It’s BEN a perfect season!!!

Well friends, it’s a bittersweet time for us! We’ve made it to the end of yet another season of the Bachelor. I have to agree with the masses and say that this honestly was one of if not the best season of the Bachelor we’ve had. I have to say Ben Higgins is doing something right if he has me still swooning after him while watching the finale!

I do think that he honestly did love both of these women. JoJo and Lauren are both great girls, and are not so different that you had a hard time finding out what Ben liked about each of the girls. I think he was very genuine and real with his emotions and was so honest. It was something I really admired in him, that’s a hard trait to find in real life let alone a reality show!

He seemed conflicted at the end, but I think that’s because him and JoJo had such a strong friendship foundation. JoJo did care for Ben and checked on him and always made sure he was doing well. They were able to joke around. They could truly be themselves around one another. How could you not fall in love with someone like that?

Can I just take this moment right here to tell you HOW EXCITED I am that JoJo will be our Bachelorette! I was dreading the news that it was gonna be Calia. However, it’s JoJo and the world is happy! JoJo will be real, tell it like it is and bring us fun I believe. She handled herself with grace all season, especially tonight after she poured her heart out to Ben and he told her he loved her “BUT” which you know it never ends well after you hear that word. You could tell she was upset, but she didn’t ever get angry. She cried, but it was all justified. She’d been dumped on national tv but handled it with as much grace as you could hope!

When they brought her out on the After the Final Rose you could tell there was no awkwardness or tension between her and Ben. There was respect. Which has then made me respect her more. I’m hoping she’ll find love, like Ben found love with Lauren!

Ultimately, there was just that SPARK with Lauren and Ben. You could honestly see it from the moment they met and had their first conversation. Lauren B. was the first girl that we met in her intro package this year, she was the first outta the limo, those are HUGE clues.  The first real thing I said about them in my blog and their first conversation on the stairs was:

“Lauren B and Ben are talking and they just seem natural. He’s trying to woo her and she’s complimenting him, but not gushing over him. She’s teasing him. They look like a couple you’d actually see out in public. There is giggling and lots of grinning at each other.”

The second episode Lauren was one of the unfortunate ones who didn’t get a date but Ben still made sure she felt special. I could see the spark there too when I said:

“Ben had a picture developed of him and Lauren B from the first night. He is giving it to her to show that he is thinking of her even though she didn’t go on a date this week. Lauren B. is our flight attendant. They seem like they are actually having a genuine conversation and again I get the impression from the two of them much like the first night, that this is very natural. The way they interact is how you see people interact in real life. Or at least how people who are interested in dating one another and are working on something more serious interact. It’s not just a casual hookup. It’s both of them putting themselves out there just a little bit and both feeling somewhat insecure. He wants her to feel special and that she’s important to him.”

First date, episode 3:

“They make out but they also seem to talk a little bit. He really seems smitten with her already, even though it’s just the first date. Lauren seems very real and genuine though. When you watch them, they actually seem like someone you’d see at a restaurant hanging out.”

These are just snipits to see how the beginning of their relationship you could totally sense the chemistry that was between them. I’m not going to pretend I got the whole season right, because I didn’t. All my predictions, none of my “favorites” made it anywhere near the top 5. I was spot-on with one of my crazies being Lace, so I win there. But the spark between Ben & Lauren was noticeable even to someone as blind as me!

I am truly happy for Ben & Lauren. I honestly think these two crazy kids may make it! As a result of Ben being the most articulate Bachelor we have, they have a solid foundation. He fessed up to telling JoJo he loved her to Lauren right away in Jamaica. They have supported one another and truly enjoy spending time near each other, which let’s be honest is saying something after some of the couples we’ve seen.

Thank God they didn’t get married on the After the Final Rose ceremony like they kept teasing us to believe. They haven’t set a date other than “Soon” and maybe I’m just that gullible, but I believe it. He did re-propose to her in-front of his family, her family, his pastor, Chris Harrison and the whole studio audience. He gave us one last swoon for the road!

This adorable, dorky, genuine moment is the reason why I loved Ben Higgins as our Bachelor and am sad we won’t have him again. What a great moment to leave us with, and May 23 will be here before we know it. Until then, feel free to watch this clip a couple hundred times and I’ll see you in May 🙂



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