Predictions on JoJo’s season

Okay, we’re less than an hour until show time, so I’ve kinda failed at this, but just for proof when I later said this is who I liked, thought was crazy and is a dark-horse I have proof 🙂




He’s 29, has a great sense of humor, would like to hang with Ben Franklin, and is attractive but doesn’t seem too manicured. Plus the eyes……please be normal and stick around my television for a little while!




I know, he’s a radio DJ. And is way more adventurous than I will ever be, but gosh dang if that smile doesn’t get to you, I don’t know what will! I’m hoping he makes it far and we can hear of his African Safari and fun trips!



He looks so innocent and excited. He has no idea, what’s about to go down and ruin his innocence. He looks like he’s gonna be Mr. Popular and have lots of friends. I predict he will be making an appearance on Bachelor in Paradise this summer.




He’s obviously insane. He wants me to hate him. He’s a male model and refers to his body as a Lamborghini. Why put tattoos on his body, you don’t put stickers on a a lambo? Of course I wanna wear a bathing suit and show off the lambo….please let JoJo see thru him. He’ll be on for like 2 episodes, so I have enough time to hate him, then he better be gone!



He uses Matthew McChagney’s phrase “alright, alright, alright” 3 times in maybe 7 questions. I expect him to get uber drunk on the first night and use this phrase over and over again. Somebody please tell him, he’s not Matthew.



Just read his job, look at his whole profile. He is the ratings man, the one who sold his image to the producers for 15 minutes of fame.



James F.

Yes, he’s wearing flannel, which is probably why I like him. His favorite books are books I’ve never heard of, so he’s not cliche and he’s smarter than me. I have a feeling he’s going under the radar, so hopefully he makes it past the first 2 cuts then he could be in it for the long haul!


Okay, those are my predictions, and in 3 hours they will probably all be mute and I’ll come up with new predictions in a couple weeks after we’ve had some time to make proper judgments and all the rif-raft is gone 🙂






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