Rachel’s Hometown Dates

We’ve made it to Hometown dates and how wonderful has Rachel been but how disappointing has the editing been on this season? As someone who avoids spoilers, I feel the editors have just phoned it in and have spoiled the season for us. You could’ve guessed after week 2 or 3 that 3 of the top 4 were going to be Bryan, Dean & Peter.

Eric, our surprise top 4th is Eric. He gets the first hometown date and we’re in Baltimore and we get to see that Eric is not from the nicest parts of the city, but he shows us that he doesn’t take anything for granted and has such a positive attitude. He takes her to a basketball court and they play around and she is introduced to his cousin and they joke that the last girl Eric brought home was for prom. He was a “cool square” growing up that got straight As.

He didn’t have a role model growing up, but took care of his friends who sold drugs and was the one who was always there for people. He has such strong admiration and love for the women in his family. Eric has really grown on me and dang if he’s not the sweetest and I hope he either ends up in Paradise or is up for the Bachelor, because he’s not ending up with Rachel, but dang do I love him!

Rachel is flipping out right before they go into meet Eric’s family as she is the only girl he’s brought home. We’re going to his aunt’s apartment and there are about 15 people sitting on a long sectional couch, Eric & Rachel walk in and they all start yelling and happy to see them. There is such love that comes from their family. They are so loud and awesome, that I find myself smiling for no reason, I’m not there, but I feel welcomed by this family.

Eric’s aunt starts asking her about how she’s handling the race card and being the first Black Bachelorette and she’s able to be a confidant almost for Rachel. She talks about how it’s harder than she ever thought it’d be because she’s being judged by black people and then is being judged by everyone else.

Eric has an interesting relationship with his mom. It seems that maybe she wasn’t as open and loving as she could’ve been. She tells him that it’s because all the men in their family didn’t reach their potential because they hid behind their moms and she didn’t want that, and he’s reached his potential. You can tell there have been many a conversation/argument about this, but it appears that they aren’t going to air their dirty laundry on tv (which I do appreciate) and are going to be adults, and I think Eric must be closer to his aunt than his mom and that’s alright.

Eric’s dad gets emotional as he’s talking to Eric and dang Eric must’ve had a crappy home life growing up. Again Eric shows his positive attitude and the stuff that his dad, uncles and cousins took him through when he was younger brought him to where he is today and it drove him to be a better man. Even though he lives on the West Coast and they’re on the East coast, there is love and support in that family and I’m going to be sad to see this family leave my screen because I think this is going to be the best/most genuine family hometown visit of the episode.

Bryan’s hometown is next and we’re in Miami. She greets him with a “Hi Baby” which I think tells us all we need to know about how this date is going to go. Is there a point in watching? We know he’s a rose.

The theme of this episode is Will Smith if you didn’t pick up on it, here’s your clue:

Instead of taking her to a beach since that’s all they’ve been doing, they go out and play dominoes with world-wide famous players. They lose horribly. We go into a Salsa dancing place and they dance and make out (shocking, I know ;)) Somehow Bryan thinks that they will take to Rachel as the daughter they’ve never had. Bryan is an only child and his parents are opposites attract. Dad is charming and charismatic and mom is a ball of energy and he admits to basically being a mama’s boy and remember the last girl he brought home after dating for 3 weeks, once that girl met Mama, they broke up, so good luck to you Rach!

Bryan’s mom loves him and talks about how he’s her everything and can’t believe that in all the girl’s he’s met he hasn’t found one yet, and then found the one on the show to fall in love with. I’m a little confused and feel like Mama is talking in circles, or maybe it’s just I don’t really care all that much, because I know that this doesn’t matter, Bryan is in the top 2.

There’s a young girl talking to Rachel and I have no clue who she is, I’m assuming a cousin since we know Rachel will be the daughter Mama never had. Girl cousin tells us that ex-girlfriend was threatened by the relationship that Bryan has with Mama, which again reiterates how much of a Mama’s boy he is. Which is sweet to some extent, but depending on how dependent he is on Mama gets a tad concerning since he is 37 years old. Bryan seems less mature right now to me than Eric and Dean though Bryan is older (significantly more so than Dean!)

Mama tells Rachel if Bryan’s happy, Mama’s happy. If Bryan isn’t happy, Mama will kill you, Rachel laughs, Mama not so much, I’m thinking she’s not joking, especially after girl cousin used the phrase “that was her demise” a couple times when talking about the ex-girlfriend.


Bryan tells her that he loves her and she melts and it shocks me that she doesn’t pull a Ben Higgins and tell him she loves him too….and the way she acts I guess this is the first time he’s said that, but I swear he told her that like 2 weeks ago, but it must’ve been the whole “I’m falling in love with you” and not the official “I love you”

Peter’s hometown is next in Madison, Wisconsin! We have to see the Wisconsin capitol or we’d have no idea we were in Madison, I guess. Peter greets her with a “welcome home” and while she’s excited to see him there is no “hi baby.”

They walk around the Farmer’s Market and he explains that he does this every Saturday when he’s back home. We get to meet Peter’s friends at their local watering hole. You can tell they have a close group. He had told Rachel he has 10 close friends and 8 outta the 10 are black. Peter’s now mortified and his friends jump all over it askin if he pulled out his black friend card too. They talk about how goofy he is and they’re sure she’s seen it. She admits that he’s been a little reserved. I like Peter because he’s so normal and keeps talking about how weird and bizarre this situation is and that he’s happy to see her out of their bubble and get to know her around his friends and not see her in their alternate universe that’s nothing like normal life. Peter talks about how basically 3 weeks from today he should be getting down on a knee and proposing to her and that’s terrifying to him because he only wants to propose once in his life.

Rachel melts when he sees Peter with his niece and she talks to Peter’s sister about would he be ready for marriage and kids someday because she’s a little concerned since he goes at his own speed, however that’s how she handled it when she was on the show as well. His sister assures him that he’s ready. Peter’s family is great, but they’re just a normal family that loves and supports one another, but don’t have the drama that goes with it.

Peter’s mom talks about how he could be ready for a commitment but not for a ring and proposal. I think my big argument is wouldn’t you rather have a commitment from Peter which you know will actually be worth something, than a proposal from Bryan which will basically be a tiny commitment, but who knows how long the commitment will actually last?

Peter is saying encouraging things, but has not dropped the “l” word yet, but has told her that he’s very happy and wants to keep getting to know her and hanging out with her. I’m glad he’s not saying things, just because that’s what your supposed to do.

Dean is the last hometown in Aspen, CO. I think before I talk about his date it’s important to point out this Instagram post he made over the weekend:

Dean meets Rach and he’s nervous bu excited to see her, my question is which of the two of them has the tightest pants on?!?

They’re riding ATVs instead of riding horses today, she’s scared because she’s never driven one before but has riden on the back. She’s worried she’s going to flip it but she ends up surviving and not flipping it.

Dean hasn’t talked to his dad in 2 years, and I want to know why in the hell ABC is making him do this. I feel like the producers are manipulating this and forcing this reunion that let’s be honest all of America doesn’t need to see. He doesn’t appear to be wanting to do this.

We’re gonna meet Dean’s father Parumrup (which is his self-given name as of 6 years ago meaning “divinely beautiful”) his 2 brothers and his sister and his dad’s new wife. The first time that all of them have been under the same roof in 8 years.

Rachel wants to know why he hasn’t talked to his dad, and Dean asks if the responsibility is all on him to make sure there’s a relationship. So it appears that his dad isn’t reaching out to him either. Rach also wants to force Dean to say that his dad wasn’t there for him when he needed him the most, and idk if that’s the right advice to give or not. I mean it sounds like a good idea, but as someone who’s never gone through that before, I don’t think I could tell someone to do that.

Dean is FREAKING out as they’re walking up to the door. He’s not nervous, he’s terrified and I’m afraid he’s going to break down in tears and isn’t ready for this and I don’t want him to have to do this, and I really don’t want tv cameras to capture this, this seems like a real intrusion of privacy.


Dean walks in and the whole family is on the floor and he asks where the table is and Dad says there is no table. Dean does call him Pops….Pops says they were all waiting for King Dean to arrive, can’t tell if it’s sarcasm or not….some girl jumps up to hug Rachel and welcome her and attempt to stop the awkwardness.

They are now on the ground and poor Dean is surpressing every emotion and is saying the right things, but wants to be anywhere but where he is, and God love him. Dad plays a gong and they all have to lay down to listen to the gong and just let yourself go and experience it.

Dean’s father gives Dean & Rachel a gift that has feathers with it, because before Dean’s mom passed away she said that anytime they saw a feather it was a gift from her. Dean’s dad breaks down in tears, and his new wife handles it gracefully.

Then dinner comes out and Dean isn’t eating anything, he just wants this night to be over. Dean talks about his concern is going to be that the family is going to put on a front of being a big and happy family, when in reality when his mom passed they all grew apart and away from one another, especially Dean and his dad.

We now get an awkward conversation with Dean & his dad. Dean’s sister is talking with Rachel and Rachel is all hopeful that Dean & his dad will have the talk tonight to talk about how angry they are with each other. Dean’s sister starts to cry because of all the crap Dean’s been through, he’s always been so strong and she admires that because she’s been weak. She also admits that dad wasn’t there for Dean at all.

Dean’s dad tries to talk about the leaps and bounds and new energy he senses in Dean and then throws out the nail in coffin phrase of “I must be a good dad because look how great my son is.” Dean was able to bit his tongue through most of it. But that was the straw that broke Dean. They get into it about how Dean’s mom was awesome and created this great life, and Dean’s dad was angry that his wife died and left them, but instead of rallying the kids around one another, and learning to do the things she had done, he just kept doing the things he knew, he made money and supported Dean financially through school, but wasn’t there emotionally for him. Dean wants his dad to talk about how angry he was and actually get to that point where they can bond over their shared grief, but Dad shuts down.

Dad then says that in his faith they believe that whatever you believe about me is what you actually believe about you. Dean wants to work things out with his dad, but his dad is shutting things off and Dean’s dad argues that he has honored Dean and opened his house to this new experience. Dean’s dad gets up with a “Good blessings Dean and I wish you well even if you don’t believe it.” Dean tells his dad he loves him, and no matter what he loves him regardless, and it breaks my heart that Dad never says he loves him, he responds with “well whatever”


Rachel has to talk to Dean’s dad now and he says he’s done unless she has something specific. Rachel wants to talk to him because he welcomed her into his home and she wanted to meet Dean’s family. Dean’s dad is talking and then notices the camera, shuts down and gives blessings to her.

Dean asks Rachel about her night. She talks about the conversation with his sister. Dean tells her about how heartbreaking it was that his dad walked away mid-conversation. And he’s falling in love with her. They kiss.

Rachel talks about how amazing Dean is, and I just want to give Dean a giant hug for having to go through this hell on camera, I hope you’re freaking happy ABC because I am not.

We get the sit-down with Chris Harrison so he can get his money for coming in and recapping the episode we all just watched.

Rose ceremony time and dang do the 4 fellas look dapper!

  1. Bryan—Mama’s happy and the rest of us are not shocked at all
  2. Eric—-I’m shocked he’s in the Final 3 as I thought this would’ve been his week to go, but I will be happy to keep him on my screen for another week
  3. Peter—I want Peter to be the final one standing!


Oh Dean, Dean, Dean………….Bachelor Nation loves you Dean. We support you and you’re not abandoned and we all want the best for you! You deserve happiness and all the love in the world.

She basically tells him in his goodbye that the reason she’s dumping him is because he’s young and she thinks the age is going to get in the way. And DANG IT DEAN! You’re so classy! He tells her she’s a great girl with 3 incredible guys and he hopes she finds what she’s looking for. He is hurt because he told her he’s falling in love and she had said the same thing and she tells him that everything she told him is true.

We have the final 3 next week. We’re in Spain and meeting Rachel’s family! We’ll see what happens! I’m thinking poor Eric is going home next week and it’s between Peter & Bryan, but then again I thought Dean was top 3, let’s see if Eric can keep sneaking in there.

Until next week!


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