Nick’s Hometown Dates!

Hello friends!

We start the episode with us being reminded that Kristina is going home. The girls are freaking out. Corrine is wondering if she’s going to get a hometown, hell yes Corrine you’re getting a hometown, there’s no way the producers got you this far to dangle Raquel in our faces and then not show her to us.

Nick walks in and has roses in his hands and Corrine tells us she can’t tell how many there are….honey can you not count to 4? It’s obvious there are 4 roses, he hands them out and with the rose to Corrine he says he can’t wait to meet Raquel, so we all know where that relationship really stands. We’re shockingly going to have 4 hometown dates, I hope the girls all hugged it out, because from this moment on the girls are isolated and we won’t have them all around one another again.

First hometown is Raven & I end up falling in love with her more, because she pulls up to Nick on a 4 wheeler. She gives him a helmet, he jumps on and is trying to act confident, but you can tell he was not expecting it to go as fast as it did. Raven knows her way around a 4 wheeler. She takes him to a grain bin and they go up the stairs of it because when you want to have an important conversation you need to go up there.

They start climbing up the steps to the grain bin and believe it or not, here comes the sheriff! I’m shocked!


They “get in trouble” for trespassing. I love Raven though, who’s so angry to be getting thrown under the bus by ABC, and blows the cover by saying “we’re filming” when they ask what they are doing on the grain bin, instead of saying they were gonna talk. Neither have their drivers license or identification. The sheriff then tells Nick that this girl has given him trouble his whole life, because guess what, the sheriff is RAVEN’S BROTHER!

I don’t know if we went up the grain bin or not. We did somehow get Nick another 4 wheeler, and now the 2 of them are going mudding in the fields. We then need to have a water fight and wrestle and make-out in the muddy/watery field. This just proves I’m more of a city girl than a country girl, because as they’re doing this, I’m thinking of mice, snakes and other animals that are surrounding them and all the bug bites I would get. This was not romantic to me. Also, did the producers make her put on a white t-shirt to do this?!? I’ve gone 4 wheeling before, and we did go over muddy hills and things, but I’m pretty sure I wore an old baggy t-shirt or at least a dark colored t-shirt, but then again I’m way more of a prude then any of the girls on a dating reality television show 🙂

Now we’re going to go to Raven’s parents house. From the outside this is one of my favorite parents houses that we’ve seen in all the years of the show, because this is a NORMAL house! It’s not a mansion, or a castle, it’s a home! We have mom, dad & brother.

Raven was trying to talk to her mom about the prank they pulled on Nick, but mom interupts. She says that dad had a scan while she was gone, Raven gets scared, I hold my breath, and then mom says that daddy is cancer free. I am a nerd because I got goosebumps and a lil choked up. Daddy is emotional, Raven is emotional, mom is emotional, I am emotional.


Raven tries to give a speech about how inspiring her parents are, she can’t get thru it as she’s cryin, and dad gets up and just gives her a hug in the middle of the speech and I’m so happy. This just makes me so happy, I really love Raven.

Now we have just a conversation with Raven & dad. She said she’s so happy that Nick was here to get the news that dad is cancer free. She said after the tough year, she’s happy they’re turning a corner. She asks dad if it’s weird to think about the fact that he could walk her down the aisle to that guy in there. I fall more in love with dad, because he’s realistic and says it doesn’t matter if it’s Nick or some other guy, he’s glad he’s going to be the one walking her down the aisle, not her brother or uncle. Then Raven gets me all choked up again, because she said there’s no other man besides her dad who’d walk her down the aisle, she’d just walk by herself.

Raven & mom have a conversation now and you can tell that these two have a great relationship. They sit on a bed and have a conversation about how they thought he’d be arrogant, but she is glad she met his sister and his parents and that turned the corner in their relationship. Raven talks about how guarded she is and her mom wants her to open herself up to the experience of loving someone else. Mom reminds Raven that when it’s right the relationship should be easy.

Nick talks to Dad now and asks for permission to marry Raven basically. Raven’s dad said he didn’t expect to like Nick, he’s glad Raven is enjoying herself with Nick. He doesn’t want surprises. He’s not overjoyed with being the son-in-law, but talks about how they trust Raven.

We say goodbye to Raven’s family, but still sit on their front porch. Raven is hesitating as she says “there is no hesitation” to say she’s happy to see how this goes. She can’t say the words “I love you.” She doesn’t want to be rejected or appear to be weak, honey don’t say it, you’re on a hometown date on a DATING show! She’s worried she’s the only one not to say “I love you” I’m going to say you shouldn’t tell someone you love them because you’re the only one who hasn’t, but again, just a simple girl who’s judging from the comfort of my living room, not on a dating show 🙂

Next hometown takes us to Dallas, TX for Rachel’s hometown! We know she’s not gonna make it to the end, but I wanna meet her family as we will see them again on her season! Nick is dressed very nicely for the daytime portion of their date. We go to church! It’s very important for Rachel, she loves church and it’s a big deal for her. She wants to know if he’ll be comfortable in a church that is predominately black and isn’t a church that he’s used to going to. Nick gets a shout-out at church and they all welcome him.

Nick said that he’s never felt closer to Rachel then in this moment because faith was an important thing in his parent’s relationship and it brought them closer together. I find it odd, because he doesn’t mention how faith is important to him, but I guess if he’s open to it that’s all that really matters. He says he’s comfortable in a place of worship and Amen is Amen.

Okay, timeout for a second here. Can we please point out that Nick says he’s the most comfortable, has the best chemistry, is his true self, and all these other great things about his relationship with Rachel, yet we know HE DOESN’T CHOOSE HER! What happens? I’m thinking it has to be self-sabotage, he’s not really wanting a wife, or he’d choose Rachel.

They are talking about being an inter-racial couple for the first time. This is an interesting conversation, as it is one I’m sure we’ll have more of in the Bachelorette. Rachel doesn’t mind, but a lot of the reason she doesn’t mind is because Nick doesn’t. Which makes sense, if the guy is going to fixate on it, then she will have something to fixate on as well. If they both are united, no big deal.

Rachel’s dad is unfortunately not able to be on camera because he has work obligations. I did see Nick tweet out that he had met Rachel’s dad off-camera.

We are walking up to Rachel’s family’s house. Nick randomly tells Rachel as they are walking up together that she looks great, it is the exact same outfit she’s been wearing all day, so is that just a nervous tic he does, he randomly compliments women.

We’re meeting Rachel’s family which is her mom, older sister, younger sister, cousin, nephew and brother-in-law who is also white, so inter-racial not going to be a huge deal with the family.

Favorite line of the night from Rachel “In this family, you don’t need to have black skin, but you need to have thick skin.”

We’re able to see Nick’s personality actually come out. He’s teasing her and her sisters and I really enjoy it. This is the Nick I wish we could’ve seen more of. We only saw glimpses of him with our Shark-girl Alexis.

Nick and Rachel’s mom are sitting down. He appeases mom by saying that he knows she’s black but he likes her for who she is. Her mom says that is great, but she wants him to be aware that society may have issues with it and is he ready to handle that. She also then asks a great question and asks what are the red flags in their relationship. He tries to say there isn’t anything, and mom ain’t falling for that! He talks about her big personality and is one of the things he loves about her.

Mom & Rachel are now going to talk. I think they get along, but I don’t think they’re as close as Raven & her mom. Rachel’s mom is more skeptical and wants to make sure her baby is smart. I’m very curious how mom feels about her baby being the Bachelorette now. You can tell she loves Rachel, is very intelligent and articulate. She just keeps saying that she trusts Rachel’s judgement, but still seems a lil skeptical (rightfully so!) Rachel tells the camera she’s falling in love with him, but she didn’t tell him that, so 2 girls so far haven’t dropped the “L” bomb.

What we all waited for! Corrine’s hometown in Miami. Corrine wants to take Nick somewhere she’s very comfortable and feels at home—we’re going shopping.


That my friends, is why I’m all about Rachel and am not a fan of Corrine. Rachel takes us to church…I guess the mall is probably close to Corrine’s place of worship. This shows the immaturity that Corrine has. Even Raven’s date was cool and a part of her and wasn’t so vain.

Corrine enjoys the finer things in life, so we’re going to an exclusive mall. We’re not going to any mall I’ve ever been. Pretty sure “SALE” is a the worst 4 letter word most of these people have ever heard.

All the stores they go in, the people working the store know Corrine by name. Nick’s best quote of the night is “she wants to show me what an ordinary day looks like for Corrine, which is a very un-ordinary day for literally everyone else.” Nick thought he had expensive taste until he met Corrine. They are shopping in places where free champagne is handed out, believe it or not Corrine’s glass is empty very quickly.

Nick put a sweatshirt on that cost $800 and looked like male leggings, and $600 sweatshirt. Nick points out if him & Corrine end up together he will need to get 2 or 3 jobs to keep up. Nick had sticker shock when they’d get to the register and Corrine didn’t blink at all when things were over $3,000. I think all he got for all of that money was a sweater, pants and shoes….that better be all the things he got, i don’t know for sure if he got shoes or socks.

Corrine decides to drop the first “L-bomb” of the night in what looks like a food court. She didn’t sound confident in it at all. He decided to kiss her. She tells us she’s on cloud nine, but I don’t think I believe it.

Corrine’s family is in a high-rise apartment. Corrine’s dad gets on my nerves just by him opening his mouth. We’re meeting Mom, Dad, younger sister and her nanny Raquel! We sit down for dinner and Corrine tattles to Daddy about how the girls used Raquel against her. I’m thinking Daddy may have mob connections and that’s how they have all their money. He wants to know how they found out about Raquel and there are quite a few camera people who are now sweating thinking they may be swimming with the fishes here soon, since they did record Raquel and the cucumbers at the beginning of the season. Corrine let’s them off the hook by saying she told them about Raquel.

Mom interjects that Raquel has been with them for 17 years and is basically a member of the family. My favorite part about that whole sentiment is LITERALLY as she’s saying that, Raquel is serving them! How many of your family members, let you sit down at the table, talk about them and then will bring out different dishes to various members of the family. Please notice they’re all eating something different. Raquel does get a spot at the table, but it looks like a kiddie seat.

Dad & Raquel sit down to talk first. They take their goblets of wine. Corrine tells dad that she told Nick that she loves him today after a month and a half of dating (she doesn’t tell dad they have never had a one-on-one date).

We randomly get Nick & Raquel having a conversation. I think we just needed Raquel to have more screen time. Believe it or not, Raquel sticks with the company line of if Corrine is happy, she’s happy.

Dad wants Corrine to think of worst case scenario. If Nick is the stay at home dad, because Corrine has her multi-million dollar company to run, can she handle being the bread winner? Can Nick have a job that will be able to raise a family and keep Corrine happy? She says yes, I think even Nick can agree that no he can’t afford a job that will keep Corrine used to her life that she’s grown accustomed to.

Corrine and her mom have some weird tension between the 2 of them. I get this vibe from her mom:


I want to know about her sister. How old is she? Is she going to also run a multi-million dollar company? Did dad & Corrine talk about how business is going? I hope her sister is normal, she looks normal! I guess those questions are just going to have to be things I ponder, I’m not going to get my answers to them right away.

We’re in Montreal for Vanessa’s hometown date. We get to meet Vanessa’s students. All of her students are special needs over 21 and are both French & English. There is a big crowd waiting for her and they are all so excited to see her, they all start crying to see her and Nick gets emotional just watching them. Vanessa shows off her teaching skills and has her students help them make a scrapbook.

I’m sorry, another rant, but COME ON Nick!!! How can you have a moment or an afternoon like this with Vanessa and compare it at all to the superficial day that you had with Corrine? This made me appreciate Vanessa so much more.

Vanessa’s parents are divorced, and she wants him to know what it’s like to split his time between 2 divorced parents. I like this approach because that is real life. How many times have we brought the divorced parents together for one hometown date and you can tell they never hang out and it’s the most awkward thing ever.

We’re going to Mom’s side first. Vanessa is giving him the run-down on names. We have 15 loud Italians in a room together. When Vanessa walks in the room she immediately starts crying. She said she’ll be interested to see how he can handle a lot of people, considering he has what 10 siblings, he should be able to handle this. If not, then he must not be very close to his family. The family wants to know what are their plans for after the show? Are they going to get married? What city are they going to live in? That’s when this really shows that these relationships aren’t as far along as other seasons of the Bachelor, huh maybe Nick should do more talking with his mouth instead of making out with it.

Vanessa’s mom wants to know what is it that made Vanessa stand out to Nick. And Vanessa’s mom calls him out for the first thing that he points out is her attractiveness, she doesn’t want to talk about her looks. Older sister points out they need to have a conversation about where they’re going to live. Older sister also wins some big sister brownie points from me, because she threatens him if he breaks her heart, she’ll break him!

Vanessa’s family is very loving and protective of her. They do not seem so supportive of her even being on this show and are moreso even more skeptical of it then any of the other families. They want her to know that she’ll be fine and she’s strong. They want her to be happy and not to be heart-broken. You cannot deny that there is real love and devotion from this family. This was a very genuine and real family visit. Something that I think we felt from all of the hometowns with the exception of Corrine’s.

We then go to Vanessa’s dad side of the family. We get a rundown of the show and all the locations they’ve traveled. There’s been good times and hard times, but the good outweighs the bad. Ironically Vanessa’s dad asked the exact same question as the mom. He points out that he wants them to respect one another and for his daughter to be happy. Vanessa’s dad cannot give Nick his blessing to get engaged because there are still 3 other women in the picture. He asks Nick if he asked the other families for their permission and he tries to weasel out of it by saying that he in a way asked the other families their permissions. Vanessa’s dad is giving Nick the business and I appreciate it. He’s forcing this back on Nick and asking him what this means to him. I respect Vanessa’s dad by saying he can’t give permission until he knows that his daughter is the last one and wants her to not get hurt and to be happy and then he concedes and gives his blessing. Vanessa has a random talk with her step-mom I believe, it was awkward and the 2 don’t seem super close.

Vanessa’s dad tells her that he gave his blessing and Vanessa is super excited that Nick asked for his blessing. She tells dad that if he asked she’d say yes right now. Then Vanessa asks dad if he asked Nick if he asked that question to other girls and then is very upset when dad says that yes, he did ask and Nick asked everyone’s permission for their blessing, so sorry Vanessa you are just like the rest of the pack, you aren’t special like you think you are.

We are randomly in New York for the rose ceremony after hometowns. I’m confused why we’re in New York, but I guess why not?!? Nick thinks it’s going to be impossible to make a decision tonight on who to send home. Corrine is feeling really confident because they laughed, kissed, giggled and she bought him a nice outfit. Rachel & Raven are both freaking out because they didn’t tell him that they loved him. We have WAY TOO MANY balcony shots! We saw all the girls pondering life on the balconies and then Nick on the balcony. Vanessa is in tears because she’s tired of being on a dating show and not knowing exactly where Nick stands and how he feels.

There’s a knock on his door and I expect it to be Vanessa, but it’s Andi! And then comes up the words “TO BE CONTINUED”



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