Nick & his ladies are in New Orleans!

Sorry folks! Things came up last night and I couldn’t watch or blog.

We start off with Taylor & Corrine arguing like last week. All the other girls are going to let them argue by the fire sharing a blanket. This argument will just not end and it shows that neither of them have emotional intelligence. Seriously this went on for WAY TOO LONG!!!!

We finally have Taylor & Corrine done with their argument so we can start the Rose ceremony. We can literally see the girls breaths as they’re standing on the platform. Can we just let them wear long coats? I guess some are that have fancy coats, I’d have my puffy coat on and wouldn’t give a crap. Maybe we figured out why Corrine & Taylor was arguing is because they needed to get the blood flowing to not get hypothermia.


  1. Raven—one-on-one
  2. Danielle L—-Boobs McGee
  3. Kristina—Russian girl who got the group date rose
  4. Whitney—still NO IDEA who this chick is
  5. Danielle M—Special ed teacher
  6. Jasmine—NBA dancer
  7. Rachel—no shock, she absolutely deserves the rose, got the first impression one.
  8. Jaimi—she has balls
  9. Josephine—she was absolutely shocked when her name was called, as were most of us at home 🙂
  10. Vanessa—zero gravity date withstanding, I still like her!
  11. Alexis—THANK YOU for letting our comic relief shark/dolphin girl stick around!
  12. Corrine—no one is shocked that she’s still here
  13. FINAL ROSE—Taylor (not shocking when they’ve promo’d the 2 on 1 date all week)

Sarah is going home, she was our “runner-up” girl. Maybe that was Astrid that also went home, I can’t even tell you, it was a tall skinny brunette.

We’re going from Milwaukee to New Orleans! I’ve been in Louisiana once, and that was in 2014 when the Royals clinched a spot to the first World Series in 29 years! I had been walking around a college campus getting ready for a Tree Planting event that was going to be taking place the next day, I was able to get up to my hotel room for the last 2 outs of the game and watched this celebration take place….so Louisiana does hold a special place in my heart!

Alright, outta my sports train of thought and back to the Bachelor. It’s hard when it’s all about Taylor & Corrine’s feud and how much they hate each other. We all know how this goes right?!?

Rachel gets the only one-on-one date this week. Nick said that his chemistry with Rachel is the most explosive he has with any woman here, which is saying something. They are enjoying Louisiana cuisine. They look like they are on a normal date that anyone would actually go on. My only issue is that I think for a shirt Rachel is wearing a one piece swimming suit and then has yellow shorts on over it. We have a band playing in the streets and celebrating Rachel & Nick, Rachel has way more rhythm then Nick & well all the Backstreet Boys from a few weeks ago. Since Nick doesn’t know he doesn’t really know how to dance, we’re going to see him in multiple dancing scenarios.

Now we’re too the night portion of their date. Rachel is able to articulate things so well, I like her a lot, and I want to say right now that she’s too good for Nick, but I would really like for her to be our next Bachelorette. Rachel’s parents are still married. Nick is already smitten with Rachel an asking her what he should call her dad and that he’s scared to meet her dad. That is saying something because he truly hasn’t said that and we’re still a couple weeks away from hometowns, I think Rachel is getting a rose for sure 🙂 Nick is able to talk and be open with Rachel which is not something you see with any of the other girls. I did giggle because Rachel tells Nick that only those that are close to her know she’s sensitive, honey you’re having a conversation with one guy, but MILLIONS of us are watching. Nick tells her he’s breaking rules and tells her that he’s really into her and wants her to feel confident and he’s going to put forth the effort in this relationship. They make out and everyone is happy.

Group date card:

  1. Kristina
  2. Josephine
  3. Raven
  4. Jaimi
  5. Whitney
  6. Vanessa
  7. Danielle M
  8. Jasmine
  9. Danielle L

SHOCKING, Taylor & Corrine are on the 2 on 1?!?! Who would’ve ever thought?!?!

Alright let’s do the group date first. Raven cracks me up because she’s saying that she’s not going to be a fan of the ghost hunt they’re doing in this mansion. Raven said if she runs into a ghost she’s going to refute him in the name of Jesus…I’m right there with you Raven! We meet the caretaker Boo, and believe it or not the first ghost he tells us about is a little girl ghost!

I love me some Vanessa because she is not participating in the Ouija board that just so happened to be under the seat and the rest of them are playing. Like Vanessa said I am not into that, do not mess around with that kinda stuff, it’s not worth it. Even if you think it’s just a joke, no need to do that kinda thing. Of course the lights just happened to shut off, it’s not like there are producers, interns and directors around that may or may not cut off the lights to have some drama on this date. Otherwise this is the most boring date ever because they’re all going to sit in a house on the floor and these girls actually get along so they wouldn’t be arguing with one another. Of course now we’re exploring the house to see if there’s anything there.

Boobs McGee & Nick attempt to have a conversation, but the conversation is that she’s scared, and he said he knows and absence can make the heart go founder and then makes out with her, so good, we still don’t know a whole about Danielle though she’s been on our screen.

K, these girls are going around the house and looking for things that go bump in the night. May I tell you something irrational that bothers me, I’m still not buying that this isn’t producer driven, but I’m concerned that they’re literally running around this mansion with candles! Is this whole place going to go up in flames?!?

Well poor Rachel your reward for getting a one-on-one date means you’re trapped in a hotel with the 2 immature girls Corrine & Taylor who neither one are ready for marriage or are ready for this situation.

Raven and Nick are able to joke around about this experience. She explains that she wasn’t nervous around him until their roller-blading date. He jokes about his skills. And Raven is the first to drop the “L-bomb!” She says the moment she fell in love with him was when he sang “Kiss the Girl” from the Little Mermaid. She didn’t mean to tell him she loved him, but he was excited about it, so she just went with it.

Poor Raven didn’t get the date rose even though she dropped the “L-bomb” he gave it to Danielle M instead. Who I do like her but need her to come out of her shell more, it’s been so long since we’ve seen her and isn’t getting a lot of screen time so it’s hard to differentiate her from some of the others. Less Corrine & Taylor and more of the girls who should be on the show more because they’re good people who could be a wife for him, if he were ready to settle down, which I’m still not buying he is.

We’re going to the bayou and the swamp. There are alligators around that could eat them. They are on the smallest boat ever and have to sit 3 across, so they’re both clinging to him and it looks ridiculous and shows of their immaturity even more.

Oh good we’re going to give 2 people who hate one another voodoo dolls. They are supposed to be used for healing not to curse anyone. I’m sorry, but most of our 2 on 1s we don’t have other people on the date. This is already showing us that this date isn’t going to be as epic as the most dramatic 2 on 1 ever:

We’re having tarrot card readings, so we’re doing all the stereotypical Louisiana things. We have Corrine throwing Taylor under the bus by talking about how Taylor called her stupid. She spent her entire time that she was talking with him throwing Taylor under the bus. Then she ended up making out with him.

Nick of course brings up his conversation with Corrine to Taylor and talks about how Taylor was bullying Corrine & called her stupid. If we played a drinking game of taking a shot every time the phrase “Emotional Intelligence” is said we’d be soooo drunk. Luckily I didn’t start that game….I’m just so over this date, especially since we know that whoever goes on the 2 on 1 doesn’t go onto win the whole thing.

Our reward for watching these 2 fight is that we get to see an exclusive Beauty and the Beast trailer, which I am all about!!!

Corrine & Taylor are now arguing about one another’s careers. I do think that we need to remind Corrine that EVERYTHING that happens is on camera!!! She has this whole alternate reality made up in her mind and that’s what happened, truth and reason be damned!

Nick comes back and grabs the rose and gives it to Corrine because we all know that he’s following his physical attraction and nothing else. Don’t worry Taylor, this just shows that he doesn’t have emotional intelligence either, so him and Corrine are perfect for one another!  Corrine is talking in a baby voice and is thrilled that Taylor is gone. Taylor is given permission to come back which hello, this used to not be a thing! How are these producers letting these girls come back?!? I’m just over this situation, I don’t need either of these 2 girls on my screen anymore.

No reaction from the girls will top this one:

So next week we have Corrine & Taylor drama. Then we have a few girls crying, then Nick really crying where we saw the preview early in the season with all the girls with their heads in their hands crying as Nick is crying. Looks like we should have some more excitement next week, this one was kinda a snooze fest, so let’s bring on next week!

Until then!


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