t know who she is yet, so I hope she’s not.

New day and Calia is in the backseat of this journey. We get Harrison to walk JoJo to the rose ceremony. Her girls are on full display. Lauren comes in and while she doesn’t have quite as much to show as JoJo she could also have a wardrobe malfunction. Harrison is coy as ever and asks both girls how their weeks have gone (separately!) Both girls grin and tell him it was great. They each admit to telling Ben they loved him, and then each tell Harrison that he said it back. I LOVE this look he gave after Lauren tells him, since JoJo had just said the same thing. He obviously knew that Ben had said this, but it’s like “you sly dog you!” and also “honey, if you knew what he told JoJo you wouldn’t be smiling quite as big!”

I feel like rules are getting broken ALL over the place! I didn’t think the girls were supposed to talk to each other when we got to the final 3 and I don’t think they are, but JoJo can’t keep it in. She bursts and tells Lauren that she can’t believe there’s only 2 roses now! JoJo wins more points with me because she’s freaking out, much like I would and just keeps talking about how anxious it is, and Lauren is cool, calm and collected. Then they wonder when Calia is coming. Here comes Ben and this has to be the most awkward conversation in the world for him to see both these girls that he loves in-front of them. How does he make eye contact with either of them?!?!

He gives out the first rose to JoJo. She accepts the rose, they hug like they have since the first night. Then Lauren goes and gets her rose and hugs him the same way. Now the 3 of them have the most awkward group hug ever! They cheers with champagne and I’m sure he just wants to chug this and be done as soon as possible!

Ben doesn’t know how he can be in love with 2 women and then propose to one! Well we have 2 weeks to figure that out. First we have the Women Tell All next week!!! Let’s see which of these women take this as an audition to join Bachelor in Paradise!

Until next week friends,



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