Nick’s Finale & Rachel’s Beginning?!?

We’ve finally reached the finale of this season!

As you all know, I have not been a huge fan of this season, but we powered through and made it!

I’m not going with my traditional blog, I’m going to warn you, I’m not really going to recap, I’m just going to give random thoughts!

First of all THANK GOD for Nick’s family this should hopefully be the last time we see them! We met them 3 years ago when Nick was first on the Bachelorette with Andi. Do you think they’re grooming Bella to be the first sibling Bachelor/Bachelorette in what 6-8 years when she’s 18-20 years old?!?! Nick may or may not be officially retired from this franchise at this point!

I’m kinda over the whole portion of the family’s coming in and meeting the final 2. Unless they say something controversial, it’s just not as fun. They didn’t pick a clear winner or loser, so I don’t have a whole lot to say. It is exactly what you’d expect.

Don’t worry we’re still in Finland btw for the final dates.

Vanessa gets the first final date. The “fun” portion of their dates is horseback riding to an outhouse where a creepy old guy dressed like Santa is waiting for them: giphy1

It went exactly as you’d imagine it went. I didn’t understand, Vanessa acted as if she was thrilled, how much did the Producers give to her to make her say that, and why was he there? I also kept expecting him to come back!

You know that whole sayin about how you should never say it can’t get worse because it then will. Well that’s basically how the rest of the date went, we just kept going downhill. And all they did was talk!

You have Vanessa saying that she should follow her gut and she hasn’t in the past and it’s come back to bite her. But she blatantly tells us (a few more times throughout the episode) that she is ignoring her gut an just going with Nick.

Did I also point out that there was A LOT of crying! At the day portion of the date and the night portion. Nick showed us yet again how he is not Ben and is not eloquent at all. Good job, Nick, you made me miss Ben every single episode this season, I don’t think that’s ever been done before! Nick is not reassuring Vanessa and is blatantly telling her that Raven’s still here and he doesn’t know what his choice is going to be and knows she wants reassurance but he can’t give her that at all because there’s 2 girls here. And I know the premise is not a new one, but the way he’s saying it just seems more cruel than in season’s past. At the night portion of the date, Vanessa is not just crying, she’s sobbing! I mean she’s still gorgeous but that was an ugly cry type of cry, I just wish I looked like her, instead of like this:


She is still wiping away her tears and is probably going to go back inside and continue her cry when she says goodbye to Nick. Not exactly the way you want the last time you see a girl before you propose to her to go, but that’s just me.

Raven’s date is the complete opposite of Nick & Vanessa’s. Where I don’t remember Nick & Vanessa smiling or laughing together or looking like they’re having fun at all on their date, Raven & Nick can’t stop having fun. There is ice skating, and of course making out on the ice. Our watch party did not think that looked comfortable at all. But then again, they also made out in that mud puddle in Hoxie, Arkansas, so what do I know? They don’t care about the ambiance, or comfort isn’t as important to them as it is to me. Nick also brings out Husky Puppies, come on now, Raven gets puppies and Vanessa got creepy Santa? The night portion is still fun, and they are talking, making out and looking like they genuinely enjoy one another’s company, again a stark contrast to his time with Vanessa.

Then our friend Neil Lane comes in and sees Nick for the 3rd time! They call one another old friend and then Nick makes a joke about how he doesn’t know much about engagement rings. I purposely am saying this was a joke, as he has chosen 3 rings alone with Neil. He’s become like Ross Gellar when it comes to buying rings, and yes I know that’s a joke that has been made all over the internet, and you know what, I rooted more for Ross’ happiness than Nick’s and I bet Ross is not happy to be compared to Nick.


After Nick picks out the ring, he is now in the place where he will propose to his future bride. Since we’ve noticed with how bundled up they’ve been on all their dates, we are not going to get an outside proposal. No we’re gonna be inside. And not in a cool rustic place like we were when Farmer Chris proposed to Whitney, no we’re going to be in what looks like a showroom living room of a place trying to sell things to people who act as if they hunt wildlife, but never have in their lives, but want to show off to all their friends. There are so many dead animal skins and heads around this room, and rugs that keep curling up and almost tripping people, it’s a mess of a room and basically the last place in the world I would like to get proposed to.

The first girl that’s brought in is Raven….and in the tradition that I HATE the most about this show, they let Raven pour her heart out. This pisses me off more than normal because of Nick being the Bachelor. He has been in this situation 2 times and know how mortifying it is not only in that moment, but for all of America to see it. Why in the hell, did he not stop it?!?! Or why didn’t he go and dump her in her hotel room before she got to this torture chamber? He looks super uncomfortable, but I think Raven is so nervous and so keyed up on finishing her speech that she has tunnel vision and doesn’t notice anything is wrong until she stops.


Then he starts cryin and talking about how he loves spending time with her an he remembers her coming out of the limo and he was trying to convince himself he loved her, but he realized this morning he wasn’t in love with her….you know all that great stuff people say to other girls 15 minutes before they propose to another girl.

Raven handles herself with such grace! I was really hoping we’d see the girl who threw her stiletto at her ex when she caught him cheating, Nick deserved it and all of America would’ve been on her side! She doesn’t really say a whole lot, hugs him and goes out without her coat (so she didn’t get her man and didn’t get to keep her coat? That’s real a really crappy breakup!) and hugs him again gets in the reject car and then says she doesn’t know if she’ll ever find love or if she deserves it, and I feel sad for her. That is until After the Final Rose, when Chris invites her to Mexico this summer to a place called Paradise and she agrees and thinks she’ll find love there. BTW she really hedged the question on if she thinks Nick & Vanessa will get married. She finally heard the producers all screaming yes, and talked about how maybe church bells could be ringing for them….probably not together, but maybe 🙂

Alright, Vanessa & Nick, well the first thing about Vanessa’s dress, had us all wondering where in the world she’d been hiding her girls all season? They came out for the finale, and boy did they have to be cold, there wasn’t much covering them. I do have to say that there was a ton of sexual innuendos between Nick & Vanessa throughout this whole episode, and maybe we now know why he chose her?!?!

Nick cries the second Vanessa walks in the door, he starts his speech, she says her part, he proposes, by kneeling WAY far away from her, as if he’s worried she’s going to give him a cold or something and she hysterically breaks down again, can’t look at him and finally says yes. We all think that Vanessa is more in love with the idea of being engaged, then in being engaged to Nick.

The After the Final Rose is as awkward as the whole season. Vanessa talks about how they’ve had their “struggles” and are supposedly these great communicators, why didn’t I ever see proof of this? All of Vanessa’s family is in the audience, how awkward for Nick to see them after he called them all traditional and they’re the opposite of his family. Nick & Vanessa are so romantic, by talking about how they’re realistic and just getting to know one another. They are not talking marriage yet, they are taking baby steps and are optimistic about the future. They are still talking about how they live in opposite countries and are leaning towards the US. The most telling thing, is that they didn’t replay the proposal, we always show the proposal, but not showing it, means they are barely hanging on, I’d have to believe.

They talk about Dancing with the Stars and how Nick will do that, and let’s be honest they are going to follow Farmer Chris & Whitney’s steps. Vanessa will be in the stands rooting him on until he gets kicked off and they will break up and that will be it until Nick comes on our tv screens again.

This couple is not going to be the next Trista and Ryan, but then again, I think we figured that out episode 1 or at the very latest episode 2. I’m happy he didn’t finish in 2nd place and seems happy.

Rachel being on our show and talking about how she’s ready for her story to start and that she’s over Nick, I am again so excited because she’s gorgeous, smart and so freakin articulate. Let’s be honest, she’s going to appear that way compared to Nick, but dang she is so likable! I am actually excited for her season!

They brought the mansion out to Rachel and are going to introduce a couple of her guys to her that will be on this journey with her. She is so freakin adorable because she is not ready for this at all and doesn’t know how to handle the fact that she’s meeting a couple of the guys right now, live on national tv. Harrison knows how to get under her skin, by saying she could meet her husband right here, right now and Rachel’s journey begins right now.

  1. We meet Demario, who’s in a tux and dang he’s adorable. He booked flights for them to Vegas (she loves Vegas) and he had a ring.
  2. Next is Blake, he kisses her hand, she pulls him in for a hug. They’re both nervous, he tells her that she looks good and smells good. Asks her how she’s doing, she tells him to make her more comfortable, he does a side hug and tells everyone to take pix now as their first couple pix.
  3. Dean comes out net and is SOOOO CUTE. He’s ready to go black and never go back. She LOVES that joke, they’re laughing and she hugs him, he doesn’t know where to exit.
  4. Eric from Baltimore comes out, she’s from Texas but they’re here right now. It’s a miracle season, what’s meant to be will be and he’s looking forward to spending time with her and meeting her. She likes what he just said, and they start saying “hey” and dancing on stage and hug it out.

Harrison tells us he’s done this for 15 years and is freaking out on the side stage. Rachel tells us she’d be fine meeting the guys in-front of a live studio audience if she could keep meeting guys like she just did.

Before I officially sign-off for Nick’s season, I would like to go back to my first impression of the girls, based only on their profiles and show you how right I was about my favorites:

  1. Kristina—girl from Russia who had such an amazing story
  2. Danielle L- Boobs McGee, I’m still surprised she didn’t make it a couple more weeks
  3. Rachel—the new Bachelorette!!!! That’s a first for me 🙂

Also for the crazies I’m going to take credit for:

  1. Raven—as much as she grew on me, you gotta admit she’s a little crazy!
  2. Alexis—I called Shark/Dolphin girl, she was the craziest on the whole show 🙂

My darkhorses and the other crazies I missed on, but I’ll take credit for the ones I did get right!

Well it’s been a ride. I’m glad to say goodbye to Nick and looking forward to Rachel’s season on May 22, is what Chris promised me! So I will see you back here then, or right around then when I make my predictions.

Until then, have the most dramatic/historic Spring ever 🙂



One thought on “Nick’s Finale & Rachel’s Beginning?!?

  1. I am so happy this season is over. Nick was more boring than usual. Him and Vanessa are HORRIBLE together, but Raven deserves so much better. Buh-Bye Nick and Vanessa. I give it 2 months, MAX. And by then…we’ll be back watching Rachel!

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