Rachel & her guys head to Norway!

Welcome back friends!

Let’s start off by talking about how Bachelor in Paradise is back on. Now who knows how it’s going to air and what will happen with the 3 days they were down there before and the whole DeMario/Corrine drama, but the investigation showed no wrong doing. Let’s hope that’s true and that everyone else behaves themselves while they’re done there. We know Raven will be there as she tweeted this out:

So have no fear, we will have something to watch in mid August to get us to when Fall TV returns in September (Hello THIS IS US :))

I am really hoping with this whole 2 day Bachelorette escapade we’re going on, we’ll finally get away from the “To be Continued” and get back to the rose ceremonies at the end of the episodes because it’s hard to remember exactly where we’re jumping into.

We luckily have the previews that remind us that Lee was being a douche and egging Kenny on. Kenny grabbed Lee for a conversation outside. The rest of the guys just watch them go outside and talk about the drama of it. What really proves that Lee is a douche is now Peter saying that Lee is “a royal pain in the ass”

And instead of going with Lee & Kenny we have Bryan in a sail boat with Rachel that is on land and they aren’t moving anywhere. Bryan is a smooth operator and talks about how she thinks he’s too good for her and he thinks she’s too good for him. I don’t know, I like Bryan, but I don’t know if I trust him completely, if he’s watched this show before, he knows exactly what to say, especially about how he doesn’t care about the drama in the house. He’s attractive as hell, but is he in it for Rachel or the fame?!?! I do know I’ve seen more of his tongue than I’d ever like to, he’s a poor man’s Arie from Emily Maynard’s season a million years ago:

Alright now we have Lee & Kenny talking and Lee just rolling his eyes and not listening and letting Kenny talk. Kenny is keeping his voice very calm and low, it’s actually more terrifying them him yelling, you can tell Lee is shaking in his boots and is trying to talk and get Kenny riled up and start yelling. He’s trying to twist words around and provoke Kenny and we’re all hoping that Kenny holds it together. Lee is terrified, so he has to walk away and go into the room with the rest of the guys.

Rachel hands the group date out to Bryan and I don’t think any of us are all that shocked, you can tell she’s a fan. The guys actually congratulate Bryan and talk about how he’s a classy guy, Kenny is the one who leads the toast and Lee tries and talks to him and get him to fight but Kenny has the guys cracking up.

What I find actually the most interesting is as the guys are leaving to go to their car to go back to the hotel, Lee & Kenny are still jawing at one another, but you can tell Bryan is trying to talk to a Producer. I don’t know if it’s to give them the rose, or if he’s trying to get something to get the rose to stick to his shirt, but I am payin way more attention to that and want to know about that interaction instead of whatever is going on with Lee & Kenny.

Poor Jack Stone gets his first date and they are dancing and Jack Stone & Rachel are not on the same page at all….it’s awkward, not as bad as it was with Fred, but still awkward, when the girl is giggling as they kiss, because she’s sick and he’s going to get sick…..it’s so sad because he’s feeling her and she’s not feeling him and I need her to let him down quickly and gently because this is SO AWKWARD!


Lee is talking to Will and trying to get his side of the story and Kenny being aggressive and is whining. Will tries to steer Lee away from using the word “aggressive” because there is a negative connotation with that word and African American men and that is not something Will wants to go down…..and of course because Lee is a douche he’s trying to talk about Kenny playing the race card as an excuse for his behavior. And Will tells him that the word “aggressive” is a trigger word and Lee should find another word. Of course Lee doesn’t see it that way and doesn’t understand why he needs to change.

We’re back to Rachel & Jack Stone and you know it’s not going to end well when they come into dinner and she’s in a sweater cardigan and jeans and is way too casual for a date. You can tell she has the sniffles and is just not feeling it. Jack Stone is the worst attorney ever if he’s not picking up the signs that the “X-Factor” isn’t there.  I feel horrible for him, because he has a great smile and great personality, but he is not getting the rose and is going home on his one-on-one date.

What sucks is a great guy like Jack Stone is going home and getting his heart broken on National TV and didn’t get all the air-time that freakin Lee is getting who’s a scum bag and that makes me really sad. I also am to blame for this, I haven’t said really anything about Jack Stone in my blog but have typed more about the douche than I should.

No cocktail party, we’re going straight to the rose ceremony:

  1. Bryan- group date
  2. Dean-one-on-one date rose
  3. Eric—good for him to stay away from Lee & the drama this week, I think he’s a good guy who has a lil growing up to do, but could get there
  4. Peter—I think Peter is actually my #1, I’m a huge fan of him
  5. Adam—-the guy who has Adam Jr. the puppet
  6. Will—he dressed up as Urkel
  7. Matt—-the guy who was the penguin
  8. Alex—-Russian guy
  9. Josiah—he’s had a rough childhood and go of things
  10. Anthony—the guy who went on the 1 on 1 with the horses on Rodeo drive
  11. Kenny—-pro-wrestler with the daughter
  12. Lee gets the FINAL ROSE because of course he does

That means going home is Iggy—the pot stirrer who never had a real conversation with Rachel other than to tattle on the other guys and Jonathan the tickle-monster who was well liked and the comic relief in the house. He goes in and hugs her and then tickles her one last time on the road and all the guys loved it and were laughing and clapping for him, he’s gonna be on Paradise isn’t he?!?

Rachel and the guys are leaving the country, they’re heading to Norway!

Little known fact, I do know some items about Norway, from the last Winter Olympics where we had Office Olympics and my department’s country was Norway. We knew facts about the country and speed skating.

1795348_10101236221549073_955277901_o (2).jpg

There is no date card, Rachel just grabs Bryan and takes him on a date. Dean decides to be the one to bet against everyone and say there’s a chance Bryan couldn’t come back. I appreciate Dean’s try, sometimes you gotta place a bet against everyone else. They admit they have the physical, but both want to get to know the basics about each other.

Bryan and Rachel are going to repel down and Rachel is FREAKING out. She is hysterically laughing and can’t handle it she wants down, but Bryan is calming her down the best he can and walking her through this, though he’s breathing heavily and freaking out. I do have to say ABC I don’t need to hear the kissing noises, we know they like each other and are kissing. They make it down and she needs to kiss him and hug him and be on solid ground. Bryan talks about how he can stay positive in this whole experience because they’ve made good forward progress. Rachel admits she’s trying to sabotage this because she doesn’t want to be be played. I want them to talk to one another more because I don’t think they’re having the conversations that Dean and Peter and her have had, that’s what concerns me.

Anthony & Eric are having a conversation in the hotel about how there is 5 one-on-one dates and that Anthony is the only Black guy who’s gone on a date. Anthony shows how articulate he is by talking about how Rachel sees past the race and is looking at the personalities and Anthony points out that you could put him, Eric, DeMario, Kenny and any of the other guys and you wouldn’t think they were the same guy.

Rachel when talking about Bryan and the night portion of their date is definitely sounding like Bryan is the lead character, she’s worried about putting herself out there and talking to him and being rejected, not something you hear very often. She talks about how growing up she was a tomboy and she had an attractive older sister and all the guys would pay attention to her sister, so she doesn’t know how to accept a compliment or know if it’s genuine. Bryan talks about his past relationship which was 4 years ago and anytime any serious topics came up he would deflect, but he’s decided to grow up and be a man, and he’s gonna open up and he’s the first one to utter the phrase “I’m truly falling in love with you” and gets the date rose. She is SMITTEN and I want to trust him but don’t know if I can.



Alright group date time:

  1. Adam
  2. Dean
  3. Anthony
  4. Peter
  5. Matt
  6. Will
  7. Alex
  8. Eric
  9. Josiah

Which leaves Kenny & Lee for the 2 on 1, obviously.

Rachel and the group date guys are going to be playing a popular European game of handball. You can see that they are intimidated and scared by what they’re watching guys do.  Coach Tom is here to teach them how to play Handball. A combo of football, basketball and water polo….Coach Tom gives us all a valuable life lesson “HandBall is LIFE!”

This looks like some dodgeball thrown in there as well. The guys are wearing wrestling singlets basically. Rachel is playing on the red team as well. Peter is flirting with her very obviously and then we also see Dean flirting and tying her shoe that came untied.

Kenny gets to FaceTime his daughter and you can tell he is an active father and he is a good father who loves his daughter. He cries and is a big teddy bear who misses her and it breaks your heart a little bit, because you know it’s genuine and real.

Group date night portion of the date. Rachel takes Will “the champ” who scored the most points. He has an amazing laugh! He tells her he’s guarded and put the foot on the peddle because he doesn’t want to have regrets and needs to speed things up. He talks about how he was also hurt and his ex chose a different guy. He realized he gave it his all and it wasn’t him. They talk about how they’re feeling each other and like each other, and he takes her to the side and kisses her not right in-front of the cameras which I appreciate.

Alex decides to read her a letter he wrote and she loved it.

Dang, Adam ended up stiching lyrics of a song onto a blanket or something to that equivalent.

Josiah knows all the correct phrases to say and the compliments to give. He says she’s the woman of his dreams. Rachel calls him out about not asking her questions when they’re together and not just saying things because he read them. He’s not even listening when she says to ask her questions. He just keeps using the player phrases and I don’t trust him, but dang I wanted to like Josiah because of his crazy backstory.

Peter & Rachel are talking and there’s the romantic music playing before we even see the 2 of them on the screen. He talks about how he enjoyed seeing her in her element earlier today. She admits she’s an open book and very easy to read and he cracks me up because he asks why is he the only one who picks up on that, and I do not know Peter, I do not know! Rachel said what she loves about Peter is that he notices things about her that others don’t notice, he’s lazered into her. They go out onto the patio and take in the view and make-out. He said that he just wants to keep kissing her and she tells him to do it then, but I love him even more because he says no they have a ton of ground to cover, which shows he’s not just in it for the physical connection, but also the emotional one. Of course, she suggests they cover the ground in the hot tub, they change and make-out in there, but Peter you get an A for effort buddy! They were all talking about how long Peter had been gone and give him hell when he gets back in.

Rachel comes in and grabs the group date rose and she gives it Will and I’m sure Peter is disappointed, but we all know that Peter and Bryan are the front-runners she can’t give all the group date roses to them. Don’t get in your head Peter, she likes you! But dang I do like Will’s laugh!

Rachel shows up in a helicopter to get Lee & Kenny. They go out to the Norwegian wilderness and if this date isn’t bringing flashbacks to this 2 on 1 you’re not a real fan 😉

2 on 1

Kenny is fighting for the relationship with Rachel and that he actually wants to be there for her, and she feels a sense of sincerity and that she can trust him. For some reason the producers leave the 2 guys just the 2 of them before Lee has talked to her. Lee is talking about how he can be calculating and is gonna stir the pot.

Lee is talking about how aggressive Kenny is and Kenny tried to take him out of the van aggressively. Lee is talking just about Kenny and not about his relationship with Rachel. He also talks about how Kenny has a dark place when he drinks. He doesn’t mention Rachel whatsoever or their relationship.

Rachel talks about how she doesn’t know who to trust or what sides are exaggerating and to what extent. She was going to leave Lawyer Rach at home, but screw that….she grabs Kenny and talks to him again and tells him that Lee said he was violent, aggressive and pulled him from the van. Kenny looks SHOCKED by the news especially of the news of the van, and I’m believing him. She wanted to be honest with him because he was honest with her. She leaves him to go think about things.

Kenny is walking back down the hill and is PISSED. I think Lee purposely lied, so Kenny would smack him and then they’d both go home. Lee knows he isn’t gonna get Rachel, but I think he wants to make sure Kenny doesn’t get him either. Stay strong Kenny!!!!

We get a TO BE CONTINUED and there are LOTS of tears….luckily we just have to wait until tomorrow!

See you then!


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