Rachel Meets her Men

Welcome back friends!!!!

I have to say, that I am even more optimistic than normal for our friend Rachel and this season of the Bachelorette. Yes, I know I can hear you all telling me “Lindsay, you feel this way every season before the first episode.” And you’re right, I do. But with all the disappointment, we have to finally get it right and have a good season!

Before I jump into Rachel’s season, let’s take a second to talk about some Bachelor business over the off-season. First of all, my favorite Bachelor of all time, Ben Higgins and his girl Lauren broke up. Now as someone who follows (ahem, stalks ;)) him on Social Media, this did not come as a surprise. You could tell they weren’t even feeling it this fall when they had their show on Free Form. Then they were slated to promote a couple shows, including the Disney wedding special that I did not watch, but heard it was painfully obvious they weren’t together anymore and what 2 days later we get the official word they’ve broken up. I’m just sayin, any of my Colorado friends, you see him walking around, feel free to slip him my phone number, I think it could be a match made in heaven.


The sad news from this off-season is about Farmer Chris. He was involved in an accident with a tractor where the driver of the tractor was killed and Chris is being charged with leaving the scene of the crime. Horrible situation, and even though I tease Chris, I wish nothing but the best for him, his family and especially the victim’s family. They are all in my prayers.

Okay, let’s get back to the carefree attitude of the Bachelorette. We are breaking ground people, we have our first African American lead of either the Bachelor or Bachelorette franchise, and how sad is that to say in 2017. I’m just glad it’s finally happening!

Rachel is our Bachelorette, and for those of you who don’t remember her, she was the girl who was WAY TOO GOOD for Nick! She’s a lawyer, who’s funny but doesn’t put up with crap. I think/hope she’ll be a more genuine, real Andi.

As always, I’ve stayed away from any spoilers, so please do not share them with me! With how crazy life and work has been lately, I actually haven’t even gotten on Abc.com like I normally do to scope out the guys ahead of time. I think I’m just going to take it as it comes and see what is on my tv and let the show give me all of my impressions of the guys.

Alright, let’s officially begin the most dramatic journey yet!


We get to see Rachel meeting her fans. My favorite are the cute lil old ladies who are telling her to listen to the guys, and then not to sleep with all of them 🙂 She also is bringing her dog who has a broken front leg and is so freakin adorable. I’m endeared to her even more because of her dog and how sweet she is with the lil old ladies!

Alright, let’s meet a few of Rachel’s guys:

  • Kenny—he’s a professional wrestler. His job is ridiculous, but dang if he doesn’t help me get over his ridiculous profession and start liking him right away. He introduces us to his 10 year old daughter McKenzie and there is REAL love there. We’ve seen guys use their kids to manipulate girls (AHEM JUAN PABLO!) but you can tell they actually get along and love one another and he’s a present father.
  • Jack-lawyer from Dallas, TX. Only child who was very close to his mom and she died from cancer and he misses her every day and is looking for a new woman.
  • Alex-Detroit, MI. He seems douche to me, probably because he’s lifting a huge dumbell over his head with a zip-up hoodie that is not zipped up. He’s stereotyped as a nerd, but he loves to code and rubix cubes. His parents are great, especially his mom who says that the girls fall too fast in love on the show.
  • Mohit—San Francisco, he started his own company and is a Bollywood dancer. He’s very close to his family and they’re all starting their own famlies and he wants to do that as well.
  • Lucas—well he’s a disappointment. I’ve become a little more attached to the name Lucas in the last few months since that is my nephew’s name. Well this will be one Lucas I will make sure he doesn’t meet or model himself off of. He’s the insane guy who just wants air-time. Awesome. He yells into our tv multiple times and has made up a word that is better than “BOOM” it’s WaBoom. He has a t-shirt with his face and the catch-phrase.


  • Blake E- Personal trainer and sports nutritionist. He works out all the time, so lots of testosterone is in his system. And then he starts talking about sex way too much and how awesome he is at it and yeah, I’m sorry but that doesn’t make me like you anymore, it makes me suspicious of you.
  • Diggy- Passionate about fashion and looking good- someone likes his digs and it stuck. Sneaker hoarder. Him & Rachel will have very good looking kids
  • Josiah- Attorney. Hard-working, driven and family is very important to him. I love his demeanor, he has a quiet confidence about him and I’m already at ease. He talks about how close he was with his older brother Sam, and then he talks about how Sam was bullied when they were younger for being overweight and Sam hung himself in their backyard. I know want to climb into the TV and hug Josiah. Ohhhh he cut his brother down from the tree when he was 7 years old. He got in trouble because he looked at the streets for an older brother figure. He got into trouble for burglary at 12, the judge pulled him aside and said he was better than that, and he decided then and there that he wasn’t a gangster or thug, he wanted to help people and is now working at the same state office that gave him a second chance and Josiah is my favorite.

Rachel is back at the Bachelorette with some of her old friends from Nick’s season. We have Corrine, Raven, Alexis (shark-girl), and then a handful of other girls that I can’t remember. Raven tells Rachel that the reason that Rachel was able to get along with all the girls that were there and are all so different is because she was able to see the good and bring out the best in each of them.

Rachel shows up to the mansion, with the soaking wet driveway like always. Harrison is there for the hug and to assure her to be open and not a control freak or a skeptic. Rachel’s dress is gorgeous, she is modest, but still breathtakingly beautiful. Alright, the guys are getting outta the limo, time for first-impression time!

  1. Peter 30- Business owner from Madison, WI, first-one outta the limo is always a good sign. I don’t think I love the patterned jacket with the bow-tie, but then he smiles and it grows on me a little bit. You can tell when they first see each other, there’s a spark and they both are a lil more at ease. His hands are shaking. He points out that he’s from WI and knows she doesn’t have the best luck with WI guys (ahem Nick!)
  2. Josiah- Rachel will have no reasonable doubt by the end that they are meant to be. Joking around with common legal terms and she loves it.
  3. Bryan-37, Miami-  he is Columbian and talks to her in Spanish and asks if she’s dated a Columbian before and she said no and he said she’s in for trouble and she likes it.
  4. Kenny-35-Professional Wrestler, Las Vegas—his intro is to do the dance move where they hold hands and do the wave and she loves it.
  5. Rob-Law Student-29-he wanted her to be the Bachelorette
  6. Iggy-excited to be here and meet her and get to know her
  7. Bryce-Firefighter, Orlando- he sweeps her off her feet and holds her in a firefighter position
  8. Will-28, Miami-does a Steve Urkel impression, runs back to the limo to change and becomes Stephon Urkel, which she gets right away and tells him that’s the bit he’s doing
  9. Diggy-31, Chicago-he wants to teach her how to Diggy
  10. Kyle-26, LA- he wants to show her her buns, he brought her food
  11. Blake K-29, San Fran- his grandparents only dated a couple months before they got married and just celebrated 65 wedding anniversary
  12. Brady-29, Male model- he brought a large chunk of ice and a gavel and broke the ice which she enjoyed. The guys now refer to him as Thor
  13. Dean—he met her at the Final rose and is the one who used the “I’m ready to go black and never go back” line and now he’s a little apprehensive about it. She told him she was fine with it and loved the confidence he had.
  14. Eric—he did the same thing as the Final rose and danced with her and she said that’s going to be their thing
  15. DeMario—she tells him that he looks familiar. He agrees and said that it was a pleasure to meet her and he looks forward to many more firsts “first date, first kiss, first Christmas” and she’s all about it. He’s the one who had the tix to Vegas. I liked him, but then he’s getting cocky around the guys and talking about how he’s the Champion and #1 seed in her heart. He’s the one who she’d been warned about not being here for the right reasons, and I could buy that.
  16. Blake E—he brings out a high school marching band and all the guys are able to see it. She loves it. He wanted to drum up a second introduction since he had the awkward first impression on the live show.
  17. Fred, 27, TX- He brings his old yearbook, shows a pic of his 3rd grade photo and Rachel is mortified and knows it’s coming before I put the 2 and 2 together and we see her 8th grade photo. She said she knew exactly who Fred was the second he came outta the limo and that he was a very bad kid.
  18. Jonathan, 31, FL- his profession is tickle-monster and the way he greets her is to have her arms out, close her eyes and he tickles her. She’s a better sport about it, than I would’ve been.
  19. Lee-30, Singer/songwriter- He sings her an original song and gives her a flower an she enjoys it
  20. Alex, 28, MI- He has a vacuum and said he’s actually just with the cleaning crew.
  21. Milton, 31, FL- he takes a polaroid photo of the 2 of them and gives it to her
  22. Adam, 26, TX- he has a lil puppet thing, 2 for the price of 1 and she is freakin out about the puppet.
  23. Matt-32, CT- He’s dressed as a Penguin. Once Penguin meet their soulmates they mate for life. He squeaks as he waddles and she’s laughing.
  24. Grant, 29, NYC- he’s an EMT and comes out in an ambulance with flashing lights and sirens
  25. Anthony, 26, Chicago- he’s here to help her with her sanity.
  26. Jamey, 32, CA- she looks great and her dress is ridiculous
  27. Jack, 31, TX- she looks amazing and he hopes to talk to her more inside
  28. Mohit- the only time he’s going to have the upper hand in the relationship
  29. Jedidiah, 35, GA- he got Biblical with Jacob meeting Rachel
  30. Michael, 26, Chicago- gives her a brownie
  31. Lucas, 30, CA—he has a blow-horn where he introduces himself and his stats, and we get to see her sense of humor come out with this, as she’s able to dish it out and keep him on his toes more than he’s doing for her. He says it’s not about sticking out, but making a connection with her and Waboom!

The other guys think he’s insane an they were trying to figure out who the crazy one is. He comes into the room and you can tell they have no idea what to do with him and don’t know each other well enough to really look at one another for reassurance, so we just to get to see it over all their faces.

Alright, there we go! There’s all 31 of her guys!


With watching Rachel having her brief conversation with the guys after the initial introductions and the toast, you realize just how articulate she is. The reason why I loved Ben Higgins so much was because he was the most articulate Bachelor we had in our show’s history, and she’s going to be the most articulate Bachelorette I feel like.

Dang, our guy Bryan, the 37 year old Chiropractor who spoke Spanish to her, tells her that he’s here for something serious. Jokes with her by teaching her some Spanish where she says of all the guys here she likes Bryan the most. Then he grabs her and kisses her. She tells the camera that she was not planning on kissing any guys tonight, so she wasn’t prepared for it, but boy did she love it. Rachel is smitten with Bryan and I think he’ll be making at least top 6.

Most of this episode is the same that we see from every premiere. The guys all evidently think this will be the season that’s different and that they will get Rachel’s undivided attention for as long as they want and that they aren’t on a dating show, where other people will be butting in. There are some absolutely ridiculous guys and then there are some guys who I won’t mind having on my screen for a couple months.

Blake, the guy who brought the drum line is now being all holier than thou with Lucas WaBoom guy. Is Lucas there for the right reasons, absolutely not. Should the guy who talked about how much sex he’s gotten and the compliments he gets with his “little general” be the one leading this discussion on night 1! Now Lucas is wanting to stir the pot and get under Blake’s skin and I’m okay watching that, since I’m not a Blake fan.

Rachel grabs the first impression rose and gives it to Bryan. She takes it seriously because she received the first impression rose from Nick, so it means a lot to her. All the guys are now trying to compare themselves to Bryan and how they compete with him. Please notice that he’s quiet and not causing drama in the house fellas!

We have our first rose ceremony now! We have found out that she talked to every single person, which I don’t think is always done and with 31 guys that’s very impressive

  1. Bryan got the first impression rose. I like him and support this decision 🙂
  2. Peter—first guy outta the limo means something, I’m telling you!
  3. Will—Stephon Urkel bit helped him
  4. Jack—I know he’s a lawyer, but that’s about it
  5. Jamey—he spells his name funny 🙂
  6. Iggy—this guy is going to be the commentator and tell us what’s going on with the house and the guys, but not be close to Rachel
  7. Eric—they like to dance, ATFR and then tonight
  8. DeMario—of course we’re not gonna listen to people saying he’s not here for the right reasons, we need a villain and I think we found him!
  9. Jonathan—tickle monster made it
  10. Bryce—Firefighter sweeped her off her feet
  11. Alex—he had the vacuum
  12. Kenny—pro wrestler with cutie daughter
  13. Dean—guy who met her at ATFR and has the best smile
  14. Matt—penguin guy, really?!?!
  15. Anthony—he’s tall dark and handsome
  16. Brady—male model who brought the ice chunk
  17. Josiah—-he needs to tone it down around the other guys, but I like him
  18. Lee—Southern gentleman who sings songs
  19. Diggy—he’s got style
  20. Fred—he wasn’t black-balled for camp being a kid, his eyes were all watery though
  21. Adam—guy with the puppet and puppet wasn’t allowed to come up
  22. Blake E—oh good, the guy who’s attempting to guard and protect her heart is here
  23. Lucas—WABOOM, he gets the final rose and yells out his catch-phrase which is just proof he’s a producer pick.

We’re getting rid of 8 guys! I don’t think there’s anyone that I’m really surprised  about anyone that’s leaving. The sun is shining REALLY bright, so there is some really drunk guys in that room and the ones that are going home! So whenever I see anyone cryin in their going home package, I just blame it on the alcohol.

Looking at the previews, it looks like we’re in for quite a ride. I don’t think Rachel cries nearly as much as Nick & Ben did though, so she’ll get some brownie points for that. It looks like Lee our country boy is the villain, which I never would’ve seen coming. Also, it seems we have a guy who has a girlfriend who he was still living with and she comes on the show so that’s interesting as well.

I’m excited to see where this crazy show will take us!

Until next week,



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