Chad’s Insane Downfall!

Here we are, night 2 of the Bachelorette extravaganza! I gotta say last night was intense with the drama and I have no doubt tonight, will be even moreso.

Alright, we start off with Chad taking the place in-front of the couches that is normally reserved for the lead or Chris Harrison, or those reading a date card. Chad comes in and tells the guys he think they are cool and doesn’t have issues with them.

I can’t lie I keep staring at the ridiculous necklaces that they’re wearing. We know from Bachelor in Paradise that the necklaces are their mics, but dang they are cheesy looking!

Chad is not gonna be violent as long as Evan doesn’t try and fight him. James Taylor defuses the situation by saying they will give him space, if he gives them space.

JoJo is here for the pool party!!!! Everyone’s having fun. James F. is jumpin into the pool in a full-on suit. We’ve got shots flowing. Guys in the hot tub, chicken fights happening. Sychronized swimming with diving into the pool. They all surface and JoJo notices Evan’s nose is bleeding. All the guys blame Chad jokingly, but it wasn’t him.

We’ve got the happy music playing, and JoJo and Jordan have found one another. She jumps into his arms, wraps herself around him like a small child, kisses him and they decide to cuddle on a bench in their swimsuits, like most people. They are still certainly physically attracted to one another, they can’t keep their hands off each other. JoJo is nervous around him and is being insecure, which just proves Jordan is the front-runner.

Chad and JoJo are meeting and JoJo says things seem to be better between him and the house. Chad lies to her and says that things were never bad….the scary thing is I think he honestly believes that. He said that things are only bad when she’s around, because that’s exactly what every girl loves to hear! She tells him that she didn’t appreciate how he acted on the group date.

JoJo asks how things are going in the house with Derek. He tells her that he switched bedrooms and didn’t feel at ease with Chad in the house. He tells her that there is a security guard around the house now. I don’t know if Chad can actually hear what they’re talking about, or if they’re just editing it to make it appear as if he’s lurking, but watch out Derek!!! Okay, well Chad did hear what Derek said because he brought it up to Derek, and James Taylor looks as if he’s ready to defend him.

JoJo and Harrison leave us and remind us next time we see them it will be for a rose ceremony and they leave. Chad is mopin by himself and JoJo notices he’s missing.

Once they leave, we have Chad come up to Derek and pull him aside. They go by the front door. Chad has weird nervous energy. All the guys are in the living room, ready to help back Derek up. Chad starts the convo by saying “I don’t know what guy like me stole your girlfriend but it wasn’t me, so stop bringing me up.” Come on Chad, get over yourself buddy! Derek seems nervous as he’s talking to him, but is holding his own….he doesn’t seem like a guy who gets into a lot of confrontation, and as someone who is the same way, I’m holding my breath and cheering him on. I’m hoping he doesn’t get to the I’m so flustered I’m gonna cry stage that I will get to, but so far he’s doing great! He’s calling Chad out for wanting camera time and saying none of this has been about Chad & JoJo, it’s about Chad and the camera.

Chad tries to turn it back on him and say that Derek walked in saying that he loved JoJo. Derek argues he’s never said that. Chad goes for the approach of saying “you said she’s the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen.” Derek sees that as an opening to spin that positively and says he did say that and stands by it. Derek makes it clear that if JoJo asks him a question, he’s going to answer it and if she asks about this convo, he will tell her about it….what not lying or keeping secrets from someone you’re dating, what a novel concept!

I think we’re finally ready for the rose ceremony! We get to see all the guys primping and priming and it cracks me up to see them doing their hair and all in the mirror, obviously that happens, but seeing 3 guys squeezed in-front of a mirror is just funny to me.

Okay here we go for the rose ceremony!

  1. Evan—got group date rose
  2. James Taylor—had the last one-on-one date and got the rose
  3. Chase—man his hot yoga date seems like forever ago!
  4. Grant—firefighter, went with suspenders, white button-down, no jacket, I liked the look, not gonna lie ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Derek—Jim Halpert look alike
  6. Jordan—front runner, Aaron Rodgers lil brother
  7. Luke—Mr. Serious, rode in on the unicorn, no date this week
  8. Robby—guy who drank outta the bottle, he’s got to have done more, but I don’t know what ๐Ÿ™‚ He didn’t have a date this week, so maybe next time!
  9. Wells—my radio DJ, who almost died on firefighter date, I LOVE Wells!
  10. James F—jumped into pool in his suit
  11. Vinny—really the barber makes it another week, interesting
  12. Daniel—Canada????? Male model??? Have they talked?????
  13. Alex—lil Marine

Final rose goes to:

14. Chad—Villains gotta Vill so not surprising at all!

That means going home is:

  1. Christian—guess he can get home to his brothers & 4:30 wake up calls
  2. Nick—Santa Claus is going home, she’s on the naughty list now!
  3. Ali—who’s gonna play the piano for them now????


Hey, we’re leaving the mansion!!! We’re in Pennsylvania! We’ve got a date card and it’s for Luke! “I like you very mush”

We start right off on the date, and they have dogs leading them on a sled, but what’s funny is that they are going on a trail, and I’m sure it’s cold since it’s what February when this was filmed, but there is NO SNOW. So they just look ridiculous. Luke has to chop wood because they are going to jump in a wood burning hot tub. JoJo talks about how Hot Luke is. They change into their swimsuits, JoJo puts her foot into the hot tub and curses and backs up because it’s too hot.

Luke and her finally get in the hot-tub. Luke is serious, but is opening up and smiling. He tells us he’s comfortable outside. He loves Nashville and Austin.

We keep seeing Chad & then flashing to a black bear, basically it’s like Claire and her raccoon. It’s not a wise idea to poke the Chad bear, he won’t start something but he will finish it, don’t mess with him!

Okay, why is Luke quiet and mysterious? JoJo tells us that from the moment they met they had chemistry and he has a relaxed confidence and she wants to know what made him like that? He tells us that he has a dog tag he wears around his neck because he was recruited to play football at WestPoint and he went to the military as a Lieutenant and was a platoon leader in Afghanistan. You can tell that JoJo had no idea. She gets very emotional as he’s talking about having soldiers lives in his hands. He talks about how he grew up real fast because he had those responsibilities at 23 years old. You realize what life is about.

He then tells us about a guy named Jason, who was like an older brother. Went to the same high school and church as him growing up, but was a couple years older. Jason’d check up on Luke every now and then. Jason was killed in action in Afghanistan and it hit Luke very hard. He realized that tomorrow is not guaranteed and he wants to appreciate life and it gives you confidence about life.

She asks him if it was hard to readjust to life. He talks about how he had to relearn to listen to his emotions. Emotions are bad in the line of combat, so he turned them off. He’s evidently a very emotional person by nature, and learning to turn those on again and appreciate the small moments in life, that make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Then Luke gets super smooth and talks about a moment that does that is looking into her eyes and realizing he could be looking into her eyes for the rest of his life.

He gets her hook, line and sinker. She kisses him and is blown away by him, as am I. I’m a Luke fan! He gets the rose and I’m very happy about that!

We have one more surprise for the night! We’ve got Dan+Shay, a country act, singing “From the Ground up.” They’re in concert, with people and everything…all the people have their phones out and are recording JoJo and Luke as they walk in on a stage and make-out in-front of the crowd, just like anyone would, you know ๐Ÿ™‚

Alright Group date card: “We could go all the way”

  1. Derek
  2. James Taylor
  3. Daniel
  4. Chase
  5. Wells
  6. Vinny
  7. James F.
  8. Evan
  9. Grant
  10. Jordan
  11. Robby—breaks out the Matthew McCaughney “alright, alright, alright”

Which just leaves Chad & Alex for the dreaded 2 on 1 date!!!!!!! Alex is pumped right away and tells Chad that he’s going home and all the guys are in his corner.

We’re at Heinz Field, which is where the Pittsburgh Steelers play. We’ve got their quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and a few ex players who won 2 Superbowls. They are running them through drills and most of the guys are geeking out. The best line is JoJo “It’s not everyday that the guys get to hang out with pro football legends.” Yes JoJo, for Jordan that’s called Sunday dinner, well not during the season as Aaron has games on Sunday, but yes, that’s his life!

We see the guys run through drills. James Taylor has blood gushing through his face, by his eye. The medics want to give him stiches, he looks like a mummy, but is still playing because he doesn’t wanna miss anything. These guys are leaving it all on the field, and thank God Chad isn’t on this date, or the guys would be dead. I know Wells is on this date, and just thinking of how he was on the firefighter date almost dying, I’m concerned, but since I don’t see him by the medic, I’m gonna pretend he’s okay!

We’ve got a white team and a blue team, with Jordan, our ex-professional quarterback all-time quarterback and he’s SO excited, and then I remember that probably any pickup game he plays, his brother is All-time quarterback and he’s stuck being a receiver/safety position.

Wells is actually athletic, he’s just tiny and can’t wear firefighter uniform, but put him in a football uniform and he’s good to go. Evan got another bloody-nose…the game is shockingly tied with one minute to go and ย the underdogs win! The blue team wins because Derek stole the ball from Wells and they do the Salvy Splash on their coach.

Chase is pissed at his team, he’s the only good person on his team and his team sucks and let him down. So going home early is Chase, Wells, Daniel, James F. and Grant.

Okay for the night portion of the group date we’ve got: Jordan, Evan, Derek, Robby, Vinny and James Taylor.

Robby tells us that his feelings are growing at a very fast pace. She tells him that even though they haven’t had a lot of time together, they are progressing at a very nice pace. JoJo tells him that they will have more time…Robby tells us in his interview he’s fallin in love with her, and that’s a red flag since you’ve spent all of what an hour with her total?!?! They make out on a pool table.

We don’t really see her talking with anyone, we see her making out with people: Derek, James Taylor, Jordan, Robby.

JoJo tells Jordan that she’s been thinking of him and has lots of questions, and then she said she’s nervous and he wants to know what makes him nervous. She said he’s hard to read and he doesn’t open up. Basically it’s deja vu of the convo we saw an hour ago.

He takes her outside by a fountain and he tells her that he’s falling for her and she LOVES it! She attacks him and said she’s happy to see the soft, sweet Jordan.

We’re already at giving out the date rose, and what a difference this group date is compared to last night’s group date! She keeps mentioning this is one of the best dates of her life, so if she’s that comfortable in a professional football stadium it doesn’t come as much of a shock at all that she gives the rose to Jordan!

Date card: “Chad/Alex: Let’s get lost! Love JoJo” “Into the woods your path goes, only one of you comes home with a rose. Chris Harrison”

Luke asks the producers questions for them and asks Chad if he doesn’t get the rose tomorrow and is going home, why is he the one going home? Chad said that’s a stupid question. Luke tries again and asks “What does JoJo need to know about you, to keep you here?” “I don’t know” is Chad’s answer.

Of course since the guys on the show are junior high kids they snicker about Chad answering with 2 word answers, it’s actually 3 words, but whatever. Grant is the one who spoke up, which is actually pretty impressive.

This now prompts Chad to ask the guys as they’re sitting on a sectional couch who has a problem with him? Alex, Chase and Luke raise their hands with no problem. Wells is staring at the ground, hoping that it swallows him up and no one can see him as he’s avoiding confrontation, or thinking back to Derek stealing the ball from him and dashing his hopes of having a night with JoJo. James F. has his arms crossed and is watching this. Daniel is smirking and enjoying this. Grant now has a problem with him.

Chad has now dictated it by saying if you have a problem with him, you’re no longer allowed to talk to him. Alex tells him that he’s excited for the 2 on 1 because they are polar opposites and JoJo will see him for who he is.

We get Chad saying again that he’ll go outside and go after Alex right now. Alex tells him he doesn’t wanna be confronted like he was on night 2 and if he goes after him, he’ll go after him. Grant now is tired of just being the bodyguard and wants to get in on the action and calls Chad a coward and wants to fight him.

My boy Wells very begrudgingly speaks up. You can tell he doesn’t wanna, but he does. He wants to be the mouth of reason, it’s voice of reason, sweetheart, but go ahead, we need someone to do this! Before Wells can speak up, Chad gets up and walks away….hey Chad, Wells didn’t raise his hand saying he had an issue with you, so you didn’t actually decree him not to talk to you!

It’s the morning of the two-on-one date! Chad has his bags packed and is once again lurking. All the guys are now on the small couch, except Chad who’s in the hallway. They’re talking about how they’re team Alex and want Chad gone early. Well Chad of course overhears and hears Jordan saying stuff, which just really pisses him off.

“You think this is a show and your safe for now.” Why yes Chad, that is ABSOLUTELY what is going on right now. You are on a dating reality television show and Jordan received the group date rose last night, which gives him immunity from the next rose ceremony, so he is safe for at least another week.

Chad is now stalking his prey and his prey is Jordan. He tells him that some day this show will end, and he’ll have to go home and when he goes home do you not think that Chad will find you? Jordan decides to laugh, which I’m glad he takes that approach because I’d be rocking in a corner and sobbing if that were directed towards me, or I were in the same room when that sentence was uttered.

Jordan asks “Do you think I’m scared of you?” Chad tells him that he should be scared of him. Jordan wants him to come find him after the show. I mean, again if my brother was Aaron Rodgers and had the huge offensive and defensive lineman at my disposal I may feel a little more confident.

Alex comes in the room, squeezes on the couch next to Jordan and Derek, they rehash the convo that just happened, we flash to poor Wells sitting on an arm of a chair and he looks like he’s in a lot of despair, but what’s the point in attempting to be the mouth of reason?!?! Chad comes and sits down behind the guys on the couch and it’s dead silent and awkward. We hear a helicopter and the guys get on it and go find JoJo in the Woods.

We are taking a hike and getting out in the wilderness. Chad and Alex have machetes as they are cutting thru branches to get through the path and get us to a river. Chad really undersells Oklahoma by telling us that the only thing Oklahoma has is tubing down the river.

Chad tells us again the best thing Alex can do is to mind his own business and not mention him, if he does that he’ll be fine, if he can’t he’ll go home with his teeth…interesting sentiment!

Alex gets his first one-on-one time. JoJo asks about him and Chad and has heard that they don’t get along. JoJo said that made her nervous about this date. She wants to know if there are things she doesn’t know about. Alex pulls the Ace outta his pocket when he mentions that Chad threatened the front-runner Jordan! Not gonna happen!!!

Of course Alex and her evidently don’t talk about anything other than Chad, so I don’t know how much they built their relationship.

Chad and JoJo now talk. She builds up his character by talking about how she sees the sweet side of him. She just wants him to respect the guys and didn’t want anymore drama. Of course JoJo throws Alex under the bus and tells Chad that Alex said you threatened Jordan. I mean obviously he’d be able to watch the show and see Alex & JoJo’s convo, but come on JoJo, Alex just told you he’s a loose cannon, maybe don’t give him ammo when Alex is still within striking distance!

Chad tells JoJo he’s no a violent guy and short of her being there and witnessing it he doesn’t know how to explain the situation. JoJo again shows her card because she wants to know what her poor innocent Jordan could’ve said to have him threaten him? Chad said that Jordan kept pushing and pushing him. JoJo asks about what…Chad attempts to turn it on her and ask her if when she was in the house didn’t this happen to her? She said that girls asked her questions but she didn’t threaten to beat any of them up.

She’s then so frustrated she gets up to go walk away. She tells him she’s disappointed in him because she gave him a second chance. His response is that he didn’t beat anyone up since she’s given that chance, that’s not good enough for her since he’s threatened her beloved. He’s open to other alternatives and she said the way to handle it is to have a conversation like a real adult and he said he tried that.

JoJo is now in the woods by herself, and I hope that someone is keeping watch over Alex to make sure that Chad doesn’t rip his arms and legs off so he’s just a torso and in the river.

JoJo starts to cry and show that she’s a good person because in her interview she talks about how she knows that Chad has rubbed people the wrong way, and he’s messed up, but his mom did just pass away 6 months ago and maybe that messed him up and he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

We’ve got Chad coming back to the camp and Alex is sitting there. Chad sits next to him on the blanket and I’m praying Mr. Security guard is wearing camo and is close by! Chad lies down and tells Alex that he’s not very happy with him. He’s not mad, he’s just disappointed. He’s trying to push Alex’s buttons by asking if they talked about anything else other than him. He then switches to violent angry Chad and said it’s really unfortunate that he can’t hurt him right now without getting in trouble. Chad said he can’t not talk about violence because Alex won’t leave him alone.

We find out from Alex’s side of things that Chad was evidently a Marine as well, and Alex thought they’d be best friends since they have that in common. However, once the first group date happened on Sports Nation and Chad was Mr. Douche and called JoJo naggy he knew BFF wasn’t gonna happen.

They get frustrated with one another and JoJo comes outta the woods. She sits down in-between them. She tells Alex that he told her things that were very disappointing. She then tells Chad that she went to bat for him and she just flat out asks him if he’s threatened anyone in the house and he said “that’s not 100% false. There have been things that have happened in the house.”

Chad then acts like a toddler when he said that he may have threatened Jordan but Jordan put him in a corner and he didn’t have any other choice! What else should he have done?!?!

JoJo picks up the rose and said that she doesn’t think that Chad is the person that he thinks he is, she doesn’t think that physical violence is anyway to handle anything and she can’t be with someone who does think that, so Alex will you accept the rose? He of course agrees.

Our guy in all black comes in to grab the luggage and stares at the bags for a long time. The guys hold their breathes and he grabs Chad’s bag!

Chad thinks that JoJo is fake and she must be an actress. The guys all pop bottles, toast and use poppers to celebrate. Chad is spiraling down a roid rage! He is PISSED at Alex and said he needs to go find him. Chad is in the woods in the dark and is whistling as he’s attempting to climb up the hill.

HOLY CRAP!!!!!! Something else I’ve never seen before! Chad gets to the front door of the hotel where the guys are staying. He knocks on the door and James F. is able to look out and see it’s him from a hallway and tells the guys in the kitchen it’s Chad. They don’t believe him and Chad runs his hand down the glass window making a noise like nails on a chalkboard and we get a “TO BE CONTINUED…in 2 weeks!”

Previews show us: JoJo is sobbing saying “I hate him!”She’s also crying in another more casual outfit and Jordan is consoling her. We see Chad inside the house with the guys talking it appears…it’s going to be real dramatic! Unfortunately since we got 2 episodes this week, we gotta wait 2 weeks, so we’re not gonna see that episode until the 20th!

Man, I can’t wait until then! These last 2 night have been intense, so it’s probably okay that we have a little time to recover! In the meantime make sure your doors are locked and if you see someone who looks like Jordan Rodgers walking around, be wary as he may have Chad stalking him!

Until next time!



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