Predictions for Nick’s Season

Hello friends and Happy 2017!!!!

We made it through the end of the black hole that was 2016, I know everyone was concerned if Betty White was gonna make it, and thank God she did, but let’s be honest, how would we’ve had all handled it if 2016 would’ve taken Chris Harrison?!?! Whew, don’t worry, Harrison is stronger than 2016 was, and he is now going to grace our screens from now until mid-March, and then will be back again after DWTS in May, so we’ll have more weeks with Harrison, then without!

Okay, what have we missed during the off-season…well for those that watched Bachelor in Paradise (BIP) it should be noted that Amanda & Josh broke up…though Josh certainly blew up my Twitter with pictures of them so in love, or at least he showed pictures of him and her 2 adorable daughters constantly. But there’s rumors that they’ve reconciled, so who knows if they are or they aren’t. I’m sure you’ll be joining me in losing sleep on wondering if they’re together or not. As I know more, I will keep everyone updated ๐Ÿ™‚

I did not watch Ben & Lauren’s TV show on ABC Family/Freeform channel. When I saw that they were going to have weirdo Chad, the twins and a million other guest stars, I just couldn’t handle it…I know it’s weird to think I have standards of reality television considering I blog about the Bachelor, but I need at least an attempt or them pretending that there is reality tv, not a blatant ploy to get people from their franchise on tv.

I did hear that on their show it was revealed that Ben pushed back the wedding date to there is no date,ย he’s not saying they won’t be married, he’s just not saying when. So clear as mud right?!? He’s getting cold feet and realizing that the only time he’s been around her has been when they’ve been filming television shows, so maybe that’s not actually real life and they won’t make it when real life happens. Again, I’ll let you know what I know, when I know more ๐Ÿ™‚

In happier news, my girl Becca…we know how much I love her. She’s the virgin who first showed up on Farmer Chris season. Then she was on Ben’s season last year, and you could tell she liked Ben way more than Farmer Chris. We know I’ve been Team Becca since we met her. Well Becca has herself a boyfriend and it’s someone we know and someone I’ve learned to love over the years. She’s dating Robert. Robert was originally on the Bachelorette with Des, his profession was a sign twirler, which I made fun of…you know the guys who stand on the side of the road and try and get you to come to their business. I made fun of him, until he came on BIP season 1. He was with Sarah, and they made it to the finale. Here is my recap from their last episode. ย I’m assuming Becca & Robert met one another through the small world that is the Bachelor franchise, they’ve been flirting from this summer, and rang in the New Year together. Here’s a video of them flirting, but not Facebook Official or anything, but I’m a big shipper of this relationship!

Okay, so they are adorable, and I hope they’re happy together!

Now onto our Bachelor! Why we’re all going to be tuning in for the next 3 months. Nick….I know a bunch of people are not huge fans of Nick. He is one of our more polarizing Bachelors. I will argue that Brad Womack is the most polarizing one from the beginning to the end of a season. Nick though has to be a close second. I appreciate where people are coming from that say they’re not a fan of Nick, I completely get that.

For the reasons that I just said I liked Robert, are not the same ways that I will say I like Nick. He is not as pure as Robert appears to be. Nick has seen things. We know him as coming in second place to Josh for Andi Dorfman’s affection. I wasn’t a huge Andi fan…I also remember thinking that Nick was a little too intense and was tryin to hard to get Andi to like him and didn’t try and make any friends with the guys in the house. In all the years I’ve been watching the show, I’ve learned the people I cheer for the most are people who are very popular in the house, they have friends. If you’re isolated and don’t have friends, I don’t trust you.

So he didn’t have friends on Andi’s season. When he got kicked off, he also got notoriety for on the plane ride making a private conversation that was not only overheard, but was recorded and Reality Steve got it out there for the world to see. He was complaining about sleeping with Andi in the fantasy suite and then saying she said things and made promises to him in the fantasy suite and then went against them. He also embarrassed himself on the After the Final Rose.

Well two years ago at this time, as he was watching the Bachelor, he was using Twitter to flirt with Kaitlyn Bristowe. Who was a contestant on Farmer Chris’ season. They also ended up FaceTimming and Texting and talking on the phone….well she became the Bachelorette and Nick showed up a couple episodes in and they slept together and no one liked him again, everyone thought that she’d chose him, he was treated like royalty and then he made it all the way to the top 2 and got rejected by Kaitlyn for Shawn Booth. The good news for Nick is that at least Shawn & Kaitlyn are still together!

If this is all that you know of Nick, I don’t blame you for not liking him. He didn’t do a whole lot to get us to like him. Plus he probably didn’t get the world’s best edit, so the producers may have no one to blame if the ratings are poor this season, then themselves.

I think Nick redeemed himself a little bit this summer by being on BIP. On BIP he showed his sense of humor, that unless you follow him on Twitter, you’d never realize he has. He also was the voice of reason, which is a scary thing to be. But it was true! He looked out for quite a few of the girls that needed help. They are trying to say that Jen broke his heart on the show, but you could tell he wasn’t completely all in on her.

Let’s be honest, we didn’t have great options for other guys to be Bachelors from JoJo’s season, so I’m counting on the very least for Nick to be entertaining!

A few other key things to note, Nick is 36 years old, so here’s hoping we have mature women and not 21 year old girls like Ben had last season. Nick is also 1 of 11 siblings, remember how adorable his little sister was when we met her on Andi’s season?!?

Alright, now that we’re completely all caught up, we’re going to get the part of the article where I’m going to choose 3 favorites, 3 crazies and 3 dark-horses. I just look at the photos on and their bios and choose info from there!

3 FAVORITES—-girls I think should make it to Hometown dates!

  1. Kristina


Her parents have 4 foster kids, which I feel like is similar to Nick’s family with the 11 siblings, but I may be wrong on that. She has thoughtful answers and seems normal.

2. Danielle L.

With the exception of opening a business at 23, I’m pretty sure Danielle and I from her bio could be the same people. Is that going to last when she’s on camera, I don’t have any clue. She reminds me of Catherine from Sean & Catherine’s success, so maybe it’ll work out nicely for her & Nick.

3. Rachel

Rachel is successful, she’s a 31 year old attorney. She seems to have a good head on her shoulder and her answers are thoughtful and I hope she doesn’t let the other girls pettiness get to her!

4ย CRAZIES—Looking at these girls, they are bat $*** crazy! Doesn’t mean they won’t make it far, I just think they’re insane.

  1. Raven1000x400-q90_2ff667b4df6f2239adcbdcbf5c338e39

She looks like she has crazy eyes, her name is RAVEN! She is a boutique owner, she wants to be the daughter of Beyonce & Jay-Z. Her most romantic present was a DIAMOND necklace left on her car!!!! Really, diamonds just left on your car?!?! She reminds me of Tierra from Sean’s season who faked hypothermia and Courtney Robertson from Ben Flajank’s season and that girl was insane!

2. Lacey

She is going to lose it when she finds out that Nick is going to be dating 25 other women at the same time he’s dating her. Her biggest fear is that the guy she’s dating is going to date other people, if you don’t think the producers are going to exploit that, then you’re so sweet and naive and please do not turn into this show, because it’ll eat you alive!

3. Ida Marie

When your first name is Ida, I don’t think you need a middle name, you’re already unique enough. She doesn’t read so no favorite book, no favorite author. Her movies are about the most stereotypical movies as well, so no creative bones in her body, awesome! Also, might as well my pet peeve since one of her favorite movies is Step Brothers, is that written down already on the form they fill in, way too many contestants have that as their favorite movies, I’ve never met anyone in real life who would list that as their favorite movie, I’m pretty sure the producer must also be a producer on the show.

4. Alexis

She’s the one I feel like with the fake job this season. She’s an aspiring Dolphin trainer, but I don’t know if that’s because she likes Dolphins, Little Mermaid and the ocean. The thing she’s most afraid of is ET. This is going to be one of those situations where we ask if she’s serious or joking, if she’s serious she needs real help, if she’s jokin she has an interesting sense of humor.

DARKHORSE—These are girls that are going to go under the radar and then about halfway through the season will swoop in and make their presence known!

  1. Sarah


She’s a grade school teacher, she has a sense of humor and is witty in her responses and seems normal. If she can get past the first night where it’s hard for normal people to make impressions, I think she’ll get far!

2. Hailey

She looks like this may be the last place in the world she wants to be. Maybe it’s because she’s a photographer so she’s not used to being on this side of the camera? Her answer about how many kids would she like and she said 2 because most things are built for family’s of 4 and that only children are weird caught me as odd….is she working this angle because she knows about Ben’s big family? I think she’s going to do just enough to get roses, but the real freak flag won’t show until later on in the season. I think she’s a closet crazy, but will hide it for a lil while.

3. Christen

She is a wedding videographer and talks about how if she could break a law she’d want to be in the White House to see what really happens behind closed doors which makes me believe that she’ll do a good job of hanging out in the background and then making her move when the time is right. Also need to point out that all the favorite TV shows are all on ABC, is that a coincidence or not ๐Ÿ˜‰

Okay, so those are my guesses! Let me know yours if you want in the comments, or send me a message! I’ll warn you, if in a couple weeks all these girls are gone, I will go in and try again ๐Ÿ™‚

Here we go!!!!!



2 thoughts on “Predictions for Nick’s Season

  1. Lindsay!!! It’s time again…
    I picked Kristina and Rachel on my likes list too! I was undecided on crazies (because I think there are plenty) or a dark horse. Maybe I’ll choose again after we’re in a few episodes. AND! Guess what I did… joined a fantasy Bachelor team. What?!?! ๐Ÿ˜€

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