Don’t Cry for me Argentina

Welcome back guys, no Chad this week, so let’s see where the drama will come from now. JoJo tells us that she loved traveling last season with Ben and obviously you get closer when you travel with someone…are we talking about getting closer to the guys, or are we talking about getting closer to your producers? Or maybe getting closer to Chris Harrison?!?

Harrison is brought in for a convo with JoJo, which just proves to us that the drama isn’t anywhere near where it used to be! We need filler….enter Harrison. He has a talk with JoJo and then he tells the guys the plan for the week, a one-on-one, a group date and then a 2-on-1 date. Harrison says it’s for the first time ever, I don’t think I should argue with him, but I swear this happened before on the Bachelor way back in the day on

Date card! It’s WELLS turn! The date card says in Spanish “Kiss me!” Let the record show that a producer had to tell the guys that, because there is NO WAY in hell these guys know what that means….do you all remember JoJo and Becca’s geography skills last year when they tried to place Pennsylvania on a map?


Now I’m gonna fall more in love with Wells, and JoJo isn’t and I’m going to be sad by that, but also hope that maybe Wells radio journey will bring him to America’s heartland and I can help heal his heartbreak….but let us get to that inevitable heartbreak.

He tells all the guys that he’s the only one here who hasn’t kissed JoJo yet, all the guys are absolutely shocked by this and some are kinda cruel about it which of course makes me mad.

They go out and shop in a market and all the guys are talking about this kiss, which is making it even more awkward…I think his awkwardness is what I like the best about him, he’s not super smooth and slimy, so he’s more real and genuine, you can trust him JoJo!!!

Wells said he was waiting for the right moment to kiss her, he didn’t just wanna go for it to get it outta the way, which i think is pretty awesome. JoJo’s best friend is Becca, Becca who didn’t let Farmer Chris kiss her right away because he wanted it right.

Wells and JoJo are going to be doing performance art. Wells gets on a treadmill and they pretend shoot him.

The guys are still talking about the kiss at the hotel and Robby and Jordan don’t think he’ll be coming home….seeing Robby again on my screen and talking about how slow this relationship between Wells and JoJo is progressing, reminds me of how inappropriately fast his relationship with JoJo progressed….how did you say I love you after spending no time with her?!?! I’d prefer Wells approach more than creepy Robby’s approach….yes I am very defensive of Wells!

Wells and JoJo are swimming in a suspended pool, where there are waves and they’re getting thrown from one side to the other. Wells goes in for the kiss and she’s ecstatic, and he said the neurotic, nervous Wells is gone and the confident/romantic Wells is out and about, so they’ll make out, while we go to commercial.

We’re at the night portion of the date. She has an easy comradery with him, she’s able to joke with him, and I still think they’re able to connect and talk with one another very easily, but that probably puts him in the friend-zone, but you’re perfect for me Wells!

Wells last relationship that lasted 4 years didn’t work out because he realized they were just really good friends, with no romantic spark. Wells needs honesty in a core value. JoJo asks Wells if the spark and passion has to go away. You can tell that Wells and JoJo are not on the same page about what they’re looking for in long-term relationship.

Poor Wells hears the dreaded “I respect the way you’ve approached this” which you know isn’t a great sign. She doesn’t feel 100% about them. He’s an incredible human being, but isn’t the person she’ll spend the rest of her life with. She appreciates him and their friendship.

Wells handles this exit very gracefully. He tells her that she deserves to find love and that he hopes that she finds what she’s looking for.

I think that Wells is disappointed, because who wants to be dumped on national TV, but I think he realizes they weren’t made for each other….JoJo is distraught and in tears, but she has to suck it up and go to the performance and club that she was at earlier today, by herself.

Group date time!

  1. Luke
  2. Robby
  3. Jordan
  4. James
  5. Alex

We’re in a neighborhood and gonna hang out and live life. James is not feeling self-confident with all the super buff and in-shape guys. James we love you for you, not for the fake guys! We have a penalty shot where all the guys shoot a goal on a local goalie, and the only one who scores is James Taylor, so he gets to kiss the girl!

Night portion of the date, and we get Luke and JoJo to talk. They enjoy seeing each other, and learning about each other (though they’re talking in circles, so I don’t know what they’re learning) and then a light-bulb comes on for me when I realize what they mean is that they want to make out with each other….they like to kiss one another, they’ll talk nonsense so it makes it appear as if they’re talking, but they are just kissin one another, supposedly JoJo tells us they have a very emotional relationship, but I don’t buy that, I will buy they have a physical connection and are in lust with one another.

James and JoJo know have their time together. JoJo calls him out for being off. James admits that yes, he has something he wants to say about Jordan. There is a side to Jordan that he hadn’t seen before, no that’s a lie, he just hadn’t seen it directed at him and once it’s directed at him, it’s real. They were playin cards and Jordan changed the rules and cheated half-way thru the game. James is struggling because he doesn’t want to say anything mean….he said he’s Jordan Rodgers…and JoJo asks what that means, and James Taylor articulates it in ways I’ve been struggling to for the past month, Jordan Rodgers thinks he’s a celebrity, he’s riding the coattails of his brother Aaron who actually is a celebrity. Jordan is in magazines and has the hair and body and smile. He is entitled and if you go against what he says there will be hell to pay.

He’s struggling and is so sweet and doesn’t want to say anything bad, you know it’s killing him to say it, but he had to and I respect you James Taylor! I don’t think she’s gonna listen, because I think she wants the life you just described that Jordan has. She seems like that is important to her and she’d love the celebrity of it all. We just won’t be shocked when this relationship doesn’t last!
I find it very interesting, that with Jordan the clear favorite and front-runner that the show is editing and producing it, where we see Jordan in a negative light. Normally the show is so careful to protect the lead and their favorite….well at least the Bachelorette and the guy she chooses. They have no problem showing how crazy girls are that are the final one or two (Examples include: Clare/Juan Pablo, Vienna/Jake, Courtney Robertson/Ben F) I’m trying to think of an example where a guy was painted in a bad light, and besides Juan Pablo, I’m not really able to come up with one, if one of you are please let me know! And I’m not saying that because the women are choosing good quality guys, it’s not that, trust me 🙂

After her talk with James she grabs Jordan.

Sidenote: Why the the hell are there so many black leather coats this season?!?! Jordan, Luke, Wells and JoJo just in this episode alone!

JoJo tells Jordan that she heard he’s acting entitled and snobby and she wants to get his side of the story. Jordan tells us that him and James have always been best friends in the house (which there’s a spinoff show we need, because that odd couple blows my mind!) and Jordan is getting pissed and entitled and defensive…the mean girl claws are gonna come out! Jordan doesn’t know what entitled means and he was trying to bring logic into a situation….I wanna see Jordan’s house for his hometown because he doesn’t know what entitled feels like, I’m sure he lives in a modest one bedroom apartment.

JoJo tells him and basically begs him that she wants to be engaged at the end of this and she needs to know that he’s being real real, okay?!?! No, you don’t understand she thinks of their future with the white picket fence and the maids that you’ll come over and the cook that will plan their meals, and she needs to know that’s what he has planned too!

We know have James and Jordan on the world’s smallest couch. Robby & Alex are in the room with us across from them. Jordan is swirling his wine like crazy and we hear the Chad crazy music playing. Jordan now gets defensive and asks James if he came up in his conversation with JoJo….he says yes you did. And he was going to talk about it, they can do it now or later…since it dominated Jordan’s one-on-one time, he’d like to talk about it now. James is shocked it dominated their one-on-one time.

Jordan has that crazy calmness going on about it, where I’m worried for James that he’s going to snap and poor James is gonna die.

Alright group date rose time and it goes to Luke! Which is the most unsurprising development of this date.

Two on one date time! Chase & Derek are competing against one another. They are going to dance the tango because that’s not gonna be super awkward. Derek seems to be a much better dancer than Chase. But the dance could’ve ended 5 mins earlier and no one would complain.

We are now at dinner and both guys are still with her. JoJo is asking Derek if he is a more reserved guy or if it’s just this environment that’s making him more reserved. Derek tells us in his interview that basically he has nothing to lose by going big. He tells her that he’s falling for her. She tells him that she appreciates that and then makes out with him. She tells him that by having him say this she feels special and she needs to make out with him some more.

Now it’s Chase and JoJo’s turn. Chase says he’s starting to feel things for her. She tells him that she’s feeling things for him and she didn’t feel that back. He’s shocked that he didn’t give enough validation. Chase is kinda arguing with JoJo and isn’t really listening, they seem to be talking over one another. He said he’s worried he’s gonna get hurt, she knows because she was in his seat, and then all of a sudden it seems they were arguing, now he’s saying he wants her, and I don’t think we’re mad at each other anymore, we’re kissing and I’m confused….I don’t get you JoJo, I don’t get you at all.

We’re back at the table with both guys and we have one rose and JoJo in the middle. She could see a future with either of them but she only has 1 rose. Chase gets the rose and this just shows she’s going after lust and not love.

Poor Poor Jim Halpert. She’s gonna walk him out and I’m just thinking of this scene….It’s okay Derek, Jim got the girl eventually and you will too!


She tells him to go find her forever. He hugs her and as the car drives off she sobs. We get the sad introspective interview where he tells us he’s not perfect and is very sad. He is crying, and is trying to tell himself to not cry….he has to be exhausted by this whole process and I’m actually mad at the producers, since I enjoyed Derek and am mad that Derek & JoJo are dancing to this lady singing and a band playing “Don’t cry for me Argentina.” We see more of Derek crying than Chase and Derek….how did they make sure that Derek would cry???? I get that we’re in Argentina so the song makes sense, but they knew what they wanted, how did they get it though????

Cocktail party time! I feel like Jordan is playing the game here right where he knows he needs to, because he tells her that at the end of this he wants to fall in love and be engaged at the end of this. JoJo is ecstatic that he’s talking about his feelings and says that this is different, then they both seem to look at a producer or something, it was odd, they both laugh and then go in for a makeout session. While you two are doing that, I have to point out JoJo that the part of you that says this is different is spot on, and why is he acting different??? Is it because he doesn’t wanna go home because he knows he won’t get the fame and attention if he goes home as a top 7 finisher as he would if he gets to hometowns?!?!? I don’t trust him JoJo!!!

Robby’s outfit for the rose ceremony make me think of the guy from the Loveboat:

Of course all the guys feel good, Alex wants a date without crazy Chad, James Taylor kisses her and the other guys are feeling confident.

We’ve got rose ceremony time!

  1. Luke—got the group date rose
  2. Chase–got the two-on-one date rose
  3. Robby—I don’t get it but she likes him
  4. Jordan—shocker, the front-runner gets a rose?!?

JoJo runs away before she can hand-out the final rose. She hightails it down the carpeted steps and between her long dress with the train and her heels I’m shocked she was able to make it down without tumbling down them like I would.

Alex shows his scary temper when he said that JoJo needs to come back in here and pick one of them and do what she is supposed to do. The way he said it makes me think of this:


Maybe Alex is hypnotizing JoJo, that’d make a hell of a lot of sense and explain how in the world he’s still here, because I don’t think any of us have any other explanation!

JoJo comes back in and tells James and Alex that she couldn’t hand out the final rose because Harrison comes in and there are 2 roses on the platter. She had to give them both a rose!

So that means Wells and Derek were the only 2 to go home this week, so I am obviously devastated. We’ve gotten to the point in the season where I don’t believe and like the choices the lead has made. I’m on team James and Luke….though that is my team, I know that Jordan will be making it….we’ve got 6 guys left, but I’m sure we’ll get rid of 2 in-time for hometowns.

What a disappointing episode……..

I think we’re gonna be saying goodbye to James and Alex next week…….well looks like there will be more tears and drama, excuse me while I go on the search for Wells and Derek this week, if you see them send them my way 🙂

Until next week!



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