Arie’s girls get familiar with Moulin Rouge

Welcome back to week 6 friends, of the longest/least dramatic season of the Bachelor ever! I still wanna like Arie, but am just not invested in him like I should be. After all these hours we’ve spent with him, shouldn’t I care more? We’ll see if this is the episode that makes me come around or not.

I’m sure lots of you saw this article going around on social media,my friend Cassie shared it with me. Here are my issues with it, she went missing on November 12 and they found her last week because she was on the Bachelor. Guys, how many times do we need to go over this, this show is filmed MONTHS in advance! They started filming I think in late September, so she would’ve been done in November, assuming she even makes it to hometowns/final 3. If she did make it to hometowns than her mom would’ve seen her. So she’s been missing since November 12 but just showed up this week?!? Something seems very suspicious and just because I saw her on my TV doesn’t mean she’s in that location as we speak. Just like how Jimmy Fallon was at the Super Bowl last night, he didn’t then hurry back to his set to do the Tonight Show later that night from his set, no it was pre-recorded. COME ON PEOPLE!

Okay, end rant on the 22 year old who’s hanging out on a marijuana farm, if that doesn’t say wifey material and I’m mature and want to get married, I don’t know what will.

We’re starting the episode off and we’re outta the US, we’re in Paris! I’m not going to lie, the first thing I thought about was this song:

Which is probably a great sign since it’s about how Paris holds the key to your heart. BTW, can we talk about how underrated of an animated film Anastasia really is? The voice talent is quite impressive, John Cusacek, Meg Ryan, Angela Lansbury, Kelsey Grammar & Christoper Lloyd I think are all in it. If you haven’t watched the movie, I urge you to watch it, you will not be disappointed, it’s probably more entertaining than the episode we’re about to watch!

Oh man, we get a recap with Arie and Harrison, and I’m so distracted by Harrison’s jacket. What is going on lately with Harrison’s wardrobe choices? This jacket he is wearing is a sparkly shirt jacket. It’s black with white undertones and I don’t know what to do about it. You own a clothing line buddy, step up your game here!

The girls are all on a boat and talking about their relationships with Arie and recapping and telling us who should get the dates this week. We get 2 one on ones, a group date and the FIRST two on one. Harrison is blatantly telling us there’s going to be a second two on one date, but they’re all gonna be shocked later on in the season when it comes up.

First date is for Lauren! She’s really really excited and freaking out and just keeps repeating that. The girls see Lauren and Arie get on a speed boat and they say it’s a gondola because the guy is wearing a beret and has a striped shirt on….nope still a speed boat that of course will casually go by the yacht real slow.

Arie tells Lauren he was saving this date for her and she replies as all girls would by saying all the girls are really jealous. Arie is smitten with her and has been for awhile, I want to know why she stood out so much to him for so long because she has not stood out to me. They walk through the town, holding hands and are just silent. Of course the producers are showing us Arie talking and her being almost mute while the girls are all talking about wondering if she’s going to open up. Arie is worried she’s not into him.

Arie tells her he’s super interested in her and has a crush on her and is really putting himself out there and she is not picking up on the hints he’s laying out there, but they aren’t hints, he’s basically:


We’re at the night portion of the date and Arie is saying Lauren needs to open up tonight or she ain’t getting the rose….now is it open up her mouth for his tongue or to get to know her personality?!? Arie is angry that they aren’t connecting on a deeper level, but yet he’s talking about how beautiful the city is and the crowd was overwhelming and she’s sweet and it’s hard for her to open up.

Every serious relationship she’s been in, she’s had the guy in the friend zone for 6 months and Arie says “DAMN!” and you can tell he is not excited about pursuing her for that long of period. She said it has to do with trust.

Arie then tells us what I feel is a new story, he talks about the girl he’d dated before Emily and she’d had 2 kids and was pregnant with his child and he was out racing and she called and told him she lost the baby and when he came home she wouldn’t be there. He was racing too much, and he said that’s made him a little gun shy to get back into something serious.

Lauren is scared to tell him things and her parents have been married for almost 30 years, but it’s not a happy/healthy relationship. They put Lauren in the middle. Lauren was engaged to her last boyfriend and once they got engaged he stopped treating her well and stopped trying to woo her. She compliments him and starts to cry when she says she’s worried she’s not going to be able to open up soon enough and you can tell this guy likes her because he reassures her by telling her it’s only their first date. Arie is treating her different than all the girls except for Becca K his pretty woman date. This is how I think Arie would pursue someone if he were not on a dating show….would be try and pursue Lauren for the 6 weeks of filming, probably not, but hey lucky for her she does get 6 weeks. She gets the rose and now they’ll make out the rest of the night.

Group date: “Let’s get all dressed up”

  1. Becca K—-pretty woman date
  2. Seinne—-intelligent Harvard grad
  3. Bekah—-missing 22 year old pixie cut
  4. Tia—–girl from the South that I like, Raven’s good friend
  5. Chelsea——single mom
  6. Jenna——girl that has lasted way longer than she should’ve. She likes to make out with him and that’s about all she has going for her.

They’re going into the Moulin Rogue, the best thing that’s ever happened to Jenna, which tells us everything we need to know about Jenna.

I’m shocked by how good of a dancer Seinne is and then Arie tells the girl that Seinne was a dancer. Tia is all of us at home because she can not keep up with the dancers and just starts doing her own thing. We go upstairs and get outfits and the girls are all glamoured up, thank God they all shaved, but dear goodness I need to hide. Their mothers are watching this show!!!! Thank goodness for the black modesty box. Let’s just say that the girls costumes are making the girls in the music video look like they’re dressed very conservatively.  The girl who gets the rose gets to go on stage and dance with Arie, I’m not thinking this is looking good for you Tia, sorry.

We’re going to the cocktail party to see who’s gonna get the rose.

Arie steals Tia first and Tia tells us that she was completely insecure and scared on stage. Tia is scared and comparing to others and Arie reassures her that they’re in a good spot and he feels good about their relationship.

Chelsea is now getting all in her head. She’s comparing herself to others. Bekah is a 22 year old free spirit while Chelsea is 29 year old mom. Bekah is jealous and she hasn’t felt that way since junior high when her BFF stole her boyfriend in 7th period. She likes him and sees a possibility and there’s a lot to think about, but instead of thinking and talking about it, let’s make out and avoid the future.

We only saw Arie talking to Bekah M, Tia and Seinne and that was it. He then gives the rose to Bekah M and the girls are not happy but of course she has the personality to be able to pull off getting on that stage. The girls are out tables and look pissed off. Bekah is able to act and it makes sense why she was given the part on the stage because she hasn’t seem genuine the whole season and has been acting this whole time, may as well keep it up.

Kendall our taxidermist and Krystal are on the 2 on 1. Krystal is ready and prepared for this and Kendall is going down because we’re looking at fun wife material.

Krystal decides to wear her best velvet cami and white pants well after Labor Day and Kendall has a cute off the shoulder navy dress. We’re at a beautiful Chateau and Arie is our tour guide. They look at art and then go out to a maze where Arie is in the middle and Krystal and Kendall go in opposite directions. The girls back at the hotel are determined Krystal is up to something and they feel bad for Kendall.


Arie tells us that this is Krystal’s last chance and if she acts like she did last week it’s an easy decision for him. He isn’t punishing her, he just has a bunch of questions for her. Arie calls her out for not communicating with him and Krystal never apologizes, she said that this was supposed to happen. Challenges are going to come up and they should be on the same side. She doesn’t want to throw away “the color, the depth and the texture of their relationship.” She trusts him so he needs to make out with her.


And then Krystal shows her claws and decides to throw Kendall under the bus by saying Kendall isn’t ready for marriage and she’s told her that. Arie tells Kendall what Krystal said and asks if she’s ready for marriage and why she’s here. Kendall is more mature than most because she doesn’t freak out about what Krystal said to Arie. She answers his questions.

Kendall talks about how obvious it is that Krystal is in it to win it. Kendall sits down and talk about how good Arie and her conversation went. Then she brings up to Krystal what she’d told Arie and asks her to please explain in what ways Kendall is not ready for marriage. And of course Krystal struggles to find words. Kendall throws a bomb back at Krystal and tells her that she knows when Krystal feels backed into a corner it helps her to say things like tearing others down. Krystal asks why she’s here and then refuses to listen when Kendall explains why she’s here. Kendall has WAY more patience than I do, she tells Krystal that she’s dated someone like her in the past and that saying the thing that’s most painful doesn’t mean you won, it means you hurt someone. But that she can empathize with her. Kendall sees the beauty in Krystal and she’s been hurt more than she ever could’ve imagined and been through more than she should’ve, but she doesn’t need to be fake or perfect. She should just be herself. You can tell Krystal has that wall WAY up guarding her heart from Kendall’s thoughtful words, but that doesn’t stop Kendall from saying them, and WOW I am impressed by you Kendall! giphy2

Arie comes over the girls and picks up the rose and gives his spiel to both girls and tells us how difficult of a decision it is and he can’t make it yet, he’s going to head out and he’ll see them at dinner. Let’s see Krystal freak out about lying again for not handing out the rose when he said he would….well played Arie, see if Krystal learned from last week or will she act the same?

Krystal tells Kendall that their discussion earlier was patronizing and she doesn’t need or want her advice on how she should live her life. Kendall talks about how she sees that she has trouble connecting with people and Krystal tells us that she absolutely doesn’t have trouble connecting with people. Kendall talks about how we should stop talking their relationship and focus on their individual relationships with Arie.

Arie grabs Kendall and takes her off to the side but we don’t get to hear their conversation. Then they come back and he grabs the rose and gives Kendall the rose because he sees a lot of promise and see where it goes!!!!


Krystal he’s really sorry and knows that this wasn’t easy for her to be here and it’s hard to say goodbye, but then he leaves with Kendall. Krystal is floored and tells us this is such bull****. Does Arie want a strong confident woman or a weak girl?

Now we have Jacqueline and Arie’s date. I liked Jacqueline because she is the one who talks to him and asks him questions even the first night. He tried and picked her up in a convertible, but the girls from the yacht see the convertible break down so they get in a cab. They go shopping and do Pretty Woman part 2 date of the season, but Jacqueline doesn’t know fashion so she makes jokes with Arie. They are able to talk but you can see the chemistry between them. Arie is blunt with her and tells her that he was insecure around her because he was afraid she was too intelligent for him. She talks about here is my blueprint for the next 6 years and jokes about how weird it is to be talking about that on a first date. He is afraid that it’s not going to work out. He’s afraid to hold someone back from their dreams. She’s in tears not wanting to say goodbye, but he gives her a rose because he feels deeply for her and wants to see where this goes, and then they make out for the rest of the night.

Rose ceremony time! No cocktail party, just straight to the rose ceremony!

  1. Bekah M has the group date rose
  2. Kendall has the rose from the 2 on 1
  3. Lauren B has the rose from the first 1 on 1
  4. Jacqueline has the second 1 on 1 rose
  5. Tia—-I think she’s making it to the final 3
  6. Seinne—-he keeps another intelligent woman
  7. Becca K—pretty woman date gets the final rose

Going home is Jenna (no shocking) and Chelsea the single mom which is actually very shocking to me. I thought he had more of a relationship with her than with Seinne. Jenna breaks out into a real ugly cry and sobs onto him, but dang the girls love her when she leaves they all say goodbye and that they’ll miss her. Arie grabs Chelsea and takes her away from the girls to say goodbye, he just hugs her and stays holding her a lil longer than I’d like my boyfriend who just broke up with a girl to hold onto someone else.

We’re going to Tuscany, Italy next week and the girls are pumped. Tia warns us as stressful as this week was, next week will be even moreso. Lauren B gets really insecure and vents to her producer and Bekah M is doing impressions and making fun of Lauren, which won’t end well I don’t think.

Wow, we’re talking about hometowns, so I wonder if we’re going from 8 to 4 next week. If so that could be really dramatic and how they’ll make it more dramatic with Krystal gone they’re gonna have to do something.

Well until next week, have a great one!


Krystal starts losing it on the Bachelor

Sorry friends, I was watching the Husker basketball game last night, but Tuesday night is my Bachelor night.

We are in Fort Lauderdale and just so you all know we’re halfway through our journey, which is crazy to think about!

Chelsea our single mom, villain from the first night, but has grown on us, winner of the First impression rose, is getting the first date. We’re going to be introduced to Chelsea not just the mom….and Chelsea gets to go on a yacht with uninterrupted Arie time, except for the whole interview portions.

We have a group of girls talkin about how they wish Arie would’ve chose them for a 1 on 1 date, because they made great connections last week and how dare he choose Chelsea. As this convo is happening in walks a girl, arms open wide and the girls start freaking out and my brain is trying to come up with is this a designer/pop singer/tv star that I should know but am not recognizing and then a girl saves me by saying it’s Maquel back from her grandpa’s funeral and now our numbers are higher. I’m surprised she came back as the way Arie talked last week it sounded as if after she’d left he was just going to have her stay gone, but she’s back so we’ll see how that plays out. Shockingly the girls are out on their balcony and able to see the yacht go by and see them doing the Titanic move and jet-skiing and all the girls are jealous that they aren’t on a yacht. Then we see the girls with a telescope spyin on them as Chelsea decides to straddle Arie on a jet-ski to make out.

We are to the night portion of the date and Arie admits to us that he treats Chelsea differently because she’s a single mom and he knows what’s she is giving up to be here. Arie tells her that she’s a mystery and he’s very interested in her and wants to know about her previous relationship. Chelsea admits that she was drowning in a “perfect” life, she didn’t have a lot growing up and she was with an older guy who was more successful and could mold her into what he wanted. They got together when she was 20 and were together for 7 years. They separated when her son was 6 months and her belongings were in a trash bag and the girl that her ex left her with is now his wife and they just had a baby. Chelsea talks about how she’s had the least when it comes to material possessions and today was special to her because of Arie, not because of the yacht.

  1. Maquel—-photographer who just came back
  2. Krystal—our baby talking actual villian
  3. Bekah—our 22 year old
  4. Becca—-my front runner, Pretty Woman date
  5. Jenna—-she’s the one who has ADD but loves to make out with him
  6. Seinne—-highly educated Harvard grad
  7. Kendall—-taxidermy
  8. Ashley—-no idea
  9. Morique—-owns the Indian restaurant with her mom
  10. Jacqueline—-quiet girl who asked a bunch of questions the first night and has been in background since then
  11. Lauren B——Arie set-up a private moment on the group date last week to have her stand out, she may come into play more soon.

Group date is going to be bowling and we get to see Arie with a close-up getting ready to bowl and he licks the bowling ball before he throws it down the lane giphy8

The girls are here, we’re getting practice rounds in, and we’re having some beer and snacks, what could go wrong? Krystal talks again about the girls fighting for attention and how sad it is.

We’re split into 2 teams, the pin-ups vs the spare roses. Krystal says a prayer and we ask for some angels to look after us and Becca asks who the angels are that Krystal mentioned and it was Krystal’s dogs and Becca laughs. The spare roses, who are in blue are so much better than the pin ups. They keep getting strikes and spares, and there are group hugs every time you turn around, cheers and a few cartwheels. They get the extra date night portion of the date, while the other girls have to go back to the hotel. They’re pissed and saying Krystal’s a sore winner and they’re tired of her toasts and pep talks and while I agree,I also think they’re pretty sore losers, especially you here Bekah M you’re showing your age with your pouting here.

Except Arie has thought about it and decided that the other girls get to come to the after-party as well. Krystal wants to know why he changed his mind and you wanna know why, it’s because he’d rather spend time with Bekah M, Kendall, etc than you. Krystal is pissed she didn’t come on this show to fight for attention from the guy she’s dating, she wants his undivided attention….who’s going to tell Krystal she came on a DATING show!

We’re back at the hotel so the girls can change outta their bowling shirts and into their fancy night attire. You can tell Krystal is pissed, she throws her bowling shirt at a guy with a sound boom mic, and goes into a room and slams the door shut in just her bra.

The girls tell us that Krystal lost her mind on the bus ride from the bowling alley to the hotel and I have to ask you Bachelor producers, why the hell do we not have these vehicles miked up at all times?!? This is at least the 3rd if not the 4th time in the franchise history we as viewers have lost some valuable intel as a result of this oversight. I’m sorry, but MTV is able to have their cars miked up on the Challenge and they did with Jersey Shore too (shut up, I like bad trashy tv, back off :)) how can you who has millions more viewers not give us that yet? Now it’s a she said this and she said this.


They said that Krystal said that he’s a liar and she’s not going to trust him again. He took back his word and how could he? He didn’t consult the winners. The girls are all dressed up in their fancy dresses waiting for the car to come and get them and Krystal comes out in a robe and isn’t going to come. They asked what they’re supposed to tell Arie and she said they can tell him that he’s being disrespectful to team Blue. Doesn’t he know that she’s looking for a partner that will consult her on decisions…..honey I like being in control too, but that’s a lil too much of a control freak, he can’t consult you about every lil decision. There’s gonna be a time in life that he’s gonna invite people over to your house and get so caught up in his excitement that he’s gonna forget about it and tell you at the last minute and you’re gonna have to scramble to make the house presentable. He’s going to make plans without you sometimes and that’s okay. He’s a grown adult who’s been independent for 36 years, you’re going to have to adjust.

Taxidermist Kendall asks if Krystal is giving up on Arie and she said her bags are packed. Kendall said that kindness is one of the most important things to her and the bus ride Krystal was not kind. The girls are leaving Krystal in her bath robe with poor Chelsea & Tia to handle the crazy.

The girls are all talking about the drama they left behind. Arie comes in and sits with the girls and says they’re all here and Bekah M again kinda shows her age here by calling Krystal out in-front of everyone and says Krystal is not here because she’s throwing a fit in her room since everyone is on the date and has decided to not come. Arie is as uncomfortable as I am, Taxidermist Kendall you may wanna point out to Bekah here that she didn’t really exhibit kindness there either in that moment. Arie blows it under the rug by saying “this is awkward” and he wants to go check on her and leave all the other girls sitting here so they can continue to bitch about Krystal, as he leaves.

He finds Krystal in her hotel room. She gets the hug and then talks to him in her baby voice. She said he said one thing and did another and Arie gets pissed and I think this must’ve been a point of contention in previous relationships. He said the fact of the matter is the girls are downstairs and she is upstairs and basically calls her out for not saying something to his face and coming downstairs. Well now Krystal is angry because she feels passionate and hurt and that she feels vulnerable with him but doesn’t know anything about him and he counter points that she knows more than anyone here and she admits she knows more but needs to know even more. Arie tells her that they can’t run away when things get scary, you can’t do that in a real relationship.

If something this minor is getting to them when they’re in the Bachelor bubble, what’s gonna happen when they’re out in the real world?!? Oh Krystal you just sealed your fate honey, you will not be Arie’s final 2, and you got no one to blame but yourself. He liked you and was willing to look past a lot of your crazy, but dang girl, dang. Arie tells her to hang out in the room and he’ll see her in a couple days:

Our taxidermist steals Arie first and she talks about her relationships normally burn fast and bright and fizzle quickly. She’s only dated for 8-10 months. Arie said she keeps surprising her and makes out with her.

Bekah and Arie are together outside and there is a hurricane brewing and Bekah talks about how it’s hurricane Krystal which makes him laugh. Arie asks her if she has any doubts and she said he keeps asking, and he said it’s because he’s worried he’s going to fall for her. Again the physical attraction is certainly there, I just don’t see the depth of the relationship never mind the age difference.

Becca is the one who gets to go to Arie’s room with him and sit on his couch. She says he was her first date and she’d like to be his last date. They talk about how hard it is in 10-15 mins, he said that she can ask him anything she wants in their lil moments, and she wants to ask him everything, but she asks him everything by making out with him.

Bekah keeps doing impressions and making fun of Krystal and says a fake prayer for her that again just shows that she’s 22. And shockingly as this is going on we see Krystal getting out of her bath robe and primping and getting ready for the date. She makes it downstairs to sit on a circle couch with the girls and the girls are so confused why she’s here. Krystal is here to face a challenge and see what’s going on. Lauren B asks her what her motives are with Krystal and Krystal said she’s not going to speak up to be attacked, Lauren said it was a simple question and then walks away and is done with the drama and starts crying. Bekah calls her out that Krystal went against her word and came to the cocktail party and went against her word and is a liar.

Lauren wants to play a game with Arie and asks him 21 questions, the first one is a doozy, favorite color. How do you like your eggs? Coffee? Arie asks her what she’s scared of. Lauren says she’s afraid she’s going to fall for him and he’s going to fall for someone else. Arie’s biggest fear is that he’ll choose someone who’s not right for him. I’m impressed Lauren, you came to play and opened up and stood out tonight, good for you! You earn a kiss from Arie now and he does seem a lil smitten with her.

Arie gives the rose to Lauren because he enjoyed their convo and thinks she really opened up and they got to know each other better tonite.

When Arie is handing out the rose I’m super confused about where Krystal ran off to, because she was not on the couch. Did Arie know that she made it down there?

Tia and Arie are on a boat and looking at gators and Tia is freaking out. She’s afraid the gator is going to jump in their boat and he is hissing.


We get to meet Darryl who built this cabin right in the middle of the Everglades. His favorite thing is to go froggin and Tia says she’s done that in Arkansas as well which Arie thinks is cool. This cabin is on stilts and Darryl has made them some food. Arie has asked what Froggin is, he learned something new about Tia. She wants to be who she is and not run away from her background but doesn’t want to be a stereotype. Tia says the more she gets to know him the harder it is to imagine him being a racer and he says when he gets in the car and puts his helmet on it’s a different guy. He appreciates her honesty and that she’ll call him out and she said she’ll continue to do that. We then go and make out on the top portion of the house on stilts.

Tia is a doctor of physical therapy and she loves being a doctor and being proud of herself. She said she can do therapy anywhere and Arie tells her there are patients in Arizona. Arie talks about the stars lining up. They talk about faith, which is the most real conversation we’ve had all season long. I’m a huge Tia fan! She asks in an indirect way if he believes in God and he said no, not being in the sport he is. He’s lost a lot of friends so he’s lost his faith. Tia says that her faith is very important to her but she will not judge anyone for not believing. Arie asks if she could marry someone who doesn’t have faith and she said absolutely because she wants to know where they’re coming from and she likes to date people that are different than her so she can learn from them. Her exes have been people she can fix, or people that have had bad pasts. Tia is the first one to admit she’s falling in love with him and then looks away at the camera because she cannot believe she’s saying it, and he calls her out and she says it again and then makes out with her. I like Tia, she’s a genuine girl that I think went on the show because her friend Raven convinced her too but I don’t think she was planning on actually staying on for long and certainly wasn’t expecting to fall for Arie. I think Arie is surprised by her as well and there is a comfort between the two of them. Tia and this date just had her jump up to my #2 spot, Becca is still #1, but Tia is coming on strong!

Cocktail party night and shockingly the first one to talk to the girls is Krystal talking about how it was a rough week for her and for her and Arie but she’s still feeling confident guys.

Kendall grabs Arie and she has a question book that she likes to talk to people about. He needs to ask question 1-100 and question 99 is his choice for his first race #, question is “if you were visiting a tribe and the tradition was to eat someone who passed away, would you do it?”

I swear to you, this was his exact reaction:


After his eyes get back in his head, he said no unless it was life or death. Kendall is shocked and said she would for curiosity’s sake. He laughs, says she scares him and then he kisses her to make her shut-up and not say anything else terrifying.

Speaking of shocking, guess what Bekah M is still talking about Kyrstal and how annoyed she is by the whole situation. Kystal is going to talk to the girls trying to diffuse the situation because she knows she can convince Arie to get her a rose. She wants to talk privately to the girls so she doesn’t get attacked in a large group. Kendall takes her up on her offer to go and talk to her. Kendall admits that she’s a protector so she’s going to protect Arie when she feels he’s attacked. Kendall also tells Krystal that she doesn’t think her and Arie are a good pair because how can you say I love you to Arie when you attack him like that….well we just hear a lot about Krystal was hurt guys, and she’s the only one entitled to feel any emotions and her reaction and actions that did impact the whole group date are not valid emotions.

Tia comes up to check on them and wants Krystal to take ownership of her feelings and actions and tries and calls her out for that…

Bekah now takes a turn with Krystal and asks her why she’s still there. She doesn’t wanna talk she just wants to know why is she still here? I don’t know if you know this, but Krystal was hurt, guys. She had a reaction and didn’t you know people talk about things in the heat of the moment. Bekah wants her to take responsibility for her actions and then walks away.

Krystal was expecting the girls to give her compassion and they just attacked her. She’s done stooping to the level that the girls are at, she’s up at a higher level and she’s done with the girls. Krystal is gonna get a rose tonight after her convo with Arie. She’s emotionally invested and doesn’t know how to handle this. Arie again points out that she knows him better than anyone else in the room because of the Scottsdale date that she had, he’s warning her to stop being crazy!!! Tone it down and think before you act! They took a step backwards. Krystal’s response was out of character, she’s not crazy…..she was reliving her childhood because her mom worked in a bowling alley growing up and it just made her think she wasn’t enough…and I appreciate Arie telling her that’s not the case, but not letting her get off scotch free, he still tells her how she reacted is not cool and she needs to do better. It’s just going to get much tougher when they’re out of the Bachelor bubble and he needs a partner.

She tries to make it cute by saying “it’s our first fight” much like someone would say it’s their baby’s first word or first step. Arie is in the middle of a drink and almost does a spit-take but keeps it together and tells her it could be their last fight.

Rose ceremony time!

  1. Chelsea—-rose from 1 on 1 date
  2. Lauren B—rose from group date
  3. Tia—-rose from 1 on 1 date
  4. Bekah M—short haired pixie cut who showed what it’s like to be 22 this week
  5. Seinne—-our Harvard girl didn’t have much airtime this week, but that’s okay with the drama that happened this week
  6. Kendall—taxidermist, quriky, sexy girl gets the rose
  7. Becca K—-my #1 girl, duh she’ll accept the rose
  8. Jaqueline—she did get her face almost swallowed off with a big kiss that Arie gave her
  9. Jenna—-ADHD girl who loves to make out with him
  10. Krystal gets the final rose

Going home is: Morikah—go home and help mom with the restaurant. Maquel, sorry you came back for a week and didn’t get to travel anywhere more fun than FL, Ashley, honey I’m sorry I got ZERO clue who you are.

The producers are making him keep Krystal. He doesn’t want to keep her, but the producers are going to make her go on the 2 on 1 date, either with Bekah M or Kendall. I’m actually leaning towards the 2 on 1 being Krystal and Bekah M, they need drama for that date, not besties going after each other, unless they’re actual besties and not just this fake relationship that’s going on. It’s going to be Bekah M and Krystal but it’s going to have to be after the Olympics because that’s what’s going to get us through when they’re showing Bachelor Winter Games and they’ll need us to turn back in.

I’m getting tired of the Krystal show, but we know what we sign up for when we watch it. I hope that all of you are able to go into bowling alleys this week without your feelings getting too hurt!

I’ll talk to you next week!

I don’t know about you….but I’m feeling 22!

Welcome back friends!

Hard to believe we’re at another week, with our dull Bachelor Arie, wondering is he going to find love? Do we care if he does? Well it’s snowy, cold and Nebrasketball just broke my heart by losing a close game again, so I guess I do care a little bit. I’ve got the hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps to get me through this episode.

I do have to say that after listening to the Almost Famous podcast last week, they brought up something, I was actually shocked I hadn’t pointed out. Once they said it, I realized I did notice it, but want to call it out to see if we notice it this episode. Ben basically kinda called Arie out for being extremely obvious when he doesn’t like a girl. Arie doesn’t even pretend to like her or give her the time of day, but she’s still desperately trying to get his attention to no avail.


Bibs realized this last week, as did the Lauren who went home on 1 on 1. I honestly don’t think we’ll be shocked by any of the girls he dumps this season, because he’s already making it obvious who his top picks are and who he could really care less about.

Speaking of one of his top picks, we start off this episode with pixie hair cut Bekah in the swimming pool by herself while all the girls are talking about her, wondering if Arie knows how old she is? Does Arie know that he’s 14 years older than her!!! Which since we know he’s 36, that makes her 22 and that my friends does not follow the “Half your age plus 7 rule” the youngest girl Arie should date is 25. The girls are wondering why she hasn’t told Arie how old she is yet and wondering when that is going to hit the fan.

Oh good guys, Krystal tells us she’s going to be the voice of reason and reality since these girls need a dose of reality…..thank God Harrison comes into the living room to save us from that! We get more squeals and excitement because our journey is going to begin outside of LA and we’re heading to Tahoe!

I did literally Laugh out loud when the girls were talking about how much Kendall is going to love their hotel because there is so much taxidermy around. She is going around and observing all the animals and is in her element.

First date card is for Seinne! “Let’s let our love soar.” I’m really curious how this date is going to go, she is one who is a Harvard grad and has a good head on her shoulder and Arie seemed impressed but also intimidated by her, so I’ll be very curious how he’s able to handle it. Can he put his ego aside or will he not feel worthy of her?

The girls have binoculars and are looking out on the deck and enjoying Mother Nature and shocking, they happen to be outside at the exact moment that Arie and Seinne are parasailing in-front of their cabin! I’m shocked producers! What great timing, that you had nothing to do with at all!


Arie and Seinne do seem to be enjoying parasailing and we get our metaphors about how parasailing is like a relationship. Seinne proves she does have a head on her shoulder, because the producers try to goad her and she says she can’t use the “L” word yet, but she does like him.

Seinne and him are now on the ground and talking and Seinne is the one asking him questions and he is opening up, but the more this is going on, the more I’m wondering if Arie is an introvert where it’s hard for him to really carry a conversation and he isn’t super goofy because he thinks a lot before he acts. Not that Ben wasn’t intellectual but he’s goofy and you can tell more extroverted. Arie opens up about why he chose her and it’s because he actually does like her and he feels they made more of a connection in 10 seconds than he did with some of the girls he spent 10 mins talking to. He likes her and ends up giving her a rose at the night portion of their date, I like her, she’s just so normal!

Maquel (the girl who got out of the racecar and is the photographer) is standing on a deck and calls her mom, and we find out that her grandpa passed away suddenly yesterday. She packs her bag and heads home and my heart is breaking for her 😦

  1. Chelsea—-single mom
  2. Krystal—our voice of reason
  3. Marikah—mom and her own the Indian restuarant
  4. Becca—-she’s actually my favorite, the Pretty woman date
  5. Ashley—–no clue
  6. Jacqueline—–I liked her the first night because she asked him questions and has just hung on since then, she’s going home soon.
  7. Jenna—-social media manager, who got all up on him last week in a white dress and moves her hands around a lot when she talks
  8. Tia—–Raven’s good friend, a good country girl
  9. Kendall—-taxidermist
  10. Lauren——–no idea
  11. Brittany—–got the first kiss on the lil race cars, loved the demo derby
  12. Caroline——is close friends with a lot of the girls that have gone home, so she cries about them leaving a lot.

We go on a hike with 12 of us that are heading to a clearing in the woods. Kendall is all over this and knows she’ll shine on this date! We’re going to learn survival techniques, it’s going to be dangerous not something romantic. The girls with their makeup and hair extension can’t handle this. We begin with peeing in a canister in able to survive and then he drinks his own urine and Tia is very impressed. Jacqueline is going for it and then Arie stops her to tell her it’s apple juice. We’re now eating bugs and Tia, Jenna & Arie are all in 🙂 Krystal thinks these girls are desperate and playing down a level that she refuses to stoop to.

Kendall our taxidermist grab Arie and Krystal observes Kendall and Arie walking through the woods, and Krystal said Kendall stole a kiss from Arie, but Arie went in-first.

We have the girls split into 3 teams and the blue team gets Arie, the red team is bitter that Arie is not with them and then there’s a gray team and they cracked me up because they at least have a sense of humor about not knowing directions.

We get to an oasis and there’s a hot tub! They all have to jump in and Krystal and Arie are sitting together and Arie puts his arm around Krystal which I find odd since there’s only 5 people in there right now. It just seems like an interesting move to make at this point in the competition, so Caroline and Tia I don’t think you’re top 4 girls because that doesn’t seem like a move a guy would make with a girl that he really likes in the same hot tub. He realizes his mistake and then goes towards the center and doesn’t have his arm around a girl.

Krystal gets pissed as more girls come in and are all hanging with their friends, you can tell she’s a loner who doesn’t have friends and doesn’t want friends. She thinks as long as she has a smile on her face she’s being nice and no one can read her mind, sorry to break it to you Krystal, you don’t have a poker face and her smile is not genuine at all!


We’re now at the night portion of the date! Let’s get to know the girls on a deeper level, does that mean a deeper level of his tongue down their throats? Will he actually try and talk to some of the girls?

Krystal has the best relationship ever with Arie, and whatever comes out of her mouth is perfect and she thinks it’s so sad to see how desperate some of the girls are.

Arie steals Lauren for the first portion and he has a surprise set-up for her. It’s a blanket by the fire. Arie wants Lauren to open up more and she actually asks him a question and he responds and they’re on the same page and able to laugh and then of course make-out….she did delay the making out by asking him a question, so I’m impressed with that. He tells her he’s going to have to take her out on a date, so he’s smitten with her!

Kendall wants a guy who can challenge her and Arie admits that she challenges him. Arie asks the question we’ve all been dying to know when Kendall talks about a duck that she’s brought on her journey, he asks how does she get away with bringing these animals with her on airplanes? Are they part of her checked bag? She says she just brings them, and they’re alive and awesome….and Arie admits she’s quirky but sexy and they have chemistry so they must make out now.

Krystal gets her time with Arie and we get the baby talk, she’s a mix of emotions. She knows they have a connection. She has a target on her back! Honey, you put the target on your back, the girls didn’t put it on there, until you started opening your mouth. She’s the first one to say she’s ostracized from the girls. She talks about how they feel threatened and he feeds the beast by saying they have every reason to…..I’m sorry but Krystal is a new type of villain for me. She’s using all the phrases we’ve used for years, but she’s a self-fulfilling prophesy at this point. And now she’s crying and manipulating him even further…..I’m sorry but I have no sympathy for her and she’s not even a fun villain to hate like Olivia or Corrine from recent seasons.

Crazy Olivia.jpg-large

She’s already in tears and having a hard time, honey you’re just starting the traveling portion of this journey, you’re screwed if you’re already feeling this insecure, even though you’re way above this. She’s floored by the insecurity and immaturity that she’s seeing. How is she can handle all the eliminations of these girls? She goes up to the group of girls and says “Hi friends” then needs to grab Caroline and Tia to talk to them because they tease her in the hot tub in-front of Arie and how dare they?!?!

Krystal tells them that her feelings were hurt and God bless Tia, she calls her out. She says that when Krystal’s feelings get hurt or something is going positive for someone else she lashes out at the girls. Tia is worried that her character has been called into question and she doesn’t want that. Tia talks to Arie and breaks down that she feels comfortable with him and it scares her that he feels that with others and she wants more than surface level physical attraction and he decides to say he heard her by making out with her.


The date rose is going to Tia and Krystal is super confused about why Tia would get this rose. Wasn’t she clear about her expectations and what was going on?!? Krystal was really challenged in the group date and tried to not shine too much because she knows it’ll come across as her being flawless.

Pixie cut Bekah is getting her date today. They are going to explore Tahoe on horseback. Arie admits that they have the physical attraction but she challenges him and she has a wisdom about her. They have a great time on their horseback ride and their chemistry is shown even more in the hot tub. He talks about an accident he was in and does actually open up with her, before he tries to swallow her whole, but at least they talked for a minute, before they started kissing, that’s progress!

All the girls are obsessed with Bekah’s age and not seeing her settle down. They remember how they were at her age, and Arie has to know how old she is and what will they even have in common?

Night portion of the date, Arie asks her if she’s ready and if the time was right would they be ready. Bekah talks about how she’s never been there before, so how would she know? In life is she ready? Arie talks about how he thought he was at some point. He is ready now because he’s 36 and in a different place than his late 20s. He has a fear that she’s where he was in his late 20s. Does she still like to go out a lot? He’s become more boring because he has different interests. Then she plays coy and a game and asks if he knows how old she is, he admits he does not and asks her and she is all “I don’t want you to judge me for my age” She says she’s 22 and he’s taken aback and you can tell he feels as if he’s robbing the cradle, because he says she’s so young. Then tries to reel it in by asking if she’s dated anyone his age before.

She talks about how she’s casually dated people in their 30s. Bekah evidently has a professor complex. She so dated a 40 year old divorce in college, didn’t she?!? She hasn’t been in a serious relationship with someone in their 30s. He reiterates his concern about her age, 22!!!

She’s incredible, and he can find it really easy to get emotionally invested in her. She scares him more than anyone and he doesn’t know how ready she is. He is so damn ready and wants to settle down and is ready to find a wife and he’s so disappointed. He’s worried he’s going to fall for her and it’s going to fall apart and this could be the beginning of something amazing, so he gives her the rose and I don’t know, I don’t think she’s ready….he’s going to proceed with caution and that could cause him pain in the future, but hell that’s future Arie’s problem, present Arie is going to make out with her!

Krystal is giving another speech as we’re getting ready for the cocktail party and Bekah and Kendall are both talking about how fake Krystal is and it doesn’t seem real when Krystal is talking. There’s no cocktail party, Arie knows exactly what he wants to do, we’re going straight to the rose ceremony!

  1. Seinne—-she got her 1 on 1 date rose
  2. Tia—-got the group date rose
  3. Bekah M—-got the second 1 on 1 date rose

Arie grabs the rose and is about to say the first name and Krystal steps forward and asks for a quick moment of his time. The girls were shocked when she opened her mouth because they were waiting with bated breath for Arie to speak and now they’re pissed Krystal interrupted him. Honey, this isn’t gonna end well for you, even if it ends okay for you today, it’s not going to continue to end that well. Arie is gonna see that you’re not independent or low maintenance. The girls are done standing, so as they walk away the girls sit down on the rose ceremony steps. She tells him that she’s not here to play games and she’s here for him! He says he knows that and now we’re going to the rose ceremony!

  1. Lauren—good for her, she can finally stick out from the other Laurens
  2. Kendall—taxidermy, quirky and sexy works for her
  3. Ashley—-who the hell is this girl?!?!
  4. Becca—-my front runner
  5. Chelsea—single mom
  6. Jenna—girl who made out with him last week in long white dress
  7. Jacqueline—-I still do like her, no drama and is gonna sneak in a ways without anyone knowing who she is 🙂
  8. Marikah—-mom is still holding down the Indian restuarant
  9. Krystal—-obviously

So we’re down to 12 girls and going home is Caroline and Brittany. Sorry Britt you got the first kiss but you aren’t getting the last one. Caroline, you had a lot of friends, including Tia, but sorry, you flew too low under the radar.

It looks like the Krystal saga may come to a head next week, hopefully we’ll be done with her next week!

Until then!

Rachel’s Finale

Alright, we’re doing something we’ve never done before, we’re going to have the live show with Chris Harrison walking us through what’s going on our screens with a special guest….we have Rachel and her boobs! Her girls are on full display and look like they aren’t being held in by anything. She’s in a skin-tight dress that doesn’t look like it’ll be comfortable to sit in, let alone sit there for 3 hours.

Before we can jump in, we hear that our old douchebag Bachelor Juan Pablo is now married, so that gives me hope, if he can get married, there has to be a guy out there for me, as JP says “Ettttss oooookay”

Finally, we’re getting back to where we were 2 weeks ago. Remember how we were left with a “To be Continued” before the Finale…this is the first finale we’ve had with 3 guys going into it an will have 2 rose ceremonies.

We have Rachel and Peter that are at the crossroads of him not knowing if he’s ready to propose at the end of this or not. She cries, he’s in a way happy to see her cry because it shows she cares for him. They are going to just keep forgetting the fact that neither of them are going to bend on this very important topic, and will go ahead and forgo their individual rooms and go to the fantasy suite. We see them the next morning and they’re happy and cheesy and talk about how their night together made everything better and after seeing Peter shirtless, I could see why.

Dear Lord, I forgot that Bryan still has his overnight date to go….he greets Rachel and has his button down shirt basically only covering his naval and that’s about it. He’s pulling a full David Hasselhoff here. They get to do a winery thing like Peter & her did. They are sitting there, and Bryan is attempting to talk to her and he is such a player. He’s saying all the right things, but she’s not giving him a whole lot to go off of, so it just shows that he knows what to say and how to say it, but I still don’t buy it.

We know have Chris & Rach talking in real time and Rach is talking about how Peter has a way of getting in her mind that the other guys don’t have. She’s not able to compartmentalize her relationship with him, like she can with the other guys. That my dear, tells me all I need to know…you should choose Peter, but we all know you’re going to go with the attractive, player safe pick Bryan.

Believe it or not, Bryan and Rachel decide to forgo their individual rooms and go to the fantasy suite.

Rachel tells Chris Harrison on the “live” show that the overnight dates were so important because she had a list of questions in true lawyer fashion that she wanted to ask the guys. Questions she still had, questions her family had, thanks to Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher she was asking about credit scores and background checks, which I’m sure Mila & Ashton are so thankful that she took their advice, for those of you that don’t remember they told us that the guy who Rachel ends up with, is not on their group date and they were correct! Here are the guys who were on that date, non of our final 3

  1. Dean—smiley guy (once you go black you never go back)
  2. Jack—Jack Stock lawyer
  3. Jon—tickle monster
  4. Blake—aspiring drummer who talked about all the sex he gets and how “BIG” he is
  5. Iggy—the running commentator of the season
  6. Kenny—-pro-wrestler who has the adorable daughter
  7. Fred—she was his camp counselor
  8. Lucas—-WaBooom

Alright, Rose Ceremony time and dear Lord this is a real unfortunate choice of an outfit for Rachel. The orange dress is fine, but then there are large sequins or clips or something all down the arms that do not look comfortable at all.

  1. Bryan gets the first rose and no one should be shocked by that
  2. Peter gets the second rose, the guy that Rachel thinks is ready for marriage even though he doesn’t think he is

She says that Eric is not ready for marriage even though he says he is. Eric is such a gentleman and my heart breaks for him. He has grown up so much on this show and has opened up to all the experiences that life is offering him. He is going to make some girl a very lucky lady and is going to have a better life and give his future kids a better life than he ever had. There is no bitterness or hate at all in his goodbye. Also, there’s not really tears from either of them. Eric is sad, but still Eric about it.

Harrison tells us that everyone in the room was shocked that Eric went home, were people really shocked by this?!? I think you could always tell it was going to be Peter & Bryan as the final 2, you know it from the lazy editing job this season.

Since Eric wasn’t able to be on the Men Tell All, we get him to come out now and talk with Rachel on the couch with Harrison now. He has grown out a full beard. He asks how she’s doing, how her heart is, if her heart is happy. He talks about how tough it was to hear that Rachel loved him, but then he had to leave right away. He was locked in and ready to propose and was ready. Their progression was good, but there was her relationships with the other guys. Goodbye Eric, I enjoyed watching you dance into our hearts during the Bachelor finale and here you are on the Bachelorette finale, you did it!

Bryan gets the first final date. Him & Rach are going to go on a hot air balloon ride where they can look at scenery and make out. During their night portion of the date, Rach talks about how he’s been the most constant/consistent guy and he says all the right things at the right time, but I STILL do not believe him. What meaningful conversation have they had?!? Is he movin to Dallas? What are they gonna do? He gave her a Spanish/English dictionary, that’s just words for them, pretty sure we have wine, bikini, hot-tub, rose and kiss in there and  that’s all they need.

Peter gets the first one-on-one date of the season as well as the last one-on-one date of the season. Rachel & Peter are going to explore a monastery for their final date in the mountains and just enjoy the beauty. This is something that they are both enjoying and I really do not think Bryan would enjoy this at all, it’s not flashy enough for him.

They have a conversation with a monk, where he is trying to reassure them that they shouldn’t break up over a little thing. Peter talks about how engagement and marriage are forever.

We have to have the engagement talk again and Peter talks about their future and what their life could look like. Peter has no fear of marriage and looks forward to in life. Marriage doesn’t scare him, but multiple marriages or proposals scares him. He’s willing to give you a commitment Rach, but he wants you to give him a commitment too. You’re the one holding all the cards here, and he has no idea where he stands with you.

I think it’s commendable for Peter to be so honest and refreshing in his views and values. He’s not going to propose because ABC and Neil Lane want him to, he wants to know that the girl he’s proposing to is only dating him and they’ve been together for longer than what 72 hours total over a 7 week process with 29 other guys and I love him for this!

Rachel tells us in her interview that she was very vocal about needing a proposal….so basically she wants to bully him into a proposal though she knows where he stands. I’m confused, he’s been very open and honest in his thoughts, so I don’t know why she thinks he’ll just change his mind here when you haven’t gotten rid of Bryan and given him a reason to change his mind.

Peter tells her that he loves her, and that has been reaffirmed today, he does love her and wants to stay with her and not say goodbye, but he’s not ready to propose to her tomorrow. She is angry and confused at him, because he’ll fantasize their life together, but she is angry he won’t take the steps right now. At this point, she’s selling out for everything just to get the proposal. She doesn’t care how she feels about someone, as long as she leaves here with a ring. Without a ring, she “lost” and it would be a failure. Peter is laying it all out there and being so honest and holding onto his values and she wants him to compromise them.

Peter throws it back at her and asks if right here right now can she answer the question that he’s the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. She’s crying and looks over to the side where the camera/producers/interns are all at and tells him she can’t answer that right now. He asks why not and is cryin and she says she can’t….and that ladies and gentleman is where I’m on #TeamPeter, why does he have to lay it all out there and not get anything back…and with my favorite Bachelor Ben Higgins breaking the rules and telling 2 girls he loves them during the show, I know Rachel could break the rules, but she is choosing not to do so.

Peter tells her that he wants to propose when it is the correct time, however he would sacrifice that and propose to her tomorrow, if she chooses him, he’ll choose her! That’s what she wants….but now she’s all mad and saying that she doesn’t want him to feel pressured into doing this, yet that’s exactly what she’s been doing all day and there’s no way to come back from this, so they end up breaking up, though you can tell neither one of them wants to do this and they’re both devastated by it.

My favorite line that he threw out was that she can find someone else and “enjoy a mediocre life.” He will give her the world. Peter also tells her that she thinks they are both going to regret their decisions, and she knows where she can find him if that is the case. He helps her with her coat and they hold hands to the door, hug it out, kiss it out and both are very distraught over this…..the way she kisses him goodbye tells me she loves him, she keeps kissing him, says she can’t say goodbye and runs into his arms again. This my friends is the love she’s looking for, but she’s going for the safe choice in Bryan and in a season that I’ve loved every move Rachel has made, this is her biggest mistake and one I saw coming for weeks and it still breaks my heart it came to this….she’s sobbing walking away, Peter rips off his sweatshirt and is sitting on a dresser in a white tee, also crying, and whispers to himself “what’s wrong with me” and I’m done….that is a heartbreaker. NOTHING is wrong with you Peter!!!!

Harrison is now live with Rachel in the studio and Harrison tells us that he’s seen lots of breakups in the last 16 years, but that was a doozy. She gets pretty defensive and angry at Peter for not wanting to build a future with her. Harrison points out that they didn’t actually say goodbye and he isn’t sure it was a breakup. The kiss, the tears and she cried her eyelashes off and Peter has been watching this backstage and they are going to talk.

Rachel tells us she’s not ready to talk to him, which again points out to me that he’s the one she should’ve ended up with, but then again how often have they chosen who I’d choose, but maybe that’s why they break up so often!

Peter comes out to a big ovation, he hugs Rachel and looks real uncomfortable. You can tell that she has shut down her emotions and has her guard WAY up. Peter is emotional and honest yet again. Rachel is in lawyer mode and is going in for the kill by telling us how confused she was, and we’re rehashing everything that we just saw on our television screen that ended with both of them in tears and breaking up.

Rachel talks about how the editing made it seem that everything was about them not proposing, since she rehashed that part the first time she sees him in 3 months, it makes me think that is the focal point of their relationship. Rachel seems bitter and scorned about this all even now.

Peter really points out how little time they had together. They had their first one-on-one, then he got the last one-on-one before hometowns, then it was hometowns, then it was meeting her family and this overnight date and then the last date they broke up on, when it’s actually spelled out like that, dear Lord no wonder he wasn’t ready to propose!

He wishes he could’ve gotten out of his head more. Rachel argues that and how he thinks and talks about how great it was for him to go at his own pace and then she tries to ruin his chances to be the Bachelor because she doesn’t want to have to watch him on her television screen courting 30 girls and dating 30 girls, and if you don’t think that’s why she’s trying to shut it down, then I’d love to know your thoughts.

Peter talks about watching their break-up and being upset backstage and he comes out and feels attacked, but doesn’t say it angrily, but Lawyer Rachel is out and wants to know why he feels attacked, she didn’t attack him….though everything is his fault and he should’ve known better than to waste her time. He said he doesn’t want to talk about how he feels attacked. He still has feelings for Rachel and he wouldn’t want to change anything about their break-up night because they each stayed true to what they were thinking and feeling.

Peter gets the final words by saying thank you and he was skeptical of the process but he could get feelings and wishes her nothing but the best, and wants happiness for her (and wants to be the next Bachelor 🙂 —- or maybe that wasn’t explicitly said, but was there in the subtext).

Alright, let’s finish this season! We have Neil Lane and Bryan the player picking out a ring. We got Rachel getting dressed up in the gown, and she’s still emotional about saying goodbye to Peter in her interview right before Bryan gets out of the limo by saying this may be too soon after the emotion of last night, exactly what every guy wants his fiance to say!

Bryan goes up on top of this hill to meet Rachel and pretty sure there is a tornado/hurricane winds that are greeting them. I don’t know if you believe in bad omens, but the way the winds are going makes it seem that this may not be the best thing. I don’t know why Rachel even did her hair because it’s too wind-swept. We’re not going to be able to hear what he’s saying to her in her proposal because of the wind…..except he did use the words “Chemistry bomb” in his proposal….dear future fiance, do NOT use the word Chemistry bomb when you’re proposing to me, unless you want to make me laugh at you, because there is no way I could hold it together. I also promise I will not use the words “my heart has never been as conflicted as it has this week” and that “I have to do some soul searching before saying yes.” How come the only thing we can hear clearly of this proposal is there lips smacking as they’re kissing?!? I hope that we don’t have to hear this on the Bachelor next season.

Bryan gets on his knee, she freaks, comments multiple times on how pretty the ring is and this just points out again how she was after the ring this whole time, not the man and then keeps yelling out “we’re engaged” Bryan got her first rose and will get her last rose.


Bryan re-proposes to her on the After the Final Rose. And now we get the cliche response of how tough it was for them to be apart these last 3 months but they’re both so happy to be able to be seen in public. They want to bring their lives together but they don’t know where they’re gonna live, you know there are 3 cities for them to choose from, Dallas, Miami and now we get to see Bryan craving the lime-light and wanting them to move to Los Angeles…..interesting…..and believe it or not no wedding date has been set. Rachel wants a winter wedding, they aren’t rushing which makes it seem it’s not gonna be this winter, but maybe winter 2019.

We’ve got Bachelor in Paradise starting next Monday, we’ll see if I end up blogging it or not, it looks like it will be quite dramatic!

Alright, we made it through Rachel’s season and while I’m happy with her, I wish she would’ve chosen Peter, but understand why she felt she needed to choose Bryan. Here’s hoping they prove me wrong and make it and that Peter will be our next Bachelor!

Until next time!

Rachel’s final 3

How bizarre is this?!? We’re still in Dallas so the guys can meet Rachel’s family. I’m shocked though, because we have all 3 guys in a hotel suite with Rachel. Normally the guys wouldn’t see each other after it’s the final 4 for hometowns. They’re meeting the family now because Rachel’s sister is 8 months pregnant so she can’t travel to the exotic location.

Alright, so Peter is the first one to meet the family. Rachel & him go into a chic baby boutique and are going to pick out an outfit for Rachel’s new niece/nephew and the big brother who’s going to be 3 in July. I love Peter because he’s smart enough to ask the size of Alistar the gonna be 3 year old, and Rachel talks about how he’s a big guy, and he immediatly thinks that he’s in 3 or 4 T clothing. Peter gets it you all. And Peter falling in love with these baby clothes and outfits and shopping for baby things has me even more in love


Rachel asks with a onesie if it’s 1 size fits all and Peter laughs at her that it’s not how it works, but he doesn’t make her feel stupid about it. I feel you can tell that Peter knows more about kids than Rachel does.

We have Bryan and Eric in a hotel room talking about what Peter is feeling and how Peter may not propose at the end of this. How in the hell does Bryan know this? Is a producer feeding him this info? Did he see footage that no one else has seen because he knows more about this, than just a normal guy should know, especially since Peter & Bryan don’t seem like besties.

Peter stops Rachel and sits on the stoop of Rachel’s family house, by talking about how Peter is falling in love with Rachel, and she tells him she’s falling in love with him too. He also tells her that she means the world to him and he wants her to feel confident in bringing him home to her family before they go inside.

Peter is meeting Rachel’s sister, brother-in-law, mom, girl cousin and aunt & uncle. Rachel’s dad will still not be appearing on camera, he didn’t appear when Rachel had her hometown on Nick’s season either.

Rach’s family asks about Peter’s family life. He talks about how his parents met when they were 20 & 21, knew each other a month and were proposed and have been married now 36 years.

Peter is very eloquent when he’s talking to Rachel’s family, he tells them how skeptical he’s been about this process, about how even though he’s been skeptical, him and Rach hit it off the first night, and have built their relationship slowly, and it wasn’t until he saw her at the rose ceremony last night that he realized he missed her and is falling in love with her. He has won over the family with this declaration.

Rach’s mom asks Rach what her red flag is with Peter and she says that she’s worried he may not propose in the end. Rach’s mom talks with Peter and ends up leaving it by telling us the audience that she knows Rach came on this show to end up getting married, but she appreciates the honesty that Peter brings.

We have Bryan & Peter now in the hotel suite talking about how Eric hasn’t met a family in 6 or 7 years. Bryan talks to Peter about how he wants to show the family their chemistry….oh yeah and the bond that they have….oh and I’ve found out now that Peter didn’t ask for her hand in marriage, so now I want to do that as well.

Peter always the level-headed one talks about how Bryan is being ballsy and arrogant. What he tells Bryan is that there are things in all of their relationships that are different and unique and it’s weird to be sitting here with Rachel’s boyfriend while her other boyfriend is meeting the family.

And then Peter gets as real as you can on this show while still being a gentleman and polite and making me still really like him, by looking Bryan right in the eye and telling him something we’d all love to tell him.

Eric & Rachel are on-top of a huge building and looking out and enjoying the sights of Dallas. Eric went home for Senior Prom and with a girl he dated in college. Rachel wants him to be himself and talk about how far he’s come.

Rachel’s family recognizes Eric from the finale when he was introduced to Rachel and they do his “HEY” dance with him. They ask about his family and you can tell that Eric’s family is completely different than Rachel’s family. Rachel’s family enjoys that he’s not a fairy tale person, he’s real and mature and understands he hasn’t been in love before, but he’s very upfront and knows how he’s thinking and where he’s coming from.

I have to say that Eric has grown on me this season. I’m surprised that he’s warmed his way into my heart. He ends up asking for Rachel’s mom’s permission to ask Rachel to marry him. She agrees, because I’m pretty sure she’s contractually obligated to do so. I like Eric, but am concerned that this guy is gonna get his heart broken. I want Eric to get married and have a family, I’m really rooting for this guy and it constantly surprises me!


Now we get Bryan to meet the family. I have to say that Peter & Eric in the hotel suite is the least awkward combination that we’ve had. And again Peter endears himself to me more when he admits to not being a Bryan fan, and talks about Bryan’s confident Miami swagger and in Miami there’s a lot of fake boobs, asses and cheeks and Eric thinks that he’s not gonna be as smooth after today.

Bryan is going to meet the 2 girls that signed Rachel up to go on the journey of Nick’s season. Bryan gets all cocky when he finds out that the other guys didn’t meet the friends. Bryan is way too smooth of an operator, he knows what people want to hear and he gives him the spiel, and does it all on his terms, so you think he’s opening up, but then realize he’s only telling you information he wants to share.

We now get Bryan with Rachel’s family. They start with the tell me about your family and again I notice how he’s not as open as Eric & Peter were. He talks about his parents being together almost 40 years and that he’s his mother’s only child…..that struck me as odd, does that mean his dad has another child?!?


The family sees thru slimey Bryan and his use of the word LOVE so quickly. They ask where the loyalty will lie if Bryan’s wife and mother bump heads. Bryan says with the wife, but that they’ll need to get along. Rach’s mom said sometimes that doesn’t happen, where does the loyalty lie? Bryan has a deep sigh and that says EVERYTHING, but while Bryan is deep in thought not answering, Rachel jumps in and says he already answered the question and answered the wife. Rachel’s mom is not impressed. Neither is Rachel’s sister…..actually everyone seems super uncomfortable, because the other 2 guys have talked about how it’s been a slow burn and have been a lil awkward, but have opened up and shared without needing to be pried open. Rach’s family notices that Bryan is a charmer and is insincere so they have to ask more questions and Rach is SUPER uncomfortable, which should tell her everyone she needs to know, but you know she’s going to ignore this.

The BEST tweet ever has to go to Tanner with this tweet:

As we all know, this did not work well with Andi when she chose Josh over Nick. We know that Rachel is going to make the same mistake, but then here’s hoping that Peter will be the Bachelor 🙂

You can tell that Rachel’s family feels the same way, they like Peter and Eric way more than Bryan, but that’s not gonna matter to Rachel, I still think she’s gonna chose Bryan but that’s gonna be a big mistake.

We’re in Spain now with Rachel & her 3 guys. She’s hoping that when she leaves Spain she’ll be leaving as an engaged woman.

Eric gets the first one-on-one date in Spain. Eric gets to go on his first helicopter ride. They get to walk up to some castle, look out and see the sea and old buildings and they keep laughing and really do enjoy one another. It is pretty easy and relaxing for the 2 of them. You can tell that Eric & Rachel are equal partners in this, they challenge one another. Eric is more serious, and Rachel challenges him to be honest about his feelings. Eric challenges Rachel to not take herself so seriously and lighten up. Eric tells her that he’s in love with her, and he’s tried to run but she wouldn’t let him and he’s super happy right now and has never been this happy with a girl before. She’s smitten and they make-out and get the forego their individual rooms and go to the fantasy suite card. They have a wonderful night, and get coffee in the morning. Now that Eric has told Rachel he loves her, he can’t stop saying it and dangit if I don’t believe him!

Peter gets the 2nd one-on-one date. They are going to explore a vineyard together. They get to go into a cave and see all the great wines that are around. Rachel admits that Peter is reserved but he can read her and gets her unlike anyone else on this journey. Raquel & Pedro have their own locker with all this wine in the cellar that this cute old Spanish guy gives them.

Peter & Rachel talk about how they are a good balance for one another and how that is what their family saw in one another as well. Peter talks about how engagement is a direct correlation of marriage. Basically Peter admits he wants to be engaged once. They are in the middle of a conversation and believe it or not, another adorable child comes and talks to them and then they end up stomping grapes and living out one of my favorite childhood scenes in one of my all-time favorite tv shows:

At the night portion of the date, Rachel & Peter are talking about where they stand on the engagement and end of this whole journey. Rachel talks about how she didn’t come this far and put her life on-hold just to walk away with a boyfriend. She needs a proposal. At what cost, it doesn’t matter. The fact that the guy is insincere and they’ll be broken up within 6 weeks because Bryan’s Mama doesn’t like her anymore, won’t matter because she got her engagement. Even though she could have a loving boyfriend in Peter.

Twitter was on a roll last night, because this Tweet was also spot-on:

This is another very true tweet. Becca was the one Chris wanted to choose, but she wasn’t ready for a proposal and wasn’t a sure-bet, so Chris went with Whitney who was the sure bet, and where are they now?!?

We end with them talking about how they are on polar end of the spectrum of this whole engagement thing, but neither know where they’re going to go and they don’t know where to go….and we end up with a “TO BE CONTINUED” does this mean that’s a way for us to think that Eric will be in the final 2, but he won’t. I can’t believe we have a To Be Continued to lead us into the final 2 and the engagement, how crazy is that?!?

Next week is the Men Tell All, it’s going to be a train wreck, that I do not see myself bloggin about, because it’s gonna be the same old, same old I believe.

We’re 2 weeks until the finale! We’ve ALMOST made it!


Rachel’s Hometown Dates

We’ve made it to Hometown dates and how wonderful has Rachel been but how disappointing has the editing been on this season? As someone who avoids spoilers, I feel the editors have just phoned it in and have spoiled the season for us. You could’ve guessed after week 2 or 3 that 3 of the top 4 were going to be Bryan, Dean & Peter.

Eric, our surprise top 4th is Eric. He gets the first hometown date and we’re in Baltimore and we get to see that Eric is not from the nicest parts of the city, but he shows us that he doesn’t take anything for granted and has such a positive attitude. He takes her to a basketball court and they play around and she is introduced to his cousin and they joke that the last girl Eric brought home was for prom. He was a “cool square” growing up that got straight As.

He didn’t have a role model growing up, but took care of his friends who sold drugs and was the one who was always there for people. He has such strong admiration and love for the women in his family. Eric has really grown on me and dang if he’s not the sweetest and I hope he either ends up in Paradise or is up for the Bachelor, because he’s not ending up with Rachel, but dang do I love him!

Rachel is flipping out right before they go into meet Eric’s family as she is the only girl he’s brought home. We’re going to his aunt’s apartment and there are about 15 people sitting on a long sectional couch, Eric & Rachel walk in and they all start yelling and happy to see them. There is such love that comes from their family. They are so loud and awesome, that I find myself smiling for no reason, I’m not there, but I feel welcomed by this family.

Eric’s aunt starts asking her about how she’s handling the race card and being the first Black Bachelorette and she’s able to be a confidant almost for Rachel. She talks about how it’s harder than she ever thought it’d be because she’s being judged by black people and then is being judged by everyone else.

Eric has an interesting relationship with his mom. It seems that maybe she wasn’t as open and loving as she could’ve been. She tells him that it’s because all the men in their family didn’t reach their potential because they hid behind their moms and she didn’t want that, and he’s reached his potential. You can tell there have been many a conversation/argument about this, but it appears that they aren’t going to air their dirty laundry on tv (which I do appreciate) and are going to be adults, and I think Eric must be closer to his aunt than his mom and that’s alright.

Eric’s dad gets emotional as he’s talking to Eric and dang Eric must’ve had a crappy home life growing up. Again Eric shows his positive attitude and the stuff that his dad, uncles and cousins took him through when he was younger brought him to where he is today and it drove him to be a better man. Even though he lives on the West Coast and they’re on the East coast, there is love and support in that family and I’m going to be sad to see this family leave my screen because I think this is going to be the best/most genuine family hometown visit of the episode.

Bryan’s hometown is next and we’re in Miami. She greets him with a “Hi Baby” which I think tells us all we need to know about how this date is going to go. Is there a point in watching? We know he’s a rose.

The theme of this episode is Will Smith if you didn’t pick up on it, here’s your clue:

Instead of taking her to a beach since that’s all they’ve been doing, they go out and play dominoes with world-wide famous players. They lose horribly. We go into a Salsa dancing place and they dance and make out (shocking, I know ;)) Somehow Bryan thinks that they will take to Rachel as the daughter they’ve never had. Bryan is an only child and his parents are opposites attract. Dad is charming and charismatic and mom is a ball of energy and he admits to basically being a mama’s boy and remember the last girl he brought home after dating for 3 weeks, once that girl met Mama, they broke up, so good luck to you Rach!

Bryan’s mom loves him and talks about how he’s her everything and can’t believe that in all the girl’s he’s met he hasn’t found one yet, and then found the one on the show to fall in love with. I’m a little confused and feel like Mama is talking in circles, or maybe it’s just I don’t really care all that much, because I know that this doesn’t matter, Bryan is in the top 2.

There’s a young girl talking to Rachel and I have no clue who she is, I’m assuming a cousin since we know Rachel will be the daughter Mama never had. Girl cousin tells us that ex-girlfriend was threatened by the relationship that Bryan has with Mama, which again reiterates how much of a Mama’s boy he is. Which is sweet to some extent, but depending on how dependent he is on Mama gets a tad concerning since he is 37 years old. Bryan seems less mature right now to me than Eric and Dean though Bryan is older (significantly more so than Dean!)

Mama tells Rachel if Bryan’s happy, Mama’s happy. If Bryan isn’t happy, Mama will kill you, Rachel laughs, Mama not so much, I’m thinking she’s not joking, especially after girl cousin used the phrase “that was her demise” a couple times when talking about the ex-girlfriend.


Bryan tells her that he loves her and she melts and it shocks me that she doesn’t pull a Ben Higgins and tell him she loves him too….and the way she acts I guess this is the first time he’s said that, but I swear he told her that like 2 weeks ago, but it must’ve been the whole “I’m falling in love with you” and not the official “I love you”

Peter’s hometown is next in Madison, Wisconsin! We have to see the Wisconsin capitol or we’d have no idea we were in Madison, I guess. Peter greets her with a “welcome home” and while she’s excited to see him there is no “hi baby.”

They walk around the Farmer’s Market and he explains that he does this every Saturday when he’s back home. We get to meet Peter’s friends at their local watering hole. You can tell they have a close group. He had told Rachel he has 10 close friends and 8 outta the 10 are black. Peter’s now mortified and his friends jump all over it askin if he pulled out his black friend card too. They talk about how goofy he is and they’re sure she’s seen it. She admits that he’s been a little reserved. I like Peter because he’s so normal and keeps talking about how weird and bizarre this situation is and that he’s happy to see her out of their bubble and get to know her around his friends and not see her in their alternate universe that’s nothing like normal life. Peter talks about how basically 3 weeks from today he should be getting down on a knee and proposing to her and that’s terrifying to him because he only wants to propose once in his life.

Rachel melts when he sees Peter with his niece and she talks to Peter’s sister about would he be ready for marriage and kids someday because she’s a little concerned since he goes at his own speed, however that’s how she handled it when she was on the show as well. His sister assures him that he’s ready. Peter’s family is great, but they’re just a normal family that loves and supports one another, but don’t have the drama that goes with it.

Peter’s mom talks about how he could be ready for a commitment but not for a ring and proposal. I think my big argument is wouldn’t you rather have a commitment from Peter which you know will actually be worth something, than a proposal from Bryan which will basically be a tiny commitment, but who knows how long the commitment will actually last?

Peter is saying encouraging things, but has not dropped the “l” word yet, but has told her that he’s very happy and wants to keep getting to know her and hanging out with her. I’m glad he’s not saying things, just because that’s what your supposed to do.

Dean is the last hometown in Aspen, CO. I think before I talk about his date it’s important to point out this Instagram post he made over the weekend:

Dean meets Rach and he’s nervous bu excited to see her, my question is which of the two of them has the tightest pants on?!?

They’re riding ATVs instead of riding horses today, she’s scared because she’s never driven one before but has riden on the back. She’s worried she’s going to flip it but she ends up surviving and not flipping it.

Dean hasn’t talked to his dad in 2 years, and I want to know why in the hell ABC is making him do this. I feel like the producers are manipulating this and forcing this reunion that let’s be honest all of America doesn’t need to see. He doesn’t appear to be wanting to do this.

We’re gonna meet Dean’s father Parumrup (which is his self-given name as of 6 years ago meaning “divinely beautiful”) his 2 brothers and his sister and his dad’s new wife. The first time that all of them have been under the same roof in 8 years.

Rachel wants to know why he hasn’t talked to his dad, and Dean asks if the responsibility is all on him to make sure there’s a relationship. So it appears that his dad isn’t reaching out to him either. Rach also wants to force Dean to say that his dad wasn’t there for him when he needed him the most, and idk if that’s the right advice to give or not. I mean it sounds like a good idea, but as someone who’s never gone through that before, I don’t think I could tell someone to do that.

Dean is FREAKING out as they’re walking up to the door. He’s not nervous, he’s terrified and I’m afraid he’s going to break down in tears and isn’t ready for this and I don’t want him to have to do this, and I really don’t want tv cameras to capture this, this seems like a real intrusion of privacy.


Dean walks in and the whole family is on the floor and he asks where the table is and Dad says there is no table. Dean does call him Pops….Pops says they were all waiting for King Dean to arrive, can’t tell if it’s sarcasm or not….some girl jumps up to hug Rachel and welcome her and attempt to stop the awkwardness.

They are now on the ground and poor Dean is surpressing every emotion and is saying the right things, but wants to be anywhere but where he is, and God love him. Dad plays a gong and they all have to lay down to listen to the gong and just let yourself go and experience it.

Dean’s father gives Dean & Rachel a gift that has feathers with it, because before Dean’s mom passed away she said that anytime they saw a feather it was a gift from her. Dean’s dad breaks down in tears, and his new wife handles it gracefully.

Then dinner comes out and Dean isn’t eating anything, he just wants this night to be over. Dean talks about his concern is going to be that the family is going to put on a front of being a big and happy family, when in reality when his mom passed they all grew apart and away from one another, especially Dean and his dad.

We now get an awkward conversation with Dean & his dad. Dean’s sister is talking with Rachel and Rachel is all hopeful that Dean & his dad will have the talk tonight to talk about how angry they are with each other. Dean’s sister starts to cry because of all the crap Dean’s been through, he’s always been so strong and she admires that because she’s been weak. She also admits that dad wasn’t there for Dean at all.

Dean’s dad tries to talk about the leaps and bounds and new energy he senses in Dean and then throws out the nail in coffin phrase of “I must be a good dad because look how great my son is.” Dean was able to bit his tongue through most of it. But that was the straw that broke Dean. They get into it about how Dean’s mom was awesome and created this great life, and Dean’s dad was angry that his wife died and left them, but instead of rallying the kids around one another, and learning to do the things she had done, he just kept doing the things he knew, he made money and supported Dean financially through school, but wasn’t there emotionally for him. Dean wants his dad to talk about how angry he was and actually get to that point where they can bond over their shared grief, but Dad shuts down.

Dad then says that in his faith they believe that whatever you believe about me is what you actually believe about you. Dean wants to work things out with his dad, but his dad is shutting things off and Dean’s dad argues that he has honored Dean and opened his house to this new experience. Dean’s dad gets up with a “Good blessings Dean and I wish you well even if you don’t believe it.” Dean tells his dad he loves him, and no matter what he loves him regardless, and it breaks my heart that Dad never says he loves him, he responds with “well whatever”


Rachel has to talk to Dean’s dad now and he says he’s done unless she has something specific. Rachel wants to talk to him because he welcomed her into his home and she wanted to meet Dean’s family. Dean’s dad is talking and then notices the camera, shuts down and gives blessings to her.

Dean asks Rachel about her night. She talks about the conversation with his sister. Dean tells her about how heartbreaking it was that his dad walked away mid-conversation. And he’s falling in love with her. They kiss.

Rachel talks about how amazing Dean is, and I just want to give Dean a giant hug for having to go through this hell on camera, I hope you’re freaking happy ABC because I am not.

We get the sit-down with Chris Harrison so he can get his money for coming in and recapping the episode we all just watched.

Rose ceremony time and dang do the 4 fellas look dapper!

  1. Bryan—Mama’s happy and the rest of us are not shocked at all
  2. Eric—-I’m shocked he’s in the Final 3 as I thought this would’ve been his week to go, but I will be happy to keep him on my screen for another week
  3. Peter—I want Peter to be the final one standing!


Oh Dean, Dean, Dean………….Bachelor Nation loves you Dean. We support you and you’re not abandoned and we all want the best for you! You deserve happiness and all the love in the world.

She basically tells him in his goodbye that the reason she’s dumping him is because he’s young and she thinks the age is going to get in the way. And DANG IT DEAN! You’re so classy! He tells her she’s a great girl with 3 incredible guys and he hopes she finds what she’s looking for. He is hurt because he told her he’s falling in love and she had said the same thing and she tells him that everything she told him is true.

We have the final 3 next week. We’re in Spain and meeting Rachel’s family! We’ll see what happens! I’m thinking poor Eric is going home next week and it’s between Peter & Bryan, but then again I thought Dean was top 3, let’s see if Eric can keep sneaking in there.

Until next week!

Rachel & her guys are in Switzerland

Hi friends,

Sorry for the delay in my blog, WordPress wouldn’t open last night, so it was not emotionally prepared for me to watch and blog about the show last night, so here you go, a day late!

We are going to be in Switzerland this week and believe it or not, it’s a PERFECT place to fall in love. We see the Swiss Alps from the hotel with the guys and all I can think of is this:


And dang, if I don’t LOVE the Sound of Music. Though I gotta be honest, I had no idea half of what was going on in that movie when I was a child. I knew the had to get to Switzerland because they were running away from bad people, didn’t realize until much later that it was Nazis, but you know, I digress.

The guys remind us that we have hometowns coming up next week, so this is a HUGE week. All the guys want the 1 on 1 dates.

DANG we are NOT doing a rose ceremony this week! Rachel is making up rules! We have 3 one-on-one dates and then a 3 on 1 date. The first 1 on 1 date is Bryan, shocking! All the guys know that Bryan is the front-runner.

They are dressed up and it’s a luxury date. They’re gonna be driving in a Bentley. Rachel talks about how she likes to treat her guy well, but she’s really going to treat her man well now, Bryan this is not Rachel paying a dime for this, this is ABC paying for it. They go to a watch store and Bryan gets a fancy watch. He’s getting Pretty Woman’ed here and getting all the fancy items, because you know she’ll be your sugar mama when you get home and she’ll keep buying you things.

They have chemistry, I cannot deny that. And I don’t think he’s a horrible person. I just don’t see them talking much and he inhales her face when they kiss, but I guess she likes that kinda thing.

She talks about how he’s too good to be true, and I agree. I like him, but I’m suspicious and Rachel, you’re a lawyer and smart girl, you gotta follow your gut here! If you think he’s too good to be true, he has to be.

I saw this tweet and I’m not that shocked by it.

He manages to steer conversation away from him, she’s trying to get to know him, but he talks about how he grew up in a loving household, and the only rebellious thing that he had going for him is he wanted an earring. He seems like such a player, I don’t trust him Rachel!!!! Especially when they start talking about her school experience in a private school, which had a uniform and he starts getting pervy about it and trying to figure out if it’s the Catholic school girl uniform. Well Bryan, hate to break it to you, but when I was in high school, my Catholic uniform was a polo shirt (rolled, to appear to be tucked so I didn’t get a demerit) and pleated shorts or if I felt real fancy, a skort, not the sexiest image in the world.

He talks about how his last relationship was a fling, and when the girl met his mom they ended up breaking up, so of course he’s nervous to introduce her to his mom, but she’s willing to take the risk and shockingly gives him a rose. They make out as they’re serenaded by a string quartet, and I could handle more music and less kissing noises. If you’re going to swallow her, you gotta give her a chance to breath, or she may die!

We’ve got Dean and Rachel on the next 1 on 1 date. They are dressed in their Sunday best. They’re going to a Catholic Mass, and it’s going to be in French. She’s never been to a Catholic mass before and she says if it’s horrible they can just leave, and he looks horrified and said they can’t do that. She proves she hasn’t been to a Catholic mass before because she’s talking out loud in the pews and during mass, and I’m really tryin to get a grasp on if Dean is Catholic or not, he seems to know the etiquette a little better. She does say that faith is very important to her and it’s going to be a big thing for whoever she’s with to respect that and her faith, but they don’t have to worship the same way….but then she talks about how today isn’t a day for religious belief talk, church is about tradition and community, which I get, but I’m sorry, when I get engaged the guy will know that I’m Catholic, that’s not a conversation we’ll hold over until after the engagement.


After church, Dean has Rachel waltzing in the square. Rachel talks about how she wants to challenge and deepen her relationship with Dean, but I have to say that it seems their relationship is deeper than hers and Bryans, but what do I know.

Peter & Eric are back at the hotel talking about how it’s a surprise Dean & Bryan got the 2 dates so far and is it because she had questions still for them? They’re freaking out wondering if they’re gonna be chosen or not. This is the last time we get the guys to have conversations and hash it out together, after this week, they’re separated and won’t see each other again, until they go on trips together.

What I appreciate about Dean is that he’s not putting on a show saying he has this wonderful family environment. He’s saying that it’s going to be awkward. And while I’m sad for him, that’s a reality that in all the years of this show, we haven’t really seen. We’ve seen everyone sweeping things under the rug, and introducing the Stepford families. And God Bless Dean, he’s honest and genuine and isn’t going to play that game.

Rachel puts Dean on the spot and wants him to open up to her and is getting frustrated, and humor is his defense mechanism and he doesn’t like attention on him.  He’s endearing, because he doesn’t want to be the center of attention. He likes this girl and doesn’t want to share all of his deep and dark scary thoughts on the 2nd date they’ve been on. It’s refreshing! I love Dean, I know she’s not gonna choose him, but I love him!

Peter is getting the last one on one date, and bless Eric when he finds out, he says if Dean comes home tonight, he will now think that Dean, Peter & Bryan are the top 3, and you all thought Eric was just a pretty face! See he’s able to put 2 and 2 together.

OH DEAN!!!! I love you man!!! He finally opens up to Rachel and talks about how his dad when he was growing up was always the fun, let’s go and do this type of dad. More of a buddy than someone looking out for his well-being. And after his mom passed, his dad didn’t fill that role. He stayed a buddy and that took a beating on their relationship and I guess Dean’s dad has become more eccentric.

And then Dean says the most heartbreaking thing, about how he wishes Rachel could meet the family he had in his most fundamental years of -0-15 and not the family that abandoned him in the most vulnerable stage of his life. And all I wanna do is give him a big hug so he knows he’s not alone and people care!

Dean gets the rose and tells her that Aspen will be weird, but she said she’s ready for it. He has to now stay until the Final 3 because you can’t send him home after his crazy family!

Peter & Rachel get a helicopter ride to go to the Alps. They’re able to see everything as they are flying above and keep pointing items out to one another. Rachel asks him if he realizes that he had the very first 1 on 1 and the very last 1 on 1, he points out that yes, he is aware and has been in his head plenty. Rachel tells us that it’s something that Peter has been able to not only keep her attention this whole journey but has grown their relationship even with the delay in dates.

They got to go dog sledding and are now sitting in the snow having a talk, and I have to tell you that it seems like that is the most uncomfortable place ever to have a conversation! This is where I would want Bryan’s tongue to attempt to keep me warm. Or at least give me some alcohol, I know it’d actually end up making you colder, but the burn would be worth it initially making you feel warmer. Poor Peter doesn’t even get a hat and has the salt & pepper look working from the snow.

Peter talks to Rachel about how he went through dark days that he had thought about leaving, because he saw Rachel dating other guys and he was scared, but wanted to stay because he trusted their connection. And now they start making out by lying down in the snow, which is probably not what I’d do, but tomato/tomato I guess.

Peter gets chocked up when he’s talking about how his last relationship ended with him driving away from his ex, and it was an amicable break-up, but she waved goodbye to him as he drove off, and was crying. Peter has held onto the guilt of hurting that girl because he couldn’t love her the way she loved him. He basically tells Rach, that if he’s the last one standing, he’ll propose if he’s in love with her, but isn’t gonna propose just for the sake of proposing and now all of a sudden she’s scared that he may not choose her, even though she hasn’t chosen him. Rachel ends up giving him the rose and ready to take him to hometowns.

This always confuses me each season. Love is a true partnership, right?!? Give and take. So just because one person chooses to love you, that doesn’t automatically mean you have to love them. You have free will and intellect. Whenever on the show, a chance comes up where someone shows some hesitancy, the lead normally goes with the “sure-thing” though the “sure-thing” is just the person who knows what to say, and very rarely do they end up together and the lead would most likely be in a better position if they chose the person who is honest about their feelings and having doubts, as any sane person would in this situation!

Alright, now we have the awkward 3 on 1 date. She’s going to have to say 2 hard goodbyes today. They are going on a boat to France and Eric is so stinking cute, he starts jumpin up and down because he’s so excited.

Eric is so sweet when he gets his chance to talk. He tells her he knows this is a difficult journey and it’s been taxing, but she deserves it and has earned the right to be selfish. He says all these phrases, but I believe him! I don’t think he’s telling her how strong she is so he can get a rose, I think he’s saying it because he honestly believes it. Eric has such a youthful/genuine quality about him, that I can’t help but smile when I see him and Rachel interact because he’s so smiley and realizes how cool this experience is.

Matt’s one on one is cut short when she decides to send him home. She’s really broken up about it and in tears as they say goodbye. She can’t say anything bad about him, and he seemed like a really sweet guy, but there just wasn’t that connection and passion there with them, that was present in her other relationships, but you can tell she cared for him as she really breaks down watching him leave.


The night portion of the date has turned into a 2 on 1 date, with Adam, Eric & Rachel. Adam has been confident this whole episode and I don’t know if it’s so we as an audience member can remember who in the world he is, as he has certainly been flying under the radar this season. Or the have made him confident this episode, so when he doesn’t get chosen we feel more sympathy for him.

Eric tells Rachel he’s never brought a girl home ever, and at 29 that’s a huge red flag for her and could be his final nail in his coffin.

Eric gets the final rose and he’s overcome with emotion. Let’s be honest, between Adam & Eric, they’re just fighting between 4th and 5th place. I think it means more to Eric though, so I’m glad he got the rose. Adam’s pissed in the limo and doesn’t have the most grateful exit, he thinks she made a massive mistake. Rachel cries, but not to the extent as when she told Matt goodbye, so I don’t think she made a mistake.

Alright, next week’s hometowns look like they could more interesting than normal, poor poor Dean! I’ll see you all back next Monday!