“I won’t say I’m in Love” JoJo’s Final 3 guys!

I’m sorry friends that I didn’t blog last week. Life has been hectic outside of the Bachelor world for me lately, I quit my job and had my last day at my first real career job last week (hence why no blog) and started my new job today….so it may be the most dramatic week ever—take that JoJo 🙂

So we’re back where we left off last week, hometowns are over, we’re at a rose ceremony. Luke just pulled JoJo aside to tell her he loves her. She is sobbing now and is able to do more squats in a cocktail dress than should be allowed, she’s attempting to get in the fetal position. Maybe she can’t face the camera because the girls would fall out, but it doesn’t seem that there are any wardrobe malfunctions when she does this.

She composes herself and we’re ready for the rose ceremony:

  1. Jordan—-shocker, I still think he’s slimy & don’t trust him and think he’s using his brother’s name to get ahead
  2. Robbie—he’s still way too pretty for me
  3. Final rose goes to Chase

Ugh……poor poor Luke. Maybe it’s because he wore gingham pattern shirt under his suit and a solid tie and pocket square. As soon as Harrison tells Luke to say his goodbyes JoJo is sobbing again, but it’s where no tears are actually falling outta her eyes.As someone who cried more in the last 3 weeks than I have in the last year, I’m jealous by how she cries because that is NOT how I cry. She has the whining down, but not so much the crying. She tells him he can’t go and clings to him because she doesn’t know how to say goodbye. He seems in shock. She said he needed to say more sooner. He’s upset that she didn’t tell him that earlier. She’s not being fair to him at all. She wasn’t fair when she didn’t tell him to open up more, and she’s not fair now when she’s making him comfort her, she should be comforting him, but she’s messing with his mind right now but not doing a clean break….let him go girl….you got 3 other guys, give him a break! For some reason, the last words he says to her are “I’m sorry” so she got him to apologize for absolutely nothing, she goes back to lunging, crying in the fetal position and he’s in the reject limo looking very distraught and confused. She’s still crying, saying she misses him already and is afraid it was a mistake to let Luke go.

Okay we’re in Thailand where JoJo and the guys can fall in love. Her first date is with Robbie. They are at the market. His hair has more product in it than I put on in a year. Did he dye his hair more blonde? He’s such a pretty guy, and I don’t trust him….between his past relationships and how soon he said he loves her, he knows how to play this game and what he needs to say to get far in this game, I don’t he’s genuine or real at all. As I’m saying this, it’s as if Robby can hear my concerns because he’s arguing with me by telling me that he’s being honest, and they talk about how it could’ve been too soon, but it wasn’t for them. They are getting maybe a pedicure or maybe just a leg massage, which means intimate conversation, leaning over chair and not moving legs so you can make out while people are right in-front of you. When we’re done with that, we need to go where it’s pouring rain and make out. Day portion DONE.

Please let there be more substance to this night portion, because I don’t know Robbie at all. We’ve got JoJo in a red dress, with a slit that goes all the way to her belly button, no joke, the bottom portion of this dress is a wrap around. JoJo talks about how this is the date that she told Bachelor Ben on the overnights date that she loved him and he said he loved her back (in-case you forgot!)

Robby’s dad wrote him a note that told him to “stick to his plan” which I take as a warning flag. I’m supposed to find this as a consolation to how much Robby loves JoJo because his dad can see that, I see this as another ploy to this game. He plays it even better when he tells her to keep the note and says he’s not going to walk away.

JOJO ask Robby WHY HE LOVES YOU!?!?!?! Why do you love him JoJo?????? Literally all you 2 have talked about on this date is that he loves you, yet there have been no explanations given. I guess we’re past that, and there is going to be no conversations, because here comes the fantasy suite card and they are going to forego their individual rooms and stay together. They start making out now and I don’t think it’s gonna stop it.

Robby wants to be late to work because he doesn’t wanna leave JoJo and leaves work early so he can be with JoJo….well considering your job gives you 10 weeks off for a reality dating show, that should be easy enough for you. For the rest of the world, that job would be called unemployment, but you know, whatever Robby, dream big! Robby puts up the do not disturb and I’m disappointed there isn’t more to their relationship than lust, but I guess I’m not surprised.

Good morning, here are JoJo and Robby. We see them all happy in bed with breakfast in bed at the foot, and she’s not going to say she’s in love with anyone until the end. She doesn’t want to do what was done to her last season.


Alright, now we’re to Jordan and JoJo. He’s still the front runner, she sees him coming to her on a bat from far away and lights up and tells her producer that he’s so cute and too far away. He comes running out of the beach and picks her up and twirls her around.

He comments that she looks super sporty, yeah because nothing says sporting, like my Daisy Dukes, Crop Top shirt with strappy back, that is bedazzled around the top and then a choker necklace, she is wearing Converse so maybe that’s the only thing sporty. And has a jacket tied around her waist.

They are doing hiking because she needs to do something active with Jordan. She needs to shop with Robby and hike with Jordan, that’s what you call stereotyping your dates and keeping them in certain boxes. Wouldn’t you want to put them in the opposite situations and see how they’d handle those?!?!

At least Jordan tells us when he’s talking about her that she makes him want to be a better person and that’s why he’s crazy for her and loves her and hopes he does the same for her, that’s at least some substance even if I’m not totally feeling him.

They are walking around caves and they get to a temple, we find out that JoJo had the a denim button down shirt (so NOT sporty) shirt around her waist that she has to wear when she’s around the temple. They are not allowed to kiss in the temple, hmmmmmm I feel like this has been done before, and they are talking about how hard that’s going to be to not kiss, but they are actually having  a conversation! She talks about how her family is coming and he asks about them and who he’ll be meeting….very sneaky Jordan! You know he’s going to be meeting them.

She talks about her mom, dad and her protective older brothers. Jordan’s only reservation is that he wanted to look into the eyes of his future father-in-law so they would know how he’ll protect his daughter. JoJo talks about how since she met him (ahem, found out he was going to be on the season, and who he’s related to!) there was chemistry. She’s not throwing around the whole “Is he too good to be true?” “Is he for real?” No JoJo, he’s NOT!!!!

Alright Night portion of the date, and I’m pretty sure that they are having the EXACT same conversation that they had at the temple. They’re talking about family…I’m tuning out, until JoJo actually talks about the FUTURE!

She asks him what the next year looks like. He said that’s going to be hard and he doesn’t know the answer. She said that scares him because of his lifestyle. She doesn’t want to do a long distance relationship. He said that right now he doesn’t need a home-base and he can be wherever. She tells him that yes, for right now but what happens in 6 months if his phone rings and someone needs him somewhere else. He goes with he loves her and he wants to spend his life with her. She tells him that is exactly what Ben told her! BURN!!!!!! She tries to get reassurance and he ends up using cliches to get out of really answering “I’m a different/better person with you, then I was someone else”

She falls for it, hook line and sinker. She gives him the fantasy suite card, they forego their individual rooms, they make out, they wake up and have breakfast, and make out some more, she changes, and walks out the door and talks about how Jordan kept telling her he loved her and she didn’t say anything and we’re having deja vu again, so here you go:


We’re 2 dates down and we still have an hour left in the show…interesting. Okay, Chase let’s make this good! Can JoJo love 3 guys at once? She knows she loves Robby and Jordan, but let’s see what she feels about Chase.

Chase gets more the Robby date, than the Jordan one. They go to a fish market and are shopping around. They then go on a boat tour, they are making out and laughing a lot but also talking about how sweaty they are. Maybe since it was just 118 degree heat index here in Lincoln, this past weekend but when I see JoJo hanging on Chase, I just think of how hot and obnoxious that looks. Then she jumps on his back and makes him carry her to the beach which doesn’t sound great.

They have a picnic on the beach and talk about how are they are here and can you believe it? It’s not a great sign when that’s what you talk about, or when you recap your hometown, he tells her that she’s put him thru quite a bit of stress with the final roses and all of that and he hopes she doesn’t continue that. She laughs it off and tells him look where they are, obviously it’s been worth it. I don’t remember a time that I’ve been relieved for our couples to get in the water, but with them talking about how blazing hot it is, I was relieved for them to get in the ocean and swim (and of course make out)

She talks about how much she likes him and FINALLY it hits me guys!!! I told you all a couple weeks ago, that Chase reminds me of someone I’ve seen on TV before and I figured out who it is. He reminds me very much of Ben Seewald, who’s married to Jessa. Jessa of the Duggar family. Duggar of 19 kids and counting. Jessa of Jessa & Jill Counting On. I like Jessa a lot, and Ben and her seem like a great couple. He’s always been a little too boring and too much of a nice guy for me, but the way that he talks about carries himself, reminds me a lot of Chase, I may be completely wrong in that thought, but here’s a video of Ben:


I thought we were going to the night portion of the date, but instead we see them recapping individually to us about how great the day portion went and how they’re looking forward to the night portion. Chase is sitting on the beach all excited.

JoJo is looking out on the beach (I don’t think at Chase, but you never know!) There’s a knock on the door and it’s Robby! She’s excited to see him and he just stopped by to say hi. He missed her and wanted to kiss her. He needed to talk to her, but just keeps kissing him and wants to make sure she knows he’s on her mind and basically seems to be sabotaging poor Chase…..I don’t know if anyone else kept noticing Robby calling her “JO”

I’m pretty sure he put a spell on her when he said the magic words by saying “Country Clubs and Coloring Books” what girl can resist that? She kisses Robby again and now he’s gone and we’re here for Chase & JoJo’s night portion.

I feel like this night portion/dinner is an interview more than a date. She is asking him questions, I would venture to say she may actually know Chase more than she knows Robby & Jordan. She’ll ask him questions because she’s not afraid of his answers. I think she won’t ask the other guys questions because they can hurt her whereas she knows she holds all the cards for Chase.

Chase and JoJo are going to forego their individual rooms. She is very excited about it. They sit down on a the worlds smallest loveseat. There is candles surrounding them. She makes out with him. They have wine and he tells her that he loves her and he hasn’t said that before. She makes out with him and then thanks him for saying that. When he’s saying these things I believe him a hell of a lot more than I believe Jordan or Robby.

After he’s saying these things, she randomly decides she needs to leave and excuses herself. She goes outside and finds a random bench. She said that she doesn’t feel the same way that she feels about the other guys and that is unexpected (ahhhmmmmm no, ask us home viewers and we’re not surprised, we know you have the lust for Jordan and Robby, though none of us know why, you sent Luke home earlier obviously you’ll send my other favorite home tonight as well.)

JoJo comes back in and is breaking up with him, and he catches on fairly quickly to her hemming and hawing. He puts the wine down on the table and just looks at her and makes her spit it out. She wants more reassurance and cuddling from him, she wants him to make her feel better….that is something that a lot of our Bachelorette’s have done and something I will never understand…..you broke up with him, you have producers to console you, it’s not on these guys to do that and honestly, I don’t think they’re jerks for wanting to get away from you, in-fact that’s what I’m yelling at them to do from my living room!

He’s pissed and he has every right to be. He tells her that it was terrifying for him to say that he loved her and he 100% regrets it and saying it to her. Then he calls her out by saying she didn’t give it a shot, and I agree with him yet again. She absolutely has not given most of these guys a chance, once she knew who Jordan was and who he was related to and he was on her season she had her blinders on and wasn’t going to fall for anyone else but him.

She keeps crying, and chasing after him and won’t let have a dignified exit and I’m just getting more and more pissed at him. I don’t think JoJo should’ve given him the fantasy suite card, she should’ve just stopped the date at the dinner portion because we know that she wasn’t going to choose him over Robby or Jordan anyways, so she absolutely was not fair to him at all. He finally gets in the reject van and says “Is this my fantasy suite?” He talks about how it was ridiculous to get the fantasy suite card and then have this…he’s not crying, he’s pissed.

Rose ceremony time, we’re going for more of a casual ceremony. We’re to the last rose ceremony where the guys will be together, next time we do this will be the final rose. They both feel very comfortable with their relationship with JoJo and where they’re going. JoJo is telling Robby & Jordan about how Chase isn’t here, and who shows up but Chase!!!

They sit down on a bench and I gotta say that Chase looks the best outta all the guys. He shows how classy of a guy that he is. He’s not asking for a second chance, he’s apologizing for being angry and not listening to her. He tells her he’s proud of her and impressed by her and wants the best for her. She loves that he says all these nice things to her…he comes off looking like a classy guy who can walk away with his head held high. She gets to have another breakdown that asks why she didn’t fall in love with him.

She makes it back to give the final 2 roses out to Jordan and Robby! Jordan’s hair cut has made him and Robby look almost identical, at least if you’re just looking at their hair, and that JoJo is what you call a type!

  • Jordan gets the first rose
  • Robby gets the final rose

I gotta say with these 2 I’m all in on Jordan I guess, not that I love him and think that him and JoJo will make it for the long haul, but I guess I didn’t think Kaitlyn and Shawn would and they’re still kicking it. We’re gonna meet JoJo’s family and have the Final Rose next week where JoJo loves 2 guys and both guys are so confident in their relationships with her and have no idea how the other guy feels……

Before we get to that though, we have the Men tell All TOMORROW!!!!! This is legit one of my favorite shows, especially when she kicked off my favorites and I get to see Wells, Derek, James Taylor, Luke and Chase!!!!

We’ve got 2 nights of the Bachelorette this week guys, make sure you’re ready! Rest up and I’ll see ya tomorrow!



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