Ashley & Jared are engaged & Becca and her guys are traveling to UTAH!


Before we get into this week’s episode, we have some exciting news in our Bachelor franchise! We have news of Ashley I and Jared getting engaged at the Beach for this year’s Bachelor in Paradise. Good for these crazy kids, they have certainly had quite the journey and you’d be crazy to think it’d ever end in an engagement, but they do have a solid friendship for a base and have already been through quite a bit, so I’m very optimistic for them and hoping for the best. If you have yet to watch this video YOU HAVE TO DO IT!

Alright, now back to the Bachelorette and Becca’s journey!

We get Becca and Blake hanging out in the bunk bed room and he asks her how many kids she wants and they decide they both want to name their girls with traditionally boy names; ie Stevie and Charlie. Though she freaks out when he says 3-5 kids is how many he wants, probably because I’m Catholic, 5 doesn’t seem like an astronomical number of children to me like it did to her. It’s a larger family, but not completely out of the realm of possibility. It seemed weird to just jump into this convo like the episode has been going on for a long time, instead of this being the real first scene of the episode, but I tried to get in the swing of it.

As a reminder Clay hurt his wrist and decided to go home and have surgery on his wrist. And the chicken fell outta bed and had to go to the hospital. The guys talks about how scared the freak accident was and they’re praying for him. Except our model who prays to God and then those people just happen to get hurt…..hmmmm I find that suspcious.

Becca gives Jordan these pair of tiny gold shorts that she’d found, he makes a joke about being the golden boy, but all I can picture in my mind is Sam from Glee when they did the Rocky Horror episode and Sam pulls it off way better:

While Jordan is having his moment with Becca, there is a huge rejoicing in the living room and David our chicken walks in. He fell off the top bunk and broke his nose. He has the black eyes and she’s happy to see him, as are all the guys who go and rally around him. Jordan wishes someone would’ve shown him a mirror because he looks ridiculous. Becca doesn’t make David wait through a rose ceremony, she wants him to go and rest, so she goes and grabs the rose and goes rogue and gives it to him early. He does rub it in a little bit to Jordan which pisses me off, and just shows that Jordan and David will be on BIP this summer to keep their vendatta going…….the best is that Jordan said that David will not put him in the corner and how do you hear that phrase and ever not think of this?!?!

Rose ceremony time! Those with roses before:

  1. Colton
  2. David—chicken
  3. Chris- Crazy Eddie guy who went on the Richard Marx date
  4. Jason—-the guy who’s name she forgot on the group date
  5. Wills—-the guy who was hiding behind the pillow laughing so hard at the male model and chicken
  6. Nick—-no idea who he is but he wore a track suit to the rose ceremony to show who he really is
  7. Christon—-Globetrotter
  8. Lincoln—-I don’t trust this guy or his phony accent
  9. Blake—-he’s a top 2 or 3 contender for sure
  10. Garrett—we haven’t seen a lot from him yet
  11. Leo—-man-bun
  12. John—VENMO
  13. Connor—-someday I’ll remember this kid
  14. Jordan—male model, producers are making him stay around
  15. Jean Blanc—cologne guy

The guy who looks like the beast is going home.

Dang the cutest guy ever in the group, I think his name is Ryan is going home, he looks like a young Ben Higgins and I’m so sad he’s leaving! LET HIM BE ON BIP!!!! I’m not ready for him to go home! I don’t care that he didn’t speak, he’s so much better than half the guys still on the show!

We are leaving the mansion and the dangerous bunk beds and heading to Park City, Utah!

Becca is having a one-on-one date with Garrett, we don’t even get to hear the date card. They drove in the car to a shop and street they are going to walk down and then it seems awkward because she’d driven them but then she comes around the car and jumps in his arms like she’d do if they met at the location or they were at hometowns like we’ve seen a thousand times.

Garrett got the first impression rose but we haven’t really heard from him much since. I did hear on the Almost Famous podcast, that there is come controversy with some possible posts that Garrett liked on Instagram that could be considered racist, or at least a profile he follows has posted racist content, so it doesn’t look great for Garrett especially if he makes it far on the show, it could be a bad look for ABC, especially with the Roseanne stance they took not that long ago, so I wonder if that’s why his date seems cut-off and why we haven’t seen much of him. Is he getting edited out of the show basically?!?

Why we need to hear about Lincoln’s thoughts on the world being flat instead of round instead of seeing Garrett and Becca on their date kinda tells us a lot about what ABC may be thinking of Garrett. I think Lincoln stole this theory from Kyrie Irving a year ago.

Garrett and Becca are going to go bobsledding, we have the 2 silver medalists from the Women 2006 team. They were teammates who are now married and have 2 kids, so obviously that’ll happen for Garrett and Becca since bobsledding once is the same as bobsledding for many years. They have a great time and then have to cuddle and pop the champagne.

I have to say, watching Becca and Garrett it does seem like 2 people you’d see on the streets that are just dating and hanging out. They’re like your friends you see and hang out with. They go to the Big Moose Yacht club and at first try and figure out which door they need to go in, which is the most endearing thing to me because who hasn’t asked that question? She tells him at dinner that he reminds her of her dad who is no longer here and he’s not like anyone else she’s ever dated before but it’s so easy and natural.

Garrett reveals he’s been married before, he was married around 25 it sounds like, and it only lasted 2 months before they got divorced, though they’d been together for about 2.5 years before marriage, so now she’s hesitant and Garrett you may have just been taken out of the front runner status. However, he then confides that the girl was emotionally abusive in the relationship, where she’d tear him down but then build him up to put a wedge between his friends and family and him….and she still likes him, but she’s scared with his past, but he gets the rose for now!

They get to go to the concert with Granger Smith and the rando stage with all the phones and people watching them and recording them and making out, you know just like any normal date for anyone 🙂

Jordan, Chris, Blake, Nick, John, Lincoln, Leo, David, Connor, Christon, Jason, Colton & Jean Blanc are on the group date together and Wills gets the one on one date.

The largest group date (13 guys) is going to be a lumberjack competition. Most of these guys certainly seem like Lumberjacks. They better take off their pea-coats and hope they don’t break a nail.

Jean Blanc, Lincoln and Chris are not able to splice their logs. Some are able to move 400 lb logs. Our Venmo guy gets the Golden Ox and really shows his personality. He does have a great personality and is so excited by the little things, don’t worry John, you don’t get Becca there will be LOTS of girls lining the streets for you!

There are quite a few guys who are saying they’re falling for Becca, but considering the conversations we’ve seen with Becca and them are not super deep and seem pretty surface level, I don’t know what the feelings are.

Speaking of surface level, the only thing Becca can mention to Jordan are the gold shiny underpants, and of course he has them on under his pants. He shimmies out of his pants, has them on and Becca is laughing and also cowering into herself on the couch, much like I’m doing at home. He comes at her and she says stop, and he goes in for the kiss as she is giving him every signal of “GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME” that you can give. She is able to laugh and that finally is the clue he needs to know to step away.

Colton and Crazy Eddie Chris are completely over Jordan and want the antics to stop and being the clown. Colton is pissed at him and watch out!

Jean Blanc gives Becca a gift of a fragrance and names it Becca Blanc and then he goes in for the kiss and she doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of it. Becca is hesitant and doesn’t feel like he’s being super genuine and he goes and steals her again from Lincoln after she’d been stolen from me. He’s somehow saying he’s falling in love with her, which comes out of no where since they haven’t talked about any past relationship history or had a meaningful conversation. She tells him that this seems like it came out of nowhere and she does a full-on head tilt with no words for a good 30 seconds.

She tells him that she can’t say she loves him and that she sees a future so she wants to walk him out. He then asks about the gift and she says she enjoyed the perfume. He then tells her he said he loved her because he thought that’s what she wanted to hear at this juncture, so now she’s really confused and wondering where he lied to her and then he backtracks and confuses all of us and gets in the limo.

She’s angry and frustrated and goes and tells the guys exactly what happened and says she is not going to be handing out a rose tonight, so they can just wait until the rose ceremony, so you can imagine how happy all the guys are. She tells them this is what her past relationship was and she can’t handle a complete 180 again, she wants them to be honest and be able to tell her what they think and feel.

Wills gets the one on one date and in-case she forgets his name he has it on his sweatshirt, so she’s in luck! Before Wills comes out on his date, she’s having her interview and breaks down into tears and tells us she’s nervous and feels off and hope he goes slow with her.

They went on this ride up the mountain and he did a great job of watching out for her and making sure she was okay and keeping an eye out for her while still giving her, her space. He is able to put her in a better mind space and switch around her bad mood, he does seem genuine and they enjoy the sunset, have a snowball fight and make out on the mountain.

Wills tells us about a girl he’d dated for 3 years before things went south. They’d talked kids, wedding venues, rings and the break-up completely shocked him. The way it’d came up was his girlfriend brought up giving him a Hall pass (he could sleep with whoever he wanted to, no strings attached) he wasn’t into it because they were in a relationship. He then saw her at a place with another guy where it had been “their place” where they’d shared anniversaries.

Wills biggest fear is “Not being enough” and I just want to give Wills the biggest hug in the world. Dang you Wills, I wasn’t planning on loving you, but here I am, you’ve wiggled your way into my heart! He gets the date rose and I’m happy and still just want to hug him, but Becca making out with him up against the wall probably makes him more comfortable than my hug/tackle would.

We’re not having a cocktail party, so no time this week for Nick or Connor, we’re going straight to the Rose ceremony!

  1. Garrett—got the rose on the 1st one-on-one date
  2. Wills—-got the rose on the 2nd one-on-one date
  3. Leo—-dang man bun is making it far!
  4. Colton—-not a shock
  5. Blake—-Nebraska/Colorado guy
  6. Jason—-dang you forget his name and he keeps getting roses
  7. Connor—-he got no time this week, but I will somehow learn stuff about him!
  8. Lincoln—-this guy doesn’t sit well with me
  9. John—-VENMO!!!!!! I’m loving this guy more and more!
  10. Chris—-Crazy Eddie
  11. David—chicken with the black eye
  12. FINAL ROSE: Jordan

You knew Jordan was getting the final rose to get us set-up for the Chicken/Jordan 2 on 1 date that we knew was coming from the second episode of the season. There’s no other reason he’s staying on the show other than producers wanting/needing him and David for the ratings.

Going home without a rose is Nick (wearing a track suit to the last rose ceremony kinda did it for me) and Christon our Globetrotter are going home.

Also what in the world is with the guys doing the comb back with their hairs? It looks like a hairstyle from the 90s, Brandon Walsh would approve of:

Next week we’re heading to Vegas! Of course that means the 2 on 1 is going to be in the desert. Also it looks like Crazy Eddie kinda goes off the rails a little bit too… it’ll be dramatic and fun!

In the meantime, if you have not watched Ashley I & Jared’s love story that is your homework for the week!

I’ll see ya next week!


Becca’s Men get all sorts of Injuries!

Welcome back friends!

Well for those of us in Lincoln, we missed the beginning of the episode because of the storms, but when we get to live coverage, we see Becca is drinking Mimosas with Arie’s girls from last season. We’ve got Kendall, Sienne the lawyer who said screw the orange juice and is going straight champagne, short haired Bekah who is not missing on a marajuna farm, but has decided to wear an extremely low cut shirt and has a sweater around her arms because it has to be cold since everyone else is in long-sleeves but she couldn’t show off the twins if she was completely covered, I think the girls name is Caroline but I’m not sure, and shockingly we’ve got Tia…..who would’ve thought with having Colton on this group date we’d have Tia.

We find out that Colton and Tia “broke-up” after he said he was going to be on the show. But their dating was before Arie’s season had aired and while he thought Tia may be the Bachelorette. So what are his right reasons? Also I find it hilarious that Becca tells Tia in-front of the girls she wants just a private conversation with her and Tia….well and you know the millions of us who will see the convo including the girls you don’t want to be included.

We’re at a spa and instead of the guys getting pampered, they will be doing the pampering. Becca is going through the line of guys on the date,

  1. Jean Blanc—-cologne
  2. David—chicken
  3. Colton
  4. Jason—–who she forgets his name and then calls him sweetie, oh Jason you’re friend-zoned so hard….of course it was the Tia/Colton awkwardness, but still!
  5. Male Model

The guy gives pedicures and manicures to the girls and then the girls want to paint the guys nails and Becca says that they all better have their nails painted by the end of the night. Everything is SUPER awkward with Tia and Colton and the huge elephant in the room….Tia tells us that the most they did was kiss and that he’d applied for the show. Tia was not herself, she was shrinking and I think still likes Colton, but was trying to be a friend to Becca and letting Becca and Colton have a thing, but I’m sorry, there seems to be more of a spark between Colton and Tia than Colton & Becca, though Tia tells her girl they’re just friends.

We’re starting the night with the cocktail party and the girls have left us. The guys all say that they should be gentleman and let her chill with the guys at first before they steal her away, this was Jean Blanc’s idea and he’s the first one to steal her…..which if you didn’t see that coming, this has to be your first episode!

Becca sucks up to Jason for forgetting his name and tells him it’s their first date and she has a crush on him and gets nervous. He tells her it’s no big deal and then goes in for the kill and makes out with her….call your shot I guess buddy!

Jordan our male model after being goaded by Colton to tell the story again tells us he got a notification from Tinder that said “Congrats you’ve reached 4,000 matches on Tinder and 2017.” I am not someone who’s used Tinder, but am somewhat familiar with the concept, basically a picture comes up and you decide if you like them (swipe right) or if you don’t (swipe left). If you swipe right on someone and they swipe right on you, you’ve matched! So 4,000 matches in one year……….SO many questions! 1. where the hell do you live that you have 4,000 people of the opposite sex available to you? 2. There’s no way you said yes to everybody you saw, so you said yes to at least 4,000 people, but how many thousands did you say no to? 3. There’s no way that every person you said yes to, said yes to you, so how many people did you say yes to that said no to you…….4,000 in one year is astronomical and means you spent a hell of a lot of time on that app! The chicken is on my wave length and the guys can’t believe he didn’t spend much time on it.

The Chicken has now decided to take his one on one time with Becca and throw the Male model under the bus and tells her about the Tinder swipes. Becca comes out to the all the guys sitting, and tells Jordan, “High five Jordan, I heard about the 4,000 matches, good work, that’s impressive.” He tries to deny it but then stops and goes “oh yeah” and high fives her back.

Dear Lord, Jordan now needs to talk to her and gives her the most awkward hug, enough where she breaks the fourth wall and does a complete Jim Halpert look to the camera begging for help:

He then sits her down and says “I know it’s hard with me being a model. It’s tough. Genuinely. I can’t find anyone that matches the intensity or the fun. I’m looking for someone who’s wholesome, not only someone that’s pretty but smart and has the bright smile, btw you have a bright smile.” She then asks him what he’s like in a relationship and he said he’d cook, clean, make dinner, he’s a golden retriever and he’d be willing to have a girls day, but in the most manly way, so the spa he was in his element.

Colton & Becca are now having a convo and Becca has said that her biggest insecurity in this issue is that Arie didn’t know what he wanted and he changed his mind, so she’s afraid Colton could do the same thing. Colton is all in with Becca and is completely over Tia, which I don’t believe based on the awkwardness of today, but hey she’s sucking his face off so she does believe him and goes and gives him the date rose, so she’s all in on Colton.

Date card time- Chris let’s make your heart sing. I saw that someone described Chris as Chandler’s roommate Crazy Eddie and I can’t think of anything else when I see Chris now:

Richard Marx is here for their date at Capital Records and he sings “Right here waiting for you.” Becca’s voice makes me feel better about my voice, she’s normal! Richard Marx is going to help them write their love song, and Chris is not happy about this. He’s so in his own head, he can’t get his thoughts written down and Becca has to come and console him. Believe or not they get through it, read the lyrics to each other, and then make out in-front of Richard Marx like anyone would.

Chris parents got divorced at a young age, his dad just left them on New Years day one day, and it was just his mom and his sisters. Chris had written a letter to his dad a couple years ago and didn’t get a response back. And his mind went to that place when they went to write their feelings down. Chris was worried if someone who brought him into the world, didn’t want to love him, how could someone else love him? Very sad, but they got passed it and he got the rose!

Group date card:

  1. Clay—–football player that has a softer side
  2. Leo——-the curly long hair
  3. Christon——Globetrotter
  4. Ryan——dark haired guy, he’s cute but I got nothing
  5. John———VENMO founder
  6. Garrett———-First impression rose
  7. Mike——–looks like the Beast
  8. Lincoln——–fake accent, cheater and fake person
  9. Connor———I know I should know him and he’ll probably go far, but I can’t recall who he is right now
  10. Blake———-guy from Denver, but we’re claiming as our Nebraska guy since he went to Hastings

Our model is poking Colton and asking about Tia and Colton said he’d be happy to talk one on one with him, not in a large group, but the model doesn’t like that and really doesn’t like the Chicken.

Colton tells us he was woke up by Blake screaming David (chicken’s) name and Davi’d not in his bed, he’s on the ground and there is blood on the ground. Straight as a board and there was blood everywhere! They said it had looked like he’d gotten beaten up by a bear.

Becca gets a visit from Chris Harrison to her hotel room. He tells her there was an incident at the house last night because one of the guys was rushed to the hospital and is in ICU. Busted nose and face. Becca asks who did it and the story is he fell out of bed and landed on his face. He’ll be okay.

We have 2 women here from the Legends football league and the guys are very intimidated for them. They run drills, Clay our football player is crushing it, Lincoln tries to cheat thru the drills and that doesn’t get him far, Becca calls him out on it. We have a game that ends in a tie and Clay somehow breaking his wrist.

Becca’s outfit for the night portion of the date is a velvet robe. We get Garrett who wants to show her how to tackle and he ends up lifting her up and almost lifting up her dress and also unrobing it, luckily there was no wardrobe malfunction and she starts making out with him. We have our classic Blake scenario where he’s the first one on one date that is now struggling with group dates, he calls her his girlfriend and she loves that and makes out with him.

Clay walks in a sling and brace and Becca is so excited to see him. She was excited to see him in his element but appreciated that he didn’t show off and make the other guys look bad. Then she makes out with him and he gets the date rose!

We have the cocktail party and Becca is trying to enjoy all of her time, honey don’t say that because you know something bad is gonnna happen! Conner takes her out front and they play baseball in the front because he was more of a baseball guy than a football guy and then they make out.

Clay finds out that he injured his wrist and it requires an operation he needs to have right now and he plays football and needs to support something (honey, you’re 30 years old, you’re unsigned, call it a career!) He finds Becca and they have a convo where he says he could see this going some place great, but he has to do what he has to do. Becca has to let him go though, because he’s not one of her top 4 guys, he’s in her friend zone and I’m glad that he didn’t hang on and stay here just to be let go in the top 6. She gives him one last kiss, tells him to take care of himself and that they should find what they’re looking for. She cries and holds onto his rose, and I’m shocked by how much she cares, I guess I really never saw this spark that she evidently felt.

UGH and we get NO ROSE ceremony! We will see the chicken next week, get a rose ceremony and we’re starting to travel next week and Colton is pissed at someone and we hear one of our favorite phrases “Painting a target on your back!” And Becca is crying about people not being honest… hold on people and let’s all hope Clay’s hand is better and he’s able to play football another year!


Becca’s First Dates!

Let’s be honest, here is where Becca’s season really starts! We’re done with the limo intros and everyone trying to be corny and remembered and all of them saying “Let’s do the Damn thing” thinking they’re original, yet we overheard it 1,000 times last week. Let’s get that phrase out of here and start going on dates and see the guys fall for Becca and argue with one another, the real reason we’re all here, right?!?

We kickoff with Becca riding a bike in Venice, CA and she has a cute bike with a basket on the front and a bell…..well let’s be honest she’s super cute, I’d take a corner the wrong way and would wipe out. So good for her!

First date card is here, historically this person lasts pretty long in the competition so we’ll see who it is! Oh but ABC you fooled me, we’re doing a group date first not the one-on-one….so on the 1st group date card: I’m ready for my big day!

  1. Clay—he’s the “football” player who’s a free agent and has really only been on practice squads, but reminds me kinda of the wrestler a couple years ago, bless his heart.
  2. Nick—no idea
  3. Chris R—-he’s the snitch from last week, the right reasons police who got the other guy kicked off with the text message
  4. David—-the guy who wore the chicken costume and is actually super cute! Who knew that was what was hiding under the feathers?!?
  5. Jean Blanc—-cologne
  6. Jordan—male model
  7. Connor—-feel like I should know him, but no
  8. Lincoln—-no idea

Becca is pampering the guys and they get to try on tuxes and change their clothes. They all just strip off their shirts and Becca is trying to pour champagne, but there are shirtless guys with 8 packs (not 6 packs, definitely 8 packs!) as far as the eye can see!

Jordan decides he’s going to be the “villain” this season and is so there to get his face on tv and could care less about Becca. He’s in his tux and tells the guys that they shouldn’t try this and does a fake runway walk and turns around. Becca thought he was joking, until she was horrified and had to ask “Wait are you a model?” She gets him alone for a second and he tells her before she puts her socks, pantyhose or shoes on in the morning, first you have to put on your confidence. This makes me think I may like Becca because she over-exaggerates and puts on her confidence and Jordan either has no sense of humor or certainly not the same one as her because he doesn’t get it. He’s too busy checking himself out in the mirror and practicing:

Becca takes the guys to an obstacle course where our last Bachelorette Rachel and her fiance Bryan are waiting for us to explain the obstacle course.

Hey believe it or not our right reasons police guy thinks Lincoln cheated and I bet is going to call him out on it because that’s his role in the season. Lincoln did use his hands with the cake though that wasn’t allowed, he got the kiss and a portrait with Becca and the guys are upset. Lincoln wasn’t guaranteed the rose though, we have our first after-party!

Lincoln is the first one to steal Becca for the night. Jordan is pissed and someone needs to explain the concept of a group date to our male model, you had your date as a large group, now she’s going to go off with you all and get to know you individually so Lincoln did not cheat when he took her off to talk to her….and if you thought Jordan was a finalist, well this just proves he’s not. There’s no way you go from drama drama drama on week 2 to being the final guy standing….I guess it will get you to Paradise though.

Becca is going with her red dress tonight and I’m worried that she better not take too deep of a breath or make out with a guy too much. Becca gives Lincoln their wedding photo and he’s overjoyed and then starts eating her face off. In Lincoln’s words, kissing Becca is like “flying to the moon on the wings of a Pegasus while dancing with unicorns on a pot of gold…and more!” He goes back to the guys and shows off the “wedding” picture to everyone.

At the mansion we have another date card:

Blake- Let’s lose control—–he’s our guy to get the first one on one date which normally means good things for him. He’s the one from Colorado but went to Hastings College, so I’m rooting for him as if he’s a Nebraska guy 🙂

While Becca is having great conversations with guys, where she’s getting closer to these guys than Arie ever got to even her or Lauren on their last dates. She’s actually asking questions and hearing from them. Well we see Lincoln having a one-on-one conversation with the picture of him and Becca and it’s getting under the guys skin and he knows it and is goading them into losing their cool. Well Connor the guy I feel like I should recognize but don’t finally had enough and put the picture behind the couch, Lincoln brought it back, so he frisbeed it into the pool.

Jean Blanc is the first one to get the rose on the date, because he took time to pay attention to her throughout the date in just lil moments and that meant a lot to her, so he got a kiss and the rose.

Lincoln was floored he didn’t get the rose, he told Becca that he feels threatened by Conner since he threw their photo into the pool. He took it to an extreme that I do not support, not that what Conner did is right, but Lincoln running to Becca rubbed me the wrong way. He sat next to Becca so he was in the shot when she gave the rose to Jean Blanc instead of him and he was attempting to look humbled and going for the rose and then couldn’t believe when it wasn’t his name:

We’ve got Blake & Becca’s one-on-one date and they are freakin adorable. They just look like a normal couple you’d see. Blake is pumped because it’s his first limo ride since he rode an ox for his entrance and Becca is pumped she gets to do it with him.

Harrison is waiting for them in a sketchy neighborhood with a sledgehammer and they get into coveralls with a helmet and walk into this warehouse. We have Lil John here singing Turn Down for what and there is a racecar, tv monitors showing the proposal and the gray couch that Arie broke up with her on. We’re going to purge all the bad memories. They have a blast, they get anger and aggression out but giggle and grin all day long.

The night portion of the date is in this very cool museum type restaurant and Blake is the perfect person for her to bring because he’s so excited and not taking any of it for granted. He opens up to her and you can tell they’re on the same page/wavelength. They can’t stop smiling at one another. They are comfortable and she’s mentioned a few times she can be herself and just Becca and not the Bachelorette, which seems pretty telling. She gave him the rose and made the first move to kiss him which is good because I don’t know if he’d make that move. Then before he left, she grabbed him and made out with him again and tells us in the interview if he keeps bringing it like he has been he could be her husband.

Date card at the mansion: Love comes at your hard and fast

  1. Garrett—first impression rose
  2. Rickey—–I remember his name, but not him
  3. John—-the guy who invented Venmo!
  4. Ryan——I don’t think I’ve seen him
  5. Alex—–he may have snuck in
  6. Chris—–Harlem Globetrotter
  7. Trent—–never seen him
  8. Leo—–curly hair
  9. Wills—-nope
  10. Colton——football player

The guys are here and we’re playing dodgeball….I freaking hate dodgeball!

We have 3 lil kids, 2 boys and a girl who are making them run, using a machine that is hurling the balls at the guys and then they do a scrimmage and the guys are intimidated by the little girl.

We then get a formal match with them playing dodgeball on a trampoline. Leo was the lone guy on the pink team who was always the last man standing, and the green team ended up winning 2/3.

The after party jokes about if it’s okay for the green team to display their trophy on the table or would they not be okay with that. There was no drama on this group date and you can tell it’s a quieter vibe. Garrett gets the first time with her on the group date. Garret thinks that Becca is the girl version of him. Which I don’t know if he realized it didn’t quite come off like the compliment I think he was thinking it was gonna be….

Colton grabs a guy that I don’t know who the guy is, sorry! And they go to hang out by the fire and Colton tells us he’s gonna have to tell Becca something he’s been worried about since he stepped out of the limo. Evidently before coming on the show he had a relationship with Tia (Tia was the girl on Arie’s season who reminded us of Raven from Nick’s season). Tia & Becca are friends so he needs to be honest. Colton is wanting to have the convo to show her respect for her.

Colton said that this date was relaxing and chill….what the hell part of dodgeball is RELAXING?!?!

Then he tells Becca that he and Tia had a relationship in January….then he gives us more details and says that they had a great weekend together but the timing wasn’t right……..honey that ain’t no relationship, that’s a one-night-stand let’s call a spade a spade here buddy! You slept with her and are moving on. Becca is not thrilled with this revelation. It makes her feel a little bit sick and she’s attracted to him but it’s a tricky situation, does she go with girl code or does she go with what could be? Is he a playboy? Or could he be in a committed relationship?!?

Wills get the rose tonight, after he let her try on his jacket and they talked about how his parents are going to be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year!

I’m loving Becca’s dress tonight! The royal blue sparkly makes me so happy, I couldn’t wear the v down to my belly button like she is, but I love the color and the sparkle!

Conner ends up coming full circle and had a producer get him a picture of himself from the obstacle course, and he said that guy’s a douche and he had Becca throw the picture of him in the pool and she loved it.

Then we get Jordan our male model, who’s going to do less with more…..because nothing says I want a girl to fall for my personality and I want to get to know you better than me striping down to my briefs and nothing else, giving myself one last smolder in the mirror and go find the girl:

He walks by all the guys and they all follow him “We’ve got a naked male model!” and he goes and interrupts Becca and David the chicken guy. He’s someone who likes to have fun and live on the edge but his hair will always be on point. He wants to have a baby, little Jordy. No one is a fan of Jordan.

The chicken and Jordan are not fans of one another and the chicken thinks Jordan disrespected him and asks the million dollar questions asking if he’s more than a model. And Jordan said him wearing his underwear is not him trying to get attention….I’m done with the Jordan show.

Becca is emotional talking to Colton, where she’s in tears because she is attracted to him and sees something possibly there and he seems like a catch, but she’s holding back because of his past relationship with Tia. The fact that she’s emotional about this, tells you she’s feeling something for him that she’s not feeling for everyone.

Roses are going to:

  1. Blake—-date rose from first one-on-one
  2. Jean Blanc—date rose from first group date
  3. Wills- date rose from second group date
  4. Chris R—-right reasons police
  5. Jason—-no idea
  6. John—VENMO
  7. Clay—-ex-football player
  8. Mike—the guy with the long hair who didn’t have a group date, but looks like the human version of the Beast
  9. Connor—throwing pix in the pool worked
  10. Leo—-the guy with the long curly hair
  11. David—-chicken!
  12. Garrett—-first impression rose
  13. Nick—-no idea
  14. Ryan—-ahhh he’s a cutie! I want to get to know Ryan way better!
  15. Chris—Harlem Globetrotter
  16. Jordan—male model where there are only 100 male models so don’t you realize how important he is?
  17. Lincoln—-guy who won the first date competition
  18. Colton—-guy who was with Tia

Going home are Rickey, Alex and Trent……I don’t really know any of these guys so not a huge loss, but poor Alex gave us tears on the way out, so I feel bad for him!

Next week we have football players, and girls from her season are here, which means that Tia and Colton will come face to face. We see the Chicken and Male model go after one another and a guy has a ton of blood and goes out in a stretcher, so it’ll be quite dramatic!

Becca is growing on me, so we’ll see if she continues to make good choices and sends Jordan home next week when she can!

My top 4 are:

  1. Colton
  2. Blake
  3. Garrett
  4. and my dark horse will be Ryan because dang he is attractive, or at least was at the rose ceremony tonight 🙂 🙂 🙂

Okay, until next Monday, have a great week!


Becca’s First Night

I’m sorry friends that I couldn’t finish Arie’s season with blogging. I watched some of it, but it was right in the midst of a busy time at work and to be honest, I was not a fan of Arie and couldn’t make myself blog.

I do have to tell you that I did watch Arie break Becca’s heart on the After the Final Rose and I was appalled at how ABC really intruded a private moment. The whole time I was watching, I wanted Arie to leave Becca the hell alone. I couldn’t believe I was watching such a private moment and didn’t want to watch anymore of it. ABC took full advantage of that situation.

That’s why I’m a little hesitant coming into this season. If I was Becca and I’d just gotten screwed over by this network, I’m not thinking I’d want to jump in and give them another shot to mess with my life. Yes, they’ll introduce you to 25 guys, but come on, that’s the same as an online dating site. They didn’t go find these guys just for you, they’d already been cast while you and Arie were engaged.

We get to see Becca’s journey and get to see Becca have a sit-down with our 3 latest Bachelorette’s who are all still engaged. Kaitlyn, JoJo and Rachel. Wow, all of the first impression roses are the ones that the 3 girls ended up with and are still with. They also kissed their guys on the first night, so see who she kisses and gives her first impression rose to.

Clay is the first guy we meet. He’s a football player, who has been on quite a few professional teams. He doesn’t fit the NFL stereotype. He’s a big sweetheart.

Garrett is from Reno and does a Chris Farley down in the river impression. He’s athletic and big into winter sports.

Jordan is a professional model….his brand is the pensive gentleman and if I wasn’t done with Jordan before, I am now. The power is in the brows, which is probably my problem. Modeling is more than just being ridiculously good-looking. Gym, tan and salt spray year round, it’s so taxing for him.

Lincoln Adim is originally from Nigeria. We get to see him working out, I hope there’s more substance because I like him.

Joe from Chicago winks at us. He owns a grocery store. He deals in produce but hasn’t produced love. He has a New York accent and winking is his thing.

Jean Blanc was born in Haiti but came to the US at 2 years old. He’s big into watches, colognes (he has over 100 bottles). It’s part of his accessory.

Colton was born on Super Bowl Sunday and played for the Chargers before he got hurt and retired. His little cousin was born with cystic fibrosis and he has started a Foundation to help support her and others all across the country. I’m LOVING Colton!!!! He hasn’t been talking about himself and seems genuine maybe.

Okay we’re done with the pre-recorded packages, let’s get to Becca meeting the guys!

  1. Colton is the first out which seems like a good omen. He brings a confetti gun to start off the season with a bang. She thinks he’s handsome.
  2. Grant: is an electrician from CA. Let’s have a good time and he respects her for what she just went thru.
  3. Clay our other former NFL player comes out and he’s so nervous and delivers a catch pun, but bless his heart.
  4. Jean Blanc: Has a French name and teaches her a French phrase: “let’s do the damn thing.” She loves it and he smells good.
  5. Conner: Fitness coach. She closes her eyes and he gets on a knee and knows she’s been in this position before and asks if she’s ready to do the damn thing.
  6. Joe: forgets everything he was gonna say to her and talks over here basicially.
  7. John: Software engineer- love can happen overnight b/c it happened with his grandparents.
  8. Leo: comes outta the limo and he’s a stuntman who has his hair in a messy man bun and then tells her he knows she’s nervous but they should let their hair down and he takes it down and does a Fabio thing….then she says something every guy wants to hear: “You have hair like my sister.” as she touches it.
  9. Jordan: our male model takes a minute to make sure he looks good. She likes his fun shoes and his fashion is on point.
  10. Rickey: IT consultant and tells her she has all the adjectives working.
  11. Alex: Construction manager from Atlanta
  12. Nick: he’s not a racecar driver and takes off his racecar attire and makes fun of Arie and takes it off and tells her he’s an attorney.
  13. Mike: brings out a cardboard cutout of Arie so he could see her happy with other dudes and then takes it inside with him.
  14. Garret: A car reves up and it’s a mini-van and it’s Garret. They check out the van because he wants to be a dad someday. He has a soccer ball, a car seat and baby bag.
  15. Blake comes out with an ox and he had met her on the final rose special and she remembers him.
  16. Lincoln brings a cake so they can celebrate since they met earlier on his birthday.
  17. Chase: makes a joke about his name and it being about the Chase
  18. Darius: doesn’t feel nervous since he’s met her before
  19. Ryan didn’t bring his banjo this time
  20. Christon is a former Harlem Globetrotter!
  21. Wills is a closet nerd
  22. Jason has a handshake with his friends back home and it’s pretty ridiculous
  23. Kamil: and he makes her come to him halfway and then tries to get her to go 60-40 which she wasn’t a fan of.
  24. Jake: from Minneapolis and she knew he sounded familiar. He’s an acquaintance that she’s met on multiple occasions and we’re all intrigued now
  25. Trent jumps outta a hearse and says he literally died and came back to life when he found out it was her.
  26. Christian spins her around
  27. David comes out in a chicken costume and makes quite a few chicken puns and does the BE-KAW that reminds me of Pitch Perfect

28. Chris brings up her uncle Gary from her hometown date and knows he needs to win him over to win her over…..he also brings out a gospel choir out of the limo. They dance and she’s in love with this, and he may be a front runner.

So we have 28 guys in the competition this year, and to be honest I’m kinda underwhelmed by the majority of them. I hope she has a guy in this mix, but it is certainly not like Kaitlyn’s season that gave us: Ben H, Wells, Tanner, Jared, Shawn

Conner was the first one to steal her and the guys are not a fan. He doesn’t give a whole lotta substance.

Clay came back strong, when he gave her clay to play with as they talked and they actually had quite a good conversation.

Christon, our former Globetrotter has Becca stand with her hands over her head, holding a basketball, and he ends up jumping over her, grabbing the ball and slamming it into the basket. She has no idea what’s happening, so I think she’s impressed but also terrified. Then a pickup game breaks out in the driveway with a bunch of the guys.

Blake may have just won a little bit, when they sat down, she said she wanted to know everything about him. FYI he went to Hastings College (not mentioned but thought you should know :)), but grew up in Denver. He was in a serious relationship that ended abruptly. He said this line that got to Becca “If I could love the wrong person that much, how much could I love the right person.” She said that to her best friends too.

Garrett wins because he has taught her to fly fish in the pool which she would go fishing with her dad so she knows her dad would approve of him.

Oh good, our first mention of “here for the right reasons.” Chase is not here for the right reasons, he wants to revamp his marketing company.  A guy knows this because they’re from the same hometown and his ex-girlfriend told him this info. I’m just not a fan of this, how much would I care if they’re here for the right reasons on night one.

Becca gets rid of Jake right off the bat before the rose ceremony, because they’ve met a few times in real life and he’d never made an effort before and the fact that he only remembers meeting her once, though they met a few times is a not a great sign. She really doesn’t think he’s here for her and the right reasons, so bye bye Jake!

Garrett is getting the first impression rose. Guess the fly fishing worked out for him and the mini-van! He also gets the first kiss of the season.

Roses go to:

  1. Garrett—first impression
  2. Lincoln
  3. Blake
  4. Rickey
  5. Jean Blanc
  6. Christon
  7. Clay
  8. Wills
  9. Connor
  10. Jason
  11. John
  12. Ryan
  13. Alex
  14. Nick
  15. Trent
  16. Colton
  17. David
  18. Jordan
  19. Leo
  20. Mike
  21. FINAL ROSE: Chris


Becca shows why the Bachelorette’s are smarter than the Bachelor’s when she doesn’t give a rose to Chase since there’s a chance he’s not here for the right reasons. Also, the guy who tried to make her go 60 percent to her 40 somehow didn’t get a rose.

Don’t worry there will be lots of drama and tears this season!

Here we go!


Arie’s girls get familiar with Moulin Rouge

Welcome back to week 6 friends, of the longest/least dramatic season of the Bachelor ever! I still wanna like Arie, but am just not invested in him like I should be. After all these hours we’ve spent with him, shouldn’t I care more? We’ll see if this is the episode that makes me come around or not.

I’m sure lots of you saw this article going around on social media,my friend Cassie shared it with me. Here are my issues with it, she went missing on November 12 and they found her last week because she was on the Bachelor. Guys, how many times do we need to go over this, this show is filmed MONTHS in advance! They started filming I think in late September, so she would’ve been done in November, assuming she even makes it to hometowns/final 3. If she did make it to hometowns than her mom would’ve seen her. So she’s been missing since November 12 but just showed up this week?!? Something seems very suspicious and just because I saw her on my TV doesn’t mean she’s in that location as we speak. Just like how Jimmy Fallon was at the Super Bowl last night, he didn’t then hurry back to his set to do the Tonight Show later that night from his set, no it was pre-recorded. COME ON PEOPLE!

Okay, end rant on the 22 year old who’s hanging out on a marijuana farm, if that doesn’t say wifey material and I’m mature and want to get married, I don’t know what will.

We’re starting the episode off and we’re outta the US, we’re in Paris! I’m not going to lie, the first thing I thought about was this song:

Which is probably a great sign since it’s about how Paris holds the key to your heart. BTW, can we talk about how underrated of an animated film Anastasia really is? The voice talent is quite impressive, John Cusacek, Meg Ryan, Angela Lansbury, Kelsey Grammar & Christoper Lloyd I think are all in it. If you haven’t watched the movie, I urge you to watch it, you will not be disappointed, it’s probably more entertaining than the episode we’re about to watch!

Oh man, we get a recap with Arie and Harrison, and I’m so distracted by Harrison’s jacket. What is going on lately with Harrison’s wardrobe choices? This jacket he is wearing is a sparkly shirt jacket. It’s black with white undertones and I don’t know what to do about it. You own a clothing line buddy, step up your game here!

The girls are all on a boat and talking about their relationships with Arie and recapping and telling us who should get the dates this week. We get 2 one on ones, a group date and the FIRST two on one. Harrison is blatantly telling us there’s going to be a second two on one date, but they’re all gonna be shocked later on in the season when it comes up.

First date is for Lauren! She’s really really excited and freaking out and just keeps repeating that. The girls see Lauren and Arie get on a speed boat and they say it’s a gondola because the guy is wearing a beret and has a striped shirt on….nope still a speed boat that of course will casually go by the yacht real slow.

Arie tells Lauren he was saving this date for her and she replies as all girls would by saying all the girls are really jealous. Arie is smitten with her and has been for awhile, I want to know why she stood out so much to him for so long because she has not stood out to me. They walk through the town, holding hands and are just silent. Of course the producers are showing us Arie talking and her being almost mute while the girls are all talking about wondering if she’s going to open up. Arie is worried she’s not into him.

Arie tells her he’s super interested in her and has a crush on her and is really putting himself out there and she is not picking up on the hints he’s laying out there, but they aren’t hints, he’s basically:


We’re at the night portion of the date and Arie is saying Lauren needs to open up tonight or she ain’t getting the rose….now is it open up her mouth for his tongue or to get to know her personality?!? Arie is angry that they aren’t connecting on a deeper level, but yet he’s talking about how beautiful the city is and the crowd was overwhelming and she’s sweet and it’s hard for her to open up.

Every serious relationship she’s been in, she’s had the guy in the friend zone for 6 months and Arie says “DAMN!” and you can tell he is not excited about pursuing her for that long of period. She said it has to do with trust.

Arie then tells us what I feel is a new story, he talks about the girl he’d dated before Emily and she’d had 2 kids and was pregnant with his child and he was out racing and she called and told him she lost the baby and when he came home she wouldn’t be there. He was racing too much, and he said that’s made him a little gun shy to get back into something serious.

Lauren is scared to tell him things and her parents have been married for almost 30 years, but it’s not a happy/healthy relationship. They put Lauren in the middle. Lauren was engaged to her last boyfriend and once they got engaged he stopped treating her well and stopped trying to woo her. She compliments him and starts to cry when she says she’s worried she’s not going to be able to open up soon enough and you can tell this guy likes her because he reassures her by telling her it’s only their first date. Arie is treating her different than all the girls except for Becca K his pretty woman date. This is how I think Arie would pursue someone if he were not on a dating show….would be try and pursue Lauren for the 6 weeks of filming, probably not, but hey lucky for her she does get 6 weeks. She gets the rose and now they’ll make out the rest of the night.

Group date: “Let’s get all dressed up”

  1. Becca K—-pretty woman date
  2. Seinne—-intelligent Harvard grad
  3. Bekah—-missing 22 year old pixie cut
  4. Tia—–girl from the South that I like, Raven’s good friend
  5. Chelsea——single mom
  6. Jenna——girl that has lasted way longer than she should’ve. She likes to make out with him and that’s about all she has going for her.

They’re going into the Moulin Rogue, the best thing that’s ever happened to Jenna, which tells us everything we need to know about Jenna.

I’m shocked by how good of a dancer Seinne is and then Arie tells the girl that Seinne was a dancer. Tia is all of us at home because she can not keep up with the dancers and just starts doing her own thing. We go upstairs and get outfits and the girls are all glamoured up, thank God they all shaved, but dear goodness I need to hide. Their mothers are watching this show!!!! Thank goodness for the black modesty box. Let’s just say that the girls costumes are making the girls in the music video look like they’re dressed very conservatively.  The girl who gets the rose gets to go on stage and dance with Arie, I’m not thinking this is looking good for you Tia, sorry.

We’re going to the cocktail party to see who’s gonna get the rose.

Arie steals Tia first and Tia tells us that she was completely insecure and scared on stage. Tia is scared and comparing to others and Arie reassures her that they’re in a good spot and he feels good about their relationship.

Chelsea is now getting all in her head. She’s comparing herself to others. Bekah is a 22 year old free spirit while Chelsea is 29 year old mom. Bekah is jealous and she hasn’t felt that way since junior high when her BFF stole her boyfriend in 7th period. She likes him and sees a possibility and there’s a lot to think about, but instead of thinking and talking about it, let’s make out and avoid the future.

We only saw Arie talking to Bekah M, Tia and Seinne and that was it. He then gives the rose to Bekah M and the girls are not happy but of course she has the personality to be able to pull off getting on that stage. The girls are out tables and look pissed off. Bekah is able to act and it makes sense why she was given the part on the stage because she hasn’t seem genuine the whole season and has been acting this whole time, may as well keep it up.

Kendall our taxidermist and Krystal are on the 2 on 1. Krystal is ready and prepared for this and Kendall is going down because we’re looking at fun wife material.

Krystal decides to wear her best velvet cami and white pants well after Labor Day and Kendall has a cute off the shoulder navy dress. We’re at a beautiful Chateau and Arie is our tour guide. They look at art and then go out to a maze where Arie is in the middle and Krystal and Kendall go in opposite directions. The girls back at the hotel are determined Krystal is up to something and they feel bad for Kendall.


Arie tells us that this is Krystal’s last chance and if she acts like she did last week it’s an easy decision for him. He isn’t punishing her, he just has a bunch of questions for her. Arie calls her out for not communicating with him and Krystal never apologizes, she said that this was supposed to happen. Challenges are going to come up and they should be on the same side. She doesn’t want to throw away “the color, the depth and the texture of their relationship.” She trusts him so he needs to make out with her.


And then Krystal shows her claws and decides to throw Kendall under the bus by saying Kendall isn’t ready for marriage and she’s told her that. Arie tells Kendall what Krystal said and asks if she’s ready for marriage and why she’s here. Kendall is more mature than most because she doesn’t freak out about what Krystal said to Arie. She answers his questions.

Kendall talks about how obvious it is that Krystal is in it to win it. Kendall sits down and talk about how good Arie and her conversation went. Then she brings up to Krystal what she’d told Arie and asks her to please explain in what ways Kendall is not ready for marriage. And of course Krystal struggles to find words. Kendall throws a bomb back at Krystal and tells her that she knows when Krystal feels backed into a corner it helps her to say things like tearing others down. Krystal asks why she’s here and then refuses to listen when Kendall explains why she’s here. Kendall has WAY more patience than I do, she tells Krystal that she’s dated someone like her in the past and that saying the thing that’s most painful doesn’t mean you won, it means you hurt someone. But that she can empathize with her. Kendall sees the beauty in Krystal and she’s been hurt more than she ever could’ve imagined and been through more than she should’ve, but she doesn’t need to be fake or perfect. She should just be herself. You can tell Krystal has that wall WAY up guarding her heart from Kendall’s thoughtful words, but that doesn’t stop Kendall from saying them, and WOW I am impressed by you Kendall! giphy2

Arie comes over the girls and picks up the rose and gives his spiel to both girls and tells us how difficult of a decision it is and he can’t make it yet, he’s going to head out and he’ll see them at dinner. Let’s see Krystal freak out about lying again for not handing out the rose when he said he would….well played Arie, see if Krystal learned from last week or will she act the same?

Krystal tells Kendall that their discussion earlier was patronizing and she doesn’t need or want her advice on how she should live her life. Kendall talks about how she sees that she has trouble connecting with people and Krystal tells us that she absolutely doesn’t have trouble connecting with people. Kendall talks about how we should stop talking their relationship and focus on their individual relationships with Arie.

Arie grabs Kendall and takes her off to the side but we don’t get to hear their conversation. Then they come back and he grabs the rose and gives Kendall the rose because he sees a lot of promise and see where it goes!!!!


Krystal he’s really sorry and knows that this wasn’t easy for her to be here and it’s hard to say goodbye, but then he leaves with Kendall. Krystal is floored and tells us this is such bull****. Does Arie want a strong confident woman or a weak girl?

Now we have Jacqueline and Arie’s date. I liked Jacqueline because she is the one who talks to him and asks him questions even the first night. He tried and picked her up in a convertible, but the girls from the yacht see the convertible break down so they get in a cab. They go shopping and do Pretty Woman part 2 date of the season, but Jacqueline doesn’t know fashion so she makes jokes with Arie. They are able to talk but you can see the chemistry between them. Arie is blunt with her and tells her that he was insecure around her because he was afraid she was too intelligent for him. She talks about here is my blueprint for the next 6 years and jokes about how weird it is to be talking about that on a first date. He is afraid that it’s not going to work out. He’s afraid to hold someone back from their dreams. She’s in tears not wanting to say goodbye, but he gives her a rose because he feels deeply for her and wants to see where this goes, and then they make out for the rest of the night.

Rose ceremony time! No cocktail party, just straight to the rose ceremony!

  1. Bekah M has the group date rose
  2. Kendall has the rose from the 2 on 1
  3. Lauren B has the rose from the first 1 on 1
  4. Jacqueline has the second 1 on 1 rose
  5. Tia—-I think she’s making it to the final 3
  6. Seinne—-he keeps another intelligent woman
  7. Becca K—pretty woman date gets the final rose

Going home is Jenna (no shocking) and Chelsea the single mom which is actually very shocking to me. I thought he had more of a relationship with her than with Seinne. Jenna breaks out into a real ugly cry and sobs onto him, but dang the girls love her when she leaves they all say goodbye and that they’ll miss her. Arie grabs Chelsea and takes her away from the girls to say goodbye, he just hugs her and stays holding her a lil longer than I’d like my boyfriend who just broke up with a girl to hold onto someone else.

We’re going to Tuscany, Italy next week and the girls are pumped. Tia warns us as stressful as this week was, next week will be even moreso. Lauren B gets really insecure and vents to her producer and Bekah M is doing impressions and making fun of Lauren, which won’t end well I don’t think.

Wow, we’re talking about hometowns, so I wonder if we’re going from 8 to 4 next week. If so that could be really dramatic and how they’ll make it more dramatic with Krystal gone they’re gonna have to do something.

Well until next week, have a great one!

Krystal starts losing it on the Bachelor

Sorry friends, I was watching the Husker basketball game last night, but Tuesday night is my Bachelor night.

We are in Fort Lauderdale and just so you all know we’re halfway through our journey, which is crazy to think about!

Chelsea our single mom, villain from the first night, but has grown on us, winner of the First impression rose, is getting the first date. We’re going to be introduced to Chelsea not just the mom….and Chelsea gets to go on a yacht with uninterrupted Arie time, except for the whole interview portions.

We have a group of girls talkin about how they wish Arie would’ve chose them for a 1 on 1 date, because they made great connections last week and how dare he choose Chelsea. As this convo is happening in walks a girl, arms open wide and the girls start freaking out and my brain is trying to come up with is this a designer/pop singer/tv star that I should know but am not recognizing and then a girl saves me by saying it’s Maquel back from her grandpa’s funeral and now our numbers are higher. I’m surprised she came back as the way Arie talked last week it sounded as if after she’d left he was just going to have her stay gone, but she’s back so we’ll see how that plays out. Shockingly the girls are out on their balcony and able to see the yacht go by and see them doing the Titanic move and jet-skiing and all the girls are jealous that they aren’t on a yacht. Then we see the girls with a telescope spyin on them as Chelsea decides to straddle Arie on a jet-ski to make out.

We are to the night portion of the date and Arie admits to us that he treats Chelsea differently because she’s a single mom and he knows what’s she is giving up to be here. Arie tells her that she’s a mystery and he’s very interested in her and wants to know about her previous relationship. Chelsea admits that she was drowning in a “perfect” life, she didn’t have a lot growing up and she was with an older guy who was more successful and could mold her into what he wanted. They got together when she was 20 and were together for 7 years. They separated when her son was 6 months and her belongings were in a trash bag and the girl that her ex left her with is now his wife and they just had a baby. Chelsea talks about how she’s had the least when it comes to material possessions and today was special to her because of Arie, not because of the yacht.

  1. Maquel—-photographer who just came back
  2. Krystal—our baby talking actual villian
  3. Bekah—our 22 year old
  4. Becca—-my front runner, Pretty Woman date
  5. Jenna—-she’s the one who has ADD but loves to make out with him
  6. Seinne—-highly educated Harvard grad
  7. Kendall—-taxidermy
  8. Ashley—-no idea
  9. Morique—-owns the Indian restaurant with her mom
  10. Jacqueline—-quiet girl who asked a bunch of questions the first night and has been in background since then
  11. Lauren B——Arie set-up a private moment on the group date last week to have her stand out, she may come into play more soon.

Group date is going to be bowling and we get to see Arie with a close-up getting ready to bowl and he licks the bowling ball before he throws it down the lane giphy8

The girls are here, we’re getting practice rounds in, and we’re having some beer and snacks, what could go wrong? Krystal talks again about the girls fighting for attention and how sad it is.

We’re split into 2 teams, the pin-ups vs the spare roses. Krystal says a prayer and we ask for some angels to look after us and Becca asks who the angels are that Krystal mentioned and it was Krystal’s dogs and Becca laughs. The spare roses, who are in blue are so much better than the pin ups. They keep getting strikes and spares, and there are group hugs every time you turn around, cheers and a few cartwheels. They get the extra date night portion of the date, while the other girls have to go back to the hotel. They’re pissed and saying Krystal’s a sore winner and they’re tired of her toasts and pep talks and while I agree,I also think they’re pretty sore losers, especially you here Bekah M you’re showing your age with your pouting here.

Except Arie has thought about it and decided that the other girls get to come to the after-party as well. Krystal wants to know why he changed his mind and you wanna know why, it’s because he’d rather spend time with Bekah M, Kendall, etc than you. Krystal is pissed she didn’t come on this show to fight for attention from the guy she’s dating, she wants his undivided attention….who’s going to tell Krystal she came on a DATING show!

We’re back at the hotel so the girls can change outta their bowling shirts and into their fancy night attire. You can tell Krystal is pissed, she throws her bowling shirt at a guy with a sound boom mic, and goes into a room and slams the door shut in just her bra.

The girls tell us that Krystal lost her mind on the bus ride from the bowling alley to the hotel and I have to ask you Bachelor producers, why the hell do we not have these vehicles miked up at all times?!? This is at least the 3rd if not the 4th time in the franchise history we as viewers have lost some valuable intel as a result of this oversight. I’m sorry, but MTV is able to have their cars miked up on the Challenge and they did with Jersey Shore too (shut up, I like bad trashy tv, back off :)) how can you who has millions more viewers not give us that yet? Now it’s a she said this and she said this.


They said that Krystal said that he’s a liar and she’s not going to trust him again. He took back his word and how could he? He didn’t consult the winners. The girls are all dressed up in their fancy dresses waiting for the car to come and get them and Krystal comes out in a robe and isn’t going to come. They asked what they’re supposed to tell Arie and she said they can tell him that he’s being disrespectful to team Blue. Doesn’t he know that she’s looking for a partner that will consult her on decisions…..honey I like being in control too, but that’s a lil too much of a control freak, he can’t consult you about every lil decision. There’s gonna be a time in life that he’s gonna invite people over to your house and get so caught up in his excitement that he’s gonna forget about it and tell you at the last minute and you’re gonna have to scramble to make the house presentable. He’s going to make plans without you sometimes and that’s okay. He’s a grown adult who’s been independent for 36 years, you’re going to have to adjust.

Taxidermist Kendall asks if Krystal is giving up on Arie and she said her bags are packed. Kendall said that kindness is one of the most important things to her and the bus ride Krystal was not kind. The girls are leaving Krystal in her bath robe with poor Chelsea & Tia to handle the crazy.

The girls are all talking about the drama they left behind. Arie comes in and sits with the girls and says they’re all here and Bekah M again kinda shows her age here by calling Krystal out in-front of everyone and says Krystal is not here because she’s throwing a fit in her room since everyone is on the date and has decided to not come. Arie is as uncomfortable as I am, Taxidermist Kendall you may wanna point out to Bekah here that she didn’t really exhibit kindness there either in that moment. Arie blows it under the rug by saying “this is awkward” and he wants to go check on her and leave all the other girls sitting here so they can continue to bitch about Krystal, as he leaves.

He finds Krystal in her hotel room. She gets the hug and then talks to him in her baby voice. She said he said one thing and did another and Arie gets pissed and I think this must’ve been a point of contention in previous relationships. He said the fact of the matter is the girls are downstairs and she is upstairs and basically calls her out for not saying something to his face and coming downstairs. Well now Krystal is angry because she feels passionate and hurt and that she feels vulnerable with him but doesn’t know anything about him and he counter points that she knows more than anyone here and she admits she knows more but needs to know even more. Arie tells her that they can’t run away when things get scary, you can’t do that in a real relationship.

If something this minor is getting to them when they’re in the Bachelor bubble, what’s gonna happen when they’re out in the real world?!? Oh Krystal you just sealed your fate honey, you will not be Arie’s final 2, and you got no one to blame but yourself. He liked you and was willing to look past a lot of your crazy, but dang girl, dang. Arie tells her to hang out in the room and he’ll see her in a couple days:

Our taxidermist steals Arie first and she talks about her relationships normally burn fast and bright and fizzle quickly. She’s only dated for 8-10 months. Arie said she keeps surprising her and makes out with her.

Bekah and Arie are together outside and there is a hurricane brewing and Bekah talks about how it’s hurricane Krystal which makes him laugh. Arie asks her if she has any doubts and she said he keeps asking, and he said it’s because he’s worried he’s going to fall for her. Again the physical attraction is certainly there, I just don’t see the depth of the relationship never mind the age difference.

Becca is the one who gets to go to Arie’s room with him and sit on his couch. She says he was her first date and she’d like to be his last date. They talk about how hard it is in 10-15 mins, he said that she can ask him anything she wants in their lil moments, and she wants to ask him everything, but she asks him everything by making out with him.

Bekah keeps doing impressions and making fun of Krystal and says a fake prayer for her that again just shows that she’s 22. And shockingly as this is going on we see Krystal getting out of her bath robe and primping and getting ready for the date. She makes it downstairs to sit on a circle couch with the girls and the girls are so confused why she’s here. Krystal is here to face a challenge and see what’s going on. Lauren B asks her what her motives are with Krystal and Krystal said she’s not going to speak up to be attacked, Lauren said it was a simple question and then walks away and is done with the drama and starts crying. Bekah calls her out that Krystal went against her word and came to the cocktail party and went against her word and is a liar.

Lauren wants to play a game with Arie and asks him 21 questions, the first one is a doozy, favorite color. How do you like your eggs? Coffee? Arie asks her what she’s scared of. Lauren says she’s afraid she’s going to fall for him and he’s going to fall for someone else. Arie’s biggest fear is that he’ll choose someone who’s not right for him. I’m impressed Lauren, you came to play and opened up and stood out tonight, good for you! You earn a kiss from Arie now and he does seem a lil smitten with her.

Arie gives the rose to Lauren because he enjoyed their convo and thinks she really opened up and they got to know each other better tonite.

When Arie is handing out the rose I’m super confused about where Krystal ran off to, because she was not on the couch. Did Arie know that she made it down there?

Tia and Arie are on a boat and looking at gators and Tia is freaking out. She’s afraid the gator is going to jump in their boat and he is hissing.


We get to meet Darryl who built this cabin right in the middle of the Everglades. His favorite thing is to go froggin and Tia says she’s done that in Arkansas as well which Arie thinks is cool. This cabin is on stilts and Darryl has made them some food. Arie has asked what Froggin is, he learned something new about Tia. She wants to be who she is and not run away from her background but doesn’t want to be a stereotype. Tia says the more she gets to know him the harder it is to imagine him being a racer and he says when he gets in the car and puts his helmet on it’s a different guy. He appreciates her honesty and that she’ll call him out and she said she’ll continue to do that. We then go and make out on the top portion of the house on stilts.

Tia is a doctor of physical therapy and she loves being a doctor and being proud of herself. She said she can do therapy anywhere and Arie tells her there are patients in Arizona. Arie talks about the stars lining up. They talk about faith, which is the most real conversation we’ve had all season long. I’m a huge Tia fan! She asks in an indirect way if he believes in God and he said no, not being in the sport he is. He’s lost a lot of friends so he’s lost his faith. Tia says that her faith is very important to her but she will not judge anyone for not believing. Arie asks if she could marry someone who doesn’t have faith and she said absolutely because she wants to know where they’re coming from and she likes to date people that are different than her so she can learn from them. Her exes have been people she can fix, or people that have had bad pasts. Tia is the first one to admit she’s falling in love with him and then looks away at the camera because she cannot believe she’s saying it, and he calls her out and she says it again and then makes out with her. I like Tia, she’s a genuine girl that I think went on the show because her friend Raven convinced her too but I don’t think she was planning on actually staying on for long and certainly wasn’t expecting to fall for Arie. I think Arie is surprised by her as well and there is a comfort between the two of them. Tia and this date just had her jump up to my #2 spot, Becca is still #1, but Tia is coming on strong!

Cocktail party night and shockingly the first one to talk to the girls is Krystal talking about how it was a rough week for her and for her and Arie but she’s still feeling confident guys.

Kendall grabs Arie and she has a question book that she likes to talk to people about. He needs to ask question 1-100 and question 99 is his choice for his first race #, question is “if you were visiting a tribe and the tradition was to eat someone who passed away, would you do it?”

I swear to you, this was his exact reaction:


After his eyes get back in his head, he said no unless it was life or death. Kendall is shocked and said she would for curiosity’s sake. He laughs, says she scares him and then he kisses her to make her shut-up and not say anything else terrifying.

Speaking of shocking, guess what Bekah M is still talking about Kyrstal and how annoyed she is by the whole situation. Kystal is going to talk to the girls trying to diffuse the situation because she knows she can convince Arie to get her a rose. She wants to talk privately to the girls so she doesn’t get attacked in a large group. Kendall takes her up on her offer to go and talk to her. Kendall admits that she’s a protector so she’s going to protect Arie when she feels he’s attacked. Kendall also tells Krystal that she doesn’t think her and Arie are a good pair because how can you say I love you to Arie when you attack him like that….well we just hear a lot about Krystal was hurt guys, and she’s the only one entitled to feel any emotions and her reaction and actions that did impact the whole group date are not valid emotions.

Tia comes up to check on them and wants Krystal to take ownership of her feelings and actions and tries and calls her out for that…

Bekah now takes a turn with Krystal and asks her why she’s still there. She doesn’t wanna talk she just wants to know why is she still here? I don’t know if you know this, but Krystal was hurt, guys. She had a reaction and didn’t you know people talk about things in the heat of the moment. Bekah wants her to take responsibility for her actions and then walks away.

Krystal was expecting the girls to give her compassion and they just attacked her. She’s done stooping to the level that the girls are at, she’s up at a higher level and she’s done with the girls. Krystal is gonna get a rose tonight after her convo with Arie. She’s emotionally invested and doesn’t know how to handle this. Arie again points out that she knows him better than anyone else in the room because of the Scottsdale date that she had, he’s warning her to stop being crazy!!! Tone it down and think before you act! They took a step backwards. Krystal’s response was out of character, she’s not crazy…..she was reliving her childhood because her mom worked in a bowling alley growing up and it just made her think she wasn’t enough…and I appreciate Arie telling her that’s not the case, but not letting her get off scotch free, he still tells her how she reacted is not cool and she needs to do better. It’s just going to get much tougher when they’re out of the Bachelor bubble and he needs a partner.

She tries to make it cute by saying “it’s our first fight” much like someone would say it’s their baby’s first word or first step. Arie is in the middle of a drink and almost does a spit-take but keeps it together and tells her it could be their last fight.

Rose ceremony time!

  1. Chelsea—-rose from 1 on 1 date
  2. Lauren B—rose from group date
  3. Tia—-rose from 1 on 1 date
  4. Bekah M—short haired pixie cut who showed what it’s like to be 22 this week
  5. Seinne—-our Harvard girl didn’t have much airtime this week, but that’s okay with the drama that happened this week
  6. Kendall—taxidermist, quriky, sexy girl gets the rose
  7. Becca K—-my #1 girl, duh she’ll accept the rose
  8. Jaqueline—she did get her face almost swallowed off with a big kiss that Arie gave her
  9. Jenna—-ADHD girl who loves to make out with him
  10. Krystal gets the final rose

Going home is: Morikah—go home and help mom with the restaurant. Maquel, sorry you came back for a week and didn’t get to travel anywhere more fun than FL, Ashley, honey I’m sorry I got ZERO clue who you are.

The producers are making him keep Krystal. He doesn’t want to keep her, but the producers are going to make her go on the 2 on 1 date, either with Bekah M or Kendall. I’m actually leaning towards the 2 on 1 being Krystal and Bekah M, they need drama for that date, not besties going after each other, unless they’re actual besties and not just this fake relationship that’s going on. It’s going to be Bekah M and Krystal but it’s going to have to be after the Olympics because that’s what’s going to get us through when they’re showing Bachelor Winter Games and they’ll need us to turn back in.

I’m getting tired of the Krystal show, but we know what we sign up for when we watch it. I hope that all of you are able to go into bowling alleys this week without your feelings getting too hurt!

I’ll talk to you next week!

I don’t know about you….but I’m feeling 22!

Welcome back friends!

Hard to believe we’re at another week, with our dull Bachelor Arie, wondering is he going to find love? Do we care if he does? Well it’s snowy, cold and Nebrasketball just broke my heart by losing a close game again, so I guess I do care a little bit. I’ve got the hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps to get me through this episode.

I do have to say that after listening to the Almost Famous podcast last week, they brought up something, I was actually shocked I hadn’t pointed out. Once they said it, I realized I did notice it, but want to call it out to see if we notice it this episode. Ben basically kinda called Arie out for being extremely obvious when he doesn’t like a girl. Arie doesn’t even pretend to like her or give her the time of day, but she’s still desperately trying to get his attention to no avail.


Bibs realized this last week, as did the Lauren who went home on 1 on 1. I honestly don’t think we’ll be shocked by any of the girls he dumps this season, because he’s already making it obvious who his top picks are and who he could really care less about.

Speaking of one of his top picks, we start off this episode with pixie hair cut Bekah in the swimming pool by herself while all the girls are talking about her, wondering if Arie knows how old she is? Does Arie know that he’s 14 years older than her!!! Which since we know he’s 36, that makes her 22 and that my friends does not follow the “Half your age plus 7 rule” the youngest girl Arie should date is 25. The girls are wondering why she hasn’t told Arie how old she is yet and wondering when that is going to hit the fan.

Oh good guys, Krystal tells us she’s going to be the voice of reason and reality since these girls need a dose of reality…..thank God Harrison comes into the living room to save us from that! We get more squeals and excitement because our journey is going to begin outside of LA and we’re heading to Tahoe!

I did literally Laugh out loud when the girls were talking about how much Kendall is going to love their hotel because there is so much taxidermy around. She is going around and observing all the animals and is in her element.

First date card is for Seinne! “Let’s let our love soar.” I’m really curious how this date is going to go, she is one who is a Harvard grad and has a good head on her shoulder and Arie seemed impressed but also intimidated by her, so I’ll be very curious how he’s able to handle it. Can he put his ego aside or will he not feel worthy of her?

The girls have binoculars and are looking out on the deck and enjoying Mother Nature and shocking, they happen to be outside at the exact moment that Arie and Seinne are parasailing in-front of their cabin! I’m shocked producers! What great timing, that you had nothing to do with at all!


Arie and Seinne do seem to be enjoying parasailing and we get our metaphors about how parasailing is like a relationship. Seinne proves she does have a head on her shoulder, because the producers try to goad her and she says she can’t use the “L” word yet, but she does like him.

Seinne and him are now on the ground and talking and Seinne is the one asking him questions and he is opening up, but the more this is going on, the more I’m wondering if Arie is an introvert where it’s hard for him to really carry a conversation and he isn’t super goofy because he thinks a lot before he acts. Not that Ben wasn’t intellectual but he’s goofy and you can tell more extroverted. Arie opens up about why he chose her and it’s because he actually does like her and he feels they made more of a connection in 10 seconds than he did with some of the girls he spent 10 mins talking to. He likes her and ends up giving her a rose at the night portion of their date, I like her, she’s just so normal!

Maquel (the girl who got out of the racecar and is the photographer) is standing on a deck and calls her mom, and we find out that her grandpa passed away suddenly yesterday. She packs her bag and heads home and my heart is breaking for her 😦

  1. Chelsea—-single mom
  2. Krystal—our voice of reason
  3. Marikah—mom and her own the Indian restuarant
  4. Becca—-she’s actually my favorite, the Pretty woman date
  5. Ashley—–no clue
  6. Jacqueline—–I liked her the first night because she asked him questions and has just hung on since then, she’s going home soon.
  7. Jenna—-social media manager, who got all up on him last week in a white dress and moves her hands around a lot when she talks
  8. Tia—–Raven’s good friend, a good country girl
  9. Kendall—-taxidermist
  10. Lauren——–no idea
  11. Brittany—–got the first kiss on the lil race cars, loved the demo derby
  12. Caroline——is close friends with a lot of the girls that have gone home, so she cries about them leaving a lot.

We go on a hike with 12 of us that are heading to a clearing in the woods. Kendall is all over this and knows she’ll shine on this date! We’re going to learn survival techniques, it’s going to be dangerous not something romantic. The girls with their makeup and hair extension can’t handle this. We begin with peeing in a canister in able to survive and then he drinks his own urine and Tia is very impressed. Jacqueline is going for it and then Arie stops her to tell her it’s apple juice. We’re now eating bugs and Tia, Jenna & Arie are all in 🙂 Krystal thinks these girls are desperate and playing down a level that she refuses to stoop to.

Kendall our taxidermist grab Arie and Krystal observes Kendall and Arie walking through the woods, and Krystal said Kendall stole a kiss from Arie, but Arie went in-first.

We have the girls split into 3 teams and the blue team gets Arie, the red team is bitter that Arie is not with them and then there’s a gray team and they cracked me up because they at least have a sense of humor about not knowing directions.

We get to an oasis and there’s a hot tub! They all have to jump in and Krystal and Arie are sitting together and Arie puts his arm around Krystal which I find odd since there’s only 5 people in there right now. It just seems like an interesting move to make at this point in the competition, so Caroline and Tia I don’t think you’re top 4 girls because that doesn’t seem like a move a guy would make with a girl that he really likes in the same hot tub. He realizes his mistake and then goes towards the center and doesn’t have his arm around a girl.

Krystal gets pissed as more girls come in and are all hanging with their friends, you can tell she’s a loner who doesn’t have friends and doesn’t want friends. She thinks as long as she has a smile on her face she’s being nice and no one can read her mind, sorry to break it to you Krystal, you don’t have a poker face and her smile is not genuine at all!


We’re now at the night portion of the date! Let’s get to know the girls on a deeper level, does that mean a deeper level of his tongue down their throats? Will he actually try and talk to some of the girls?

Krystal has the best relationship ever with Arie, and whatever comes out of her mouth is perfect and she thinks it’s so sad to see how desperate some of the girls are.

Arie steals Lauren for the first portion and he has a surprise set-up for her. It’s a blanket by the fire. Arie wants Lauren to open up more and she actually asks him a question and he responds and they’re on the same page and able to laugh and then of course make-out….she did delay the making out by asking him a question, so I’m impressed with that. He tells her he’s going to have to take her out on a date, so he’s smitten with her!

Kendall wants a guy who can challenge her and Arie admits that she challenges him. Arie asks the question we’ve all been dying to know when Kendall talks about a duck that she’s brought on her journey, he asks how does she get away with bringing these animals with her on airplanes? Are they part of her checked bag? She says she just brings them, and they’re alive and awesome….and Arie admits she’s quirky but sexy and they have chemistry so they must make out now.

Krystal gets her time with Arie and we get the baby talk, she’s a mix of emotions. She knows they have a connection. She has a target on her back! Honey, you put the target on your back, the girls didn’t put it on there, until you started opening your mouth. She’s the first one to say she’s ostracized from the girls. She talks about how they feel threatened and he feeds the beast by saying they have every reason to…..I’m sorry but Krystal is a new type of villain for me. She’s using all the phrases we’ve used for years, but she’s a self-fulfilling prophesy at this point. And now she’s crying and manipulating him even further…..I’m sorry but I have no sympathy for her and she’s not even a fun villain to hate like Olivia or Corrine from recent seasons.

Crazy Olivia.jpg-large

She’s already in tears and having a hard time, honey you’re just starting the traveling portion of this journey, you’re screwed if you’re already feeling this insecure, even though you’re way above this. She’s floored by the insecurity and immaturity that she’s seeing. How is she can handle all the eliminations of these girls? She goes up to the group of girls and says “Hi friends” then needs to grab Caroline and Tia to talk to them because they tease her in the hot tub in-front of Arie and how dare they?!?!

Krystal tells them that her feelings were hurt and God bless Tia, she calls her out. She says that when Krystal’s feelings get hurt or something is going positive for someone else she lashes out at the girls. Tia is worried that her character has been called into question and she doesn’t want that. Tia talks to Arie and breaks down that she feels comfortable with him and it scares her that he feels that with others and she wants more than surface level physical attraction and he decides to say he heard her by making out with her.


The date rose is going to Tia and Krystal is super confused about why Tia would get this rose. Wasn’t she clear about her expectations and what was going on?!? Krystal was really challenged in the group date and tried to not shine too much because she knows it’ll come across as her being flawless.

Pixie cut Bekah is getting her date today. They are going to explore Tahoe on horseback. Arie admits that they have the physical attraction but she challenges him and she has a wisdom about her. They have a great time on their horseback ride and their chemistry is shown even more in the hot tub. He talks about an accident he was in and does actually open up with her, before he tries to swallow her whole, but at least they talked for a minute, before they started kissing, that’s progress!

All the girls are obsessed with Bekah’s age and not seeing her settle down. They remember how they were at her age, and Arie has to know how old she is and what will they even have in common?

Night portion of the date, Arie asks her if she’s ready and if the time was right would they be ready. Bekah talks about how she’s never been there before, so how would she know? In life is she ready? Arie talks about how he thought he was at some point. He is ready now because he’s 36 and in a different place than his late 20s. He has a fear that she’s where he was in his late 20s. Does she still like to go out a lot? He’s become more boring because he has different interests. Then she plays coy and a game and asks if he knows how old she is, he admits he does not and asks her and she is all “I don’t want you to judge me for my age” She says she’s 22 and he’s taken aback and you can tell he feels as if he’s robbing the cradle, because he says she’s so young. Then tries to reel it in by asking if she’s dated anyone his age before.

She talks about how she’s casually dated people in their 30s. Bekah evidently has a professor complex. She so dated a 40 year old divorce in college, didn’t she?!? She hasn’t been in a serious relationship with someone in their 30s. He reiterates his concern about her age, 22!!!

She’s incredible, and he can find it really easy to get emotionally invested in her. She scares him more than anyone and he doesn’t know how ready she is. He is so damn ready and wants to settle down and is ready to find a wife and he’s so disappointed. He’s worried he’s going to fall for her and it’s going to fall apart and this could be the beginning of something amazing, so he gives her the rose and I don’t know, I don’t think she’s ready….he’s going to proceed with caution and that could cause him pain in the future, but hell that’s future Arie’s problem, present Arie is going to make out with her!

Krystal is giving another speech as we’re getting ready for the cocktail party and Bekah and Kendall are both talking about how fake Krystal is and it doesn’t seem real when Krystal is talking. There’s no cocktail party, Arie knows exactly what he wants to do, we’re going straight to the rose ceremony!

  1. Seinne—-she got her 1 on 1 date rose
  2. Tia—-got the group date rose
  3. Bekah M—-got the second 1 on 1 date rose

Arie grabs the rose and is about to say the first name and Krystal steps forward and asks for a quick moment of his time. The girls were shocked when she opened her mouth because they were waiting with bated breath for Arie to speak and now they’re pissed Krystal interrupted him. Honey, this isn’t gonna end well for you, even if it ends okay for you today, it’s not going to continue to end that well. Arie is gonna see that you’re not independent or low maintenance. The girls are done standing, so as they walk away the girls sit down on the rose ceremony steps. She tells him that she’s not here to play games and she’s here for him! He says he knows that and now we’re going to the rose ceremony!

  1. Lauren—good for her, she can finally stick out from the other Laurens
  2. Kendall—taxidermy, quirky and sexy works for her
  3. Ashley—-who the hell is this girl?!?!
  4. Becca—-my front runner
  5. Chelsea—single mom
  6. Jenna—girl who made out with him last week in long white dress
  7. Jacqueline—-I still do like her, no drama and is gonna sneak in a ways without anyone knowing who she is 🙂
  8. Marikah—-mom is still holding down the Indian restuarant
  9. Krystal—-obviously

So we’re down to 12 girls and going home is Caroline and Brittany. Sorry Britt you got the first kiss but you aren’t getting the last one. Caroline, you had a lot of friends, including Tia, but sorry, you flew too low under the radar.

It looks like the Krystal saga may come to a head next week, hopefully we’ll be done with her next week!

Until then!