Rachel’s Vikings!

Here we go Night 2 of our Bachelorette Extravaganza!

We’re going to start off with Lee & Kenny show-down. Kenny tells Lee he knows he lied to Rachel about Kenny dragging Lee outta a van….then Lee says he never said that….PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE, why do you insist on lying when there are VIDEO CAMERAS surrounding you 24/7! You’re on a reality television show, what do you think is going to happen? You’re going to be shown to be a liar!

Rachel comes back to the guys and talks about how informative today was and how honesty is great, but trust is the most important thing. Rachel tells Lee that she doesn’t trust him and is sending him home. Rachel told Kenny that they had a really good conversation, but she’s not quite ready to hand out the rose yet, and wants more time with Kenny.

As Lee is leaving he throws out another condescending “sweetheart” and decides if he’s going down he’s going to take Kenny with him. I don’t know if the producers are making Kenny go and talk to Lee or if he decided to go himself, but he walks her to the helicopter and rolls her eyes and can’t believe that Kenny is giving Lee more attention after he “won.” Rachel isn’t impressed and I think Kenny nailed his own coffin with that whole exchange.

The guys are excited to see Lee’s bags leaving, but I was disappointed it was nowhere NEAR this level….this is by far the best reaction ever to a 2 on 1 date reaction of people leaving—-goodbye Kelsey!

Kenny & Rachel are talking in the evening and Kenny talks about how he has a very long fuse, but he knows to not bottle up his emotions up. I will give Kenny credit, you know exactly where he stands in any situation, I don’t know if that is the case for all the guys left, but it’s what Rachel wants and needs. As a result of Kenny’s sincerity, he gets the rose for the night. They have a good friendship, let’s see where the romance is, because I don’t know if it’s up to the same level as some of the other guys. Kenny cries again when he talks to his daughter, and he’s fallen hard for Rachel and has her high on a pedestal, which you know isn’t going to end well, but for tonight, let’s act like all is right and Kenny will be happy for a long period of time 🙂

No cocktail party, we’re going straight to rose ceremony! Rachel gets to be super blunt by saying that they’re all great guys, but if you don’t get a rose tonight it’s because she honestly doesn’t see you as her husband

  1. Bryan—got the 1 on 1 date rose
  2. Will-Group date rose
  3. Kenny—2 on 1 rose
  4. Dean—still love Young smiley Dean
  5. Eric—I like Eric, especially since he laid low after Lee went after him, I hope he opens up some more
  6. Peter—I’m shocked he was the 3rd one listed for the rose, but I guess he can’t be the first one all the time
  7. Alex—-Russia
  8. Adam—-really the guy with the puppet keeps making it this far?!?!?
  9. Final rose—-MATT?!?! WTH?!?! PENGUIN GUY!??!?!

That means going home is Anthony & Josiah. I thought for sure Anthony was going to get the final rose, I mean I knew he wasn’t going super far because we didn’t really see a whole of his Rodeo drive date or much after that, but we’ve seen more of him than we have of  freaking Adam, Matt or Alex.

Josiah, you had your chance buddy. I liked you at the beginning, but your ego got in the way. You’re a smooth operator, but don’t know how to woo an intelligent lady. There’s nothing wrong with Josiah, there’s something wrong with Rachel’s brain according to her.

We’re now in Copenhagen, Denmark for our journey. Eric gets the first one-on-one date and Rachel is “cOPEN to love.” Eric is PUMPED to be on a date with her just the 2 of them. He does have some positive energy. They get to go on a boat and tour Copenhagen. He makes her smile and laugh pretty much the whole time on the boat. They start talking about how many kids they want, Rachel says 4 and Eric acts like it’s a lot then comes back and says he wants 10! This is such a positive, happy date. I find myself smiling back at them because of how much they’re smiling, and their smiles come in a close second to my favorite smile that’s on my television screen (Lorenzo Cain from the Royals)


Group date card arrives:

  1. Dean
  2. Kenny
  3. Bryan
  4. Alex
  5. Matt
  6. Peter
  7. Adam

Which means Will gets the second 1 on 1 date of the week.

Who knew that Denmark had the 2nd most popular amusement park in the world. They’re laughing and giggling and having a great time, believe it or not. They bring their inner child side out in one another. They act like high school sweethearts with no cares in the world.

Eric tells us about how he was a good kid, good grades, no smoke, drugs didn’t do anything bad. As he was growing up, he didn’t get love from his mom. Didn’t get love and attention so he would run away from it, because he never had it before. He knows he’s falling for her and feels out of control but in a good way. He is willing to keep opening up and learn more and do whatever it takes….Eric won me over a little bit more tonight, and Rachel as well, he gets the rose tonight!

Group date is going on a Viking boat, not quite the Viking Voyager from Worlds of Fun but close. They are sitting in the midst of other gentleman and are rowing, it looks like it’s actually some difficult work. It is not surprising to me that Rachel is sitting next to Bryan on this part of the trip.

We now have Tom & Morton who are going to show our guys how to be Vikings. Poor Dean & Peter just appear so outta their element it’s almost humorous. These games are very violent and physical. The 2 that are the best and have to fight for it are Kenny & Adam. We have both Kenny & Adam that duel it out and the shields hit each of them in the face, they probably each need stitches and Kenny wins the Viking King of the day. Rachel appears more uncomfortable by all of this and I think that she likes team sport and strategy more than the brute strength of challenges and kicking the crap outta one another.

Bryan steals Rachel first away from the group. They gotta make out and talk about how they missed one another, and attempt to talk in the middle of making out. Bryan is an optimist and then Rachel talks about being a pessimist and talks about how bad things could be and they could break up. Bryan tries to reassure her, but doesn’t have concrete plans in how to reassure her. He doesn’t talk about how what a plan is for them living in 2 different cities or states, just that he’s there and in it.

Peter is our next guy up. Rachel talks about how handsome he is and what attracted her the most when they first met was how nervous he was. She talked about how she’s not good at vocalizing her emotions, she thinks about it and analysis them and since she does that and knows she doesn’t have a poker face, she assumes they know where she is. Peter I think can read her and does pay enough attention to be on the same page as her. She inspires him to look into the future, and she is his muse and then she asks for him to kiss her and I’m falling even more for him


Now we’re to the quick portion of the montage of conversations with the guys. We get Dean and her kissing and joking. Then Alex and Adam. Matt and her talk about Kenny’s eye and that Kenny is hurting physically but maybe also emotionally.

Kenny talks about how he’s fighting his ass of to prove himself and missing his daughter. He admits the last couple weeks haven’t been wonderful and if their relationship has been growing the way he’d like it to. She’s asking him what he’s lacking from her. Kenny actually endears him to me even more because he’s the one who’s able to put his daughter first and talks about he doesn’t want to introduce his daughter to her if he’s not gonna be in the finals. They have a real honest conversation, and you can tell that she respects his relationship with McKenzie and says that he’s going to be real sad to see him go, but they both admit that they aren’t where they should be and I’m so glad that Kenny gets to go out on his own term and go out with his head held high. She cries as he leaves because he’s such a great guy but this is how Kenny’s journey should end. Go home to Vegas, be with your daughter and find a nice girl because you deserve it Kenny! We’re all cheering for you!

The group date rose for the night is going to Peter because he deserves it from last week but he couldn’t get it last week, so there’s your reassurance Peter.

We’ve got Rachel & Will’s one-on-one date. Rachel talks about how there’s something missing with Will, all he’s done is hold her hand. He’s not as physical as she would like. She thinks Will is just holding back and that’s disappointing her, she wants more from him. You can tell that it’s pretty superficial and you can tell that they both feel somewhat uncomfortable.

You know what stinks is that I feel like this is one of those situations that doesn’t happen all that often on this show, but is happening here. The contestants are trying to see if there’s a connection with the lead just as much as the lead is with the contestants. We’ve all been on dates before where you’re just not feeling it. Of course most of us, just have to endure those awkward dates with only the waiter/waitress as our witnesses and our besties as we drive home talking about the date. Instead Will & Rachel get all of America critiquing their date. You can’t force something that’s not there, so I’m not going to say Will should’ve done this or that…..good for him to not succumb to the pressure of this is what I should do because I’m on TV. I don’t know if I like that the storyline the producers are tryin to spin here that Will isn’t attracted to Rachel because she’s a black woman. The guys back at the hotel have an interesting conversation about it, and I do like that they are showing these types of conversations and will hopefully open up dialogues that need to be spoken more frequently. It’s not a good look for him when he says as a boyfriend he would be more passionate and didn’t show any passion towards her at all. She says they’d be good friends, but she’s not looking for a friendship here, so Will is going home without the rose.

2 ROSE CEREMONIES in 1 episode?!?! Rachel walks in and starts crying and talks about how she doesn’t like to show emotion, and saw the castle that Shakespeare saw that inspired Hamlet and she thought of the quote “To thine own self be true” and she breaks down and walks away and leaves the guys standing there. They are uncomfortable and you can tell a few want to follow her, but they have to hang out on the stinkin risers

  1. Eric—got the rose on the first 1 on 1 date
  2. Peter—got the date on the group date
  3. Bryan—not a shocker
  5. Dean—-love his smile 🙂
  6. Final Rose—-Adam, glad he’s not going home the same week he got stitches

That means going home is Alex. He was comedic relief when he was around, but I don’t feel like we really really got to know him. Rachel walks him out and is crying saying this is the hardest goodbye she’s done yet. She cries as she watches him drive off.

In the previews we see more tears and it’s trying to tell us that it’s going to be the most dramatic season ever. I have to say that I don’t know if I’ve liked a Bachelorette or heck any lead besides Ben Higgins as much as I like Rachel, especially with only 6 guys left. We know her top 3, but she hasn’t gotten rid of anyone I truly love or kept any of the other guys around longer than the producers deemed necessary. Her top 3 are Dean, Peter and Bryan, and they are mine as well, with Peter being my #1.

We have next week off for the 4th of July holiday, but we’ll be back July 10, it’s hard to believe we’re beginning to wind down her journey!

Until then, practice your Viking games and have a safe/happy/healthy 4th of July!


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