Ben’s Women Tell All!!!!

Settle in folks, it’s time for the most dramatic episode of the season! The women get super catty and the claws are out because this is their audition for the Bachelor in Paradise.

I’m not gonna lie I fast-forwarded thru Harrison and Ben crashing the watch parties. I know they aren’t walking into my watch party, so I don’t really care…..

Okay, we’re introducing the ladies, let’s see who’s here:

  1. Lace—-crazy girl who got drunk and referred to herself in 3rd person.
  2. Tiara—chicken enthusiast. Honey, these producers have you wrapped around their fingers, she was normal on her one night in the mansion, but she’s embracing her weird role and REALLY wants on BIP, because Shelia her chicken is with her.
  3. Amber—girl loves her 15 mins of fame and this is her 3rd show of the franchise
  4. Jami—-oh good i constantly got Amber & Jami mixed up so great idea to have them sitting next to one another
  5. Izzy—no freakin clue
  6. Rachel—she’s the hoverboard girl who was unemployed and really cute
  7. Jubilee—girl had lots of drama in her life and needs to not be on a reality tv show
  8. Jennifer—Bennifer 3.0
  9. Sushanna—she looks so different, I didn’t recognize her. She’s the one I wondered if she spoke English most of the time.
  10. Lauren H.—kindergarten teacher, sleeps with a retainer and walked a runway
  11. Olivia—-CRAZY
  12. Leah—made it way further than she should’ve and thru Lauren B. under the bus!
  13. Becca—-my girl (also got biggest ovation of all of them, Amanda seemed to be a close second.)
  14. Haley—-Twin
  15. Emily—-Twin
  16. Amanda—-single mom of the 2 cutest lil girls
  17. Calia—the one who didn’t get an I love you last week

Alright, 17 girls, that’s crazy! Here we go!!!

The way we need to stir the pot is by showing highlights of the season to get girls pissed off though they’ve all seen this before, let’s get some drama started! Jubilee is getting slammed in the highlights, we show Leah literally lie on camera again to all the girls when she said that Lauren B. is two-faced and then Becca point blank asks her if she said anything and she denies, denies, denies! Then Olivia and her open/big mouth are back! The Teen Mom comment is shown and Olivia in the small box that shows their reactions has the decency to cringe.

Wow, Bennifer is the first to comment and throw Olivia under the bus. This is for sure the most she’s ever talked on camera and I was not expecting it at all.

They introduce Leah and the crowd boos her. She’s trying to justify why she threw Lauren B. under the bus. She makes a story up about how Lauren B. said the girls who didn’t get a one-on-one date are losers for feeling upset. And now Jami and her boobs are talking…or maybe it’s just Jami’s boobs, because dear Lord it certainly is Ladies night!

Leah doesn’t enjoy Jami trying to rain on her parade and calls her out for being sent home early. And Leah doesn’t think the girls in the backrow should have an opinion of her and the girls who were still there when she was shouldn’t have publicly talked about her. HONEY you’re on a REALITY TELEVISION SHOW!!!! Becca is upset that Leah lied straight to her face and Leah’s response is awesome:

Damn, Jubilee’s makeup looks AWESOME! She is getting attacked, but she is very eloquent in her response….and I’m on team Jubilee….until Jami opens her mouth again and said that Jubilee was going around saying that she was going to make it the furthest a black girl had ever made it….though her and Amber are also black, they’re just of mixed heritages. Jubilee is taking Leah’s advice and denying denying denying!

They get into more arguments about this…Jami and Amber take offense to not being a “full black girl.” Maybe Jubilee tells them to get over it and this reaction happens:

You can see a slight appearance of the girls, but trust me this is modest compared to what we’ve been seeing on screen. Jubilee apologizes to Amber and Jami and they accept it.

We then get Jubilee on the hot seat and see their relationship unfolding. You can see how Ben was into her and then you can literally see Jubilee’s walls go up and Ben’s frustration growing.

Jubilee is very emotional in the hot seat. As she’s talking you can tell that some of the girls really feel for her. She talks about how it’s hard to admit that she was in an orphanage and her whole family is gone. It’s not saying that and then saying “hey you wanna make out?” She admits that this situation brought out her insecurities and jealousy (HELLO HOW COULD IT NOT?!?!) It also helped her realize that her over-analyzing can be self-destructive and she’s not going to allow that to happen anymore.

I’m impressed with how in-tune Jubilee is with herself. I feel like this statement was very poignant and an important distinction between what Ben feels he’s like.

I think she will find a guy. I think her and Ben could be friends. I think out of this fishbowl they could rekindle their friendship. They got each other. Jubilee is still in the military and she just got promoted to Sergeant! I think Jubs will be okay!

Alright next on the hot seat is Lace! She appears nervous. We get to relive her crazy moments! She manages to laugh at herself as she’s watching her highlight reel. She mentions that it wasn’t the real version of her. This show was the wakeup call that she needed and she needed to change. She needed to love herself. She does seem as if she’s learned a lot. She saw the expressions that she made and is aware of them, she’s not saying the word crazy and she isn’t interrupting people as much. Lace, did you read my blog?!?! You’ve done everything I asked of you, now please please please do not show up on Bachelor in Paradise and ruin all this hard work! Then they had a fake guy come up on stage because he had a “tattoo” of Lace and wanted a picture. They sit down and then Harrison gets to Lace before she can read my blog and asks her to join him in Paradise this summer and she agreed………SO CLOSE LACE! SO CLOSE!!!!

Okay, now we’re onto the feature presentation of the night! Olivia in the hot seat!!! I actually LOVE her haircut, it’s super super cute on her. Looking back on her throughout the season, it’s crazy to see how much he actually was into her at the beginning. She actually from appearance wise was the front-runner. Until she let the drama with the girls get to her and she let her crazy flag show. We see her sad getting dumped and left alone on the island.

Olivia said she’s very sorry for the Teen Mom comment to Amanda. However, she doesn’t feel bad about the other comments because she didn’t realize how much she was being said about her behind her back. She’s furious no one came and told her they had a problem with her. She thinks the girls were being rude to her. Amanda points out that she said rude things about her and that a guy should go running the other way when Amanda and her kids come around.

Now Twin 1 & Twin 2 are riled up and talking about how Olivia bullied them from the first night and called them sluts. And Olivia it’s not lookin good when Leah’s the only one your side pointing out that the Twins also bullied you, but they said that’s not the point. Twins basically have this look on their face anytime Olivia opens her mouth (you’ll also see Jami in the background):

Bennifer 3.0 is also upset at Olivia and tells her to get off her high horse and realize that the girls like to read books and talk smart things. Olivia realizes that she didn’t articulate her thoughts the best. Basically it’s the twins talking in unison and fighting with Olivia.

Olivia talks about how she was bullied very badly in her childhood which does make me very sad for her. Lauren H. has tears in her eyes as Olivia is saying this and you can tell she’s feeling for her. To be honest, she is getting ganged up on not only by quite a few loud girls here in the studio, but also by America. I can appreciate the fact that she admits she made a mistake, she didn’t think before she spoke, but I don’t think she did anything too offensive that I can remember. I think she fell for a relationship with a producer who got her to say and do things she didn’t want to and not she’s getting crucified. She is this season’s villain, but is nothing like the Courtney Robertson’s, Vienna, hell even Kelsey last year. She seems contrite and though I didn’t love her on the show I can appreciate her a little more now. Especially knowing if she were bullied as  a child this has to suck to happen again as an adult.

Olivia, I will completely forget you as a villain if you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not go on Bachelor in Paradise!!!!!!!!!!

She breaks down about getting cyber bullied….and it breaks my heart. Someone please please please go and give her a hug! She’s not an evil person. She had good intentions, she just needs someone to be there for her!

Calia is next….ABC really wants me to fall in love with her. I think they really want her to be the Bachelorette, but she’s so young, immature and boring to be honest. She broke up with her boyfriend because she saw Ben on the Bachelorette! That is not a girl who’s ready to get married. She reminds me so much of Britt from Farmer Chris’ season. She seems to be putting on an act for the camera in what she thinks we want to see so she can be cast as the Bachelorette.

This is the first time we’re not seeing her all smiley. She’s just watched her break-up for the first time on camera, which has to suck. She talks about how hard it was for her to put herself out there. She seems to be hurt still….I don’t know if it’s her ego that’s hurt, but I don’t think she’s in the right mindset to be the Bachelorette yet. She wants to find love but she really wanted it to be him.

Alright that’s all we get for the hotseat! We’re bringing Ben out. No Amanda, which surprises me. I’m not that surprised Becca isn’t up there. The most popular Bachelor in History is now in the Hot seat! Ben Higgins!

Ben again shows how articulate he is….that is why he has to be the most popular Bachelor. Calia wants to know if their relationship stalled because she was confused about if she could love him or not. He again very eloquently reminds her that their relationship didn’t stall there, in-fact it didn’t stall. They continued down there path until there wasn’t a path to continue down anymore and it wasn’t anything she did or didn’t do.

Leah now goes and attacks him….I don’t know why she’s doing this! To fully enjoy the awkwardness and me begging her to shut up, you just gotta watch this clip.

Jubilee then talks to Ben. She points out that yes she did back down and shut down. And when she was leaving, Ben had told her that his future wife will have to communicate how she feels. Jubilee points out that when Calia had her confusing conversation with him where she said she loved him, but was afraid she couldn’t love him, he thought that was very attractive. And then with JoJo being scared and not really opening up right away. How can he let it slide with them and not her. He does a good job of compartmentalizing his relationships again and tells her that he just needed her to admit that she was scared to open up, but she refused to even do that with him. Jubilee wants him to have just told her it’s not her it’s him and he just wasn’t that into her. They did have this exchange which made me laugh because of how cute/uncomfortable Ben is:

Ben yet again wins me over when he stops his own thought to pull back and compliment the girls again. He wants to reiterate that they are AMAZING women and he’s the luckiest guy. He doesn’t want any of them to be blaming themselves for why this didn’t work out. There’s no blame to be had. It’s equally his fault as much as it is for the girls.

Amanda has nothing but love for him. You can tell they’re both mature about it. They were in a relationship for 6 weeks, it didn’t work out and they’ve both moved on. She appreciates that he was hurt when she left, it showed the feelings weren’t just one sided. She joked that all the women in America died seeing him chasing her girls around on the beach in his custom board shorts. She wishes him all the love and happiness as he deserves it.

Harrison calls on Becca and like she’s been saying on Twitter, she still thinks he’s an amazing guy. You can tell he appreciates her too. He knows he doesn’t have to worry about what’s gonna come outta her mouth. She tells the world about a convo her and JoJo had in a random city where they were talkin about how scary it is to have these feelings, but also how reassuring it is to know that there are guys out there like Ben. It gives her hope!

Lauren H. then chimes in that all these girls are willing to be the sacrificial lamb for his relationship as long as that relationship works out, so he can’t mess it up!

He tells us he won’t mess it up. He’s more in love then he’s ever been and would marry his woman tomorrow if he could. Harrison asks what he’d do if he holds him to that….Harrison is an ordained minister, are we finally gonna get our wedding on the After the Final Rose?!?!?

Harrison makes Ben tell the twins apart. Ben freaks out about it….it’s been since October since he’s seen the girls and this was taped 2 weeks ago I believe, so yeah I don’t blame him for being hesitant about identifying them. Hell, he probably doesn’t recognize half those girls as girls he even dated!

My favorite Twitter exchange about the Bloopers happened between Becca & Ben tonight. Becca was talking to Calia and accidentally said Chris instead of Ben. In the reaction box Becca started laughing and blushing, and then they cut to Ben who was laughing and looked over at her and went REALLY!?!?!

Harrison has Ben leave the stage by talking about how even though he doesn’t want to be remembered as someone who did the Bachelor right, I think that’s exactly how he’ll be remembered. Here we are a week away and I’ve respected him throughout the whole season.

We have the finale next week, and I gotta say I think Lauren’s the winner and I hope that means that JoJo will be our Bachelorette because she would be very entertaining!

I’m excited to see how this all plays out next week, as it seems it will be the most dramatic finale in Bachelor history! One week left people we can do it!!!!

Until next week,






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