Rachel & her guys leave the Mansion!

Let me start by talking about the controversy that is going on for Bachelor in Paradise and say that it makes me sick to my stomach, that people will put aside helping out someone (or someones as the case may be) and just let them make stupid mistakes and not put them in harms way all for the sake of a good television show. I don’t know all the details in the DeMario & Corrine situation, and honestly, don’t really wanna know it, but shame on the people who watched it all go down and didn’t step in. At first I was selfishly sad that I wasn’t going to watch the train-wreck this summer and wondered why someone would agree to be a producer of a show like this if they were going to blow a whistle on the whole thing, but as more disturbing things are coming out, I’m realizing how wrong my first impression was and how warped my sense of reality tv is and how I should’ve applauded the producer who had the guts to speak up when no one else would.

I watched the first season of the LifeTime show UnReal and it honestly made me sick to watch, I think they’ve had at least 1 more season if not 2, but I couldn’t watch because it made me feel horrible to think of the manipulation that occurs. Yes, I often talk about a person sticking around because a producer is making them, but to know the extent that they are puppet masters and some people have no idea the strings that are being pulled, is what makes me sad.

Okay, so I have no other thoughts on the DeMario/Corrine thing at this time, other than saying we should pray for both of them and the other people who were witnesses to it, because it sounds like they could all use our prayers.

On a lighter subject, last week we didn’t have the Bachelorette because the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers to become NBA champions & who happened to be in the house watching and cheering on her ex-boyfriend, Kevin Durant who played the game/series of his life? Why yes, our Bachelorette Rachel was in attendance and tweeted out this photo, showing she was cheering for the Warriors….interesting! Read into that, whatever you want, I’m just saying, if I’m her fiance sitting at home last Monday, I’m pissed I’m not at game 5 and am pissed she’s sitting front-row watching an ex-flame who happens to be one of the best basketball players in the world.

Alright, let’s get into this episode. Remember where we left off a couple weeks ago….Lee was stirring the pot and getting under poor Eric’s skin and getting him to freak out. Eric manages to keep his cool and just asks Lee to mind his own business and he’ll do the same.

Lee shows he wants to be the villain, because he goes up to interrupt poor Kenny the wrestler’s time with Rachel just as they sit down. He asks for 60 seconds, Lee pretends he said 16 seconds and counts the 16 seconds, and Rachel & Kenny are trying to have a real life convo, but Lee is hovering and making it awkward for everyone. Kenny cracked me up though, because as he’s leaving he looks at the camera and cocks his eyebrow like he doesn’t believe it.

Lee tries to say he’s here to pull Rachel’s heart strings and I don’t know if that’s supposed to be romantic but it sounds like he’s just trying to manipulate her and it pisses me off.

Sweet Dean is talking about how Lee is pissing him off, and Dean endears himself to me some more. Especially when he’s part of a conversation about quirks/corks/quarts….it reminds me of this exchange from Friends, and we’ve all been there before trying to figure out exactly what the cultural phrase is:

Dean is giving his interview with the producers and you can tell they’re trying to lead him down a path of questioning and he answers it up to a point. He hints at the idea that Lee is racist and is only going after certain guys in the house that maybe he doesn’t have as much in common with culturally, yet he’s brilliant because he never actually says Lee is racist, because that is not an accusation you want to make lightly or be the one to say and he’s smart enough to know that not give the producers the sound-bite they really want.

We get the romance with Bryan & Rachel. He asks her to be vulnerable with him and she tells him that she has a fear that he’s so charming that it it’s too good to be true. He tells her it’s a fairy tale and she doesn’t believe it and then throws it back at him, showing that she’s still the girl we loved on Nick’s season and keeping it real by still being skeptical of this whole process and asks him what’s going to happen when they get back to real life, and Bryan assures her that’s it’s real and genuine and she has nothing to worry about, and dang girl, I’m swooning on my living room couch over this guy so good luck to you! They giggle and she is a smitten kitten, Bryan is our front-runner ladies & gentleman, they do seem to be in their own little world.

Kenny pulls Lee aside from the group to call him out on pulling aside Rachel twice. He’s trying to stay calm, but Lee again is stirring the pot and trying to get him upset and it’s working. I feel for Kenny and we need Lee off our tv, he doesn’t give a crap about Rachel he is wanting to be on TV and be the “villain”

Rachel breaks down in tears in her interview talking about the pressures of being the first black Bachelorette and dealing with people second guessing all of her thoughts and choices and trying to make her choices of handing guys roses into a bigger deal then most of our Bachelorettes have to deal with. She again handles this with class & grace though and is so articulate and knows what to say and when to be quiet and not get herself in trouble, I am again impressed by her.


  1. Eric—-got the group date rose
  2. Anthony—Mr. Clean, one-on-one date with the horses on Rodeo drive, I still don’t understand
  3. Alex—-the Russian who was a great stripper and very honest in his questions and answers with Ellen DeGeneres
  4. Will—-Urkel
  5. Dean—-the best smile in the house, my 3rd favorite guy
  6. Jonathan—how the hell does the tickle monster keep makin it?
  7. Peter—-my 2nd favorite guy, gap between teeth, first one-on-one date
  8. Adam—-the guy who had the mini puppet the first night
  9. Bryan—my favorite guy, first impression rose, chiropractor
  10. Matt—-dressed up as a penguin the first night
  11. Josiah—-great smile, attorney with the saddest family story
  12. Jack—Jack Stone, attorney that I don’t know anything else about
  13. Iggy—-he just annoys me, he is trying to interject at the weirdest times it seems like
  14. Kenny—wrestler, single dad, good for you Kenny!
  15. Final Rose—-Lee because the producers are making her choose him for another week 😦


Going home:

1.Diggy—stylish glasses and 500 pairs of shoes

2. Bryce—firefighter

3. Male model—Brady


Alright people, we’re saying goodbye to these fellas and we’re going to say goodbye to the mansion for awhile. We’re going to SC!

Dean gets the 1 on 1, their love is about to take off! It’s been driving me crazy the last couple weeks, trying to figure out who Dean reminded me of, and it finally hit me, he reminds me of Scott Wolf from Party of 5! Here’s my proof, do you kinda see it?!?


They take off in a jeep and are able to go off-roading a little bit. They’re also gonna go on a picnic on the front of the jeep. There’s lots of giggling and cuddling. Dean points out the Goodyear blimp and then realization starts to sink in when he sees it coming over. Rachel has a fascination with blimps and have since she was a kid, so she is PUMPED! She spills champagne on herself, but Dean doesn’t notice, because he’s now laying down on the hood of the jeep, seeing his life flash before his eyes because he’s terrified of heights and doesn’t wanna do this. Rachel promises to hold his hand the whole time and my love of Dean is growing!

He is worried, freaking out, trying to smile but you can tell he’s freaking. He also rambles when he’s nervous and can’t look out the window. Rachel is loving it and sitting in the drivers seat and flying the blimp. Dean stands up and watches her and then she makes him get in the drivers seat. He is driving it and asks the pilot if there’s anything he could do to destroy them and then all of a sudden he’s enjoying it and yells out “I’m a BLIMP PILOT!” and there is more giggling.

Rachel tells us that she’s a dare-devil and they talk about how they need someone to push them a little bit, but you have to have the trust factor and someone you feel comfortable with and they have that. And he cracks me up by admitting that the champagne helps take the edge off a lil bit.

The guys at the resort see the blimp drive by with the sign that say that Rachel & Dean are in the blimp. The guys point out that Rachel is going to be 32 and Dean is 25, so the age difference could be a real thing and he needs to bring his A game to dinner tonight.

Group date card:

  1. Alex
  2. Anthony
  3. Peter
  4. Bryan
  5. Jonathan
  6. Adam
  7. Matt
  8. Kenny
  9. Lee
  10. Iggy
  11. Eric
  12. Will
  13. Josiah

Which means Jack Stone gets a 1 on 1 date, so maybe we’ll know something about Jack now!

Back to Dean & Rachel! They’re in an enchanted forest eating dinner with all of these lights off of the trees. Dean has an unfortunate wardrobe choice with some tighty whitey pants but luckily he’s sitting down now so I don’t have to see them.

Dean asked about Rachel’s up-bringing. Rachel mentions her parents are still together and she was raised in a strict religious upbringing, but her parents let her be her.

Dean talks about a strict religious upbringing. Religion and being outdoors were the foundation of his childhood. He casually mentions that when he was 15 his mother passed away and that’s when things began to fall apart. His mom had breast cancer, she was diagnosed at 9, and he found a book about dealing with breast cancer in the car when she went to pick him up from school. She was in remission for awhile. Then when he was 14 she was re-diagnosed and he talks about how she was admitted to hospice and since she had been in remission before he assumed she’d go thru remission again. He said he’d leaned over and asked her when she’d come back home and she told him never and that was the hardest moment of his life. He remembers it was a Tuesday, October 21, 2006, his dad came into his room and told him that his mom passed away. Dad was crying but Dean was stoic. He talked about his brothers and sister moved out of the house, his dad wasn’t around a lot, so he basically had the house to himself from 15-18, which was challenging. You can tell he loves his mom, and was a mama’s boy.

He cries a little bit, Rachel cries a little bit. He talks about how he hadn’t opened up like that to anyone else. He wants to be a family man some-day. That experience helped open him up and he wants to be married and have a close family. Rachel wanted to be strong for him and didn’t cry until she was in her interview with her producer.

Dean gets the rose and I don’t know, there is something about the 2 of them. I really am a fan of Dean, he’s slowly growing on me! And this date wouldn’t be complete without a random concert where Dean & Rachel get to dance on a make-shift stage with all of these people standing around with their phones and Russel Dickerson is singing to them, they’re dancing and kissing.

Group date time! We’re going on a boat and by boat we mean yacht for the group date. We have a dance party where all the guys have to dance in the middle of a circle. We limbo. We have a push-up competition where Rachel sits on their back and they do a push-up. Then a rap competition, where Kenny does a great job an then poor Pete decides to try and rap and he gets points for trying, but bless his heart he’s not an awesome rapper.

We now are off the yacht and the boys are very upset because we have a Spelling Bee. Harrison is our host and there is a poor audience that needs to witness this, for who knows what reason. It came down to Josiah & Will for our spelling bee champions and Josiah is the one who won. Some of the guys were not impressed with him and his cocky attitude, but I think they were just jealous they couldn’t spell.

Alright, night portion of the date is here!

Peter talks about how with the large group of guys that were around, he had an unexpectedly good time with her. She comments that his freestyle was something that she absolutely loved and that he was perceptive. I like that he’s still getting to know her and asking her questions, like barefoot or socks and they both agreed barefoot. Peter said he’d leave Madison for the right reason, and Rachel just casually mentions she is licensed to practice in Wisconsin and that excited him.

Eric talks about how today loosened him up and she was excited for that and can tell he’s having a better day and wants him to have fun and be loose. He asks her what her typical day is. Picking up food, cleaning is a stress reliever and watching trashy tv.

Iggy grabs Rachel and is going to stir the pot and not talk about their relationship at all, but wants to mention the other guys. And you can tell Rachel isn’t feeling him, she is asking him about the house drama, when she’s told all the guys she’s interested in that she doesn’t wanna deal with that and doesn’t wanna talk about it. Iggy says he questions Josiah’s motives, which means he feels threatened by Josiah. Iggy is the gossip of the house.

Lee is talking to Rachel and you can tell that she is not feeling him and doesn’t believe a word that is coming out of his mouth. He talks about how positive he is and how that can come across as disingenuous and how Lee was scared of Kenny because he was very aggressive and berated him for 30 minutes. Lee makes it appear that he was the good guy and that he didn’t do anything and Kenny is the bad guy. He’s just a sweet southern gentleman


Rachel and Kenny are now talking and Kenny free-styles for her and they giggle. Rachel wants to keep it real, and talks about what’s been bothering her with him yelling at Lee as she was trying to have a conversation. She talked about how she hadn’t seen that side of Kenny before and she was concerned. Kenny admits he didn’t handle the situation correctly and wishes he could do it better and that they’d shaken hands and made up. Kenny points out that Lee is charming, and his hand-shake doesn’t match his smile and he doesn’t always tell the truth. Lee also randomly tells Peter & Alex that he could talk about the things he hates about these 2 guys, but just chooses not to. Peter talks about how he can’t stand Lee. Kenny is now in his head and is upset and letting Lee get the best of him, which I can’t blame him, Lee knows what he’s doing.

We get the dreaded “TO BE CONTINUED” when Kenny comes back inside and grabs Lee to have a private conversation with him.

We get 2 nights of the Bachelorette next week, both Monday & Tuesday night and we get a 2 on 1 with both Kenny & Lee…..until next week, try and be nice to one another and leave the gossiping and complaining to the guys on the Bachelorette 🙂


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