Nick’s Final 6 Girls

I’m sorry friends, but this season is real difficult! The only thing that is really getting me through the next month, is that tonight officially they announced that Rachel is going to be our Bachelorette. This is something that has never been done before, where they announce a girl who’s still competing on the show will be the next lead, but I’m so glad. I like her so much and Nick not at all.

I’m not loving Nick at all as our Bachelor and when the first 20 minutes are spent on trying to make me believe Nick could quit and not be on the show anymore it makes it even more difficult. He sold his soul to the Bachelor franchise and if he quits right now, what in the world are they going to air on our TVs until the middle of March when Dancing With The Stars comes back. I mean come on, obviously he’s going to go through this whole facade and pretend he loves a girl.

He officially comes and tells the girls that he’s going to continue the journey and they’re going to some island, I’m sorry I didn’t really catch where it is, not that it really matters, they’re all the same right?!?!

Vanessa gets another one-on-one and Corrine is pissed because she hasn’t had a one-on-one and Vanessa is getting a second one. Corrine again takes over the show and shows off the fact that she is very immature and is just on tv to annoy me.

We’re going to have Vanessa & Nick on a boat and Vanessa has never been on a boat. I’m wondering if we should put Vanessa on a boat when there’s a great chance she could get motion sickness and we’ve already seen that happen in the plane! Dear Lord Corrine is talking about how Vanessa doesn’t have any depth, honey make sure you’re looking in the mirror! Vanessa again talks about the fact that she’s here for Nick and it makes her nervous, because she went on the show knowing it was him and being all in, but he didn’t come on the show knowing it was her. He seems frustrated he has to reassure her, when he was just in tears the night before, so I don’t understand the lack of patience here. Since we still don’t know much about her and don’t see much sustenance on this date, I’m blaming Nick on this boring date. Since Boobs McGee left last week, Vanessa has taken over that role. She toasts and seems super confident and Nick just seems like he’s as invested in this conversation as I am.


Vanessa tells him that she loves him. Nick talks about how he’s said he’s in love on this show before, and is only going to say I love you once. So he’s not going to tell Vanessa that, he really really likes her….but dang, you can basically tell he’s just stringing her along to keep her on the show. Vanessa is a girl who can actually read the signs and looks very hurt about his response, as she should. She’s not like the other girls who’ve been going on and on and not reading the cues.

Corrine, Kristina & Raven get the group date. How the hell has Corrine made it this far without getting a one-on-one? This just proves she’s only here for the Producers. Oh good we’re on another yacht, even though that’s exactly what he did with Vanessa, it’s what we’re gonna do with the girls as well. Corrine looks great on a yacht she’s been on bigger yachts and is a professional boater. Of course we have to take off the skimp cover-ups and shorts that are tighter & shorter than Lady GaGa’s halftime outfit! Then there’s sunscreen, and music and I just want it to stop.

Then Corrine says one of the saddest lines, “I just really wanna win over my fiance” if that’s not the start to a lifelong happy marriage, I don’t know what is!

Believe it or not, Corrine’s drink is the only one that is empty. I bet she wishes she had more in her glass when she finds out that they are going to be swimming with sharks. Not in a tank, but they are snorkeling, and are able to look down and see  the shark right below them. Kristina had enough, and needed to get back on the boat. Corrine is pissed she’s not the center of attention, but then they bring out more booze so maybe she’ll be okay!

Now we’re to the night portion of the date. Kristina is the first to get one on one time with Nick. He gives some stupid response about how their date was so long ago and so much has changed. It was only a week ago! He just realizes he needed to give her a rose after she told her moving story last week. If he let her go last week after showing how brave she was, then he’d be a real douche! In talking with her, about how tough his week was, he starts crying and then decides he needs to make out with her to feel better about himself. Good for you buddy, use her to make you feel better.

Raven gets Nick’s time. Nick talks about how worried he is to meet the father’s next week because he knows the dad’s will know his reputation. Raven is great because she doesn’t try to lie to him to make him feel better, she says that any good daddy and brother will ask him tough questions to show they know and love the girl they’re looking out for. We find out that Raven’s father was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 years ago which is why she moved back home to be with him. She says he’s good now, so hopefully that means remission.

Corrine is thrilled because she finally gets her time with Nick. She complains about not having a one-on-one with him. She refers to herself in the 3rd person and Nick makes fun of her for it and that endears him slightly to me. He then attempts to talk her off the ledge, and by making out with her she’s happy. That is until Raven gets the date rose so that means we get to meet her family. Seems only fair since she met his family!


Corrine keeps referring to herself in 3rd person. Corrine thought Corrine was going to get a date rose last night on the group date and can’t believe she didn’t. Kristina doesn’t react like I would, which just proves that Kristina is a saint and such a better person then me!

Danielle now gets her one-on-one and it just breaks my heart because you can absolutely tell that this girl is WAY more into him then he is into her. They are on bikes and riding around with the locals. Then they play sports with some of the local kids. Then start talking about hometowns and if he’d be in Wisconsin. Nick is talking about how they can’t have a conversation, and I want to point out that he has NOT had a conversation really with any of these women, so it’s not Danielle’s fault, most of the time his tongue is in the girl’s mouth so that may be why he doesn’t notice conversation doesn’t flow.

We talk about her fiance who passed away and that’s the last person that she brought home and she really wants to bring Nick home because she’s falling for him and is very happy with him. She’s trying to get the nerve up to tell him how she feels and at this point I’m so angry at Nick and want him to stop her from talking, because he had to know what she was going to say, and he doesn’t reciprocate and instead of being a man and saying something earlier and putting her out of her misery, he let’s her go on first and put herself out there. He doesn’t see a future and talks about “the right thing to do.” NO NICK, the right thing, was for you to speak up about 30 seconds before you did.


Danielle is now in tears, because she thinks it’s because of her and she’s not great. YOU ARE GREAT DANIELLE!!!! Nick is a douche!!! She doesn’t feel worthy and feels rejected, and it breaks my heart. She has to come back to the hotel, and pack and says goodbye to the girls and it’s horrible to watch her pack and say goodbye.

After Danielle goes home, we finally get the scene of Corrine sneaking into Corrine’s hotel that we say the preview of way at the beginning of the season. She’s wearing a shirt from Boobs McGee Danielle, where she’s wearing a shirt that’s cut all the way to her naval. High heels that are 6 inches tall. Nick gets her a drink (shocker) she says the cliche phrases that she wanted to make sure he was okay and spend time with him. Though she’d admitted to the camera that she was there to guarantee she’d get a rose. She then takes him into his room, and if Nick should know anything about this show, especially with his time with Kaitlyn, is that we can hear everything that’s going on! And I’m just uber uncomfortable and don’t love the camera angle of a champagne bottle and just staring at the bedroom door.


Nick actually does reject her and says that while it’s tempting, he needs to wait. She is not feeling great about it. I think she’s more worried it didn’t work out because she’s afraid now she’s not gonna get a rose, not because she feels rejected like Danielle did.

Rachel is getting the last one-on-one date. How awkward to watch this date now, knowing that she’s going to be the Bachelorette! As someone who tries to stay clear of spoilers, this is weird. We now know that she’s not the final 1. I’m assuming she can’t be the final 2 either, or the whole finale will be a moot point.

Nick is way more interested in how her parents are going to react then he has been about any of the other girls. She talks about how he is the first white guy that she’d be bringing home. Not that it’s a big deal, as she said her family is accepting. The bartender tells her “Make sure this guy needs you and doesn’t just want you.” She also threw out a great line “I love sports, but don’t like to play games.”

Rachel is going to be a breath of fresh air! She’s so articulate and genuine and sweet. I’m excited she’s going to be the next Bachelorette. I can’t believe that this is going to be the first minority Bachelorette we will have, she’s going to be such a great person for this, I’m thrilled they chose her!

Corrine is losing it. She’s way to in her head. She thinks she’s going home and talks about how much she likes Nick, but isn’t able to give reasons as to why she likes him. She just refers to herself in the 3rd person a little bit more.

We then flash over to Chris Harrison and Nick talking in a cabin. He says he wants to tell a girl goodbye, but wants to do it in the most private way possible. Nick is all teary-eyed and wants to say goodbye to this girl in the best way possible. Nick just walks into the house and asks where Kristina is. He doesn’t even really say hi to Corrine or Raven. He goes into Kristina’s bedroom, grabs her and takes her outside. He starts crying again and tells her that  it’s not gonna work out, and she can tell RIGHT AWAY what’s going on and she wants to get the hell out of there. Nick gives the whole “I have stronger relationships with other women” and I love Kristina because she comes back with “You didn’t give me a fair chance” and she is absolutely correct! Nick has taken this from a physical standpoint, Kristina could be a better emotional connection and she deserves so much better than Nick! You are going to be just fine Kristina! You’re going to be much better off! Nick tells her that she’s amazing and he sees that and Kristina again for the win “You’re letting me go.” Nick is crying, Kristina was able to hold it together longer than him. He hugs her and she walks away, to go cry with the girls.

Nick does the patented Bachelor move and leans over the Balcony and cries. Then he’s walking on the sand by himself crying and poor Kristina in the reject limo is crying and I really just want to give her a hug.

The girls are worried that there are only going to be 3 hometowns and not 4 and that’s how they end it.

I’m sorry, but this show has been on for how many years. We’re going to have all 4 hometowns. There’s no way they’re gonna stop that and there’s no way we’re not going to see Raquel, Corrine’s Nanny. They also say that someone comes back, it’s a brunette, but I don’t know who it is.

We’ll see what the drama is going to be and if it’s as intense as the previews show it to be! In the meantime, I’ll just be excited about Rachel being our new Bachelorette!

Have a great week!


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